( Jerome A Pollos / Coeur D’Alene Press via Associated Press )

Here is one more reason to stop procrastinating and get out the rake: Cleaning up the leaves in your yard could help burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories.

A 150-pound person who rakes leaves for one hour will burn about 200 calories. That’s the equivalent of about a cup of roasted white-meat turkey. So eat up, and then clean up.

Want to see the calorie counts of other exercises and foods? CalorieLab’s calculator has a ton of options to choose from. (Playing accordion for an hour, 54 calories.) Try it at www.calorielab.com.

If you need more motivation to get out there soon, most local jurisdictions collect leaves only through the first or second weekend of January. Then you’re on your own.

More reasons to feel good about fall yardwork:

● Shredded leaves can be used to enrich garden soil.

●Some jurisdictions use bagged leaves for compost, cutting waste.

●Clearing leaves reduces the chance of clogged storm drains, which can cause flooding.

●Parking your car over leaves could start a fire.