Donald Trump’s election has unsettled many in and around the school, located in one of the country’s most affluent majority-black communities.

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DeVos cemented concerns about her stance on special education, sexual assault and the enforcement of federal laws.

He apparently choked on a meatball during lunch at a facility in the Labor Department.

The calls came after Jewish groups received similar threats last week.

Shane Bouvet, a single father from Illinois, has faith Trump will help his hometown.

The new guidelines are meant to eliminate instances of "flying while Muslim".

Legislation seeks to squash D.C. gun laws, abortion funding, assisted suicide. “We have a real chance,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss) says

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The first-term Republican, who used public funds to win office in 2014, has seen donations skyrocket along with his approval ratings.

There will be nearly 50 speakers and musical performers at the rally.

Officer in good condition; incident occurred inside a traffic control booth.

Corey Stewart, who led Trump’s commonwealth bid until his ouster, will run ads on Fox News.

Washington Gas has rolled out new account numbers. A few glitches remain.

The GOP scion served as U.S. Attorney for Maryland from 1970 to 1975.

D.C. police released surveillance video showing two men in a gunfight in Southeast Washington that left Vivian Marrow, 68, dead. Marrow was shot on the sidewalk in her wheelchair.

If you liked today's weather, you're in luck Thursday.

Police are still investigating the fatal shooting of Vivian Marrow, a beloved fixture in her Southeast D.C. neighborhood.

Connolly, who joins about 60 of his House Democratic colleagues in the boycott, said the president-elect’s behavior and comments are “sordid.”

Katherine G. Johnson, 98, of Virginia is portrayed in the Hollywood film "Hidden Figures," which is about the role a group of world-class African American female mathematicians played in the 1960s space race.

Republican Ed Gillespie continues to significantly outraise his rivals for the GOP nomination.

Viewing them together reveals a clear and compelling picture of a warming world.

Senate leader has feuded with governor for years over hospital funding; Hogan spokesman says governor will make good on total pledge.

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