China’s Mobike and U.S.-based Spin are entering the D.C. market this week with hundreds of bikes.

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Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie kept focus on policy, not attacks

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson filed a bill directing the city to make a list of vacant properties

Reid, who is 26, said she wants to engage millennials.

As the sun's rays become less intense, the season for leaf-peeping and brilliant foliage is upon us.

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The storm is expected to turn north parallel to the East Coast — but just how close it will come, while enormously consequential, is not clear.

A look at the planning that went into making Sept. 16 a safe day.

Exotic animals now must be registered with county.

The Montgomery County congressman spoke at a pro-Medicaid forum in Silver Spring.

Catastrophic damage is expected from destructive winds, a dangerous rise in ocean waters, and severe flooding.

Longtime Democratic leader says he plans to remain in his post in 2018, a crucial election year, and beyond.

Data shows there are four metrics which tend to drive local home prices in Montgomery Co. — schools, Metro access, distance to D.C. and proximity to retail (pretty much in that order).

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TOWN SQUARE | The 5,900-square-foot Chanceford Hall has six bedrooms and seven full bathrooms, original woodwork and molding, 10 fireplaces, high ceilings and large windows.

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Fall arrives Friday, but summer weather has set up shop for the foreseeable future.

The parish says it worked with police after noticing that the money might have been taken.

Around the country, most students take longer than four years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Council Member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) says she's a fan of traffic cameras -- but just wants to make sure they're fair. AAA is not so sure they are.

The debate between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie was a mostly cordial affair.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, and Ed Gillespie, the Republican nominee, debated economic policy and the role of Confederate statues in Virginia on Sept. 19.

Most patients in the poorest ward don’t have a doctor they see close to home, a city report finds.

The school made its decision after consulting with the Maryland attorney general’s office.

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