Proponents say the measure could ensure continued deliberations with GW Hospital. But lawmakers struggled to understand the bill, which critics said could put the District on a fast track to what could ultimately be a bad deal.
Jude Lovchik was convicted of 17 counts of sodomy, abduction and other counts in Fairfax County.
Police said the man hit the woman with an SUV Tuesday morning, then got out of the vehicle and shot her before turning his weapon on himself.
Sam Rogers shoots up one morning as Renee Howell prepares to snort heroin next to him. (Andre Chung for The Post)
Falling Out
America’s drug epidemic is commonly associated with rural towns and suburbs. But more people died from opioid overdoses than homicides last year in the District of Columbia — as local officials looked the other way.
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The closure of Claude Moore Colonial Farm will come after a years-long dispute with the National Park Service, which sought more oversight of the living-history museum that operated for decades on federal land.

As African American overdoses soared in the nation’s capital, local government officials looked the other way.

Officers heard shots Tuesday night, went to scene.

Incident reported Saturday in Rockville, police say.

A dozen of the long legged flyers arrived Sunday.

Lawmakers voted unanimously for the new law, which must be approved by Congress and Mayor Muriel E. Bowser.

Baltimore County ranks near the bottom of the state in passing rates on standardized tests.

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No further information about the crash was immediately available.

Supporters of “ranked-choice voting” are trying to bring the movement to Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

The Maryland medical marijuana grower agreed to pay $125,000 and destroy products in its inventory.

Authorities arrest another murder suspect in the shooting of a man on Benning Road.

Bets can be placed at arenas and private retailers and by using a government-run app.

In 2019, the District will use $906,000 allocated for rodent management to get the city’s rats under control.

Odds were never great but now the wait between white Christmases seems even longer.

The volume of water that has landed on the city is simply mind-boggling.

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