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Prince William County

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Benchmark Lane, 8994-Irene M. Lespier to Wael Attalah and Jennifer Farag, $281,500.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13535-Fannie Mae to Todd Shoff, $236,500.

Denham Way, 13738-John W. Jerrell to Robyn R. Macewen, $235,000.

Inchberry Ct., 10212-John H. Kim to Jason Bryce, $470,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8866-Jaideep Maithai to Daniel Stull and Kelly Baccus, $265,000.

Rainleaf Ct., 9863-Frank T. Labar Jr. to Leigh Ann Ellis, $400,000.

Shortbread Way, 9962-Jason Prosek to Luis Benitez Castro and Carla Qvistgaard, $270,000.

Tenth Alabama Way, 10481-Andrew N. Lee to Christopher A. Nielsen and Jessica R. Brown, $426,000.

Wyecrosse Ct., 13582-Joel A. Blaschke to Christian D. Jose, $439,000.


Berkshire Dr., 14377-Muhammad Iftikhar to Justin D. Wilde, $167,500.

Birchdale Sq., 3201-Diem T. Tran to Kelli Greene, $196,000.

Brahms Dr., 3392-Mimi Maney to Josey Wales, $250,000.

Canary Ct., 4523-Vivian N. Dao to James Reznikoff, $180,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14846-Fausto Lex to Juan C. Perez, $215,000.

Concord Dr., 15003-Jose Teos to Raul A. Ayala, $223,000.

Dale Blvd., 4469-Mohammad S. Pervaz to Mauro Hernandez, $265,000.

Delaney Rd., 13833-Richard Cook to Earle A. Jenkinson, $255,000.

Evergreen Dr., 4411-Elizabeth J. Brack to Jose T. Hernandez, $255,000.

Fullerton Rd., 14325-Mi Y. Ko to Marvin A. Aguilera, $215,000.

Grassy Knoll Ct., 14997-Michael A. Porter to Albert Riccardi, $417,000.

Haviland Ct., 15097-William J. Sigethy to Jonathan D. Copus, $380,000.

Joanna Ct., 4689-Brandi Sweet to Carlos H. Gomez, $210,000.

Kerrman Ct., 13010-Albert Blair to Frederick Cowan, $175,000.

Kingswell Dr., 13003-Eugene Smith to Farris Investments Corp., $160,000.

Lea Meadow Ct., 4058-Robert D. Bishop to Augustus M. Pearman, $389,000.

Macdonald Rd., 5350-NVP Inc. to Antonia Akwule, $500,000.

Moccasin Ct., 13730-Tooba Q. Raza to Jonathan R. Smith, $241,500.

Northton Ct., 5682-Rutilio Delcid to Mohammad Alisherzai, $360,000.

Ozack Ct., 6087-Scott A. Bailey to Dhiraj M. Patel, $300,000.

Quaint Dr., 5476-Charles W. Martin III to Nathaniel D. Lane, $417,000.

Rainer Ct., 13816-Robert C. Johnson to Kevin Cinco, $335,000.

Shadybrook Dr., 5591-W. Bruce Johnson to Concepcion Martinez, $186,000.

Torchlight Dr., 12933-Pamela Henry to Scott Phillips, $365,000.

Trident Lane, 6152-Fannie Mae to Virenjan Narayan, $209,500.


Buell Ct., 2950-Anthony F. Auriemma to Delmer Zelaya, $125,000.

Medford Dr., 2983-Kenneth A. Jarvis to Alicia Woods, $369,000.


Akker Ct., 14500-Darla G. Honkus to Michael Ramsey, $605,000.

Avington Pl., 6372-Stephen Whitney to John Hickey, $455,000.

Cartagena Dr., 14804-Stephen A. Frankeberger to Jason W. Bold, $435,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13949-Alan L. Leclerc to Ethel M. Finley, $280,000.

Currant Loop, 13709-Maile S. Gesling to Charles A. Kezar, $300,900.

Emmanuel Ct., 6711-Colleen Mitchell to Jason Leidy, $289,900.

