KlutchClub boxes. (KLUTCClub)

There’s a subscription box for everything from beauty products to underwear, and fitness and nutrition essentials are no exception. Here are a few notable health-related finds:

For $15 a month, the D.C.-based Kona Kase will deliver eight to 10 full-size energy bars or gels to your door. The “kases” are designed to help endurance athletes find the right nutrition to fuel their exploits.

KlutchClub is a subscription service that delivers health, fitness and wellness products with themes such as “detox” and “energy.” They typically include exercise DVDs, snacks, supplements and coupons, and run about $18 per month.

For people who want to “get huge,” Jacked Packs offer samples of protein powders, bars and supplements designed to help achieve that goal. Boxes come in options for various “meathead” levels, starting at $14.50 per month.

PaleoPax delivers grain-, dairy- and legume-free snacks for people following the paleo diet. Boxes start at $18 a month and include five snacks, such as jerky, coconut oil or kelp noodles.

A Kona Kase box (Courtesy of Kona Kase/Courtesy of Kona Kase)