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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Airlie Way, 4448-Edward Hill to Jacob L. Boesen, $397,000.

Annandale Rd., 3813-Bank of America to Marcial Amurrio, $310,000.

Blackpool Dr., 8626-Edward E. Grose to Jeffrey S. Rogers, $510,000.

Burbank Rd., 8836-Irene Boyer to Joseph R. Pally, $459,888.

Cordell St., 4204-An Y. Hsu to Michael G. Harttree, $600,000.

Fleming Dr., 5009-ING Savings Bank to Julio H. Henriquez, $383,000.

Glen Hollow Ct., 7266, No. 66-David K. Taylor to Hang S. Kim, $287,000.

Justine Dr., 4007-Tri V. Nguyen to Rodolfo and Rodolfo Henrich, $460,000.

Little River Run Dr., 4546-Vinh Tran to Norca C. Yacoub, $355,000.

Murray Lane, 6822-Wells Fargo Bank to Dave A. Beaudoin, $406,000.

Pappas Way, 8700-Hade Corp. to Shane M. and Kristen E. Torbert, $610,000.

Ruggles Ct., 4480-Karen A. Meyer to Saroj Barua, $353,000.

Tarheel Way, 4929-Andrew A. Bevington to Michael J. Fay, $722,000.

Walton Lane, 7415-Jeannette G. Schimmel to Miguel A. Leontiev, $840,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3308, No. T4-Wells Fargo Bank to Jayendra Luintel and Binita Guragain, $90,000.


Barcroft Mews Ct., 3915-Robert L. Roche to Kirill Fridkin, $631,000.

Leesburg Pike, 6141, No. 301-Peter Timler to Shahab Khan, $130,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 415-Freddie Mac to Syed M. Ahmad, $141,000.


Duke Dr., 6820-Brian L. Seiwell to Thomas A. Bickett, $345,000.

Marthas Rd., 1912-Pinter Brown Corp. to John E. Crowder, $659,900.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2245-William R. Fleischer to Michael W. Warchol, $297,000.


Ashbridge Ct., 9503-Franco Harris to Oscar A. Valenzuela, $354,000.

Blackburn Dr., 9529-Marcus L. Bates to Burak F. Tanyu, $508,000.

Burke Rd., 9146-Joel H. Millerman to Emlen E. and Laura J. Hamilton, $390,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 5979-Johnny E. Cormier to Cory Dixon, $585,000.

Church Way, 9714-William B. Russell to Timothy A. Jensen, $649,888.

Cove Landing Rd., 5910, No. 204-Mary V. Waters to Joyce A. Byrnes, $235,000.

Garretson St., 6236-Gabriel and Constanza Jacome to Tu B. Nguyen and Diem Le, $510,000.

Lake Meadow Dr., 6409-Wesley K. Hong to David N. Fogg, $1.06 million.

Lighthorne Rd., 5230-Claude Salhani to Mason M. Bishop, $435,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6162-Richard W. Kalb to Sara A. Smith, $326,000.

Mount Burnside Way, 5642-Pu T. Shim to Chang B. Lee, $362,000.

Olivia Pl., 9300-Stevenson E. and Georgia R. Bowes to Jeffrey J. Halick, $624,888.

Schoolhouse Woods Ct., 10121-Raymond G. Holstein III to Arthur Davis, $420,000.

Sprucewood Rd., 9206-Vartan V. Vartanian to Emil Guliyev, $304,000.

Sunset Woods Ct., 6725-Neal Patel to Jung W. Lim, $438,000.

Truxion Ct., 5471-Bruce D. and Lisa A. Geraghty to Jette Gebhart, $334,888.

Waterline Dr., 9500-David A. Casillas to Jean L. and Joey T. Tran, $546,500.

Wood Poppy Ct., 5819-Lucy Davies to All Star Investments Corp., $245,000.


Basingstoke Loop, 14793-Jamieson S. Thompson to Surender S. Negi, $209,900.

Bentley Sq., 14723-Karen M. Johnson to Marjorie I. Almanza, $230,000.

Cedar Break Dr., 5581-Jaimi B. Taylor to Juan C. Sainz and Marc A. Carruthers, $398,000.

Compton Valley Ct., 6908-MC Properties Corp. to John C. and Tami L. Perriello, $305,000.

Creek Branch Ct., 14542-Julie L. Hersey to Jeffrey M. Krajic, $360,000.