Heredity Lane, 5440-John C. Rives to Christopher T. Coats, $610,000.

Kylewood Way, 14504-Karen Griner to Independence Realty Corp., $185,000.

Link Hills Loop, 8425-Preston O. Martin to Anthony T. Edwards, $600,000.

Maidenhair Dr., 12073-Jose W. Campos to Dominique Kehayias, $445,000.

Newbern Loop, 14274-Gibong Kang to Kathleen M. Huff, $245,000.

Raleigh Mews., 8723-Stephen Lipka to Somu Awatramani, $413,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14360-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Kevin M. Niemerg, $358,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15846-James J. Graziopene to Young Park, $950,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6916-David J. Cassady to Martin K. Jeffrey, $272,000.


Alexandras Keep Lane, 14707-D.R. Horton Inc. to James Balcerowicz Jr., $352,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14503-Richard I. Friedman to David M. Menichetti, $700,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5850-Kenneth T. Alexander to Bradley W. Mills, $535,000.

Erinblair Loop, 6025-Barry L. Bixler to Deryck Cheney, $515,000.

Holcrest Ct., 14008-Karen Kelley to Alfred W. Dimarzio Jr., $445,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15918-Jeffrey L. Pollack to Douglas Daley, $319,000.

Riding Club Dr., 15140-N. Peter Oster to Marc Tremblay, $1.19 million.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15649-James E. Hall to Boyd Harbourt, $599,000.

Spout Spring Ct., 5960-Gregory M. Koch to Willard J. Brown, $460,000.

Walking Stick Way, 15059-Mark Caro to Terry V. Williams, $495,000.


Anderson Ct., 7711-Kay F. Creech and Sharon M. Still to Joel Elizee, $300,000.

Bermuda Lane, 10406-Jama L. Thurman to Lindan Hernandez Grijalva, $215,000.

Campaign Ct., 10805-Tonya Cuffee to Joshua D. Taylor, $217,000.

Community Dr., 8209-Mohan P. Seenath to Javier Camacho, $140,000.

Counselor Rd., 8122-Lawrence P. Dillon to Michele Thomas, $404,000.

Elsinore Dr., 7828-Maritza B. Raymondi to Bhagvan J. Parbadia, $280,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11891-David N. Van Doren to Brian D. Follmer, $450,000.

Forest Oak Ct., 12794-Adam A. Maska to Craig A. Bringman, $289,000.

Hobsons Choice Loop, 5590-Bank of New York to Xing P. Yuan and Jie Lin, $313,000.

King George Dr., 9336-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Rigoberto Chavez Hernandez, $184,000.

Lomond South Dr., 8204-Joann Hatton to Sonia Lopez and Benito R. Zeballos, $280,000.

Michelle Ct., 7649-Edward Medina to Francisco Saravia Echeverria, $275,000.

Norfolk St., 9647-Jon P. Williams to Barry Schwartz and Russell Lusterman, $269,000.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7804-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Sherry L. Spade, $245,000.

Shiloh Ct., 10126-Byeong Kim to Maria Lopez De Huamani, $154,000.

Token Forest Dr., 6223-Ryland Group Inc. to Desta D. Woudenh, $481,990.

Wedgewood Dr., 7630-Walter T. Dawson to Dominion Investment Management, $140,000.


Amherst Dr., 7613-Kim C. Lim to Maynor Agustin, $205,000.

Courtland Cir., 7435-Munir and Farzana Khan to Gagan B. Kunwor, $210,000.

Larksong Ct., 10621-Antonio Rhodes to Stephen O. Ulate, $669,900.

Tinsley Way, 7297-Jeffery S. Morris to Bassem Henien, $530,000.


Bayou Bend Cir., 17487-Elias Dungca to Cynthia Wood, $274,000.

Cove Lane, 15990-Freddie Mac to Steven M. Gaustaferro, $300,700.

Edgewood Dr., 15780-David A. Smithhart to Mitchell McFarland Jr., $320,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15161-Timothy M. Schauer to Nathaniel Parady, $370,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 16212-Mark Roltsch to Lawrence Scherer, $461,825.

