Virginia and Arlington County worried until the end that their high costs for labor and real estate might lose the Amazon deal.
The dog was reportedly running after a robber when the shooting occurred.
Anthony Deandre Allen will go to trial on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Steve Slaughter, a D.C. student gunned down in a botched robbery.
Three men charged in the killing of 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson were ordered held Wednesday.
A man takes Capital Bikeshare Thursday morning in downtown Washington, D.C. (Andrew Heining/The Washington Post)
A man takes Capital Bikeshare Thursday morning in downtown Washington, D.C. (Andrew Heining/The Washington Post)
Capital Weather Gang
Conditions will deteriorate today north and west of Interstate 95, with increasing chances of accumulation and slick roads.
A messy wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain created slick roads and walkways in the area.

The shooting occurred Oct. 6 on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE.

Whether you have $30 or $80 to spend, these menus will get you turkey without having to do any dishes.

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The federal government is open, but some area schools were closed or set to open late.

WHERE WE LIVE | The walkable Capitol Hill neighborhood has people ditching cars and getting to know their neighbors.

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Similar proposals have failed in two previous sessions, but the political climate could be changing.

Both incidents investigated just north of the U.S. Capitol along North Capitol Street.

A coating or more of snow and sleet is possible in our colder areas, as well as a glaze of freezing rain.

Wallace D. Loh has faced challenges in sports since he arrived at College Park in 2010.

The incident is at least the third inmate death since 2016 at the booking center.

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Federal prosecutors in child pornography case say Jonathan Oldale, 55, recorded 60 nude children.

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Moms are often the focus of charitable outreach. This Helping Hand partner branches out.

The women’s jail had water problems since at least Monday, officials say.

Police in Milton, W. Va., had calls about suspicious-acting raccoons twice in as many days.

We explain snow, sleet, freezing rain and how they are alike and different.

Metro data show fare evasion arrests, citations and warnings have risen dramatically in recent years — from 4,000 in 2013 to 15,000 in 2017.

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