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Montgomery County

Bartram St., 4717-Henry T. Moguet to Jadefield Investment Corp., $223,000.

Castaway Ct., 1-Gail Pennybacker Rose to Daniel O. and Angela C. Carey, $489,000.

Elizabeth St., 4102-Maria D. Gomez to Giselle F. Guimaraes, $240,000.

Kalmia St., 4404-Vincent T. Cogliano and Carmine M. Cogliano to David R. Renderos Jr., $256,000.

Marianna Dr., 13804-Prem R. and Pushpa Jayanthi Mirissage to Xin Chan Wu, $245,000.

Powder House Dr., 4800-William C. and Marsha A. Davies to Brian Michael and Jacqueline Rapp, $465,000.

Turkey Branch Pkwy., 13003-Maria Clark and Dwight Gledhill to Alejandro Sanabria Salgado and Katarzyna Razynska, $310,000.


Battery Lane, 5000, No. 702-Benjamin Jones and Michael Jones to Suzanne K. Blattner, $385,000.

Bradmoor Dr., 8926-Arjun Sudesh Chanmugam to Rita L. Albina, $560,000.

Burdette Ct., 7307-Thomas M. Connelly to Peter S. Greenleaf, $1.9 million.

Chase Ave., 4616-James and Candace Telep to Stephen J. Goldberg, $975,000.

Cromwell Dr., 6201-Eva M. Bush and Louis Gabor Balla to Thomas C. and Rebecca A. Weigle, $889,000.

Edward Ave., 10102-Miguel A. Perez to Steven M. Goodman and Emily J. Perkins, $789,000.

Fallen Oak Dr., 8705-Jennifer Battista to Nessim and Lauren Mezrahi, $800,000.

Hamilton Spring Rd., 7609-Laurinda Bell Guardia to Isolde Erlenbach, $812,500.

Kentbury Dr., 8108-Anne Chacour and Robert James Hawkins to Rachael D. Kent and Sean M. Shannon, $1.65 million.

Lone Oak Dr., 6613-Ezio G. and Giuseppina M. Fabiani to Tekabe A. Belay and Trufat B. Woldesenbet, $655,000.

Marlyn Dr., 5117-Alexander Hoehn Saric and Loren Mayor to Unkyong Kim and Andrew W. Perry, $825,000.

Montrose Ave., 10423-Amanda K. Lopez to Michael and Noga Lewin, $220,000.

Namakagan Rd., 5513-Rachel B. and Peter C. Lewis to James E. and Shannon L. Warder, $1.72 million.

Osage Lane, 8225-Brian Matthew and Alicia Cahill Henneberry to Priya B. Grewal, $875,000.

Perthshire Ct., 6202-Katharine M. and Kenneth C. Rogers to Reu J. Scherf and Rebekah A. Dunbar, $757,500.

River Rd., 4906-Ian Jason and Gina L. Seebachan to Makram and Afaf Bous, $517,000.

Sangamore Rd., 5117-Jorge A. Kotelanski and Marina Feldman to Roger Bristol, $939,000.

Surreywood Lane, 6745-Elizabeth P. Hansen to Todd S. and Christa D. MacFarland, $530,000.

Walhonding Rd., 6201-Susan W. and Steven M. Berson to Colin W. and Suzanne I. Kimpel, $1.45 million.

Westfield Dr., 7603-7603 Westfield Drive Corp. to Howard G. and Elise K. Goldstein, $1.62 million.

Westlake Terr., 7646-Margaret Youngdahl Peterson to Kamran Ghavamifar and Leila Farhadi, $520,000.

Whittier Blvd., 7005-Clyde A. and Mary G. Langley to Stone Financing Corp., $899,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7500-Michael P. and Elizabeth L. Bell to John Swain, $540,000.


Poplar Glen Ct., 18607-Michael Malek and Anita Owald to Lori S. Malek, $425,000.


Brighton Knolls Dr., 430-Nisa Gatesman to Mark H. and Laura G. Griffiths, $550,000.


Brookeville Lakes Ct., 19416-Lucy R. Koll to Theodore and Trista L. Colbert, $850,000.

Olney Mill Rd., 19647-Betty Lou Patton to Michael and Elyse Eddy Lenihan, $370,000.

Treadway Rd., 19312-Nancy M. Laruffa to Jerry Duane and Candace Baugh Moxley, $395,000.


Childress Ct., 11-James Khiu to Eugene Townes and Helina T. Mekonnen, $235,000.

