These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Acker Pl., 642-Marin R. Correa to Howell M. Estes III, $495,000.

Blaine St., 3940-Richmond K. Amoah to Kia Quander, $220,000.

C St., 712-William Lowe to Todd Ragimov, $300,000.

Constitution Ave., 1443-Cathy Ortiz to Michael Bell, $525,000.

Division Ave., 122-Taz Corp. to Pamala Millbrook Young, $239,500.

E St., 721-Shanan Guinn to Weichert Inc., $480,000.

Evarts St., 1217-Rupsha 2006 Corp. to Michael Freestone, $545,000.

Florida Ave., 1389-Lula Bell Ward to Danielle B. Washington, $215,000.

I St., 912-Leon Caughman to WSD Capital Corp., $426,000.

K St., 412-Briant S. Stringham IV and Wendy K. Evans to Isaac Kuznits and Courtney Winship, $680,000.

L St., 1629, No. 104-1033 Bladensburg Road Corp. to Michelle A. Mcauliffe, $252,000.

Monroe St., 1807-Jeffrey C. Mooradian to Christopher S. Frates and Stefanie M. Covey, $475,000.

North Carolina Ave., 1224-Robert H. Frankel to Craig Timberg, $980,000.

Oglethorpe St., 239-Wendy Abreau Roberson to Thomas Herrick, $201,000.

Perry St., 1210-Jenny Celestin to Mary C. Russell, $187,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 105-329 Corp. to Camille A. Tuutti-Winkler, $234,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 205-329 Corp. to Gusta L. Elfving, $354,500.

S St., 233-Andre Boykins to 233 S Street Inc., $550,000.

T St., 18-Wendell W. Webster to Edward V. Naybor, $385,000.

Upshur St., 1800-Francis J. Kenny Jr. to Diallo Brooks, $430,000.

Seventh St., 1024-PMPK Corp. to Derek D. Bonne and Patrick O. Rainey, $734,000.

Eighth St., 5417-George W. Thompson III and Lori I. Smith to Bryan C. Norrington, $234,000.

14th Pl., 322-Adam Cromie to Katherine E. Hartwig, $460,000.

16th St., 4347-Kilmurry Properties Corp. to Richard Pohlman and Ingrid Anderson, $489,500.

19th St., 4101-George J. Blucker Jr. to Elizabeth T. Laird, $320,000.

49th Pl., 576-576 49th Place Corp. to Donnie Thomas, $215,900.


Allison St., 903-Matthew Grimes to Harold E. Dixon Jr., $500,000.

Barnaby St., 6653-Roger Platt to Zac Vuncannon, $927,000.

Blair Rd., 6516-DC Dynamic Investments Corp. to Claudia Zavala and Jorge A. Garcia, $280,000.

Calvert St., 2501, No. 201-Kay F. Wexler to Philippa E. Rappoport, $325,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 2408-Kenneth Kato and Carol Mossman to Aaron Jacobs and Katharine Shreve, $815,000.

Church St., 1458-Myrna M. Khan and Irene F. Scharf to Rosebusch Corp., $732,000.

Columbia Rd., 1440, No. 405-Callan Bentley to Christopher D. Davis, $300,000.

Columbia Rd., 1954, No. 805-Patty S. Webb to Jeanne Haroian, $270,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4701, No. 301-John V. Voorhis to Charles E. Davis, $550,000.

Devonshire Pl., 2737, No. 129-John C. Wiecking to Katherine L. Mallory, $337,119.

Ellicott St., 4105-Kathleen K. Dell to Anna Slafer, $540,000.

Fairmont St., 1101-Erin Mellen to Joel C. Harder, $425,000.

Fessenden St., 3628-Jeremy B. Bash to Kevin D. Book, $730,000.

Gallatin St., 260-Reyes Services Corp. to Michael B. Hennessey, $535,000.

Girard St., 736-Eric W. Boehm to JJ Harder and Amber E. Anderson, $505,650.

Hemlock St., 1335-Verdree Thompson to Denis G. Nikiema, $475,000.

Huntington St., 3818-William H. Orrick III to Jorge Alers, $1.31 million.

Irving St., 741-ATL Properties Corp. to Ari K. Appel, $449,000.

Jefferson St., 801-Brenda Strong to Shawngirl Corp., $205,000.

Klingle Rd., 2026-Zubair Ajaz to Hee K. Song and Eun H. Park, $849,550.

L St., 1001, No. 201-Darrell W. Hill to James A. Laurie, $462,000.

Linnean Terr., 5128-Melinda Ojermark to Thomas A. Conley, $835,000.

Longfellow St., 1301-Whitecroft Cooperative Inc. to Shamika J. Solomon, $180,000.

M St., 910, No. 310-Shahin E. Javan to Domenic C. Rigoglioso, $535,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400-Robert Calcagno to Andrew J. Sherman, $430,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1312, No. 110-Michael S. Lemker to Tiffany F. Hill, $317,000.

Military Rd., 3221-Ronald L. Wilson to Cartus Financial Corp., $899,000.

