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Adams St., 204-Thomas J. Greer Jr. to Horizons Enterprise Corp., $225,000.

Blaine St., 4730-Vanessa Dandridge to Siobhan Lloyd, $150,000.

C St., 1526-William I. Telligman to Christine D. Bello, $535,000.

Channing St., 1869-Iris Garner to Grace O. Imoroa, $181,300.

Division Ave., 800-Marvin E. Lyons Sr. to Fairway Prosperity Group, $68,000.

E St., 1350, No. 1-Neil A. Ross to Lindseya Schreekengost, $265,000.

F St., 212-Brian A. Hughes to Christopher D. Jones, $638,750.

Foote St., 4504-Homer Investments Corp. to Tawanna J. Johnson, $217,500.

G St., 710-Jeff A. Hogg and Kristin A. Hartman to Tracey A. Rutnik and Paul A. Jackson, $749,999.

I St., 1233-Jeffrey C. Grover to Michael Cullen, $480,000.

L St., 1648-Joan Walker and Gerald Givings to Metro DC1 Corp., $130,000.

Oglethorpe St., 822-Tyrone L. Jordan to Lourdes A. Perez, $210,000.

Quincy Pl., 118-David J. Curtis to Bryan D. Szalwinski, $639,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 201-329 Corp. to Sean Hendershot, $349,400.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 302-329 Corp. to Melanie L. Hendrick, $337,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5069-Old House Investors Corp. to Janet Haughton Jordan, $179,900.

T St., 148-Marta Bertola to Ulysses S. Glee, $250,000.

Warren St., 253-James M. Gordon to Daniel M. Heltzer, $451,500.

Fourth St., 407-Daniel A. Zibel and Christina N. Juliano to 407 Fourth Corp., $636,000.

10th St., 252-Scott A. Berkowitz to Caren Benjamin, $757,500.

14th St., 204-Maureen St. Germain to Christopher W. Schieffer, $610,000.

17th St., 3412-Jam Corp. to Robert E. Maitner, $615,000.

23rd Pl., 550-Ricky Tillery to Karlene P. Stecchi, $358,000.

57th Pl., 704-Cynthia Johnson to Carr Properties Corp., $192,000.


Arkansas Ave., 4517-Jacqueline M. Suggs to Marc K. Weiner and Megan Price, $405,000.

Belmont Rd., 2032, No. 319-Anne G. Mundsinger to Noora Arfaa, $315,000.

Brown St., 3408-Robert B. Deal III and Barbara A. Durr to James Morrissey, $520,000.

Chancery Ct., 4044-Daniel A. Turner to Daniel J. Lane, $1.1 million.

Church St., 1747, No. B1-Sarah L. Molseed to Jenny E. Herrera, $299,000.

Columbia Rd., 1465-Edward F. Pramuk to Lisa H. Tostanoski, $360,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2311, No. 306-Denise A. Delorey to Edward J. Hall, $725,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4740, No. 112-Anita X. Salton to Anne Selee, $190,000.

Devonshire Pl., 2737, No. 309-Jonathan B. Mellon to Stephan A. Paul, $402,000.

Ellicott St., 4615-Patrick P. Baert to Nickolai G. Levin and Laura J. Sigman, $1.02 million.

Fairmont St., 1341-Jonah G. Davenport to Timothy A. Redding, $614,000.

Florida Ave., 60-Patrick O. Kwock to Ryan Schmit, $306,000.

Garfield Terr., 2928-Tyree A. Hilkert to 2500 Garfield Corp., $1.06 million.

Grace St., 3240, No. 3240-John H. Mongan to Alaleh Khah, $570,000.

Highland Ave., 614-614 Highland Corp. to Michael Geerston and Leslie Shupenko, $632,500.

Irving St., 1801-Marika Torok and Luis A. Mendez Jr. to Kenneth L. Basta and Michael Lemay, $950,000.

Johnson Ave., 1741, No. 201-Gregory Sitzmann to Jason N. Lawrence and Lvaylo V. Linev, $628,000.

Kansas Ave., 5233-Russell M. Davis to Betty R. Weiss, $325,500.

Klingle Rd., 3219-Edward M. Kennedy Jr. to Lynn Bulmer, $1.23 million.

L St., 2425-Alyssa V. Hellma to Deer Creek Real Estate, $518,000.

Livingston St., 3507-Joan M. Kerrigan to Luke M. Jones, $800,000.

M St., 1111-Sandra M. Biasillo to Jonathan L. Kuhl and Scott A. McKee, $385,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Ryan K. Done, $420,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1314, No. 401-1314 Massachusetts Avenue Corp. to Christina R. Gordon, $406,493.

Mill Rd., 2516-Harold M. Nordenberg to Stephanie A. Funk, $570,000.

Monroe St., 1638-Deyi Awadallah to William M. Rappolt, $785,000.

N St., 1300-David Chaikin to Boris I. Espinoza, $255,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 323-Janet Blyberg to Apichart Vilassakdanont, $310,500.

