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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Austen Ct., 5-James A. Arnold to Valery Zakharov, $310,000.

Brawner Pl., 47763-Harrison T. Schultz to Peter Skinner, $700,000.

Burnley Sq., 20319-Darold V. Hall to Karan Khera, $375,000.

Cliftons Point St., 20414-Ebere M. Ugwanyi to Syed H. Babar, $640,000.

Emerald Point Terr., 20646-Ali Saigol to Suparn Narvekar, $245,001.

Jeremy Ct., 10-Dennis C. Ertel Jr. to Jeremy R. Lafrancois, $370,000.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46544-Shawna M. Brinkerhoff to Gregory Breads, $399,900.

Meadow Ridge Ct., 47464-Albert Rosenthal III to Anish M. Shah, $713,500.

River Crest St., 47397-James C. Eastep to Mark T. Sandvigen, $525,000.

Solomons Ct., 20905-Mary L. Hatcher to Deli Chen and Kelly Kwon, $525,000.

Swecker Farm Pl., 20515-Bu Zhang and Min Xia to Israel I. Deanda, $539,000.

Westwood Pl., 47351-Richard D. Hunter Jr. to Prasad S. Bhalerao, $637,000.


Acushnet Terr., 44286-Naresh and Priyanka Sharma to Amit Thuthija, $370,000.

Acushnet Terr., 44290-U.S. Bank to Vern S. Morris, $384,900.

Allderwood Terr., 44150-Bing C. Soohoo to BLR Corp., $250,000.

Annenberg Dr., 19870-Howard M. Hodgkins to Timothy Turner, $825,000.

Baltusrol Terr., 43245-Kirk M. Nicholas to John E. Caird, $447,500.

Baseline Terr., 20398-Stephen N. Chalupsky to Kyujin Choi and Tae Izawa, $330,000.

Bethpage Ct., 19856-Robert Norton to Grant Kopf, $715,000.

Blueridge Meadows Dr., 44444-Philip M. Marshall to Stanley W. Kylis, $495,000.

Bowfonds St., 20381-Cheri Counselman to Ronald C. Steorts, $410,000.

Brookview Sq., 20263-Jeremy N. Jenkins to Neomar Martinez, $278,000.

Chamberlain Terr., 44475, No. 301-Gourgen H. Assaturian to Betty J. Stockel, $275,000.

Chesterton St., 43035-Nancy K. Rountree to Scott D. Berger and Tiffany M. Blackmon, $461,000.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20634-Lawrence E. Miller to Kiran and Guaravi Majmundar, $525,000.

Cross Timber Dr., 20820-Christopher D. Payne to John P. Mustico, $537,500.

Falmouth Ct., 44005-Judith A. Pin and Barbara M. Charron to Herbert G. Mackay, $290,000.

Ferncliff Terr., 44015-Scott D. Berger and Tiffany M. Blackmon to My Hanh Nguyen and Hung Q. Lang, $235,000.

Florence Terr., 44049-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Monika Geraci, $375,000.

Fullerton St., 43350-Ryan E. Rohn to William L. Mayer, $480,000.

Gala Cir., 44040-Heidi Margenau to Nicholas E. Dornbusch, $339,000.

Golden Meadow Cir., 43533-John W. Neumann to John Gillette, $465,000.

Grainery Ct., 20823-Richard J. Riccelli to Patric K. Toler, $585,000.

Hiddengrove Ct., 20635-Terence J. Miller to John T. Kniley, $615,000.

Hollywood Park Pl., 42841-Mike Gohman to Jason Bregger, $349,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20190-Richard Walker to Walter S. Harris, $747,250.

Kings Arms Sq., 44033-Karen M. Oliver to Gregory W. McNutt, $350,000.

Livonia Terr., 44458-Nancy C. Neimo to Roger J. Klinker, $370,000.

Menges Mill Ct., 20918-James L. Brice II to Jason P. Annis, $490,000.

Lohengrin Ct., 20937-Bradford C. Lepp to Thomas P. Houck, $621,000.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21041-Roberto D. Rosales to Zhongxiao Lin and Jingjiu Wang, $287,000.

Oakville Terr., 21763-Donta Mercer to Anju Kumar and Saurav Batra, $372,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 20027-Benjamin D. Brown to Elaine M. Gray and Thomas E. Fadden Jr., $459,000.

Ridgecrest Sq., 19937-Kitty J. Anderson to Jayesh Shah, $295,000.

Rowley Terr., 44315-Corey S. Adkins to Zaki Danesh, $385,000.

Sheffield Ct., 21533-Nelson Wilson to Nicholas Spina, $470,000.

Spyglass Hill Ct., 19763-Tam T. Phan to Dwayne Derosario, $800,000.

Spyglass Hill Ct., 19751-Robert G. Serenyi to Brian G. Perkins, $740,000.

