Reupholster the existing chairs. Place the existing Tulip side table between them.

A modern arc floor lamp helps bring down the large scale of the room.

Several conversational spaces are convenient for entertaining.

A chair in a different style, scale and pattern than the rest will add dimension to the room.

Philips living room (Leah L. Jones/LEAH L. JONES)

Curtain panels accentuate the room’s height. The vibrant pattern sets the tone for the room.

Place a sectional against the stone wall to allow access through the glass doors.

A painted wall application gives the old stone wall new life.


Trish Philips and Robert Sullivan of Great Falls are having trouble pulling together their 19-by-16-foot living room. Their attempts “have always been awkward or unwelcoming,” she writes.


By arranging several furniture groupings and infusing subtle bits of color, designer Charlotte Bravo creates a space that complements the modern architecture and allows for easy entertaining.

Philips living room (Julius Goyanko/JULIUS GOYANKO)

Furniture. Lorimer sectional with chaise ($1,500,; metal accordion side table ($64,; pebble side table ($149,; plank house coffee table ($598,; frame console table ($600,

Lighting. Baluster outline lamp ($279,; Marina task floor lamp ($300,

Accessories. Stockholm Blad curtains ($60,; Mota 2 rug (from $1,555,; Casablanca lanterns (from $8,; mango lacquer vase ($60,; teardrop wall application ($42,; Zenith pillow ($40,; Halina pillow ($35,

3Bravo, of the Vintage Vogue Design Studio (443-653-5029,, is based in Baltimore.


Bertoia diamond lounge chair ($1,010,

Arco arc lamp ($2,696,

. . . OR SAVE

Hatfield grellow rocker ($200,

Big dipper arc lamp ($200,

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