Fence Post Ct., 5504-Ernest D. Lepore to Elizabeth Alston, $460,000.

Generals Ct., 6377-Ronell A. and Shanita M. Parker to Qaiser Nadeem, $286,000.

Gresham Lane, 5621-Lauren A. and Robin B. Kirkman to Dana F. McMillen and Jaime Paz Pavon, $280,000.

Hatfield Sq., 14812-Christopher B. Spengler and Rodney L. Spengler to Angel Norwood, $250,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13537-Sean M. Ford to Ijeoma N. Nnamani, $390,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15410-Kevin E. Conway to Michael A. Barretta, $549,900.

Pleasant Forest Dr., 5142-Stephen R. Katchmark to Christopher L. Newell, $1.5 million.

Riverwind Terr., 14568-Modern Builders Corp. to Hee S. Kim, $460,000.

Rosy Lane, 14300, No. 13-Freddie Mac to Shallon T. Perkins, $187,900.

Smiths Trce., 6611-David L. Tubesing to Ricardo Capote, $755,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6845-Kevin W. Almstedt to Cory A. Brammer, $310,000.

Summerlake Way, 5801-Roger L. Shields to David R. Lee, $385,000.

Veronica Rd., 5021-James P. Falcone to Peter J. Mattes, $720,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5608, No. 23-Brynn L. Turner to Lawrence A. Chavez, $218,000.

Woodleaf Ct., 5221-Steven W. Elliott to Donald A. and Susan D. Ball, $538,000.


Deerwatch Dr., 4667-B. Steven Shifler to Sarah M. and Kyung H. Yu, $335,000.

Lees Corner Rd., 4512-Bank of America to Muzaffar A. Zaffar, $390,000.

Smallwood Lane, 13588-William M. Dehart to Khiem Nguyen, $655,000.

Walney Knoll Ct., 4720-Matthew Beck to Ho I. Om, $740,000.


Covey Lane, 13502-David J. Glista to Rosalind Steere, $347,000.

Jasper Lane, 13566-Chong C. and Young Joo Park to Shekhar and Samita S. Singh, $300,500.

Shari Hunt Grove, 12405-Carolann Baird to David R. Zorzi, $860,000.

Union Village Cir., 13602-Gail S. Demers to Jeanne A. and Tad D. Laszewski, $560,000.


Ellenwood Dr., 3033-Fidadelfo and Leonel Barrera to Anil K. Singh, $310,000.

Overbridge Lane, 12031-Bouaphanh Vannavong to Kan N. and Pyong H. Chun, $387,000.

Whittemore Pl., 4597, No. 1121-Kevin Weinberg to Mai Huong Huynh, $310,000.


Clifton Rd., 7770-Michael G. Polchenko and Anne R. Poole to Alexander F. MacDonald IV, $399,900.

Hollington Pl., 7925-Thomas D. Clark to David J. Bryson, $739,000.

Sandy Folly Ct., 5515-Joseph D. Mitchell to Darren Day, $666,500.

View Ct. S., 7300-Thomas J. Wilson III to Shawn E. Cooper, $816,000.

Woodfair Rd., 10911-Michael B. Platenberg to James T. Metz III, $650,000.


Annandale Rd., 2760-Joyce A. Thompson and Cornelius Thompson to Abel Gutierrez, $260,000.

Barrett Rd., 6808-Fannie Mae to F. Jeffrey Duesel, $299,000.

Bridgehampton Ct., 2900-Christopher J. Graham and Janeen P. Tobin to Jeffrey D. Morris, $420,000.

Charing Cross Rd., 2903, No. 11-Roy W. Pena and Luz Pereira Lemus to Dan Bao and Li Wang, $172,000.

Elmwood Dr., 7404-Kathryn M. Pyles to Jill E. Snyder, $525,000.

Fairmont St., 2912-Marshall Pattie to Kevin M. Graves, $373,000.

Graham Ct., 3008-Bernabel Aparicio to Liming Chen, $260,000.

Highland Terr., 2316-Matthew J. Axeen to Christopher Fraccaro, $736,000.

Kenfig Dr., 6931-Donald W. Kanuk to Nicolette Nye, $528,000.

Lawrence Dr., 2855-Timothy P. and Sarah H. Ronan to David W. and Leanne M. Berthiaume, $559,900.

Monroe St., 2843-Matthew Tesch to Ryan M. White, $527,000.