Montview Dr., 15853-Barbara W. Teal to Timothy W. Harper, $389,000.

Russett Maple Ct., 3708-Young Woo Nam to Henry D. Barratt, $325,000.

Viewpoint Cir., 15743-Derek P. Upchurch to Donny M. McKay, $275,000.


Clinton Dr., 8800-Peter R. Stenner to Thomas M. Lowman, $400,000.

Snapshot Ct., 11971-M/I Homes to Prescott J. Bellaire, $499,990.

Windy Hill Dr., 9424-Edward Duclos to Mark N. Strand, $487,500.


Amidon Ave., 18625-U.S. Bank to Trac Truong, $124,900.

Hundred Acre Lane, 18801-FFC Properties Corp. to George G. Hadrick, $464,000.


Alabama Ave., 14839-Robert R. Smith to Shahda Khanum, $145,100.

Appaloosa Dr., 3842-Gary L. Peck to Timothy L. Wise Jr., $365,000.

Aztec Pl., 12336-Olives V. Sierra to Tri Q. Doan, $170,000.

Belfry Lane, 3551-Frank Long to Alfredo J. Hernandez, $179,000.

Bramblewood Lane, 16557-James Bender to Christine A. Desaine, $297,000.

Cara Dr., 12774-Jensen Chan to David Glose, $140,000.

Chancellor Dr., 3257-Henry C. Fortenberry to Nathan A. Mead, $520,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3010-Stephen Shuttlesworth to Jose A. Nieves, $289,000.

Colonial Dr., 1533, No. 102-Bank of New York Mellon to Mahdi Taherimoghaddam, $81,500.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11982-Kristoffer R. Miller to Jonathan V. Beris, $317,500.

Culpeper Dr., 2112-Fannie Mae to Jacobo Gomez, $240,000.

Densmore Ct., 12212-Gordon E. Hoeft Jr. to Haider Hajeeb, $170,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2559-John M. Stolnis to Eric J. White, $289,900.

Garfield Pl., 13615-Lynnette N. Myers to Tamasa C. Nelson, $135,000.

Greenacre Dr., 13444-Jorge H. Marquez to Iris M. Ramos, $220,000.

Holly View Dr., 11974-Mark R. Gahler to Chi K. Yau, $295,000.

Ironhorse Dr., 3151-Royce E. Eves to Benjamin G. Namiot, $408,000.

Leeway Ct., 12629-Joseph Switzer to Edward B. Sanford, $325,000.

Melbourne Ave., 14417-U.S. Bank to Manuel Alvarado, $168,199.

Mohican Rd., 11608-Charles L. Coleman to Edward M. Smoczynski, $400,000.

Mulberry Ct., 12322-Jessie Salnave to Michael C. May, $350,000.

Purdham Dr., 12682-Deutsche Bank to Langston Turner, $419,000.

Rosa Dr., 1707-Santiago Garza Jr. to Ruben Aguilera, $180,000.

Seminole Rd., 2914-Mary K. Preston to Matthew J. Morelli, $234,900.

Sulky Ct., 12492-Mark H. Bamberger to Behrad Tabatabaei, $375,000.

Tamarack Pl., 14742-Imperial Pools Corp. to Mohammed Naimi, $142,000.

Tory Loop, 13158-Bushara Attia to Jason Pham and Lanne Huynh, $170,000.

Willowood Dr., 12002-Patrick M. Ward to Andrew Sargent, $399,900.

Winston Lane, 16825-Fannie Mae to Maria Vasquez, $233,900.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Alba Rd., 407-NVR Inc. to Jason Forman, $236,235.

Amara Dr., 1-U.S. Bank to Mercy Opoku, $166,000.

Ashley Ct., 8-Robert D. Ahnen to David B. Bain, $260,000.

Autumn Dr., 117-Michael R. White to Ronald L. Altstaetter, $292,000.

Bristol Ct., 52-Igor Huryk and Henriette Huryk to Evelyn Munoz De Mejia, $125,000.

