Hank Stuever
Hank Stuever
TV Critic
Chris O’Dowd stars in a richly entertaining series loosely based on Elmore Leonard’s crime novel.
What if more TV shows were anthologies? Viewers might be less overwhelmed.
(The Washington Post, July 31, 2017; 5:03 PM)
In a better world, we’d be talking about ‘Insecure’ as much as we talked about ‘Girls’
(The Washington Post, July 21, 2017; 12:44 PM)
Netflix’s relentless ‘Ozark’ gets drunk on an ice-chest full of redneck cliches
(The Washington Post, July 20, 2017; 9:30 AM)
‘Friends From College,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ and when ‘write what you know’ becomes more of an affliction than a selling point.
(The Washington Post, July 11, 2017; 3:36 PM)
CBS’s ‘Salvation’ is about an asteroid headed for Earth. ‘Hurry up,’ Earth replies.
(The Washington Post, July 10, 2017; 7:56 PM)
HBO’s ‘The Defiant Ones’ is a lesson in keeping an open mind — and open ears
(The Washington Post, July 6, 2017; 4:25 PM)
Bored on The Fifth of July
(The Washington Post, July 5, 2002; 10:23 AM)
‘Snowfall’ is compelling and believable — which is why it could use a disclaimer
(The Washington Post, July 4, 2017; 11:40 AM)
ABC revives ‘The Gong Show,’ but does it still work in a world rife with amateurs?
(The Washington Post, June 21, 2017; 1:40 PM)
Facing Alex Jones, NBC’s Megyn Kelly manages to avoid a worst-case outcome
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Summer TV 2017: ‘Snowfall,’ ‘Prime Suspect’ are a good place to start
(The Washington Post, June 15, 2017; 9:50 AM)
20 new and returning TV shows that you should check out this summer
(The Washington Post, June 15, 2017; 9:49 AM)
Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ fits right in with today’s feminist TV, but mostly it’s just ready to rumble
(The Washington Post, June 17, 2017; 9:48 AM)
‘Claws’ is a missed chance to make something beautiful out of Florida’s hot mess
(The Washington Post, June 8, 2017; 2:16 PM)
Skip the first episode of ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ and wait until it gets its act together
(The Washington Post, June 2, 2017; 9:30 AM)
No, that wasn’t quite the ‘Americans’ finale (or season) we’d all hoped for
(The Washington Post, May 31, 2017; 6:00 AM)
‘Twin Peaks’ premiere is full of surprises, the biggest being how much fun it is
(The Washington Post, May 22, 2017; 10:19 AM)
HBO invests in its own cinematic take on Bernie Madoff, but it still doesn’t pay off
(The Washington Post, May 20, 2017; 12:16 PM)
If serials are the new way to solve mysteries, maybe ‘The Keepers’ can help close the case of Sister Cathy
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2017; 2:37 PM)
‘Twin Peaks’ made us weird. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2017; 11:21 AM)
‘I Love Dick’ takes an enthrallingly provocative (and funny) approach to female desire
(The Washington Post, May 11, 2017; 8:30 AM)
Aziz Ansari’s ‘Master of None’ returns — less impressive but still enviably chill
(The Washington Post, May 10, 2017; 7:00 AM)
The Trump-inspired comedy bubble might be about to burst
(The Washington Post, May 1, 2017; 9:37 AM)
Rooting for Rob and Sharon as ‘Catastrophe’s’ simmering crisis points reach a boil
(The Washington Post, April 28, 2017; 12:56 PM)
Starz’s stylish ‘American Gods’ is long on concept, but short on momentum
(The Washington Post, April 27, 2017; 10:20 AM)
In ‘Mary Kills People,’ assisted suicide becomes a dangerous side business
(The Washington Post, April 21, 2017; 10:30 AM)
In ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,’ science gives way to an emotional process
(The Washington Post, April 20, 2017; 11:45 AM)
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ isn’t just timely, it’s essential viewing for our fractured culture
(The Washington Post, April 20, 2017; 10:00 AM)
HBO’s ‘Girls’ goes out as the one thing it always wanted to be: A good TV show
(The Washington Post, April 14, 2017; 10:30 AM)
As ‘Sesame Street’ introduces Julia, an autistic Muppet, things have never looked sunnier in the neighborhood
(The Washington Post, April 9, 2017; 4:45 PM)
‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ shows how adults can really mess up teen angst
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2017; 1:16 PM)
NBC’s ‘Trial & Error’ works with what little is left of the mockumentary genre
(The Washington Post, March 13, 2017; 4:44 PM)
You need a hug and a good cry, America, and that’s what ‘This Is Us’ was made for
(The Washington Post, March 13, 2017; 2:43 PM)
ABC’s striking ‘American Crime’ returns with heavy tales of human exploitation
(The Washington Post, March 10, 2017; 3:29 PM)
In ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Making History,’ more proof that anywhen beats now
(The Washington Post, March 3, 2017; 12:27 PM)
FX’s ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’: Another total knockdown, drag-out hit from Ryan Murphy
(The Washington Post, March 2, 2017; 12:25 PM)
How Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell learned to stop worrying and love their characters’ chilly fates
(The Washington Post, March 2, 2017; 9:30 AM)
Oscars 2017: From Blah-Blah Land to wait — what just happened?
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2017; 1:14 AM)
Amazon’s ‘Patriot’ is another show you should get around to watching someday
(The Washington Post, February 23, 2017; 10:00 AM)
Is ‘The Good Fight’ worth adding another streaming subscription? Afraid so.
(The Washington Post, February 17, 2017; 10:34 AM)
How HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ transcends the usual rich-mommies drama
(The Washington Post, February 16, 2017; 1:08 PM)
Our president is a TV addict. It’s going to get the best of him, but he’ll never get the best of it.
(The Washington Post, February 14, 2017; 11:29 AM)
‘Tower’ is a well-crafted documentary that deliberately leaves out a major detail
(The Washington Post, February 13, 2017; 12:40 PM)
FX’s ‘Legion’ is intriguing, but do we need more characters who are always seeing things?
(The Washington Post, February 7, 2017; 11:00 AM)
‘Santa Clarita Diet’ has its moments. Drew Barrymore isn’t responsible for any of them.
(The Washington Post, February 3, 2017; 1:35 PM)
Are ‘24: Legacy’ and ‘Homeland’ really worth the added anxiety right now?
(The Washington Post, February 2, 2017; 3:06 PM)
‘Superior Donuts’ doesn’t come close to filling the diversity hole in CBS’s schedule
(The Washington Post, February 1, 2017; 11:00 AM)
‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ is a timely reassurance that some billionaires have a heart
(The Washington Post, January 29, 2017; 4:21 PM)