Isleswood Terr., 4339-Housing Opportunities Commission to Dionne B. Wright, $194,900.

Van Horn Way, 3643-Jerry W. and Harry Bokow to Prince A. Mensah, $238,500.


Brackley Terr., 13408-Carlos H. and Andrea Caceres to Jose A. Peredo and Martha P. Rodriguez, $270,000.

Cedar Creek Lane, 13617-Joseph R. and Patricia Ann Schaap to Kimberly C. Ballou, $274,000.

Fairridge Dr., 13604-Audrey R. and Charles E. Vest to William Moseley, $300,000.

Jackson Rd., 1405-Laverne C. Parrish to Jennifer J. Hong, $335,000.

Mimosa Lane, 1306-James R. and Sandra L. Gault to Jeremy N. Gelling and Patrice Brooks Gelling, $339,000.

Old Stone Rd., 317-Michael P. and Iris Wasserman to James F. Floyd and Tara E. Taylor, $432,000.

Shepperton Terr., 2829-Andres Hernandez and Sandra Alvarez to Prabir D. and Purabi D. Gupta, $130,000.

Tanley Rd., 720-Larry W. and Cindy L. Danner to Joseph E. and Renee M. Duran, $497,500.


Brennon Lane, 6800-Shahin and Faranguis Kamran to Matthew J. and Jill Romansky McCulloch, $1.66 million.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4824, No. 4824-Maria Garza Vale to David Munson Jr., $275,000.

Donnybrook Dr., 8420-Brian T. and Catherine K. Lacey to Ariel H. and Amy Levine Herman, $640,000.

Highland Dr., 5819-Ezra C. Levine and Laura Elena Stone to Chester A. Speed and Margaret W. Burrowes, $1.45 million.

Meadow Lane, 7021-Katherine M. and Osborn S. Belt to David A. and Emily C. Vaughan, $1.4 million.

Parkway Dr., 5214-Roger J. and Deborah M. Whyte to D. Jacques and Cindra R. Smith, $1.86 million.

Spencer Rd., 2712-Beth A. Rabinovich and Leah Rabinovich to Matthew W. and Theora I. Milledge, $535,000.

Underwood St., 4011-Andrew Fisher to Andrew and Laura Baek, $2.06 million.

Willard Ave., 4515-Louis J. and Susan S. Kirschenbaum to Stephen Adler, $295,000.


Burdette Forest Rd., 23965-Michael Harris Corp. to Brian Medina, $489,900.

Ebenezer Chapel Dr., 13021-Kimberly A. Shiley to David G. Albertini, $358,000.

Rainbow Arch Dr., 23314-Hugo A. and Evelyn R. Zapata to Vijayakumar N. and Sulochana V. Guggari, $480,000.

Skylark Rd., 11771-Marc A. and Heather M. Case to Sean Hyun Sik Kim and Doona Kim, $340,000.

Tulip Tree Terr., 12500-Calvin H. Cheung and Anita Chan to Jianzheng Zhou and Yueyuan Liu, $590,000.


Colesberg St., 1429-Lois F. Miller to Timothy J. Hammond and Sarah Bosken, $345,000.

Elm Grove Cir., 1281-Pamela J. Carberg to Reena R. Pitta, $145,000.

Twig Terr., 1313-Shwu Ling Yeung and Shwu Ling Chiu to Richard Keith and Jennifer M. Long, $240,000.


Coltrane Dr., 25610-Kenneth A. and Lisa M. Montgomery to Kelly R. Kleinman, $169,000.

Valley Park Terr., 25739, No. E2-Peter and Talita Keiller to Rochelle J. Brown, $200,000.


Flatwood Dr., 17004-Vincent L. and Kathy Harris Thomas to Hing Pan Wong and Khanh Minh Trinh Vo, $400,000.

Roslyn Ave., 7116-William Scot and Elizabeth M. Riddlesberger to Jacqueline Neubrech, $369,000.


Calumet Dr., 10515-Jennifer L. Owens to Todd and Robin Sleeman, $342,000.

Flower Ave., 9117-Loyd Bowman and Charlie Bowman to Nina Hsu, $484,000.

Highview Ave., 301-Francis Birney and Sandra Nolan to National Residential Nominee Services, $418,000.

Malta Lane, 806-Rishi Kapoor to James L. Lummis, $415,000.

