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Anne Arundel County

Admiral Dr., 605, No. 107-Shalini Bhalla to Frank Digiovanni, $225,000.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1358-Lawrence S. McGunnigle and Melissa Ann McGunnigle to Morgan and Lily Cox, $435,000.

Broadview Terr., 2830-Steven Ray and Carolyn Lee Harty to William J. and Susan G. Harris, $819,000.

Corbin Pkwy., 517-Ronald D. Lyst to Lidia K. Jacykewycz, $385,000.

Franklin St., 66-John A. Bianco to Michael A. and Leslie Ann Pero, $800,000.

Gardner Dr., 121-Beth T. Mayer to Lenore I. Sonneville, $375,000.

Hilltop Lane, 280P-Pegasus Home Corp. to William D. Moomau, $143,800.

Homeland Ave. S., 130-Roy M. Hutchins III to Granstan Properties, $360,000.

Northbridge Lane, 1841-Martin J. Finerty Jr. to Hartley A. Postlethwaite and Nicole Habi Postlethwaite, $557,750.

Summerfield Dr., 84-Anthony P. Palaigos and Frances A. Fassiadis to Elmer A. Duarte, $225,000.

Tidewater Grove Ct., 934-Ursula Range Browning and Kathryn Mary O’Brien to C. Loretta Godfrey, $400,000.


Carronade Way, 344-James C. and Kim V. Reed to Leonard Finkle, $200,000.

Lakeview Dr. N., 780-Luann S. and Larry Boyd to Michael B. Seldes and Sandra Carolina Cepeda, $459,000.

Owl Ct., 644-Robert W. and Katherine A. Michaelson to Ime Essien and John Lewis, $565,000.

Viking Dr. S., 1253-Christopher F. and Erin E. Vandagna to Jeffrey S. and Claudia Clark, $508,000.


Doris Ave., 104-Brian R. and Robert P. Harrison to CJS Real Estate, $76,000.

Townsend Ave., 227-Jose C. Estrada and Maria Zepeda Vasquez to Anna G. Curtis, $97,000.


Chestnut Tree Dr., 811-William D. and Elizabeth B. Lehner to Lisa K. Libby, $320,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 331-Thomas H. and Kimberly T. Boosinger to Helen and Roy Patterson, $915,000.

Pleasant Lake Rd., 1443-Timothy Todd Smith to Kristian J. and Kristina M. Marquez, $839,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1240-James E. and Dawn A. Lowry to Leeanne Chandler, $295,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 868-Douglas V. and Meggan A. Bridgeman to Kimberly R. Welty, $360,000.


Cambridge Dr., 1944-Victoria A. and William B. Mohr to Steven D. and Michael D. Moluski, $239,000.

Dryden Way, 1705-Graydon G. and Mary Ellen Nelson to Tobi M. Newberry, $291,000.

Harcourt Ave., 1921-Christopher and Amy McMillin to Geoffrey G. Wawrzyniak and Celeste A. Kozlovsky, $443,000.

Stow Ct., 2556-Christopher J. and Elizabeth H. Graff to Matthew T. Brady and Katherine A. Vuoncino, $339,000.

Wickford Ct., 1156-Jason T. and Michelle L. Harter to Daniel A. Staeven, $246,000.


Mahogany Lane E., 1179-Jerry L. and Dolores A. Powers to Billy R. Abercrombie and Lisa F. Chang, $584,500.

Wyatts Ridge Rd., 1625-Lawrence D. Barkman to Steven H. and Deborah A. Bennett, $1.18 million.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1109-Christopher and Jeanette Ayala to Brian J. Berger, $222,000.


Cortland Rd., 2010-Drew and Donna Sheckler to Sean Burke and Lauren Silvestri, $710,000.

Petersburg Rd., 706-House Buyers of America Inc. to Russell L. and Megan D. Thomas, $450,000.


Cadle Ave., 210-Benjamin J. Ewing to Brian Bergendahl, $319,900.

Hamlet Cir., 317-Fannie Mae to Gerard Viverito, $389,000.

Riverside Rd., 238-Michael R. and Andrea L. Zomber to Keith and Teresa D. Kaczmarek, $1.73 million.


Gosheff Lane, 3150-Fred I. and Donna R. Pinkham to Jason E. and Carrie A. Miller, $759,000.

Wigeon Way, 1410, No. 304-Centex Homes to Neill Mallon Russell, $309,477.


Clara Cir., 4-Ravinder Singh and Satnam Kaur to Marta Noguera, $135,000.

Delmar Ave., 507-Jane Spillner and Paul J. Brailer to Michael and Valerie Cassizzi, $189,900.

Hardmoore Ct., 417-Ryan Siegler to Robert J. Scott, $93,000.

Norman Ave., 200-Robert L. and Ronald L. Marvel to Brian Marsh, $185,000.

Old Stage Rd., 624-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James Neal Altman, $156,000.

