President Trump is set to deliver a speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, urging leaders to confront “the crisis of Islamist extremism.”

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Sally Yates describes finding out about Trump's travel ban

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates described her account of finding out about the Trump administration's travel ban during a commencement speech at Harvard Law School on May 24. Yates was fired for not defending the travel ban.

Montana sheriff gives an update on Greg Gianforte incident

Montana sheriff Brian Gootkin holds a press conference on the alleged assault between Republican candidate in Montana's special election, Greg Gianforte and a Guardian reporter on May 24.

Audio: Guardian reporter allegedly body-slammed by Greg Gianforte

A Republican candidate in Montana's special election, Greg Gianforte, allegedly ‘body-slams’ Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, prompting a police investigation into the incident.

Schumer: 'Trumpcare is a nightmare'

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) blasted Republican legislation aimed at repealing Obamacare after a nonpartisan congressional agency said an estimated 23 million would lose health insurance under the bill.

Washington reacts to the GOP health bill’s budget score

Senate Democrats blasted the House GOP health-care plan on May 24 after the Congressional Budget Office released its score of the bill. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said the CBO score shows the bill “achieves our mission.”

Kelly defends administration proposal to slash homeland security funding

Homeland security secretary John Kelly defended the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts for his department, saying local jurisdictions can get by without as much counterterrorism funding as they've previously received, on May 24 at the Capitol.

Tillerson: No decision yet on Paris climate deal

President Trump has not yet made a final decision on whether the United States will remain a party to the Paris climate accords, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on May 24.

Kelly: Border enforcement measures are cutting down on illegal entries

Homeland security secretary John Kelly said recent immigration enforcement measures have resulted in a “70 percent reduction” in border migration, on May 24 at the Capitol.

Pence: 'Our hearts break' for Manchester victims

Vice President Mike Pence spoke in Baton Rouge on May 24 after touring Cajun Industries, a local business.

Mnuchin to Congress: ‘I urge you to raise the debt limit’

During a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee on May 24, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asked Congress to raise the debt ceiling before the summer.

Great America PAC 'Sheriff David Clarke for Greg Gianforte' | Campaign 2017

Great America PAC, a super PAC affiliated with President Trump, sent out a robocall from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in support of Montana's Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte.

Pence: President's budget will end deficit and fund border wall

Vice President Mike Pence spoke May 24 in Baton Rouge after touring Cajun Industries, a local business.

Rep. Levin to Mnuchin: ‘If you would, would you answer the question?’

Rep. Sander M. Levin (D-Mich.) on May 24 repeatedly asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing if he would guarantee that there will be “absolutely no tax cut for the upper class.”

DeVos dodges questions about federal funds going to private schools that discriminate

While testifying before Congress on May 24, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos skirted around questions from Rep. Katherine M. Clark (D-Mass.) about whether she would withhold federal dollars from private schools that discriminate against LGBT students.

Mulvaney: Tax receipts 'coming in a little bit slower than expected'

While testifying before the House Budget Committee on May 24, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said tax receipts are coming in "slower than expected," and that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin may ask for "a change regarding the date" to raise the debt ceiling.

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Behind the circumcision ritual

Behind the circumcision ritual

Adults attending conversion classes at Sixth and I synagogue learn about the traditions behind the ancient Jewish practice of circumcision.

Google Chromecast at The Washington Post: How you can watch

Google Chromecast at The Washington Post: How you can watch

PostTV has incorporated technology that allows you to play any of our videos on your TV set through the popular Chromecast device. That means you can watch videos and news shows from The Washington Post and control the playback right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Property rights and the pipeline

South Dakota rancher John Harter tried to stop TransCanada from securing the right of eminent domain over his land where they want to put part of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, but Harter recently lost his battle in court.

Brazil swept up by new energy source

Brazil swept up by new energy source

In Northeastern Brazil, energy companies are erecting wind farms to capitalize on the constant winds that have challenged farming families for generations.

Making the most out of your museum visit

Making the most out of your museum visit

The Post's Anne Midgette shares five tips for how to get the most out of your visit to a museum.

Obama slams GOP: 'Do your job'

Obama slams GOP: 'Do your job'

A mashup of highlights from the president's speech on the government shutdown at M. Luis Construction company in Rockville, Md. Thursday.