Norman Chad: Most recent columns

In this age of the enlightened athlete, where are the voices beyond the NBA and NFL?
NBA and NFL players are speaking out on politics. Other athletes? Not so much.
In the latest NCAA basketball scandal, sports fans share some blame, too
(The Washington Post, March 4, 2018; 4:31 PM)
How can we make the NBA even better? Here are 20 ways.
(The Washington Post, February 25, 2018; 2:04 PM)
Think the Olympics are the great uniter? In truth, they divide us.
(The Washington Post, February 18, 2018; 1:59 PM)
Between hollow bans and lack of Bob Costas, Winter Olympics leave me cold
(The Washington Post, February 11, 2018; 12:49 PM)
Do you believe in miracles? Yes — because the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.
(The Washington Post, February 4, 2018; 11:07 PM)
‘The team is excited to play’: A maybe-real, pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill Belichick
(The Washington Post, January 28, 2018; 12:29 PM)
We need to pay less attention to officiating in sports, not more
(The Washington Post, January 21, 2018; 2:15 PM)
At long last, it’s time to start celebrating Tom Brady and LeBron James
(The Washington Post, January 7, 2018; 11:59 AM)
Rather than arguing about who makes the College Football Playoff, why not let them all in?
(The Washington Post, December 10, 2017; 12:38 PM)
Couch Slouch’s Favorite Things: The sports fan’s gift guide for people you don’t care about
(The Washington Post, December 3, 2017; 2:11 PM)
Even if Christie v. NCAA lets us gamble more, we should have the sense to gamble less
(The Washington Post, November 26, 2017; 12:00 PM)
Firing successful managers just doesn’t add up
(The Washington Post, October 29, 2017; 4:20 PM)
Who is the most dominant athlete in his game over the last decade?
(The Washington Post, September 17, 2017; 1:38 PM)
Mayweather-McGregor mega-fight is taxing the limits of incredulity
(The Washington Post, August 20, 2017; 5:27 PM)
What would happen if President Trump’s tweets stuck to sports?
(The Washington Post, August 13, 2017; 4:54 PM)
A brilliant solution to wash away bowling’s troubles
(The Washington Post, August 6, 2017; 5:00 PM)
Animal cruelty has given me a change of heart on dog sporting competitions
(The Washington Post, June 25, 2017; 1:25 PM)
Sure, Puerto Rico, become the 51st state. Now about those national teams ...
(The Washington Post, June 11, 2017; 1:59 PM)
A day in the life of Mr. Met: It’s not just a sweaty costume and obscene gestures
(The Washington Post, June 4, 2017; 3:51 PM)