Just about anywhere that offers fitness classes — yoga studios, indoor cycling facilities and even gyms — will likely be open to the idea of hosting a bachelorette party. Here are three with previous experience.

Monkeying around

Bachelors and bachelorettes can book a time at the Go Ape ropes course just like any other group. (It’s usually $55 per person with a 10 percent discount for parties of 10 or more.) But if you’re getting hitched, Go Ape has a few wedding presents: The bride or groom goes for free and gets to wear a sticker of a gorilla wearing either a wedding dress or a tux. A gorilla suit is available if you’re interested in dressing up.

Physical challenge: If you can climb a few rope ladders, you’ll be fine getting through the course, says Go Ape’s Dan D’Agostino. Balance and agility will help you move through it faster, but the harnesses are always there to catch you if you topple over.

After-party: The course is in near Lake Needwood in Rock Creek Regional Park, so if you’re looking for a totally outdoorsy day, you can arrive via the hiker-biker trail or go kayaking nearby. D’Agostino says cookouts are common.

Info: 6129 Needwood Lake Dr., Rockville. 888-520-7322. www.goape.com.

Belly up to the barre

The $550 bridal package at barre fitness studio Bar Method includes three months of unlimited classes, a package freeze (while you’re away for your wedding or honeymoon), a water bottle, a pair of socks and a bachelorette party for up to 12 people. The bachelorette event is structured like a typical class with lots of strengthening and stretching. The only thing regulars won’t recognize is the love-themed soundtrack. “So you’ll still shake,” says owner Kate Arnold.

Physical challenge: Although it’ll make your muscles burn, the low-impact workout is designed to be safe for everyone, Arnold promises. And as with any class at Bar Method, instructors offer modifications for anyone having difficulty keeping up.

After-party: The locker room has showers, towels and a hair dryer, so it’s easy to get yourself cleaned up after class and then head out into Chinatown.

Info: 750 Ninth St. NW. 202-347-7999. dc.barmethod.com.

For fly girls

At Trapeze School New York, you can take over a standard two-hour flying trapeze class by booking all 10 slots ($55 each). Students learn safety, then climb up the rig and attempt a series of basic tricks. If you have more than 10 people, it’ll be an extra $55 per person — and you may want to add on other activities (such as trampoline, silks or acrobatic yoga) for $325 each. Parties are welcome to bring decorations and food.

Physical challenge: “It’s about timing rather than strength,” says manager Beth Manning. Still, people with a dance or gymnastics background tend to pick up on the movements more quickly. It also helps to not have a fear of heights.

After-party: Because of the proximity to Barracks Row, Manning says most bachelorettes have a celebratory meal after their lesson.

Info: Fourth and Tingey streets SE. 410-459-6839. washingtondc.trapezeschool.com.

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