New York Ave., 44-Deborah Gore to Gustavo A. Ruiz and Joseph C. Dunn, $624,000.

Oliver St., 3028-Andrew B. O’Brien and Jessica Buckley to Randall M. Gerard, $975,000.

Otis Pl., 629-Danis Hebb to Nantucket Holdings Corp., $250,000.

Park Rd., 733-Tawanda L. Mincey to Stephen A. Bory, $475,000.

Potomac St., 1242-Harry L. Gutman to Otto W. Hoernig III, $2.52 million.

Q St., 4450-Michael V. Cardone to Christian Gabriel, $745,000.

R St., 1111-Kristin C. Clarens to Jason P. Schaengold, $557,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 15-Betty B. Wilson to Metro DC1 Corp., $180,000.

Roxanna Rd., 1471-Ernest D. Jarvis to Christopher L. May, $745,000.

Somerset Pl., 516-Mafara L. Hobson to Nathan W. Picotte and Julianne C. Horn, $300,000.

T St., 945-Sean M. Sullivan and Mark Murphy to Jesse Z. Epstein and John A. Isabella, $542,800.

Tennyson St., 3114-Hans P. Dyke to William M. Watts, $810,000.

Tunlaw Rd., 2410-Rachel H. Greenberg to Sandra Y. Snyder, $750,000.

Underwood St., 1212-MZ Capital Corp. to April Lesho and Sally Williamson, $515,000.

Van Ness St., 3609-Stacy R. Stoller and John A. Drennan to Benjamin D. Burnett, $855,000.

W St., 4100, No. 513-Stuart I. Banashek to Ivelisse Cruz, $347,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2320, No. 509-Munir W. Hammad to Kapil D. Verma, $350,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3028-Lynn Deavers and Noah Getz to Ellen C. Clark, $229,000.

Third Pl., 5803-Deborah D. Boddie to Evelyn McKenzie, $373,000.

Sixth St., 1518-Lucie K. Schmidt to Nina R. Frant, $667,000.

Ninth St., 3722-3722 Ninth Street Corp. to Kathryn Alwon and Travis Brenner, $450,000.

10th St., 3534-Francisco J. Martinez to Jyhjing Harrington, $229,000.

11th St., 2124-Justin R. Davey to Andrew S. Brady and Ben L. Fishel, $598,000.

12th St., 1125-First Horizon Home Loans to Vladimir Bregvadze and Anna Filina, $188,000.

13th St., 1211-Aneudi J. Diaz to Jason K. Lindsay, $334,000.

13th St., 2619, No. 130-Marc Fallow to Henry Jinich, $881,400.

14th St., 1529-Kelly J. Colton to Juliana G. Ospina, $512,000.

14th St., 3900, No. 3902-Randolph Towers Cooperative to Mandy Swann, $249,900.

16th St., 1841, No. 1-1841 16th Street Corp. to Kathy A. Bastin, $974,000.

17th St., 1724, No. 71-Jeffrey Lerner and Jennifer L. Brown to Julie K. Fossler, $490,000.

18th St., 3349-Pete Koutromanos to Ramsey Aburdene, $1.02 million.

22nd St., 1177-Edward I. Martinez to Madhuri Patel, $1.02 million.

24th St., 1013-Jose W. Dominguez to Jeffery A. Tassey, $965,000.

30th St., 1214-William M. Rankin to Mark M. Walker, $1.72 million.

33rd St., 6011-Thomas P. McLish to Emily J. Porter, $1.06 million.

51st St., 4020-Elinor G. Constable to James Ferguson and Sarah Heintzman, $1.22 million.


C St., 1304-Jenna Whitlock to Jonathan Shaub, $579,000.

D St., 1113-Joseph Eyer to Melissa B. Felder and Jordan J. Zappala, $900,000.

Good Hope Rd., 1934-5Design Management Corp. to Andre B. Campbell, $224,900.

Howard Rd., 1467-Kelly M. Blakeney to Carolyn C. Jones, $220,000.

K St., 1529-Diane C. Wright to Brendan C. Wackenreuter and Michelle L. Joffe, $389,000.

Nicholson St., 2323-Sophronia E. Logan to Pernell A. Blount, $150,000.

First St., 1025, No. 709-Square 699N Corp. to Georgia A. Chisolm, $480,000.

Third St., 223-Coltrance Corp. to Richard C. Brundage, $505,000.

Ninth St., 106-Frances J. Cronin to Terra Lane Corp., $599,000.

15th St., 716-Peter J. Gross to Caryn E. Ernst and Michael J. Silverman, $629,000.

16th St., 1514-Jaems A. Pogue Sr. to FSA Landtrust Corp., $109,000.


Danbury St., 18, No. 18-Joann Simms to Jack Spicer Corp., $73,500.

G St., 350, No. N210-National Residential Nominee Services to Christian Ruehling, $302,000.

Third St., 817, No. 315-Daniel A. Bullard and Randi L. Teague to George M. Rogers and Patrick G. Watson, $403,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. S715-Potomac Place Associates to Andrew M. Male, $162,000.