“Alphabet soup” of credentials can be confusing.

  • Pam Moore
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Mental health experts suggest prioritizing self-compassion over self-improvement.

Going without shoes, especially on hard surfaces, can lead to a range of foot problems.

Links between vitamin D deficiencies and coronavirus infections have been seen in studies, but “correlation doesn’t prove causation.”

Experts say frequent exposure to violent photos and videos can exact a heavy toll on people’s minds and bodies.

Three proven strategies can help couples weather this crisis — and possibly even strengthen their bonds.

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“Alphabet soup” of credentials can be confusing.

  • Pam Moore
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Thousands of mental health apps promise to help you through this tough year. Here’s how to choose the right one.

Beyond the pandemic, readers were most concerned about staying active.

These professionals focus more on motivation than on developing nutritional or fitness plans.

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Headache and migraine reports are increasing, with some experts seeing a “dramatic uptick” during the coronavirus pandemic.

For makeup products left unused during the pandemic, the “clock marches on,” experts say.

Although no exercise can target stomach fat, high-intensity interval training can be effective in reducing it and offers some advantages.

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Beyond the broad mental health impacts of the pandemic, covid-related restrictions created specific factors that could put people with eating disorders at increased risk, experts say.

A viral TikTok documented allergy-like symptoms related to covid-19. They’re likely a byproduct of the immune system fighting off the virus, experts say.

Lauren Giraldo, creator of “12, 3, 30,” says the incline walking workout helped her get healthy and stop feeling overwhelmed at the gym.

Some experts have expressed concern that initial disclosures of side effects from vaccine leaders Moderna and Pfizer coupled with anecdotes from trial participants may deter people from getting vaccinated or completing the two-shot regimen.

Amid pandemic-fueled anxiety and depression and heightened concerns about suicide, here’s what experts say you can do to help people who may be struggling.

A new study’s findings on Alzheimer's and related dementias could have broad implications on health and financial policies while also highlighting the potential benefits of early detection.

The energy-density diet, which prioritizes foods that are low in calories for their volume, still works. Here's why.

Going virtual amid the pandemic has increased access to critical meetings, but for some, the feeling of connection just isn’t the same.

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