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After FBI raid, D.C. lawmaker Jack Evans wants to share his side of the story

The D.C. Council is preparing to launch an internal investigation into Evans and remove him as chairman of the influential Committee on Finance and Revenue. It has agreed to hold a hearing next week.

Study: Free college-admission testing in Va. would identify more potential students for major universities

The boost would be especially notable, researchers found, for students from poor families who otherwise might not think about signing up to take the SAT or ACT.

Capital Gazette trial can be split into two parts, judge rules

One proceeding in the trial for the man accused of carrying out the shooting in the Annapolis newsroom will try to determine guilt, and another will look at criminal responsibility.

House passes amendment aimed at mitigating airplane, helicopter noise

The measure was sponsored by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), who co-chairs the Quiet Skies Caucus, a group of lawmakers who represent districts dealing with issues related to aircraft noise.

Sports including Frisbee and softball will be displaced from D.C.’s West Potomac Park in the days around the holiday.

Officials say they hope residents will use the service in their daily commutes and for daytime errands.

The man sped away from police after being wounded and sought treatment at a hospital in Maryland.

Project is subject of whistleblower complaint alleging contract steering

New legislation aims to address complaints about scooters, including that the devices are left everywhere, ridden in places they don't belong and are a hazard to pedestrians.

A judge said lawmakers could begin seeking financial information and other records from the Trump Organization this week.

Humidity starts to creep back up into tomorrow.

The owner chose to have the dog euthanized, police said.

A car passenger leaned out with what looked like a rifle in Southeast Washington as pedestrians went running.

The cocaine was hidden in a shipment of lawn chairs from China.

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A new documentary called “Queen of the Capital” follows a local drag race for the title of “Empress.”

The state spends $210 million a year on utilities; order calls for a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption by 2029.

In a speech Monday to the GOP, the vice president said he came for one reason: “because Maryland and America need four more years of President Donald Trump.”

The collision may have involved a vehicle that fled D.C. police, authorities said. 

The aquatic mammals will be known as “Mac” and “Chessie,” names with links to local waterways: the Potomac and Chesapeake.

Twice a month, he goes to domestic violence shelters, transitional housing and McPherson Square in D.C. to pass out goodies. He also makes wedding, birthday and graduation cakes.

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