Brown Cir., 37-Stephen R. Hodges to Nina M. Aragon, $212,000.

Buckingham Lane, 100, No. 102-Matthew J. Mellody to Kenneth Kinlaw, $95,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 187-Pulte Home Corp. to Michael J. Lenihan, $187,930.

Christopher Way, 27-FFC Properties Corp. to Andrew J. Maybo, $360,000.

Columbia Way, 34-Augustine Homes Corp. to Justin K. Twigg, $480,140.

Courtney Ct., 19-William L. Pomeroy to Wesley C. Baker, $300,000.

Cromwell Ct., 11-Cyrus N. Rad to Michael Bak, $423,000.

Danbury Ct., 1-George D. Eveland Jr. to Ian D. Stevens, $335,000.

Executive Cir., 200-Bank of New York Mellon to Veyinsa E. Namike, $230,000.

Galway Lane, 209-Freddie Mac to Christopher Spruill, $202,000.

Goldcup Dr., 28-James D. Smith to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $364,000.

Greystone Pl., 1-Kerry J. March to William C. Weaver, $280,000.

Hamlin Dr., 4-Ronald H. Horn to Ross E. Walker, $234,900.

Harpoon Dr., 2447-Ruth M. Burch to David G. Fraembs, $194,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1010-Freddie Mac to Nicole L. Williams, $170,900.

Lawhorn Rd., 3-Scott R. McKinnie to Robert S. Aerts, $324,000.

Maidenhair Way, 43-Augustine Homes Corp. to Robert Davis, $587,935.

Maplewood Dr., 38-SYG Associates to Andre M. Phillips, $399,990.

Millbrook Rd., 4-John A. Caruso to Paul Bond, $600,000.

Morrison Ct., 7-Calvin C. Bond to National Residential Nominee Services, $410,000.

Niday Dr., 18-Brookfield Woodstream Corp. to Rhonda A. Mcghee, $304,320.

Oakridge Dr., 221-Joseph E. Roberts Sr. to Matthew Romaka, $193,000.

Partridge Lane, 60-William B. Grant to Robert L. Reese Jr., $610,000.

Pinto Lane, 4-Deutsche Bank to Bryan J. Driver, $399,000.

Queen Laurens Ct., 92-Atlantic Builders Inc. to John B. Farley Jr., $383,821.

Ripley Rd., 39-Bank of America to Tomas J. Polintan, $289,000.

St. Ives Ct., 7-Scott Schmitt to Frank J. Marsh, $310,000.

Sebastian Rd., 2127-Kevin O. Johnston to Cecelia A. Mayer, $240,000.

Sonoma Lane, 20-Donald H. Rand to Jason M. Lindauer, $403,000.

Tavern Rd., 22-BankUnited to Blake C. Nielsen, $325,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 87-Jack W. Richards to Antonio D. Barbosa, $270,000.

Wave Dr., 2009-Robert J. Burke to Jose Santiago, $352,000.

Wood Landing Rd., 158-Packanack Corp. to Kenneth R. Meadows Jr., $135,800.

Woodstream Blvd., 206-Nathan M. Grundy to Matthew T. James, $330,000.


These sales data were recorded by the City of Fredericksburg Commissioner of the Revenue.

Brock Sq., 339-Robert G. Donavan and Shawn Hatch to Townhomes of Central Park Corp., $60,000.

Charlotte St., 518-John Richard and Albert Charles Anderson to Emily Simpson and Paul Cymrot, $330,000.

Charlotte St., 705-Mattie P. Smith to Hager Group Corp., $185,000.

Ellis Ave., 1201-Luis S. Cordero to Angela J. Jones, $225,000.

Ellis Ave., 1204-Diana Luckey to Richard A. Drom, $222,500.

Hawke St., 306-Melissa A. Maddox to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $203,282.

Princess Anne St., 225-Linda Joyce Renta to Bernard M. Chirico, $390,000.

Wilderness Lane, 215-Virginia Housing & Restoration Corp. to Keith R. Bourgault, $235,000.