Trowbridge Sq., 21515-Dennis G. Savage to Ahmed Mahmood, $485,000.

Upland Terr., 19909-Kevin L. Rettle to Eric M. Miller, $340,000.


Awbrey Pl., 21542-Mark W. Rippe to Jeffrey S. Owen, $655,000.

Chatelain Cir., 42803-Daniel L. Johns to Brian E. Bales, $620,000.

Crested Quail Dr., 21993-Charles L. Ma and Sumei Wang to Jeffrey H. Berg, $892,100.

Hidden Pond Pl., 21308-Hsien Lilly to Daniel McKeen, $488,000.

Hunters Green Sq., 43088-Robert K. Weaver to Nathan K. Glenn, $414,900.

Malachite Terr., 42475-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Dale A. Anglin, $381,000.

Pascale Terr., 42989-Jennifer Tsai to Pavani Nadimpalli and Madhava V. Penmetsa, $490,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42491-Freddie Mac to Frank P. Bostrom III, $405,000.

Tithables Cir., 21498-Albert D. Russo to James B. Twitty, $518,000.

Virginia Manor Terr., 43769-Virginia Housing Development Authority to Harsha Kiron and Anusha Paladugu, $326,500.


Ballybunion Terr., 43796-Karl Ziegler to Ljudmila Pavlov, $400,000.

Blacksburg Terr. NE, 503-Norma T. Hebert to Velimir Maric, $250,000.

Cedar Walk Cir. NE, 127-Juan C. Guerra to Vincent M. Rogers, $191,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 822-Denise Werntz and Kenneth Breun to Louis E. McConnell, $189,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 1105-Marjorie J. West to Noor D. Nasery, $215,000.

Eleni St., 43180-Philip C. Faries to Brian R. Kendig, $420,000.

Gardner View Sq., 19352-David L. Ridenour to Paul K. Barnett and Sarah E. Conlin, $466,900.

Harbour Town Terr., 18418-Theodore B. Apostolou to Gary J. Fortunato, $575,000.

Huntfield Ct. NE, 408-Gesina M. Font to Brigitte A. Riviere, $407,000.

Jared Sq. NE, 510-Frederick H. Livingstone Jr. to Thomas Deckert, $250,000.

Lees Mill Sq., 43736-Aleksander Bruslavski to Daniel Bailey, $400,500.

McDowell Sq., 43605-Jonathan D. Horner to Walter Ellis, $305,000.

Millbrook Terr. NE, 354-Michael W. Miller to David M. Nelson, $274,000.

Parkers Ridge Dr., 43158-Robert J. Vaughn to Jason S. Alexander, $520,000.

Radford Terr. NE, 636-David N. Ulrich to Gregory A. and Allison K. Feldhaus, $250,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44040-Terrand J. Law to Nelly Connolly, $665,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18522-Paul T. Alcala to George Markus, $349,000.

Susquehanna Sq., 19408-Timothy E. Williams to Jeffery L. Oliver, $379,000.

Winning Colors Pl., 17041-Bradley R. Jones to Jon F. Filip, $940,000.


Ashton Dr. SW, 211-Peter M. Barto to Paul A. Fedor, $427,500.

Connery Terr. SW, 249-Renee L. Montgomery to Gregoria Ramos, $273,225.

Flameflower Terr. SE, 478-Pulte Home Corp. to Linda Fang, $388,925.

Governors Dr. SW, 139-Barbara Justics to Patrick J. Campbell, $374,500.

Loudoun Orchard Rd., 19558-Bank of New York Mellon to Christopher Grimm, $364,900.

Muffin Ct. SE, 116-Barnabas D. Schwanke to Raj B. Gill and Rajinder Paul, $450,000.

Oak View Dr. SE, 115-Patrick L. Lawson to Carlos Villatoro-Reyes, $250,000.

Smythe Way, 41284-Douglas J. Laird to Todd A. Grubb, $649,900.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 501, No. 308-Toll Brothers Homes to Lisa K. Fischel, $233,995.

White Clay Pl., 21139-Nilda G. Lweis to John F. Kendall, $555,000.


Cooper Run St., 2-Andrew J. Warburton to Michael W. Miller, $335,000.

Rocky Lane, 39721-Ranjeet Saini to Daniel R. Lane, $350,000.


Leith Lane, 36895-Kathleen M. Stokes to Anthony J. Grabowski and Dawn E. Maxon, $842,500.

Wainway Lane, 21981-Edwin M. Zimmerman to Andre R. Kinney, $890,000.


Cockerill Rd., 20186-Jesse B. Brown Jr. to Nicholas J. Carr, $483,200.

Hillsboro Rd., 15334-John A. Lambert to Keith Crandall, $620,000.

Lovella Country Ct., 19643-Bank of America to Kevin C. McCoy, $539,000.