Remington St., 2531-Michael R. Martin to Matthew Cahill, $590,000.

Sewell Ave., 7207-Kara Leah Bue to Karen Cologne, $810,000.

Tower St., 7410-Joann L. Powers and John P. Harrison to Donald W. Kanuk, $380,000.

Weston Rd., 6934-May My Wang to Walter Kaselow, $440,000.


Alyce Pl., 8415-Anthony J. Auletta Sr. to Wesley E. Brubaker, $532,000.

Cavendish Dr., 2413-William L. Wimbish Jr. to William Hurd, $541,000.

Dalebrook Dr., 1055-Joshe E. and Heather S. Raetz to Timothy M. Donnelly, $635,000.

Old Stage Rd., 1900-Lara Bartl and Gregory Wilson to Tracey L. St. Pierre and Julia A. St. Pierre, $650,000.

Westmoreland Rd., 1148-Kimberly A. Martin to Alexander S. Rennick and Kimberly Bero Rennick, $750,000.


Ashby Lane, 7508C-Brian C. Lipps to Zelideth Rodriguez Velazquez, $285,000.

Brookland Rd., 5424-Paul W. Stansbery to Albert Tinianow, $477,000.

Castle Bar Lane, 5414-Carl A. and Criscella J. Ford to Mohammad O. and Homira Mojaddidy, $600,000.

Deer Gap Ct., 6647-Beverly Gasper to Shahin P. Ghadam, $275,000.

Dove Dr., 5927-George Harbaugh to Jesse R. Ringgold, $455,500.

Essex House Sq., 6111B-Thomas M. Reich to Jennifer A. Sampson, $259,950.

Good Lion Ct., 6006-William M. Barnett to David H. Malech, $500,000.

Harbor Court Dr., 5215-Channarong Pinthong and Taweechai Sripalakit to Medhanit Dejene, $320,000.

Helmsdale Lane, 5708-Roderick J. Procario to Esteban D. Maldonado, $470,000.

Jowett Ct., 5520-Christopher D. Baker to Samuel Zemui, $435,000.

Liverpool Ct., 7250-Harl C. Duffey IV and Colleen M. Yaeger to Rohin and Shannon Sharma, $335,000.

Mayfair Lane, 6026-Damian J. and Jennifer McCarthy to Keith Bensten and Elizabeth Mirabile, $563,000.

Morning Meadow Ct., 8068-Deborah A. Sparks to Omar A. and Monica P. Stoltzfus, $350,000.

Oak Hill Pl., 5723-Michael H. Belding to Christopher J. Springer, $590,000.

Oldham Way, 7528-Kyle A. Hart to John A. Millington, $422,000.

Piney Woods Ct., 6078-Mark A. Lopez and Eric Hensel to John K. Forsythe Jr., $749,900.

Shaffer Dr., 6029-Kari J. Keipi to Yuriy Litvinov, $519,000.

Sutcliffe Dr., 6483-Brenda M. Janik and Christa G. Turowski to Mathias J. Turowski, $506,000.

Upland Dr., 4800-James S. Murphy and Kirat S. Shah to Austin T. Smith, $425,000.

Waterfield Rd., 6486-Jeffrey D. and Donna Jo Sweetin to Weichert Inc., $570,000.


Bowen Ave., 11124-Timothy H. Burns to Christopher A. Gormsen, $957,500.

Gouldman Lane, 801-Walter K. Renner to Mustafa Saiyid, $1.23 million.

Kimberly Pl., 1008-David Krupnick to Brenda Wang, $1.18 million.

River Bend Rd., 414-Joan Darnell to Juvencio S. Zurita, $615,000.


Ashnut Lane, 13177-Kampbell Salehi to Dimitre Petrov, $400,000.

Bennett Rd., 11928-Gary A. Reese to Benjamin V. Hill, $625,000.

Brynwood Ct., 13155-Kevin P. Lloyd to Ganesh Raju, $530,000.

Cross Hollow Ct., 12590-Tamela R. Hirt to Jeffrey M. Harmon, $521,000.

Devon St., 1102-Rachel Jacobson and Leslie Kennedy to Craig M. James, $368,000.

Elevation Lane, 13424-Mohsen Pouhashemi and Nazani Mardani to David C. and Ans M. Smith, $355,000.

Farmbell Ct., 13607-Joseph M. Stazzone to Gregory A. Prior, $580,000.

