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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Airlie Way, 4529-Nam Duc Nguyen and Kim Thi Nguyen to Mohamed A. Khalif and Nafisa A. Yusuf, $327,000.

Annanwood Ct., 7404-Jacqueline Shaffer Bochner to Keyu Peng and Bei Zhang, $625,000.

Bradley Cir., 7043-John F. Caskey to Andrew J. Nuss, $439,000.

Burbank Rd., 8921-June Gravitte to Hade Corp., $430,000.

Dodson Dr., 5001-Douglas C. Waller to John O. Brooks III, $559,000.

Fleming Dr., 5021-Christopher T. Leung to Deirdre T. Vo, $470,000.

Hampton Village Passage, 7890-John W. Thompson Jr. to Vinh D. Phan, $430,000.

Justine Dr., 4036-Richard W. Calvert to Robert S. Lane, $455,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4108, No. 303-Fannie Mae to Chang H. Choi, $115,000.

Murray Lane, 7014-Kiet Ly to Ramon Dickerson, $434,000.

Patriot Dr., 7863-Mario Arriaza to Xi Zhang, $162,000.

Sauquoit Lane, 4908-Doris Persh to Suzanne Cloutier, $340,000.

Terrace Dr., 4007-John A. Fallone to Randy L. Saldivar, $465,000.

Weber St., 7715-U.S. Bank to Jing Fan, $355,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3322, No. 13-Karen S. Ryan to Zakaria Haitot, $205,000.


Ellery Cir., 3527-Sami F. Simaan to Kerry J. Mulholland Jr., $423,000.

Leesburg Pike, 6141, No. 402-Lee R. Hughes to Omar E. Moya, $105,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 212-Brian J. Steffan to Marybeth M. Hernandez, $299,000.


Duke Dr., 6912-David P. Beddoe and Robert A. Johnson to Curtis E. Smith, $412,500.

Popkins Lane, 2204-Kimberly Bero Schultz to Jon E. Grove and Elizabeth C. Ferrara, $679,500.

13th St., 6413-Monica K. Pinto to Logan M. Kraft and Kathryn Ribik, $515,000.


Bald Hill Pl., 8921-William C. Love to David J. Glista, $662,375.

Bridgetown Ct., 5884, No. 44-Gail J. Wire to Indra K. and Govinda R. Timilsina, $257,500.

Burke Pond Ct., 9876-Patrick W. Barnes to Dino D. Baccam, $356,000.

Burr Oak Way, 10723-Thomas R. Risdal to Jeremy M. Sharpton, $551,450.

Clerkenwell Ct., 5965-George S. Charuhas to Yasin Ibn Fletcher, $346,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5920, No. 201-Elena C. Ponti and Jacqueline Ponti Lazaruk to Muhammad Ali, $220,000.

Guildhall Ct., 6054-Freddie Mac to Surinder P. Sachdeva, $325,000.

Lake Meadow Dr., 6470-Bank of New York Mellon to Michael Lonetto, $805,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10060-David A. Schmidt to Adam D. Birnbaum, $545,000.

McCarthy Woods Ct., 9352-George E. Bennett to Kathleen M. Bright, $379,900.

Oak Green Ct., 10863-Christopher P. Zemba to Seth Jensen, $324,000.

Parliament Dr., 8999-Rodney A. Mallette to Karen L. Jennings, $606,000.

Shackle Pl., 6901-U.S. Bank to Rodney P. Feazell, $484,900.

Sprucewood Rd., 9210-Freddie Mac to Matthew Kim, $285,000.

Westwood Manor Ct., 9812-Robert K. and Carolyn B. Willis to Douglas M. and Constance T. Genne, $624,900.

Wood Poppy Ct., 5821-Taylor M. Brose to Jesse Habourn, $317,000.


Basingstoke Loop, 14810-David H. Walden to Lisa Wyzlic, $271,500.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14005-Mary E. Farley to Popatbhai J. Jasani, $287,000.

Clay Spur Ct., 6063-Pauline E. and Michael J. Metras to Michael L. Hanline, $305,000.

Coneflower Ct., 13477-Rajan G. Mohan to Martin G. Shanton, $730,000.

