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Acker Pl., 640-Ryan J. Burns to Charles S. Whitaker and Nicola J. Lowther, $712,000.

Buchanan St., 1729-Robbie S. Williams to John Stokes, $335,000.

Carlton Ave., 2966-Carolyn S. Abdullah to UrbizDevelopment Corp., $205,000.

Clinton St., 3032-VBS Community Ventures Corp. to Stephanie A. Gordon, $415,000.

Division Ave., 122-Taz Corp. to Pamala Millbrook Young, $239,500.

E St., 721-Weichert Inc. to Shruti Vaidyanathan, $470,000.

Evarts St., 421-Wilford Gourdine Jr. to Jose Moya, $250,000.

Florida Ave., 713-Gloria D. Harris to 713 Florida Avenue Corp., $150,000.

G St., 315, No. 105-315 G Street Corp. to Howard E. Jennings III and Lindsay L. Williams, $296,000.

Holbrook Terr., 1276-1276 Holbrook Terrace NE Corp. to Denise C. Nelson, $410,000.

Kennedy St., 610-Andre R. Jordan Sr. to Daniel P. Abbott and Hiwot B. Alemu, $265,000.

Maryland Ave., 624, No. 5-William S. Armstrong to Imperial Investments Corp., $420,000.

Newton St., 1348-Christine Chumbler to Kelly Jones and Danielle Peregory, $375,000.

Owen Pl., 1229-Kevin P. Fay to Sam Homes Corp., $180,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 115-Joseph I. Mason to SQB Corp., $140,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 204-329 Corp. to Rebecca S. Callahan and Sridhar Srinivasan, $327,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 2620-Dreambuilders of America to Rouben J. Hameed and Antonette E. Russell, $483,500.

Summit Ct., 3447, No. 3447-Metro DC1 Corp. to Travis D. McNiven, $171,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1617-Sheryl D. Todd to Ricardo Vergara, $315,000.

Second St., 2432-Olisaemeka B. Akpati to Emily B. Hanks and Jonathan Badrian, $322,352.

Seventh St., 709-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Ayo Griffin and Mary Dewhurst, $762,000.

Eighth St., 4803-Alice E. Harriston to Nathaniel G. Vish, $250,000.

13th Pl., 4117-John E. Buckley to Matthew J. Sellers and Jo Elle M. Burgard, $356,000.

16th St., 131-Janet K. Schweinfurth to Amanda Sibley, $630,000.

19th St., 437-Marshall L. Ramseur to Lauren Johnson, $237,750.


Allison St., 424-Carolyn L. Pretty to Nantucket Holdings Corp., $300,000.

Blair Rd., 6128-Sterling D. Fennell to Delores D. Keeling, $261,400.

California St., 1833, No. 303-David C. Freese to Emilee J. Pressman, $309,000.

Cecil Pl., 1035-Antonia Bayer Fox to Abi Rayner, $628,000.

Chevy Chase Pkwy., 5011-Colleen M. Fogarty to Leslie Suarez and Shane F. Young, $825,000.

Columbia Rd., 1438-Kipp C. Johnson to Jane C. Hwang, $328,000.

Columbia Rd., 1882, No. 303-William F. Pendergast to Frederick S. Tipson, $899,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883-David Sislen to Lee Tin Cheng and Elsa Yueh, $350,000.

Delafield Pl., 456-WSD Capital Corp. to Brett Gerustein and Jacqueline Nolley, $469,000.

E St., 915, No. 713-Roy Koldaro to Daniel Cobaugh and Nicolas Lagomarsino, $334,000.

Fairmont St., 772-Theola S. Labbe to Matthew F. Davies, $350,000.

Fessenden St., 3617-Kelly A. Lynch and John M. Wix Jr. to Timothy Reed, $730,100.

Foxhall Rd., 1626-Robert Moss to Alla Bakhtina and Marina Lyons, $1.52 million.

Geranium St., 1433-Charles R. Lawrence III and Mari J. Matsuda to Delband Vazirnezami, $818,000.

Harvard St., 1750, No. 6B-Peter H. Leddy to Sarah S. Jotstl, $430,000.

Huidekoper Pl., 2039-Michael Kirshbaum to Lan A. Stein and Elizabeth B. Kubic, $787,500.

Iris St., 1401-Susan M. Kulp to Ramon Richards, $774,000.

K St., 475-Ali Onur to Karen L. Saverino, $429,600.

Kenyon St., 1314-Thomas K. Lee and Philip J. Sobutka to Christopher O. Lundberg and April L. Pedersen, $1.28 million.

L St., 440, No. 903-Joseph Beard to Raghav Bajaj, $480,000.

L St., 2425-Samreen Q. Siddiqui to Deer Creek Real Estate, $575,000.

Longfellow St., 1301-Whitecroft Cooperative Inc. to Corey A. Walz, $125,000.

M St., 910-Carrie D. Ingram to Hennique S. Feijo, $455,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400-Chong Chu and Kwang Chung to Jerome G. Oslick, $430,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 1008-Anne Donne to Monica Smith, $609,950.

Military Rd., 3221-Cartus Financial Corp. to Cope M. Willis, $899,000.

Monroe St., 1020, No. 309-1020 Monroe Corp. to George M. Synder, $454,900.

N St., 1300-John F. Loomis to Jeffrey D. Gregorio, $554,200.