Fraternal Ct., 12903-Shawn M. Farra to Gurucharan Chitna, $470,000.

Hawks Nest Ct., 1457-Cari J. Darcus to Abdelsalam M. Nour, $419,000.

Huntington Dr., 2552-Robert P. Mikols to Alejandro C. Kishimoto, $462,500.

Landerset Dr., 1109-Angela D. Sykes to Lubna Rashid, $570,000.

Mansway Dr., 2785-John P. Mustico to Colleen M. Ryan, $539,000.

Mississippi Dr., 657-HSBC Bank to Dasari Rao, $350,000.

Northern Valley Ct., 12507-William S. Meyer and Sally Carter to Steven Betten, $535,000.

Oxon Rd., 12605-Bang Tran to Srini Chennamaraja, $1.31 million.

Pellow Circle Ct., 11676-Wayne Lapham to Christine Halberstadt, $635,000.

Reneau Way, 388-Richard and Marion S. Brumback to Ramez E. Salama, $231,000.

Shallow Ford Rd., 1350-Morgan Chase Bank to Justin Ray, $384,900.

Stone Heather Ct., 3305-Richard D. McLaughlin to Robert L. Sidney, $338,000.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2544-Varma Penmatsa to Kiran M. Khatri, $440,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 101-Harold Dexter Tuthil to Mary E. and Thomas E. Kellner, $169,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 12823-Timothy S. and Toni L. Skeen to Craig M. Delledonne, $799,900.


Fairview Terr., 2335-Amanda D. Touati to Adam C. Baughman, $279,900.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1126-Fannie Mae to Simin Zhou, $332,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 617-Jessica Althaus to Vincent and Kimberly M. Reynolds, $176,000.

Tennessee Dr., 3406-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey Quinlan, $840,304.


Audubon Ave., 7994, No. C2-Venus Properties Corp. to Glenn B. and Barton B. Fischer, $89,000.

Bryant Towne Ct., 7029-Ruben Portillo to Gustavo Manzano, $239,900.

Doctor Craik Ct., 8231-John F. Sabet to Ruth A. Davis, $378,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7119, No. 47-Jessie L. Ary to Kawing Chan, $315,000.

Lindberg Dr., 7513-Amjad Fseisi to Stella Karimi, $594,000.

Midday Lane, 7616-Eda P. Morris to Steven M. Dunham, $601,000.

Popkins Lane, 2301-Clifford E. Smith to James E. Madden, $739,900.

Snowpea Ct., 7522, No. 18-Richard S. Slater to Vugar Shahtakhtinskiy, $227,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6700-Alvah T. Beander and Marvin D. Beander to Christopher Hayes and Gordon Wood, $340,000.


Braddock Rd., 4520-Anthony H. and Kelli L. Shobe to Edward and Kimberly C. Bellem, $606,000.

Crestwood Dr., 6202-Rui Q. Chen and Chao Yang to Michael A. Parks and Christina G. Demariano, $329,000.

Independence Cir., 5703-Timothy R. Murray to Joseph S. Melita, $264,000.

Shoal Creek Ct., 4504-Antonio and Magdalena Gray to Leslie Simpson, $285,500.


Aspenpark Rd., 7567-Mikka L. Gentry to Bonnie J. Farago and Kevin Fain, $270,000.

Dogue Indian Cir., 7810-Clennzo E. McCullough to Mazhar Hussain, $298,000.

Grandwind Dr., 7726-William W. Clark to Michael and Sharon D. Lo, $525,000.

Hanson Lane, 6697-Theodore J. Majer to Xavier C. Villareal and Donna L. Davis, $685,000.

Larne Ct., 7441-Brendan Geraghty to Wallace K. Hsueh, $210,000.

Lorton Rd., 7705-Mary A. Pearson to Eleonora A. Work and Hany K. Omar, $294,500.

Peace Lily Ct., 8435, No. 131-Pulte Home Corp. to John F. Jahoda, $193,990.

Seafarer Way, 7854-Belgacem Boutouchent to Junhui Liu, $340,000.


Algarve St., 8001-Benjamin F. Jarratt II to Peter W. Paulsen, $1.4 million.

Brookhaven Dr., 1508-Charles Hage to Michael Hage, $750,000.

