Experts offer tips for living with the wait for the coronavirus vaccine.

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The doses are expected to start shipping as early as Monday to sites already receiving doses of the two other authorized vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

People vaccinated against coronavirus may shed less virus and, therefore, transmit less disease to others, experts say.

Federal guidelines recommend that people with underlying conditions putting them at increased risk from the coronavirus be prioritized for vaccination. But states are charting their own paths, and access to a shot comes down to where you live.

If many Americans opted to wait for a preferred vaccine it would not only leave more people at risk of developing a serious case of covid, but would also likely slow down the country’s vaccination program.

Many health-care workers on the front lines of the vaccine information war frequently weather vitriol and threats. “Someone called me a female version of Hitler,” one doctor said.

Creating a transition period before and after office hours helps employees shift gears.

Even if we don't reach coronavirus herd immunity, that doesn't mean we cannot control the disease.

Frustrated by tangled mask loops, some people are forgoing hearing aids — a decision experts say could have long-term impacts on health and well-being.

Tessica Brown, best known as “Gorilla Glue girl,” made a very unfortunate mistake that prompted her to go natural. Her story, while unique, was one that many Black people can relate to, experts say.

Long used in hospital settings, ultraviolet light devices got a boost during the pandemic as consumers sought to protect the one item they touch the most: their phone.

Experts offer tips for living with the wait for the coronavirus vaccine.

Consumer experts offer insights on MyPillow customers’ conflicted feelings.

Covid antibody tests are not reliable in determining vaccine necessity or effectiveness, experts say.

It’s perfectly natural to mourn a non-death, or psychologically “ambiguous,” loss.

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Masks that secure around the head are one way to give your ears a break, experts say.

Experts offer advice for those who worry that every cough or ache means they have the coronavirus.

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Tessica Brown made a terrible mistake.

Amid the coronavirus vaccine rollout, there have been many questions about how the shots work. Here are the terms you need to know.

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Game day calls for lean meats, white rice, wrapped snacks and, yes, perhaps Gatorade.

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Feeling tired in the afternoon is natural, and some people are taking advantage of working at home to nap. But there are pros and cons to enjoying a bit of shut-eye.

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