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It’s going to be a wild weekend, with a wintry mix, heavy rain and bitter cold between Saturday and Monday.
Police said that in both incidents the suspect told bank employees he had a bomb.
Earlier this month, a group of D.C. police cadets, along with volunteers and furloughed federal workers, helped clean up the tires at Fort Dupont Park in Southeast Washington.
People attend the Women's March in 2017. (AP)
People attend the Women's March in 2017. (AP)
The third annual event might be the most divided yet, with competing marches and multiple controversies.
The Post followed up with several women who attended the first march in 2017 to see what they have planned for the third iteration of the Women’s March.

The measure, which died in a Senate committee last year, now heads to the House.

Two cars crashed as one was making a left turn. Police are working to determine who had the right of way.

Ergi Masati, 18, of Fairfax was arrested on Oct. 23.

The victim suffered injuries that were not life-threatening, and Red Line trains briefly bypassed the stop. Police have a suspect in custody.

Cause of blaze is under investigation.

The print papers were filled with anti-Trump stories, which also appeared on a website that mimicked the official Post site.

Police are looking for the suspect in the incident in Centreville, Va.

The would-be robber fled the bank and was confronted by an officer near a Metro station.

Political polarization in the antiabortion movement has worsened in recent decades, just as it has with the country as a whole. According to polls, however, politicians are much more polarized than regular Americans.

The 6-year-old girl, who was steps from her Georgetown home, was able to break free.

Police said the pedestrian was in the roadway on Central Avenue.

The Maryland governor denounced Washington politics and implicitly criticized President Trump.

Chef José Andrés launched a relief kitchen. Others are offering discounts for haircuts, food and ice cream.

Lee County official said a deadly shooting at a Florida school pushed them to act.

The suspect was arrested by FBI agents who continued their undercover sting while not being paid during the government shutdown.

The mayor expressed concern that decriminalizing fare evasion would exacerbate Metro's revenue problems.

Position on influential commission sparks first big partisan showdown of General Assembly session

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