Your coronavirus vaccine comes with a paper vaccination record card. Here's what experts say you should do with it.

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Temporal distancing, or mental time travel, is a psychological technique that can make the present more bearable.

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Your coronavirus vaccine comes with a paper vaccination record card. Here's what experts say you should do with it.

Health experts say the second dose of the mRNA coronavirus vaccines are vital in achieving the strongest and longest-lasting immunity against covid-19.

Should I take a vaccine selfie? Can I ask someone else if they've been vaccinated? How do I talk to family members about the shots? Vaccines bring new etiquette questions.

Sexual assault survivors deserve support, not judgment. Here are steps individuals and society can take.

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Many people over-exfoliate, partly because of the impact of “skinfluencers” on Instagram and TikTok, experts say.

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The precise number of these breakthrough cases is unknown, but figures released by states suggest it is at least several thousand.

Coronavirus vaccines can be a polarizing topic, but experts say it’s possible to have productive discussions with family and friends who don’t share your views.

Exposure therapy’s step-by-step approach can help uneasy adults and kids overcome their anxiety about certain activities.

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Although silk has been embraced by the beauty and wellness industries and credited with delivering smooth, shiny hair and wrinkle-free, supple skin, doctors say very little actual research has been done.

Experts describe ways to prioritize and find room for the behaviors you want to keep, and alter your environment for those you want to lose.

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Allergy and covid symptoms can be tough to differentiate. Experts explain how to tell them apart and why seasonal or other common allergies shouldn't keep you from becoming vaccinated.

Although crystals can help people focus spiritually, experts attribute any “healing” to the placebo effect.

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Wearable — also known as continuous — thermometers have been on the market for several years. But with the continuing threat of the coronavirus and its more contagious new variants, their profile is reaching an all-time high.

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As covid wore on into 2021, we asked readers what's been keeping them going despite the hardships of the past year. Here are 15 creative ideas.

Although it is not known exactly how long immunity from a coronavirus vaccine will last, experts say we can make an educated guess.

The CDC report is significant, experts said, because it analyzed how well the vaccines worked among a diverse group of front-line working-age adults whose jobs make them more likely to be exposed to the virus and to spread it.

Can I take Advil or Tylenol before my vaccination? Can I get more than one vaccine? The Post answers your questions.

Pet chickens provide pandemic relief, owners say. But they can also bring heartache.

Doctors and advocates for the overweight clash over the idea of offering free doughnuts to those who have been inoculated against the coronavirus.

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