Cub Run Park Dr., 14924-John E. Chelena to David H. Dewolf, $1.18 million.

Filly Ct., 14402-Christopher P. Saunders to Walter S. Edgar, $470,000.

Golden Oak Ct., 14416-Daryl Tinder to Michael C. and Mary B. McGhee, $174,000.

Greymont Dr., 14932-Michael C. and Charles F. Barchok to Helio Villatoro, $320,000.

Havener House Way, 5911-Zoila A. Amaya to Anthony P. Lepore, $165,000.

Kimanna Dr., 5207-Howard C. Seal to Muhammad and Shaista Adhami, $385,000.

Lee Forest Path, 6306-Richard D. Kunselman to Greg Newkirk, $650,000.

Prairie Willow Way, 5255-E.J. Segersten and Heather N. Makowka to Yong O. and Hwa J. Kim, $405,000.

Rocky Run Dr., 5724-George C. Labranche to Mathieu F. Campet, $462,000.

St. Timothy’s Lane, 6367-Nicholas E. Hunt to John C. Fitzpatrick, $335,750.

Spruce Run Ct., 5904-G. David and Nancy H. Anderson to Spencer and Ashleigh Eagy, $280,000.

Stoney Branch Ct., 5222-Toni Baldauf to Sarah Z. and Justin A. Stearns, $307,375.

Vinson Pl., 5500-Verna E. Hanes to Margaret C. Bartlett and Eliza C. Cocke, $385,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5608, No. 32-Therese Aylward and Michael D. Poliszuk to Maria Kakissis, $205,000.


Armfield Farm Dr., 3512-Anil John to Narayanan D. Potti, $545,000.

Leeton Cir., 13926-Trung T. Nguyen to Ho S. Jang, $697,000.

Oyster Point Ct., 13880-Josh Noonan to Alvin L. V. Manalo, $218,388.

Southernwood Ct., 13713-Vincent Bryner to Chang H. Suh, $477,000.


Foggy Hills Ct., 13805-Jill Lee to Christopher Haverly, $689,900.

Lonesome Dove Ct., 5665-Beau Kolodka to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $690,000.

Rock Fall Ct., 6701-Bernard Colasuonno to Cord E. Chase, $670,000.

Springstone Dr., 13931-Frank X. and Rosina M. Burke to Chris J. McDaniel, $600,000.

Wesley Tyler Rd., 7207-John C. Cahill and Cynthia L. McLeod to George O. Peterson, $989,000.


Fountainside Lane, 4138, No. 103-Kristin Blais to Cyrus Rezai, $240,000.

Penderview Terr., 12155, No. 833-Ruby Hidalgo to Kaye Anne and Saehoon Lee, $180,000.


Bellingham Ct., 8112-Atul Bhatla to Joseph J. Palermo, $775,000.

Century Oak Ct., 8525-Arthur A. and Joan G. Flaks to Timothy A. and Caroline D. Sites, $656,250.

Devereux Manor Lane, 11204-Ellen Posner to Paul G. Hayeck, $920,000.

Laketree Ct., 7104-Michael J. Heilmann to Mark S. Sanford, $877,000.

One Penny Dr., 5911-Carlton L. Coffey to Marc A. Lemmond, $537,500.

Shadowridge Dr., 8217-David G. Muller Jr. to Dwayne A. Carrington, $690,000.

Walnut Ridge Rd., 8221-Joel R. Rhoades to Thomas M. Reich, $499,950.


Allan Ave., 7233-Priya and Natarajan Krishnan to Michael and Julie Longley, $1 million.

Beechview Dr., 6808-Amjid Pervaiz to Ali Mahmood, $364,000.

Buckelew Dr., 2505-Ronald W. Lasch to New Spring Corp., $380,000.

Chestnut Ave., 6802-Christopher M. Fetner to New Spring Corp., $257,000.

Emma Lee St., 2806, No. 304-Marcy R. and Scott Ament to Amanda M. Aune, $275,000.

Fairmont St., 2924-William W. Johnson Jr. to Mike and Melissa Teran, $369,000.

Graham Rd., 3143-Wuidmar Hernandez to Santos Deleon and Rufino Deleon Perez, $389,900.

