Despite Northam’s credentials, some question his response to pandemic

The nation’s only physician-governor has drawn both criticism and praise for his low-key, methodical approach to the crisis in Virginia.

Why aren’t more people seeking tests in D.C.?

Demand for testing has been slow, experts say, because of a lingering sense of test scarcity, confusion about who qualifies to get one, a lack of easy access and skepticism about testing operations.
A total of 19 people were arrested Saturday and early Sunday, authorities said.
An autopsy did not find evidence of trauma, authorities said Sunday.
Teaism owner Michelle Brown says damage to her eatery was “heartbreaking,” but “this moment is not about us.”
June begins much like May ends, with another sunny day and comfortable temperatures.
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The representative for the District’s most impoverished ward faces three challengers in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

Maryland State Police said the motorcycle left the roadway and stuck a guardrail.
A simmering debate over school boundaries is defining Tuesday’s primary.
Voters will cast ballots for two seats in Tuesday’s primary election.
We’ll enjoy another beautiful day tomorrow before clouds and temperatures both start to increase, with a shot at our first 90-degree day of the year by midweek.
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Homicide victim was shot, according to police.
As second day of protests began in D.C., Bowser called president’s reference to “vicious dogs” a “not too subtle reminder to African Americans of the segregationists who let dogs out on women, children and innocent people in the South.”
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