Operators of two notably different sorts of vehicles got into trouble in the Washington area on Saturday, one after crashing into a house and the other, according to authorities, for failing to yield to an airplane.

The aviation incident occurred about 8:30 a.m. at Dulles International Airport when United Airlines Flight 379 stopped abruptly to avoid a ground service vehicle, said airport spokesman Rob Yingling.

The ground vehicle, referred to as a tug, was in a designated roadway but did not yield right of way to the Orlando-bound airplane, which was headed to a taxiway, Yingling said.

The plane returned to the gate. An injured flight attendant was taken to a hospital, Yingling said. He said the tug operator received a notice of violation.

In the other incident, a car hit a house on Old Branch Avenue in the Temple Hills area of Prince George’s County, said Officer Nicole Hubbard, a police spokeswoman. She said the driver was taken into custody on a controlled substance charge.