Inversham Dr., 7743, No. 195-Claudette G. Sylvester to Christopher J. O’Neill, $260,000.

Kenfig Pl., 7100-James W. and Janet M. Livengood to Emlak Investors Corp., $280,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2820, No. 202-Sandra C. Kennedy to Edlira Mita, $230,000.

Parkwood Terr., 3223-K2NC Corp. to Marc Otero and Faviola Veizaga Rojas, $400,000.

Remington St., 2533-Kenneth A. Gould to Christine Beyer, $600,000.

Skelton Cir., 8165-Abramo Mastroianni to Mohd H. Lockman and Farah Firdaus, $518,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 6801-Christopher R. Werner to Candace J. Choromokos, $485,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 3009-Peter Poczatek to Christian D. Burden, $439,000.


Baltimore Rd., 1503-Two Oaks Apartments Corp. to Richard L. Ragan, $353,000.

Collingwood Ct., 8210-Robert E. Payne to Stephen D. Crooker, $640,000.

Darton Dr., 921-Alabama Avenue Corp. to David W. Conroy, $619,000.

Parry Lane, 8700-Thomas C. O’Hara to Russell Johnson, $589,900.

Wittington Blvd., 2230-Michael D. Gillispie to Michael Lynch, $495,000.


Bent Willow Dr., 5956-Venus Properties to Milo H. and Tamra L. Hawley, $400,000.

Buxton Ct., 5322-William G. Haskin Jr. to Anouar Tourjman, $429,000.

Charles Green Sq., 6626-Nicole Strakes Pophin to Alexander M. Fetterman, $475,000.

Curtier Dr., 6024A-Sharon R. Ford to Fredy Castellanos, $215,000.

Desiree Ct., 6609-Gary N. Leong to Stephen Mahoney, $480,000.

Duddington Dr., 7469-Carole Caudery to Raymond H. Rosenberg Jr., $350,000.

Fort Ellsworth Ct., 5109-Curtis G. Wilson to Kyle A. Hart, $868,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5708-Roger S. and Sheri E. Correll to Jonathan Buford and Diane Greenbaum, $570,000.

Hayfield Rd., 7717-Albert L. Whitehurst to Michael J. Solderich, $545,000.

High Meadow Rd., 5919-Jeffrey W. Morgan to James M. Cawlo, $405,950.

Jowett Ct., 5575-Jennifer and Thomas R. Wasaff to Lauri E. Landrum, $437,000.

Locust Leaf Lane, 7817-Jairo M. Lopez to Wayne Williams, $452,000.

Mayor Pl., 4607-Nicholaus Heath to Joshua B. Baldwin, $362,000.

Morning Ride Cir., 6610-Mary E. Walter to Chad T. Jagmin, $515,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6117-John T. and Jordan T. Hardenbergh to Shawn T. Mchenry, $420,000.

Ordsall St., 6663-Larry L. Harris to William J. Guinan, $580,000.

Pleasure Cove Ct., 5211-Paul L. Clough to Adam W. Weidner, $349,000.

Shaffer Dr., 6051-David J. Wood to Chandra L. and Wojciech Z. Kornacki, $575,000.

Telegraph Rd., 6211-Richard Wilkerson to James T. Harper, $408,000.

Valley View Dr., 5789-Brady W. and Lori A. Mills to Charles V. Stanley Jr., $682,500.

Wescott Hills Way, 5926-Gary L. Fletcher Jr. to Daniel P. Walsh, $440,000.


Constellation Dr., 916-Amresh I. Ponnambalam to Benjamin J. Seguin, $950,000.

Greenhill St., 312-Michael R. Long to Lauri A. Hlavacs, $710,000.

Leesburg Pike., 9400-Ross S. and Laverne Douglas to Ghassan Filimban, $500,000.

Sherlin Lane, 798-Lillian P. Frey to Robert M. and Michele M. Porcelli, $1.09 million.

Welham Green Rd., 935-Rudyard and Steven S. Kaplan to Stuart W. Belt, $825,000.


Bankfoot Ct., 13001-Brady Dehoust to Joshua McKenna, $753,000.

Bennett St., 705-Michael A. Schlegel and Amy R. Nichols to Colleen K. and Sean A. Reiche, $725,000.

