Paddlers who use the Potomac River near President Trump’s Loudoun County golf course filed a federal lawsuit to try to reverse a policy that closes a two-mile stretch of the river when the president is playing golf.
Police said bystanders to the Tuesday evening attack on Wendy Martinez gave a detailed description of the suspect’s clothing, which helped them make a quick arrest.
Police said the woman from New York yelled at Social Security Administration workers in the agency’s Northern Virginia office.
(The Washington Post)
(The Washington Post)
A member of the Marine Barracks recounted the spur-of-the-moment rescue as investigators tried to determine what caused the fire and why a system of horns and sprinklers didn’t activate.
In a letter to the University of Maryland System’s board of regents, lawyer Billy Murphy asked that Jordan McNair’s family first review the findings about the workout where the 19-year-old suffered heatstroke.

Resident shot and wounded two officers thinking police were home invaders; police chief apologizes and freezes executing search warrants.

Snochia Moseley shot outside and inside the facility, law enforcement officials said, and a motive is not yet known

The family of Col. Lewis Henry Dunagan expected a special military escort to meet his body upon its arrival at the airport from Texas, but miscommunication marred the trip. Dunagan will be buried Friday at Arlington National Cemetery.

Attack on police servers exposed Romanian financial and computer fraud ring

The Virginia Republican revises her funding proposal; Democrat Gerry Connolly calls it “desperate” campaign ploy.

Officials with the CDC say the country seems to be sliding backward in preventing the spread of the diseases.

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Busch, 71, underwent a liver transplant in June 2017. He has been state lawmaker since 1987.

Conditions remain fairly pleasant as we end the work week.

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services HyeSook Chung to depart

A human rights lawyer will challenge Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw in a primary.

Entire communities, including housing developments, shopping centers, farms, forests and roads, are engulfed by water.

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Survivors of sexual assault are on trial the moment they speak up. So they don’t.

The Washington Capitals owner originally bought the 2,500-square-foot, two-bedroom for $2.6 million in 2009.

From Southern California to northern Maine, unusually warm nights have set this summer apart, piling up in record numbers.

Rain threats are minimal for the next two days.

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WHERE WE LIVE | Minutes from Rock Creek Park and the Red Line, plenty of natural beauty remains.

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Marvin Dewitt Dutton drove a Cadillac off the road, police said.

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