Thelma Ave., 314-Duk Soon Dae to James E. McMurtrey IV and Christa N. Werner, $165,000.

Water Fountain Ct., 201, No. 203-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Karim Ab-Kader, $75,000.

Third Ave. SE, 212-Pride Homes Corp. to Linda M. and Matthew P. Danforth, $235,000.


Brimstone Pl., 2239-David A. Howard to Karin A. Schultz, $460,000.

Rotherham Dr., 7787-Alfred W. and Susan Chandler to Bradley Michael and Jennifer L. Libbey, $407,000.


Sudlersville S., 3304-Marcia R. Guedes and Fabio Bessa to Nicholas M. Katawczik, $253,000.


Grove Ridge Ct., 408-Harold R. and Louise C. Scott to Amanda L. Burns, $295,000.


Winding Brooke Lane, 4500-David M. and Sydney K. Hodson to Mary Lucia Brooks, $399,900.


Chalet Cir. W., 236-Elizabeth Durand Hancock to Teali M. Moore, $194,500.

Mimosa Ct., 740-Barbara J. Selwocki and Carol A. Thornburg to Patrick M. and Lindsey D. Deitz, $480,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 217-William C. and Clare F. Edmonston to David C. and Julie A. Boyle, $660,000.


Autumn Ridge Ct., 8716-Muhammad Eunus Talukder to Adam Slote and Yoonjoung Choi, $215,000.

Commissary Cir., 2190-Judith R. Groves and Steven Deal to Gerrie F. Williams, $225,000.

Haymeadow Ct., 690-Kristen H. and Virginia L. Smith to Katie C. Waddell, $375,000.

Kirbys Landing Ct., 228-Kevin Rose to Felix and Bazil A. Rivera, $250,000.

Piney Orchard Pkwy., 8402-Raymond W. and Beverly Geis to Sandra Denton, $100,000.

Warm Spring Way, 2429-Brandon J. and Meghann L. Wellard to Cecille Carpio Lipana, $275,000.


Asbury Rd., 237-Ross P. Canby to John B. Rausch, $156,800.

Catherine Ave., 7859-Robert and Kathleen M. Ritter to Joshua B. Williams, $220,000.

Kings Rd., 1078-Bethany L. and Bobby R. Cox to Matthew J. Scanlon, $202,000.

Mountain Rd., 167-Irene and Lisa McGee to Roger L. and Dorothy M. Shiflett, $92,500.

Park Lane, 1529-Michael R. and Diana A. Randall to Christopher J. Cherry, $545,000.

River Rd., 174-Lawrence W. and Evelyn Tomlinson to Shari E. Manning, $295,000.

Villa Isle Ct., 1205-Frank G. Burkart to Charles and Jennifer Preslipsky, $475,000.


Cedar Dr., 1838-Keith D. Deweese to Tiffany L. Haskins, $356,500.

Cypress Landing Rd., 7858-Timothy A. Baldwin to David James Blythe, $250,000.

Grimm Rd., 1428-James Andrew and Linda D. Price to George D. and Cynthia M. Lewis, $330,000.

Quarterfield Farms Dr., 8122-Todd A. and Tami J. Leasure to Stephen T. and Lidabeth Craddick, $400,000.

University Dr., 450-Eve Hakala to Patrick B. Vargas and Henrietta Byerly Rothwell, $590,000.


Beach Rd., 14-James Blakeney Sutherland and Grace G. Sutherland to Laurette L. Hankins, $930,000.

Fernwood Dr., 410-Anson H. and Linda K. Hines to Matthew Allen and Jennifer Marie Testerman, $443,000.

London Lane, 504-National Transfer Services Corp. to Benjamin Butterwei and Elizabeth Mary Lamos, $669,900.

Pine Tree Dr., 501-National Residential Nominee Services in to Daniel C. and Melody J. Kennedy, $560,000.

South Dr., 336-John Frederick and Nell Ann Moser to Kelly S. Benefiel and Andrew P. Parsons, $400,500.

Wohl Ct., 62-Carlette R. Allen to Derek K. Bouadjemi, $269,900.


James Ave., 521-Christopher S. Lynnes and Patricia A. Czapp to Edward Greenfield, $350,000.

Howard County

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4870, No. 8-Kara D. Reid to Safeena Investments Corp., $210,000.

Legends Way, 2629-Rosemary A. Roberts to Ritu K. Shetty, $480,000.

Melba Rd., 2513-Helen R. Kempter and Mildred Steck to Daniel C. White, $349,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 2958-Wenceslao B. and Kathleen Figuereo to Anuj Madan and Amita Dahra, $585,000.

Samantha Way, 2217-Richard P. and Nancy C. Marvel to Alan V. and Hina P. McCree, $700,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 13100-Elijah J. and Isabelle Parrette to William and Sandra Brewer, $225,000.

White Rose Way, 3978-Regina H. Delp to Denis Fradlin and Karina Spivak, $675,000.