Butter Churn Dr., 1370-Wyndelyn Sipe to Marcus D. Femal, $463,000.

Cliff Edge Dr., 12521-Todd Vigneault to Jeannette and Luis D. Figueroa, $439,900.

Crystal Wood Ct., 2793-Wynn E. and Lois L. Johnson to Xiaoying Yu and Xi Xu, $390,000.

Dogwood Ct., 859-Weichert Inc. to Michael C. Royston, $276,000.

Emerald Chase Dr., 3036-Michael A. Brodsky to Sasank Melanathuru, $519,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2143-Gill S. Glover Sr. to Said S. Salah, $29,717.

Glenbrooke Woods Dr., 12620-Michael J. Webb to Taruna Satyamurty, $445,000.

Heather Down Dr., 12018-Suzanne K. Withers to Lisa O’Connor and Todd Vigneault, $776,950.

Huntsfield Ct., 13503-Guy B. Arthur to Gary Vanderwill, $425,000.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13161-Joseph R. and Leslie R. Bouvier to Gary Keeley, $591,000.

Marstan Moor Lane, 12491-Donald and Amalia M. Guerriero to Jonathan B. Mayhew, $500,000.

Mistyvale St., 1313-Andy H. Song to Adam E. Marymee, $395,000.

Old Farmhouse Ct., 2438-Garry D. Mendelsohn to Rolando F. Young, $341,600.

Page Ct., 1007-James S. O’Rourke to Philippe E. Simard II, $430,000.

Philmont Dr., 12534-Kevin W. Apsley to Christopher M. Cralle, $650,000.

Rolling Plains Dr., 2463-Navid Eizadi to Karen M. Steidler, $397,000.

Sir Ramsay Way, 13391-Yanwei Zhao to Kishore Velamakanni, $492,000.

Stratford Glen Pl., 13665-Gerald McLoughlin to Satish G. Khedkar, $405,000.

Tway Lane, 1120-Mary C. Meyers to Hung Nguyen, $299,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 109-Sherwin J. Jacobson to Matthew H. Noordhoff, $173,000.


Fenwick Dr., 5709-Benjamin Whelan Morin and Kelly Campbell Morin to Voltaire J. Valle, $306,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1313-Craig Conant to Patrick D. Jacobs, $275,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 1107-Peter J. Hughes to Anna Twist Giannori, $200,000.

Wagon Dr., 2621, No. 342-Fannie Mae to Bel M. St. John, $130,000.


Audubon Meadow Way, 7623-Thomas Penetrante to Mary A. Wallace, $400,000.

Candlewood Dr., 8011-Bradley Earman and Melissa Laughlin to Daniel Imes, $430,000.

Elba Ct., 2403-Michael L. Schweppe to Joseph Ferfolia, $625,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7127, No. 51-Benjamin Cadmus to Vincent W. Lau, $345,000.

Lindberg Dr., 7524-Bradley A. Turgeon to Douglas A. Stump, $640,000.

Popkins Lane, 2601-James E. Jones to Jue Wang and June Jiang, $120,000.

Spring Dr., 3105-Michael G. Raucci to Tracy X. Du, $562,500.

Woodstone Pl., 6714-Charles G. Freay Jr. to William K. Madsen, $522,000.


Bren Mar Dr., 6244-Kabir Shafik to Toan T. Vo, $345,000.

Fairland St., 6435-William J. Geatches to Gregory F. Mariano, $417,500.

Iona Way, 5608-Marites L. and Amador Jomuad to Bihang and Chuanguo Chen, $275,000.

Morning Mist Lane, 5274-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Chang H. Kim, $530,000.

Tartan Vista Dr., 6533-Larry D. Salmon to Hoa T. Nguyen, $395,000.


Ayden Lane, 9107-Dong I. Kim to Thomas L. Hong, $363,000.

Greencastle Lane, 9500-Verdette Coltrane to Shamima Nargis, $222,000.

Harley Rd., 10818-New York Community Bank to Alexis Amparo, $750,000.

Larne Lane, 7416-Fannie Mae to Kayla Ngo and Pauline Dao, $255,000.

