D.C., Md. & Va.

Saturday showed value of patience as sun finally shone through the clouds

Evening sunshine was a reward for enduring hours of overcast.

Slimmed-down Pride celebrations begin in the District

The traditional parade has been replaced with a car caravan.

Graduates celebrate new beginning for T.C. Williams High School

After student push, school named for segregationist to become Alexandria City High School

Two men killed in shootings in Northeast, Southeast D.C.

At least three men were shot and wounded Saturday afternoon, according to police.

PM Update: Muggy overnight. Sunshine returns tomorrow with scattered storms late.

Areas of patchy fog are likely to develop late tonight.
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Getting the brush off: Occasionally, street sweepers leave behind little bristles

Ever find a long, thin piece of metal on the street? It may have come from a rotating broom.

Once a Black middle-class haven, a D.C. apartment complex falls into disrepair

At Marbury Plaza in Southeast Washington, lack of AC is just the latest problem. Now, residents are looking for a way out.

Stream cleanups, hotels, affordable housing: How Rescue Plan funds are being spent in Northern Virginia

From rental assistance to flooding infrastructure, counties and cities in Northern Virginia are considering a range of options for using the influx of cash from the federal government.

From alligator wrestler to ex-governor: McAuliffe gets a reboot as ‘Terry 2.0’

Before he was Virginia’s chief executive, the former DNC chief and fundraiser was known for over-the-top stunts. But in his latest run, he can rely on his record as governor.

D.C.-area forecast: A slow return of sunshine with relatively comfortable June temperatures

80s with moderate humidity is not too bad for summer. Storm chances return as soon as Sunday.

Once homeless, he’s why trans men of color will soon get their own housing program in D.C.

For Len Williams, a Black transgender man who works for the Wanda Alston Foundation, the effort was personal.

Friday’s rain was heaviest here in months

It still ended in time for the Washington Nationals to play.

Suspect dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound at BWI airport, police say

Death of suspect in domestic incident followed eight hour standoff in a garage, police say

Chicago officer charged in Jan. 6 riot wore a police sweatshirt to the Capitol, U.S. alleges

Karol Chwiesiuk took a selfie in a senator’s office, officials say.

D.C. Council weighs smaller police budget and more funding for alternative justice programs

Residents debate over rising gun violence and a smaller police force

Customer thwarts an alleged kidnapping attempt outside Target in Rockville

A 31-year-old IT worker had just finished shopping when he heard a woman screaming in the parking lot.

Metro projects will bring months of delays, station closures on the Red Line

A Metro tunnel ventilation and platform canopy replacement project will cause months of delays and station closures on the Red Line starting next month through the end of the year.

PM Update: Rain ending tonight ahead of a fairly decent weekend

Once the rain ends, we see a good deal of sun in coming days. We need it to dry out.

Maryland gubernatorial candidate John B. King Jr. has raised $1 million, according to his campaign

King, a former education secretary in the Obama administration, is one of six candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.
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Part of Beach Drive will stay closed to cars while National Park Service studies permanent closure

The National Park Service will keep part of Beach Drive car-free through Rock Creek Park while it analyzes what would happen if it made the restriction permanent, the agency said Friday.
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PM Update: Muggy overnight. Sunshine returns tomorrow with scattered storms late.

Areas of patchy fog are likely to develop late tonight.
  • 5 hours ago