Chelsea Rd., 6871-Kuang Y. Lin to Xiao Xiong, $840,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 802-William J. Beck to Ramin Rak, $424,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1710-Park Crest Building Associates to Thaddeus Y. and Beatrice C. Ohta, $520,000.

Dead Run Dr., 1036-Samuel C. Zweifel to Douglas S. Ingram, $850,000.

Elnido Dr., 6504-Jack E. Warner to Raihan Elahi, $750,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 612-Dolores M. Hammarstrom to George C. Gallegos, $465,000.

Hitt Ave., 6449-Key G. Reid to Guofeng Li, $730,000.

Kennedy Dr., 1954, No. 204-Melissa A. Rutsch to Dennis M. Lueken, $215,000.

Lemon Rd., 6900-Daniel R. Henley to Geoffrey J. Lysaught, $660,000.

Macbeth St., 1343-Kenneth R. Crowley to Suchul Lee, $818,500.

Mclean Dr., 6683-Faye Elkins to Eunghwan Kim, $675,000.

Old Dominion Dr., 7104-Taleb Khallash to Ed Ashtar, $1.54 million.

Provincial Dr., 7630, No. 102-Fontaine L. Williams Jr. to Sneha P. Gudapati, $240,000.

Rockingham St., 1935-Jerome S. and Burnham S. Morse to Theodore B. Kleinberg, $795,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1570, No. 7204-Michael Damato to Caroline S. Chin, $349,000.

Stuart Robeson Dr., 1225-Benton Burroughs Jr. to Linda K. Berdine, $1.52 million.

Valleywood Rd., 1936-Jeffrey E. Cohen and Maria H. Castillo to Amit Kapoor, $1.26 million.

Westmoreland St., 1550-Amy Westby Gibson to Julie A. Estes, $570,000.


Battersea Lane, 3017-Ha Duong to Yulia Sokolova and Daniil Sokolov, $370,000.

Bound Brook Lane, 8342-Creative Upgrades Corp. to Benjamin D. Hulbert, $517,000.

Cunningham Dr., 3108-Kristin W. Bernhart and Wilson E. Woodbury to Leslie A. Tucker, $533,025.

Grist Mill Woods Way, 5418-David A. Souza to Samuel P. Watkins II, $800,000.

Mill Towns Ct., 8750-Ivan D. Davis to Raiza Cilli, $393,000.

Old Mount Vernon Rd., 9020-Potomac Relocation Services to Nathan and Susana Erpestad, $630,000.

Ramsgate Ct., 8311-James R. and Carol P. Beatty to Fairfax County Redevelopment Authority, $395,000.

San Leandro Pl., 7949, No. 105B-Nancy Mejia to Jose O. Montecino, $165,000.

Venoy Ct., 8613-Ernestine F. Bazemore to Richard M. Hawkins, $225,000.

Walutes Cir., 8696-Mildred P. Woodard to Volodymyr Yaskulka, $130,000.


Blackford St., 7415-Carlos Sainz Perez to Manuel M. Velasco, $310,000.

Carrick Lane, 8110-Betty J. Rampy to Cheryl A. Conway and Melany G. Burrill, $400,000.

Heming Ave., 5720-Ronald T. and Denise Guerin to Neil C. and Anelia Crittenden, $490,000.

Landgrave Lane, 5227-Ramona R. Michels to Dixie A. Vieg, $412,950.

Lonsdale Dr., 5264-Jaime Canales to Barbara G. Fornoff, $331,500.

Victoria Rd., 8612-Timothy Woller to Christopher J. Polson, $459,000.


Bushman Dr., 10214, No. 122-Jeffrey T. Stratton to Angela Brown, $180,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 3123-Mark B. and Amy L. Lucky to Kevin Robinson, $660,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10080-Matthew C. Pepper to Heather M. Palfrey, $216,000.

Rifle Ridge Rd., 2808-Richard J. Leonard to Joseph E. Price, $781,700.

Waples Mill Rd., 11928-Patrice McGinn to Steven Gwensberg, $595,000.


Cherri Dr., 1905-Richard M. Mandleur to Tariq Allana, $482,500.

Gervais Dr., 2001-Joshua D. Gillespie to Victoria Kartashova, $700,000.

Howard Ct., 7332-Carlos Cordero to Xin Tao, $285,000.

Marthas Lane, 7723-Hadi Nguyen to Angela R. Weber, $440,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 719-Debra J. Bradley to Cyrus Baktash, $220,000.