Lyndam Hill Cir., 7228-Brian D. Robertson to Edward C. Emden, $615,000.

Peace Lily Ct., 8435, No. 415-Pulte Home Corp. to Jesse A. Spratley, $341,990.

Telegraph Crossing Ct., 8803-Deutsche Bank to Rodney Tull, $565,199.


Algarve St., 8004-Richard L. and Laura S. Rainey to Scott A. and Jennifer L. McKeown, $1.48 million.

Bellview Rd., 1138-Stephen M. and Scott T. Smith to Paul J. MacKoul and Natalya Danilyants, $1 million.

Burford Dr., 7641-Jonathan W. Emery to Jeffrey S. Lynn, $1.85 million.

Chesterbrook Rd., 6140-Eddie R. and Terese P. Mayberry to Brian Caruth, $785,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 807-Park Crest Building Associates to Sudhir and Jyotsna Kumar, $800,000.

Dalmation Dr., 1822-David M. Petersam to Terri Lannigan, $675,000.

Evers Dr., 1561-Ruth A. Wolko to Matthew R. Grose, $805,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 126-James R. Iversen and Eileen M. Iversen to Sima T. Dabirashtiani and Jafar Madani, $520,000.

Hitt Ave., 6523-Adam P. Saffer to Philip G. Watt, $1.3 million.

Lewinsville Square Pl., 7345-Christine M. Caldwell to Sami F. Simaan and Calogero Farruggio, $650,000.

Maddux Lane, 1606-Charles W. Axten to Gregory A. Walters, $1.52 million.

Meadowbrook Ave., 6955-Douglas Mickle and Minaksi Bhatt to Keith J. and Terry M. Enstice, $1.23 million.

Old Dominion Dr., 7130-Gregory H. Counts to Ying Pan, $790,000.

Ramshorn Pl., 6052-HSBC Bank to John J. Tregoning, $1.45 million.

Rockingham St., 1938-James P. and Randy J. Fama to Scott E. Madsen and Laurel A. Miller, $1.03 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1571, No. 6212-Nicholas Masick to Diego Rey, $245,000.

Tebbs Lane, 8607-Mark D. and Laura M. Cowan to James H. and Patricia B. Smith, $2.7 million.

Van Fleet Dr., 6805-Eldred L. Gilbert to Juan P. Moreno, $735,000.

Westwind Way, 1746, No. 111-Michalyn Steele to Richard Lee, $280,000.


Beckner Ct., 8018-Barbara Harris to Khalid Mehmood and Imran Khalid, $317,000.

Bound Brook Lane, 8523-James E. Madden to Ryan A. Land, $500,000.

Cunningham Dr., 3205-Gregory K. Brown to Mark J. Moran, $535,000.

Leaf Rd., 8401-Dax R. Roberson to Justin A. Longmire, $417,000.

Mount Vernon Cir., 9423-Cynthia Shifflett to David R. Whitt, $800,000.

Orville St., 8116-John Poulsen to Keri A. Grinstead, $464,900.

Renault Pl., 4006-Ricky A. Colson to Russell A. Kutzman, $485,000.

Sun Up Way, 3452-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey S. Sypolt, $661,140.

Village Green Ct., 8791-Marcin Toroj to Jihane F. Abou Chabke, $251,000.


Boulder St., 7607-Roy S. Copeland to Jessica R. Landes, $430,000.

Catlett St., 7008-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Matthew Stampe, $389,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5505-Venus Properties to John Enoch, $360,000.

Leebrad St., 7056-Stuart N. White to Ricardo Obediente Russian, $335,000.

Pillow Lane, 5308-Robert C. and Elizabeth Kimmel to Tom S. and Joann L. Ro, $460,000.

Webbwood Ct., 7620-George D. Martin Jr. to Neal Sutliff, $385,000.


Bushman Dr., 10220, No. 8204-Steven L. Muha and Robert G. Pollock to Lisa A. Shannon, $250,000.

Norborne Pl., 2820-Lucy Lee to Bashar and Rana Callas, $928,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10103-Pamela Abelson to Katherine T. Sinrud, $265,000.

Sledding Hill Rd., 2621-Dean S. Mericka to Michael T. Cliff, $1.48 million.