Nursery Ave. S., 211-Robert J. Carlson to Christopher D. Brander, $400,000.

Planck Lane, 15120-Charles R. Planck to Robert K. Schubert, $325,000.

South Shore Dr., 18117-Timothy C. Graham to John E. Brennan III, $525,000.

Telegraph Springs Rd., 18600-Bruce K. Bracebridge to Robert W. Little, $275,000.


Bighorn Ct., 17307-James B. Ellis Jr. and Diane O. Stone to Jason P. Smith, $312,000.

Devon Park Sq., 35873-Bank of New York Mellon to Victoria L. Sanchez Zuloeta, $195,400.

Mill Way, 5-Kathleen G. Cherry to Rodd C. Heiden, $234,000.


America Sq., 25643-Kevin P. Plourde to Sam W. Chung, $426,000.

Carrington Dr., 25496-Daniel T. Cater and Gita Gupta to Pitchi R. Vanga, $512,000.

Creek Run Terr., 25636-Frances Wenzel and Edwin Wenzel to Andrew J. Turcotte, $465,000.

Golf View Dr., 42918-Adam V. Mobley to Matthew M. Burns, $337,000.

Hollybank Pl., 43359-Kenneth J. Ryan to Richard R. Wojcik, $685,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25220, No. 301-Rebecca McKenna to Jonathan T. Reimer, $243,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43491-David Danner to Bo Nielsen, $486,363.

Oxen Lane, 43442-Stefan Becker to Kevin Plourde, $490,537.

Rachel Hill Dr., 26017-Thomas S. Flynn to Ronald C. Rush, $510,000.

Smallwood Terr., 42814-Bradley G. Hensler to Henry A. Ospino, $255,000.

Talamore Dr., 26136-SLM Mortgage to Peter M. Sheridan, $599,900.


Applegate Dr., 148-Deepak Kanwar to David Brown and Jennifer L. Strouts, $450,000.

Blue Jay Ct., 7-William T. Eng to Maqsood A. and Wasif M. Kundi, $390,000.

Chestnut Ct., 202-Charles E. Mowl to An Loi and Phan Phung, $348,000.

Drury Cir., 115-Ruth J. Bethea to Tri Nguyen and Lan Loi, $236,000.

Hickory Rd. N., 119-Dan D. Rittenhouse to Rafael M. Martinez, $265,100.

Lakeland Dr., 130-Brain W. Stubbs to Benjamin J. Bigelow, $575,000.

Loblolly Ct., 46870-Son C. Mai and Trang T. Tran to Thaddeus C. Coffman, $555,000.

Pheasant Run Ct., 12-Renato E. Constanza to Leyuan Shi, $280,000.

Seneca Chase Ct., 103-Pugazendhi Asaimuthu to Thomas B. Miller, $262,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 603-FFC Properties Corp. to Charles J. Addison, $350,000.

Trail Ct., 200-Rajni M. Schneck to Valery and Ronna Velez, $400,000.

Wesleyan Ct., 46911-Charles E. Collier to Matthew B. Dillon, $530,000.


Clover Hill Rd., 15217-Ruth H. Pfohl to Michael J. Eig, $1.14 million.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Anchor Ct., 10211-David B. Pettway to David W. Rogers Jr., $353,000.

Blackwelltown Rd., 11230-Murray Group Corp. to Timothy B. Gallien, $219,000.

Bluff Turn, 4680-Wells Fargo Bank to Soo Cho, $141,265.

Broad St., 6371-Alice D. Early and Kellie Jean Moriarty Ferguson to Curtis G. and Alice G. West, $125,000.

Crest Lane, 11187-Kenneth Dean Dodson to Branscome Property Corp., $191,000.

Eckert Ct., 6755-Robert Shane Ricketts to Prudential Relocation Inc., $442,500.

Foxcroft Rd., 474-John W. Blossom to Evan Ryan Gabler, $239,000.

Games End Lane, 7495-Maria A. Garcia and Isau Diaz to Juan Diaz Romero, $276,000.

Hickory Hollow Dr., 7920-Joseph W. Beavers to Brian Cable, $440,000.

Huntsmans Dr., 7371-William Turner Treuting to Steven J. Penders, $540,000.

Kettle Creek Dr., 7959-Mark A. Pierson to Robert Blacerak, $700,000.

Lake Willow Ct., 7392-NVR Inc. to Stephen Pope, $396,020.

Meadow Lane, 7154-Bank of New York Mellon to Yvonne T. Lewis, $228,000.

Newbury St., 5820-Allen L. Meeker to Heidi Johnston, $529,900.

Victoria Dr., 7376-Sean P. Arthur to Terry Kincer, $340,000.

Whites Mill Lane, 6450-Christopher R. Hale to William Turner Treuting, $440,000.

Wilson Rd., 6003-Michael R. Layton to Patrick M. Stanton, $315,000.