N St., 2707-Margaret B. Carlson to Margery Deibler, $995,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 5229-DP Capital Corp. to Nicholas J. Popovich, $462,000.

Newton St., 1853-Edward J. Ungvarsky to Pasquale D. Benedetta, $729,000.

Ontario Rd., 2719-Alexander V. Bismarck to Matthew Cohen, $1.2 million.

P St., 1735, No. 4-H. Rosemary Jeronimides to Stephen T. Hoffman, $460,000.

Patterson St., 3210-Laura K. Morreale to Lisa D. Mclish, $1.45 million.

Q St., 1625, No. 106-Aaron G. Sokolow and Diana Cohen to Catherine S. Bailard, $550,000.

R St., 415-William R. Gallagher to Kumar Garg and Rachel Osterman, $657,500.

Reservoir Rd., 3231-Albert D. Sturtevant to Abigail Sullivan and Michael Collins, $1.1 million.

Rittenhouse St., 804-Metro DC1 Corp. to Goulda Downer, $399,900.

Sheridan St., 1312-Larkin W. Tackett to Geoffrey Goodman, $435,000.

Sutton Pl., 3279D-Michael E. Curtin to Joseph Foster, $530,000.

T St., 1717, No. 32-Katy Ghirardo to Maha A. Armush, $500,000.

Tuckerman St., 523-Severn Associates Corp. to Rosa E. Trevino, $359,900.

U St., 43-Paull N. Tatton and Christine M. Churchill to Matthew R. Fowler, $672,000.

Van Buren St., 210-Harold A. Singletary Jr. to Omega 210 Corp., $399,999.

W St., 1418-Zachary A. Price to Elizabeth C. Breckenridge, $299,000.

Whittier St., 120-Shubhasish Kundu and Monita Chatterjee to William I. White and Paul L. Edenfield, $522,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010-Teryn Papp to Erin M. Miller, $212,000.

Second St., 5527-Arco Realty to Alejandro Sanguinetti and Sheyla Silveira, $230,000.

Fourth St., 811-Rachelle Holmes to Rebecca Zusman, $380,000.

Fifth St., 1725-Martin R. Youmans to Clayton H. O’Connor, $599,000.

Eighth St., 4710-Twana D. Holt to WSD Capital Corp., $245,000.

10th St., 1117-Kasra Moinizand and Atousa Raissyan to Damiano Sandri, $655,000.

11th St., 2100-Kristine M. Shaffer to Patricia McGurk, $359,000.

12th Pl., 2113-Gerald P. Beaulieu to Carl E. Kelley, $769,000.

12th St., 2110-Kenneth W. Marter to Elizabeth A. Nicoletti and Joseph C. Sheehy III, $725,000.

13th St., 1842-Lee J. Alman to Bradley Portnoy, $875,000.

14th St., 1133-Stefan L. Hurray to Kirstin Lebert, $280,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 411-Meera M. Wolfe to Gerald Beaulieu, $685,000.

15th St., 2639-Patricia M. Weber to Brian Parker, $216,810.

16th St., 5715-Paul M. Rabinowitz to Patrick McGlone, $950,000.

18th St., 1918, No. 23-Donald G. Guthrie to Daniel A. Perez, $474,000.

20th St., 2415, No. 26-Richard B. Wilkof to Neha Sheth, $631,000.

23rd St., 1155, BDDC Corp. to Jeffrey P. Fine, $55,500.

28th St., 1230-Thomas E. Nesbitt and Linda Schmid to Jacob S. Stoehr, $715,000.

31st St., 1248-Brian P. Mahoubi to Vanda B. Mamurtry, $2.34 million.

46th St., 4604-Emily A. Lenzner and Peter Cherukuri to Brian P. O’Connor, $1.06 million.


Alabama Ave., 3034-Krystine B. Kingsbury to Stad Prop Corp., $225,000.

Chesapeake St., 504-504 Chesapeake Street Corp. to Rhonda D. Sabb, $180,000.

Freedom Way, 1505-Daniel McGuire to Sarah J. Converse, $412,000.

Hanna Pl., 5044-Stanton View Development Corp. to Ernest Highsmith Jr., $230,000.

K St., 1323, No. 201-Ronald A. Coleman to Nicholas D. Smith, $250,000.

Mellon St., 612-Michael L. Mason to Rebecca Brandon, $51,000.

S St., 2411-Nonique Gooding to Kevin N. Kennedy, $88,000.

Valley Terr., 1955-Shaun Donovan to John W. McDowell, $105,000.

Seventh St., 517-Joseph F. Munroe to Harrison S. Flakker, $860,000.

11th St., 303-Elissa J. Preheim to Erika C. Martin, $631,000.

15th St., 425-Elizabeth L. Wetzler to Anthony J. Dibitetto, $599,000.

16th St., 337-Everette E. Volk and Rebecca E. White to Michael Y. Bello, $499,500.

22nd St., 1814-E&H Realty to Demetrica K. Carter, $175,000.

55th St., 27-Manna Inc. to Jewell Barber, $216,000.


G St., 350-Mark W. Lindsey to Shanelle Chambers, $285,000.

I St., 355, No. S505-Malcolm Macondray to Nicholas L. Wilkins, $310,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates to Darren L. Flood, $169,000.