White Granite Ct., 10458-William E. and Margaret J. Richards to Timothy M. and Christina M. Hammaker, $420,000.


Dominion Heights Ct., 2110-Marilyn S. Deluca to Anthony D. Peluso, $500,000.

Griffith Rd., 1926-Anna O. and Jeremiah E. Price to Helene A. Vollmer, $460,000.

Hyson Lane, 2810-Guillermo Gimenez to John S. Mason, $355,000.

Mayfair Mclean Ct., 2049-William G. and Nell A. Chadwick to Renato and Gisella Stalteri, $775,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 112-Kevin Fine to Rajasekhar Lakamsani, $222,000.

Shelby Lane, 2621-Arcel M. Castillo to Ross T. Scheinbaum, $555,000.

Virginia Lane, 7611-Amit Kapoor to David M. Stenseth, $650,000.


Auburn Grove Lane, 1279-Stephen B. Conver to Anthony J. Botte, $729,000.

Bayfield Way, 1677-Shoukat S. Zafar to Petro Nikollo, $316,000.

Bradbury Lane, 11211-Gerald E. Franz to Shamik Das, $640,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1424-Jasper Larussa to John M. Gilbreath, $280,000.

Dunlop Ct., 11841-Sunil M. Pereira to Nicholas J. and Patricia M. Richert, $339,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 11166-Beeren & Barry Investments to Erik B. Ehudin, $407,500.

Gatesmeadow Way, 1313-Patrick K. Banducci to Kathy A. Hickcox, $895,000.

Halter Lane, 2219-Kyle Stevens to Brion M. Biggie, $559,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 10912-Maureen F. Crumpton and Patricia F. Lucas to Andres A. Prado, $525,000.

Lake Audubon Ct., 2084-Rowland S. Johnson to J. Randolph Babbitt, $625,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 209-David A. and Susan T. Lynch to Elizabeth C. Moreton, $315,000.

Mediterranean Ct., 11659-Thomas J. and Mary Sue Lyons to Peter J. and Sarah M. Drenan, $549,900.

Northgate Sq., 1552, No. 52-Stephen K. Christenson to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $140,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1440-Kimberly W. Foster to Alex Reyes, $509,250.

Peppermint Ct., 2021-Emily C. Karam to Jeffrey Manuszak, $703,000.

Purple Sage Dr., 1631-Raymond A. Lopresti to Courtney Barnes, $275,000.

Saffold Way, 11099-James S. and Thuong T. Brown to Andrew B. Blitch, $390,000.

Silver Fox Lane, 2411-Donald M. Detrick to Peter A. Poulos, $475,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11627, No. 78-Fannie Mae to Jawash Mohamed, $132,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2035-Jace E. Wallace to Yassaman Shayesteh, $440,000.

Thunder Chase Dr., 12628-Michael C. Zelensky to Celeste Williams, $530,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11012B-Dorothy C. Lambert and Laura C. Beverage to Dmitriy Y. Korobskiy, $235,000.

Windleaf Dr., 1305D, No. 164-Douglas C. McCoy to Nora M. Nicolet, $331,000.

Woodstock Lane, 1608-Louiin L. and Jane M. Beard to Andrew J. Tranchina, $800,000.


Crosswoods Dr., 6352-Willard R. Jeffrey III and Mary B. Van Leuven to Kenneth D. Ackerman, $742,000.

Hazelton St., 3053-Chad M. and Anne W. Kolton to William and Jennifer Gulley, $599,000.

Squires Hill Dr., 6219-Marsha A. Madden to Kim Aslen, $545,000.


Apache St., 6206-Paraskevi K. Lagadinos to John Phanthavong, $330,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6843-Richard O. Berkey to Joanne S. Johnson, $325,000.

Castlefield Way, 7257-Donald J. Ryder to Alfredo Rodriguez III, $505,000.

Custer St., 6618-Lan Mai to Gemma F. Felix, $317,000.

Edinburgh Dr., 8007-Gregory A. McCain to Jessica E. McCain, $207,500.

Gavelwood Ct., 9066-Theresa Esslinger to Adam S. Jones, $412,000.

Kentland St., 6220-John R. Hiller to Joshua D. Hill, $414,900.