Royal Lodge Dr., 2133-Jeffrey J. Douglass to Ann P. Ricks, $910,000.

Virginia Lane, 7609-Mark J. Lavin to Arlena Alford, $697,500.


Antiqua Ct., 2374-Fannie Mae to Guity N. and Alireza N. Shahbaz, $220,000.

Bayfield Way, 1672-Jimmie R. Erwin to Samuel D. Tootle, $325,000.

Bentana Way, 1636-Susan J. Webber to Derek C. and Lindsay Legendre, $388,500.

Breton Ct., 11848, No. 18A-May Ghali to Ta Sun Hu and Ying Yu Chang, $315,500.

Chestnut Burr Ct., 2281-Bradley J. and Denise A. Waters to Jonathan E. Edelen and Amanda L. Brooks, $377,000.

Deer Point Way, 1536-Mindi L. Crabtree to Geraldine S. Mendez, $52,500.

Fieldthorn Dr., 1618-Gregory C. May to Mary K. Keffer, $314,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1324, No. 305-Dina Sulyma to Salma N. Hasan Alzubaidi, $288,250.

Grovehampton Ct., 10867-Tony Y. Mazraani to Nauman Akhtar, $697,500.

Heritage Commons Ct., 1219-Mark D. McFarland to David R. Davis, $472,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 123-Suresh R. Koluvailu to Lucy V. Bawiec, $290,000.

Meadowlook Ct., 1151-Seung C. Baek to Xinbin Tian, $805,000.

Northgate Sq., 1548, No. 48-Miriam Ramirez to Mario J. Spina, $191,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1424-Patricia Nolin to Jason M. Titlow, $525,000.

Pelham Manor Pl., 11085-Creighton R. Schneck to Linghai Wu, $1.14 million.

Post Oak Trail, 1844-Shaun M. Goldfarb to Adam Schell, $600,000.

Running Cedar Rd., 11521-Martha M. and Nancy J. Belt to David M. Swartzbaugh, $572,500.

Silentwood Lane, 11266-Patricia Harris to Kate M. Broderick, $291,000.

Stirrup Rd., 12110-George W. and Georgiana L. Austin to Ryan P. Johnson, $605,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11770, No. 417-Ryan J. Fontanilla to Kerem D. Akan, $282,000.

Thunder Chase Dr., 12627-Paul M. Darmory to Christopher T. Putnam, $560,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11602, No. 2A-Benjamin E. Feinstein to Erin M. Linares, $150,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1218-Camille M. Collins to Rudyard D. and Steven S. Kaplan, $500,000.

Woodhollow Ct., 11566-Brian D. Jacoby to Sarah R. Smith, $320,000.


Crosswoods Cir., 6301-Michael O. Spivey and Corrinne B. Goldman to Thomas B. Mattson, $850,000.

Hazelton St., 3046-Jonathan G. Allen to Silvia M. Murphy, $580,000.

Sleepy Lane, 3301-Yusuke Horiguchi to Rengasamy Ponnappan, $550,000.


Amelia St., 5806-John Grossi to Mirwais Kohistani, $400,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6822-Marc A. Lemmond to Christopher P. Davis, $359,900.

Carmela Cir., 8443-Janet H. German to Adam G. Clonick, $398,000.

Dyer Ct., 6830-Gerson J. Mercado to Victor R. Lopez Jr., $515,000.

Franconia Ct., 6421-Gary L. Taylor to Daniel H. Desta, $315,000.

Hackberry St., 6604-Bank of New York Mellon to Sejuty Chowdhury, $281,000.

Lureta Ann Lane, 6408-Mark A. Williams to Keith R. Mossburg, $380,000.

Ruxton Dr., 7599-Donna L. Davis to Eric B. Yellman, $407,700.

Seabrook Lane, 7622-Josefino L. and Josefina D. Arevalo to Nguyen T. Tran and Nhung H. Doan, $600,000.

Springfield Hills Dr., 7587-Kandie T. Predmore to Omarana Ejaz, $378,866.

Sugar Creek Lane, 8455-Caspian G. Baskin and Sarah Edelson Baskin to Charles B. Barber, $254,000.

Turlock Rd., 7774-Gavin and Angela Gilmour to Chad M. Supinger, $484,000.

Woodstown Dr., 7588-Laschwann Killens to Scotty W. McDaniel, $465,000.


