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In quest to honor school integration, Arlington School Board moves toward compromise
Members approved a design concept that preserves pieces of the building.
For one World War II veteran, a day to give thanks for ‘one more sunrise’
(The Washington Post, November 25, 2015; 9:31 AM)
Teachers can make $15,000 more just by moving to the district next door
(The Washington Post, November 22, 2015; 6:12 PM)
Virginia ABC seeks dismissal of U-Va. student’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit
(The Washington Post, November 18, 2015; 3:23 PM)
Schools postpone D.C. field trips amid increased concerns about terrorism
(The Washington Post, November 17, 2015; 4:44 PM)
From Selma to Alexandria: Civil rights leader shares lessons with students
(The Washington Post, November 16, 2015; 5:21 PM)
More than 11,000 school staff members are ‘missing’ from Virginia schools
(The Washington Post, November 14, 2015; 10:11 AM)
School budget task force recommends raising class sizes, charging for sports
(The Washington Post, November 10, 2015; 9:47 PM)
Fairfax County School Board is getting a little bit more conservative
(The Washington Post, November 7, 2015; 5:41 PM)
School system bans open-flame science experiments after accident
(The Washington Post, November 2, 2015; 7:10 PM)
Personal-finance courses in Virginia teach teens to budget in the real world
(The Washington Post, November 1, 2015; 6:07 PM)
More Virginia schools meet state benchmarks this year
(The Washington Post, October 27, 2015; 8:10 PM)
Creatures are the teachers in an Arlington animal-science classroom
(The Washington Post, October 25, 2015; 8:35 PM)
Arlington tosses tickets for violations caught by school bus cameras
(The Washington Post, October 23, 2015; 5:14 PM)
Va. attorney general’s opinion spurs end of school-bus cameras
(The Washington Post, October 22, 2015; 7:51 PM)
Suburban school board race attracts focus from anti-LGBT activists
(The Washington Post, October 21, 2015; 5:29 PM)
Virginia Teacher of the Year calls fifth-grade her dream job
(The Washington Post, October 20, 2015; 4:49 PM)
Va. governor signs executive order to expand registered apprenticeships
(The Washington Post, October 14, 2015; 12:42 PM)
With a musical play, young people with disabilities hope to inspire kindness
(The Washington Post, October 11, 2015; 5:57 PM)
Virginia revises state accountability system
(The Washington Post, October 9, 2015; 4:42 PM)
Graduation rates surge for D.C. Public Schools, reaching 64 percent in 2015
(The Washington Post, September 29, 2015; 7:54 PM)
High school graduation rates in D.C., Virginia continue to rise
(The Washington Post, September 29, 2015; 4:44 PM)
Why wealthy Loudoun County does not have universal full-day kindergarten
(The Washington Post, September 28, 2015; 8:22 PM)
White House honors teenager who inspires girls to do computer coding
(The Washington Post, September 27, 2015; 4:39 PM)
For veterinary students, the hardest lesson of all is saying goodbye
(The Washington Post, September 26, 2015; 7:28 PM)
In college to study anthropology, she found slave ancestors nearby
(The Washington Post, September 25, 2015; 7:35 PM)
‘This is work that is noble,’ says finalist for Va. teacher of the year award
(The Washington Post, September 18, 2015; 5:02 PM)
Virginia high school students suspended for wearing Confederate flag apparel
(The Washington Post, September 17, 2015; 5:10 PM)
School board chair asks on Facebook: Why do Muslims come to America?
(The Washington Post, September 17, 2015; 4:10 PM)
T.C. Williams High School regains full state accreditation after turnaround
(The Washington Post, September 14, 2015; 3:45 PM)
Building a school budget? There’s an app for that.
(The Washington Post, September 11, 2015; 7:45 PM)
Traffic on first day of school is smooth in Fairfax despite new start times
(The Washington Post, September 8, 2015; 1:16 PM)
More sunlight, moveable walls: New Va. school reflects new teaching ideals
(The Washington Post, September 6, 2015; 5:42 PM)
Judge denies transgender student’s request to use boys’ bathroom
(The Washington Post, September 4, 2015; 6:30 PM)
Summer Graduation Academy offers a last chance at on-time graduation
(The Washington Post, August 30, 2015; 5:33 PM)
Teacher hailed for helping avert tragedy in alleged hostage-taking incident
(The Washington Post, August 26, 2015; 12:17 PM)
Oscar winners Julianne Moore, Bruce Cohen work to strip school’s Confederate name
(The Washington Post, August 23, 2015; 10:41 PM)
Suspect in Hannah Graham’s slaying was heading to Mexico, officer says
(The Washington Post, August 20, 2015; 7:04 PM)
For second year in a row, test scores soar at low-income Arlington school
(The Washington Post, August 11, 2015; 9:41 PM)
Save some cash! Maryland and Virginia tax holidays start this weekend
(The Washington Post, August 7, 2015; 3:02 PM)
Anxiety, frustration and incredulity follow suggestion of school sports cuts
(The Washington Post, August 5, 2015; 7:20 PM)
Could one of the nation’s largest school districts go without sports, activities?
(The Washington Post, August 4, 2015; 10:08 PM)
Fire on roof of Hylton High School injures one teacher
(The Washington Post, August 4, 2015; 6:14 PM)
Teachers learn a lesson in loopholes when it comes to pumping breast milk
(The Washington Post, August 2, 2015; 10:12 PM)
Shifting the mind-set for veterans moving from battlefield to classroom
(The Washington Post, July 31, 2015; 7:29 PM)
Two Northern Virginia boys killed in Albemarle County car crash
(The Washington Post, July 30, 2015; 6:45 PM)
This top school district administrator got her start driving buses
(The Washington Post, July 29, 2015; 8:00 AM)
This teacher’s classroom is the outdoors
(The Washington Post, July 28, 2015; 8:00 AM)
What schools information should be publicly available? Virginia wants to hear from you.
(The Washington Post, July 27, 2015; 12:23 PM)
Fairfax school leaders react to death of former superintendent Spillane
(The Washington Post, July 20, 2015; 2:31 PM)
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