Melia St., 6430-Pamela Evans to Ashraf Zahr, $589,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7654-Erika L. Jann to Michael D. Jones, $295,000.

St. Dennis Dr., 7922-Edward M. Fortunato to Abir Aftab and Trisa Matin, $510,000.

Silver Oak Ct., 8619-Linda E. Ware to Kevin G. Burrowes, $520,031.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8430-Michael C. Allison to Chad Burrows, $347,000.

Sugar Creek Lane, 8474-Carla D. Poore to Grissay A. Munoz, $249,000.

Wadebrook Terr., 8712-Venus Properties to Zachariah A. Rel, $378,000.


Abbey Oak Dr., 1810-Carl J. Bocek to Edwin L. Brauchli, $849,990.

Audreys Ct. SE, 201-Hamid Imani to Mehdi Tavazoei, $555,000.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 108-Dennis Delehanty to Hyeran Kim, $310,000.

Commons Dr. NW, 261-Jason A. Bremer to Brian M. Johnsen, $455,000.

Days Farm Dr., 9728-Ambrish K. Rastogi to Anthony R. Jimenez, $750,000.

George St. SW, 314-Ronald L. and Laura J. Tull to Rupsha 2012 Inc., $393,000.

Hillcrest Dr. SW, 908-Francis A. Dunnington to William H. Skipper, $490,000.

Labbe Lane, 8203-Da Lu Li and Fang Mei Lin to Edward M. Vogt, $708,888.

McNeil St., 8309-Juanita Mathews to Jose A. Matus and Leonor Rubio, $560,000.

Nevar Ct., 1759-Douglas J. Nelson and Denise D. Duprau to Sudhin K. Nayak, $724,900.

Park Tower Dr., 2651, No. 4-Stephan Brun and Amane Miyake to Michael Prazak and Christina Lindemer, $377,000.

Robnel Pl., 9320-Thuy Anh Melvin and Quan Nguyen to Qiang Xue and Qing Shu, $790,000.

Shenandoah St., 2449-Joseph C. Mihm to Donald A. Blome, $637,000.

Surrey Lane SE, 404-Surrey Estates Corp. to Michael T. and Renee A. Brodnik, $1.31 million.

Villanova Dr., 2430-Michael T. and Eleanor M. Rooney to Paul G. Williams, $450,000.

Westwood Dr. NE, 1013-Marguerite R. Miller to James B. Shreckhise, $575,000.

Yellow Pine Dr., 10205-Avery V. Allison Jr. to Oswaldo Reyes Chica, $849,990.

Docket Lane, 2127-Ketti M. Tyree to Chenthilkumar Kesavadas, $590,000.

Lagersfield Cir., 9519-Thomas J. Nowak and Paula A. Nowak to Jill O. Keblawi and Basel Al Aghbar, $660,000.

Meadow Knoll Ct., 9802-Paul E. Klick to Hua Zhang, $733,000.

Riviera Dr., 2306-William J. and Dawn A. Kerr to Emily J. Booth, $930,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9480, No. 108-Jennifer E. Harrington to Matthew Leis, $335,000.


Blarney Stone Ct., 6436-Randall P. Geehring to Erin P. McCabe, $336,000.

Colony Point Rd., 8110L-Robert J. Arbulu to Gertrude M. Cooke, $135,000.

Etta Dr., 8710-Ronnie W. and Christine T. Long to Andrew T. and Sara E. Clarke, $605,000.

Gillings Rd., 6913-Donna S. Pearson to Brett T. and Sarah E. Lisher, $449,900.

Harwood Pl., 7930-Thomas Hicks to Jacob D. Giller, $425,000.

Jewelweed Ct., 7720-Melissa and Marcia R. Feldman to Carleton M. Smith II, $395,000.

Linden Tree Lane, 7280-George A. Ector to Erica C. Robey, $325,000.

Okeith Ct., 9015-James R. and Meridyth W. Prouty to Elizabeth A. McRoberts, $307,000.

Rolling Rd., 6817-Buddy E. Clark to Caleb J. Drown, $375,000.

Surveyors Pl., 8819-Fannie Mae to Jenna L. Dee, $337,000.