Light bulb finder
Aha! I need a CFL.

Sometimes the genius of an app is in its simplicity. That, at least, is what the Environmental Protection Agency must think, because the agency recently awarded Light Bulb Finder — a free app that helps you find green light bulbs — the top prize in its contest for developers making apps for the environment. This app lets you input what kinds of light bulbs you need (three-way, dimmer, etc.) and what wattage you’re looking for and recommends light bulbs based on your needs. It also tells you how much you can expect to save, in terms of watts and cash. The app is mostly focused on compact fluorescent bulbs, and some users on the app’s review site have complained about a lack of LED offerings. Overall, this is a good app if you’ve been in the dark about the differences between incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, but it’s got a very narrow application. Free, for iOS and Android.

— Hayley Tsukayama