Norman Chad: Most recent columns

COUCH SLOUCH | Decision to cancel classes for football opener shows what’s really important at the school.
Canada, we’re sorry. About Dwyane Wade, Stephen A. and the hockey playoffs.
(The Washington Post, May 29, 2016; 12:54 PM)
The Raiders’ pursuit of a Las Vegas move is so terrible, it makes perfect sense
(The Washington Post, May 15, 2016; 5:39 PM)
The quest to fund stadiums with public money has gone one tax too far
(The Washington Post, April 24, 2016; 12:54 PM)
Haven’t followed the record-breaking Warriors? Here’s a quick tutorial.
(The Washington Post, April 17, 2016; 1:51 PM)
The Patriots lead the NFL in a new category — fans who are willing to sue
(The Washington Post, April 10, 2016; 1:47 PM)
If only LeBron James would play lead the followers on Twitter
(The Washington Post, March 27, 2016; 12:53 PM)
The state of the NHL is . . . insignificant
(The Washington Post, March 20, 2016; 2:12 PM)
NCAA tournament isn’t everyone’s kind of party
(The Washington Post, March 13, 2016; 2:17 PM)
Can’t stand the candidates? The sports world is full of potential presidents
(The Washington Post, February 21, 2016; 3:11 PM)
Roger Goodell had it right: There is risk in sitting on the couch
(The Washington Post, February 14, 2016; 2:17 PM)
I’m calling it Super Bowl L, rooting for Peyton Manning and watching on TV
(The Washington Post, January 31, 2016; 3:07 PM)
The NFL’s concussion problem deserves another look
(The Washington Post, January 17, 2016; 12:51 PM)
‘Concussion’ illuminates the grave issue of head injuries in the NFL
(The Washington Post, January 10, 2016; 1:53 PM)
Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant deserve to retire on their own terms
(The Washington Post, January 3, 2016; 6:23 PM)
Ring in the new year with the College Football Playoff
(The Washington Post, December 27, 2015; 6:48 PM)
Replay and fantasy are ruining the NFL viewing experience
(The Washington Post, December 20, 2015; 5:57 PM)
Dear NFL: Can we please have our Thursdays back?
(The Washington Post, December 13, 2015; 6:48 PM)
League Pass alert: Every Warriors game is worth watching
(The Washington Post, December 6, 2015; 7:05 PM)
76ers off to a great start — if epic failure is their goal
(The Washington Post, November 29, 2015; 7:13 PM)