Monroe St., 1445-Benedict Wibisono to Eka Adiredja, $640,000.

N St., 1300-Michael Beland and Catherine A. Hodgetts to Louise R. King and Herbert C. Rothenberg, $379,000.

Nevada Ave., 5379-David D. Golden to Robert A. Birgfeld, $729,000.

New Mexico Ave., 3033, No. 306-Olga V. Naidenko to Jahan K. Jewayni, $240,000.

Olive St., 2913-Sarah H. Brau to Kathleen C. Cleveland, $969,000.

Ordway St., 3097-Richard Zorza to Symi Rom Rymer and Justin Gilstrap, $1.05 million.

Park Rd., 516-Samilia J. Anthony to Matthew R. Wilson, $460,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 2555, No. 310-Patricia H. Austin to Yael S. Belkind, $639,000.

Q St., 3407-George J. Kelly III to Ricardo Roman, $735,000.

R St., 929-Mark S. McKenzie and David Hunter Stephens to Marc A. Wallenstein, $896,000.

Reservoir Rd., 4470-William T. Ball Jr. to John P. Cody, $695,000.

Rittenhouse St., 1346-Cathy Berry to Kolleen M. Bouchane, $414,000.

Sherman Ave., 2809-Eric A. Wilson to Jeremy S. Hessler and Yael N. Mansoor, $422,500.

T St., 939-S.F. Alphonsus to Brett R. Dewitt and Christopher S. Fay, $622,000.

T St., 3546-Valentin Angelkov to Hatem A. Saqr, $822,000.

Tuckerman St., 1365-DMJ Holdings Corp. to Angie Gupta and Lori Wilen, $490,000.

Underwood St., 89-Bank of America to Faraz Alam, $170,000.

Van Ness St., 2939, No. 426-Galit Kushnier to Elizabeth C. Mohler, $288,500.

W St., 1418, No. 503-Bruce H. Conhain to Dhruv Sud, $384,900.

Wisconsin Ave., 2320, No. 305-Christopher D. Tucker to Katsumi Frogner, $336,501.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010-Emily Butler to Erin B. Griffin, $264,000.

Second St., 6001-Herbert M. Johnson III to Andrea M. Johnson, $150,000.

Fourth St., 811-Stratis Catacalos to Saulo L. Coelho, $591,000.

Fifth St., 4403-Ditto Residential Corp. to William R. Gifford and Diana Degen, $565,000.

10th St., 3530-Christopher W. Wackerman to Ralph E. Haught, $595,000.

11th St., 2100-William D. Laska to Sonia Sotomayor, $660,000.

12th Pl., 2234-Kelly J. Woody to Joseph G. Hudson and Andres C. Wiloth, $416,000.

12th St., 2248-Caroline L. Lewis to Jesse W. Gaylord, $600,000.

13th St., 2241-Ian Simpson and Lisa O’Brien to Francisca Vigaud Walsh, $733,000.

14th St., 1529-David S. Silverbrand to Michael L. Sozan, $656,000.

14th St., 3900, No. 3902-Randolph Towers Cooperative to Justin M. Ronca, $295,000.

16th St., 1612, No. 3-James A. Firkser to John T. Taylor Jr., $1.42 million.

17th St., 1401, No. 206-Jodi S. Lazarus to Robert Sanders, $570,000.

18th St., 1930, No. 31-Sean Dennison to Jonathan Spader, $350,000.

21st St., 1260, No. 504-Premal T. Dharia to Megan E. Cardiff, $319,500.

23rd St., 1230, No. 620-Bruce E. Van Dam to Leslie Goldberg, $425,000.

28th St., 1319-Sean G. Cunningham to Ryan Michigan and Aneesa Arur, $1.03 million.

47th St., 3814-James J. Ferguson and Sarah M. Heintzman to Alicia P. Stern and Edward E. Moawad, $780,000.


Barnaby Terr., 1200-Mary E. Ellis to Taniesha R. Harrison, $189,000.

Cornwell Dr., 3307-Fannie Mae to Carmelita C. Marshall, $265,000.

K St., 1329-Jessica Cameron to Jeffrey E. Berkowitz and Daniel S. Chao, $625,000.

Morris Rd., 1465-Gus Goldsmith to Modcon Inc., $99,000.

W St., 1766-Tarcha Cunningham to Forte Development Corp., $65,000.

First St., 1025, No. 1415-Square 699N Corp. to Wendy M. Vincent, $518,853.

11th St., 306-Russell A. Green and Jamie N. Kaplan to Matthew Sheldon, $903,000.

16th St., 420-420 16th Street Cooperative to Vicki A. Lancaster, $331,400.


Capitol Square Pl., 819-Michael S. Fagan to Christopher J. Jamieson, $694,500.

G St., 350-Gamunu U. Wijetunge to Mary J. Kripoicz, $294,100.

M St., 300, No. N606-Louise E. Hall to Adam J. Lilienthal, $175,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to Derrick K. Nayo, $172,000.