Asoleado Lane, 1701-Samuel D. Cappiello to James J. Gulley, $675,000.

Carnegie Dr., 8315-Gerald J. and Theresa L. Ashley to Gerald J. Ashley, $222,716.

Cody Ct., 10024-Vinh Lai to Lidet G. Tadesse, $1.04 million.

Cold Creek Ct., 1878-Pilcherria R. Jay to Jarkko J. Turunen, $910,000.

Creek Crossing Rd., 1822-Luz E. Meloy to Keke Chen and Fan Luo, $695,000.

Desale St. SW, 1416-Desale Vienna Corp. to Jing Fan, $452,500.

Harmony Dr. SW, 107-Lynn S. Pedrotti to David J. Penna, $1.4 million.

Kelly Sq., 2824-Neil J. MacNeil to Ryan W. Cooper, $470,000.

Kilby Glen Dr., 9311-Robert E. Fischer to Birendra Amatya, $760,000.

Manhattan Pl., 2713-William J. Beck to Lee Hayward, $630,500.

Marywood Rd., 9628-Beverly Harris to Eduardo Tugendhat, $525,000.

Midlothian Ct., 1822-Brad Fujimoto to Eric J. Larocque, $590,000.

Oakton Glen Dr., 2652-Nizamettin Ozgur to Byron J. Calhoun, $685,000.

Park Tower Dr., 2651, No. 4-David B. Sawyer to Robert E. Schmidt Jr., $390,000.

Ridge Rd. SW, 406-Carol J. Ellis and Philip Paullin to Gerald P. O’Shaughnessy and Lynda C. O’Shaughnessy, $939,000.

St. Andrews Dr. NE, 107-William Liu to Jin W. Kim, $625,000.

Silk Oak Dr., 10415-George T. and Lois M. Coen to Clive A. Roux, $640,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7998-Arlen A. Alford to Zhili Cheng, $414,500.

Village Spring Lane, 2929-William P. Bialick to Peter S. Christensen, $600,000.

Westbriar Ct. NE, 1113-BAC Home Loans to Marishane Stahl, $550,000.

Woodford Rd., 2220-Kathryn L. Jordan and James A. Hyde to Zeinab Karake and Victor Shalhoub, $950,000.


Bardu Ave., 6144-Nancy Presutti to Donald A. Sigley Jr., $425,000.

English Ivy Way, 6417-David M. Cushing to Kevin C. Gray, $425,000.

Galgate Dr., 7110-Sher A. Nasir to Zulillah Zelawar and Houda O. Benotmane, $432,000.

Harwood Ct., 6504-Patrick J. Kuesters to Sang H. Park, $375,000.

Langbrook Rd., 8215-Siegried A. and Jutta Schoedel to Kyle B. Beckman, $517,000.

Noblestown Rd., 5907L-Virginia Housing Development Authority to Victor Guerero, $170,000.

Ridge Hollow Ct., 8775-Judith A. Burt and Alison C. Lyons to Chartwell Inc., $222,500.

Surveyors Pl., 8800-Barbara A. and Austin Kelly to Shota Dvalidze and Nunu Japaridze, $371,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Blue Coat Dr., 10103-Peter N. Manthos to William R. Schmidt II, $530,000.

Courtney Dr., 10481-Thomas E. Fadden Jr. to David W. McMorries, $590,000.

Farmington Dr., 10103-Christopher C. Mullen to Paul M. Vaclavik, $476,000.

James Wren Way, 10512-William H. Kennedy Jr. to Charles W. Oliver Jr., $585,000.

Locust Lane, 4134-Freddie Mac to Jay Custis, $389,000.

Maple St., 10729-Ronald I. Tull to Gregory Deola, $239,000.

Old Reserve Way, 9407-Schuerman House Corp. to James D. Buckner, $1.12 million.

Spring Lake Terr., 10112-Eugene T. Ransom Jr. to Julio Tuesta Noel, $450,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 305-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Chia Fang Chang, $474,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 623-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Lauren M. Cheplen and Thomas S. McEvoy, $370,000.

Haycock Rd., 154, No. C3-Hikmet Celiker to Veronica Hartanto, $299,500.

Ridge Pl., 805-Charles M. Hailey III to Patrick D. and Kaukab J. Smith, $625,000.

Welcome Dr., 2705-Daniel W. and Timothy H. Phelps to John J. and Penny L. Hokaj, $676,000.