Galway Dr., 6466-Zhijian Pan and Donghong Gao to Sikhanda and Tina Satapathy, $743,000.

Helmsman Way, 6010-Mark and Melissa Purdue to Yawar Shams, $453,000.

Scenic Hills Ct., 11808-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Bobby Syed and Sabrina Ahmed, $861,432.

Trotter Crossing Lane, 11720-Trotter Crossing Corp. to David and Jodi Leeser, $849,950.

White Marble Ct., 6110-Carol A. Laupp to Joseph Proscia and Nicole L. McFarlane, $465,000.


Calm Sunset, 7270-David E. McConnell to Dean Meadows, $345,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7317-Summer Leng Fiala to Reed Dworski, $155,000.

Golden Bell Way, 6129-Michael P. and Jennifer K. Dubbs to Robin L. Ferrara, $479,000.

Morningbird Lane, 5852-Alan C. Stephens Jr. to ASF Renovations Corp., $100,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5671-Robert D. Redwinski to Scott A. Sussman and Kelly E. Durkin, $285,000.

Soft Thunder Trail, 6360-Yun Wang and Mei Chuan Lee to Chi Hsin Huang and Jyh Pyng Jin, $530,000.

Softwater Way, 9731-Harriet K. and Alfred J. Williams to Alfredo A. Celedon and Bridget W. Celedon, $280,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6246-Shirley W. Caliman to Deborah Maria Lindsey, $244,319.


Hesperus Dr., 5243-Gary and Sue Ann Page to Michael Sokalski and Rowena Flores, $402,000.

Misty Top Passage, 6424-Elliott and Karina Prizont Cowan to Mark A. and Jessica Zirkle, $645,000.

Ridermark Row, 11296-Steven B. and Patricia Fast to Charles Todd and Anne Marie Fagan, $656,000.

Sun Circle Way, 11638-Audrey Koenigsberg to Siyi Meng, $280,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10572, No. C1-Hollis L. Metcalf Jr. and Shirley Maria Metcalf to Jennifer Harvey, $128,500.


Big Branch Dr., 14088-Brian D. and Clabeth R. Clark to Jeffrey Henzel and Susan Henzel, $850,000.


Cherrybark Oak Lane, 7589-Meredith Burns and Adam R. Welle to Ruel Jay Sacbibit, $259,900.

Green Tree Ct., 8034-Danny and Deborah L. Lucas to Sharon M. Puckett, $300,000.

Pale Morning Dun Rd., 4955-Mark T. and Stephanie G. Barbara to Deepak and Mona Ahuja, $568,000.

Purple Iris Lane, 8880-Lynda C. Jones Burns to Niranjan Sathindran and Srividhya Ganesan, $395,000.

Royal Coachman Dr., 4890-James E. and Shannon L. Moyer to Kyle E. Wynne and Michelle E. Luiz, $570,000.

Sawgrass Ct., 6494-Angel L. and Ivet Figueroa to National Residential Nominee Services, $525,000.

Waterloo Passage, 7200-Carey Dwayne and Sonia S. Strawbridge to Keith L. Brown Jr., $196,000.


Eastwood Ct., 4937-James F. Hudak to Laurent and Theresa Buffat, $290,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7758-Matthew Tedeschi to Ronald B. Katz and Melissa Rachel Stein, $218,750.

Sandstone Ct., 7757-Jo Ann Harding to Todd M. Long, $510,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8225-James J. and Emma E. Bates to Patricia Anne Heinmuller, $245,000.


Murphy Rd., 8045-Robert W. and Janice A. Tyler to Mark D. and Loren S. Neumann, $525,000.


Glenwood Springs Dr., 2856-Gerald J. and Colleen M. Ryan to Thomas E. and Stacey A. Simmons, $600,000.


Briaridge Ct., 13731-Roman Tarnawsky and Linda E. Rost to Loc Nguyen, $423,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8157-Kelly A. and Matthew C. Steffler to Allison L. Jones, $235,000.

Oakwood Way, 8903-Robert R. Bruno to Brian Walsh, $215,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1940-Glenn E. and Connie Maria Murphy to Adam J. and Rachael L. Downes, $445,000.


Dixon St., 9609-Deutsche Bank to Chunxu Zhao and Hua Wang, $344,900.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9512-Jacob and Kristin Dahlen to Heidi Moquin, $349,000.

Lapping Brook Ct., 8205-Edward and Karen Whitehead Graybeal to Babatunde and Monsurat Akinsanya, $480,000.

Shaded Day, 9830-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Robert P. and Genna G. Gritmon, $559,893.

Washington Ave., 9651-Patricia Clinton to Megha Badole and Raghuram Tarlapu, $390,000.


Lorenzo Lane, 3120-Stephen M. and Pamela L. Listzwan to Sean P. and Jeanne R. Clifford, $820,000.


Crescent Moon Ct., 2038-Joseph A. and Priya Manavalan to Srinadh Chowdary Kandru and Padmavathi Podila, $482,000.