Mountain Quail Rd., 10414-Suet C. Man to Olli Topias Toukolehto and Ellen Kao, $530,000.

Sutherland Rd., 9701-George and Tracy Spencer Newburgh to Charles M. and Monika K. Shepard, $399,000.

Woodmoor Dr., 20-Susan H. Whitmore and Frank W. Whitmore Jr. to Brian and Maureen Dewey, $412,000.


Barn Swallow Terr., 18712-Juanita Wilson Hargette and Tonia Hargette to Sandro Santos and Beatriz Helena Delgado, $175,000.

Brookes Ave., 104-Lauren Carey and Michael F. Stumborg to Phillip L. and Megan M. Wessell, $354,900.

Coriander Dr., 7905, No. 101-Jackson Jimenez and Ana Caceres to Niraj V. Patel, $70,000.

Flower Hill Terr., 8412-Laura Roberts and Christopher M. Wood to Palanikumaran Sakthivel, $300,000.

Girard St., 452, No. 347-Javier A. Aquino and Ana Saez Perez to Natalia L. Klimenkova, $96,000.

High Timber Ct., 226-Paul Grulich to Kwasi Sampong, $275,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 8429-Everardo and Griselda Flores to Sae Hoon and Jung Sook Lim, $280,000.

Shady Spring Pl., 19-Manuel Flores to Liang Zhang and Fan Chang, $155,000.

Taunton Dr., 17408-Thomas P. Meilcher and Joanna S. Mika to Glenn Adam Stephenson IV, $425,000.

Walnut Hill Rd., 16524-Arthur E. Johnson to Howard and Margaret Berger, $299,000.


Ambassador Dr., 13646, No. 13646-Julianne M. Gatewood to Acacia Savings Bank, $180,000.

Burnt Woods Ct., 17-Michael A. Bat and Landra M. Woodcock to Susan Breen Tischler, $378,000.

Climbing Ivy Ct., 21-Giovanna Roman to Matthew Van Doren, $224,000.

Creola Ct., 13731-Northwest FCU to Jin Chul Kim, $218,000.

Eagles Nest Ct., 12220C-Amy Sutch Klatchko to Silvia and Carlos Sansoulet, $125,000.

Galway Bay Cir., 19606, No. 403-Andres and Tara S. Parra to Aqleema Noor, $140,000.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13503, No. 102-Kristina M. Monteforte to Lena Kim, $152,500.

Pickering Ct., 29-Christopher N. Berry and Ronald L. Bryant to David O. Horta and Nallely Maldonado, $158,000.

Rosebay Dr., 13104-Sajina Saj Joseph to Jia Chang and Xiaolan Chen, $268,000.

Silvergate Way, 12309-Alejandra Sierra to Nirupama and Krishna B. Shastry, $93,000.

Waters Row Terr., 20277-Charles R. and Margaret Moore to Xiaofei Kemp, $294,000.


Ambler Dr., 4400-Nina P. Soukhanov to Michael G. and Tania A. Vera, $585,000.

Byrd Ct., 4111-Alyson A. Foster to Mark S. and Terri A. Vincent, $477,600.

Edgefield Rd., 4405-Paul S. Jester and Norman T. Jester to Eric May, $400,000.

La Duke Dr., 9902-Howard Morin to George C. and Sharon M. Bretting, $755,000.

Moore Lane, 3107-Hilda D. Rodriguez to Andrew and Patricia Ann Oxendine, $675,000.

Spruell Dr., 4113-Robert D. Lakeman and James H. Lakeman to Kerri Lee Fanjoy, $419,500.


Golf View Dr., 20905-Ruby F. Hayes to Susan and Barry Yaffee, $225,000.

Robin Ct., 22512-Thomas V. and Sarah E. Peters to Patrick T. and Nicole D. Malinowski, $500,000.


Brassie Way, 9757-Jason Abita to Lynden Saltibus, $203,500.

Cove Ledge Ct., 10202-Sham and Vini Mittal to Mehtab Shamsi and Tanveer Fatima, $180,000.

Feathertree Terr., 9804-U.S. Bank to Janet Song, $122,000.

Horizon Run Rd., 9640-Cary and Constance Tang to Manilet B. Juan, $165,000.

Pruitt Ct., 20602-Donna Kay Kenney to Stephanie Del Rosario, $175,000.

Tindal Springs Ct., 43-John P. and Joyanne P. Murphy to Hannah Hyeun Me Chae and Kyong Me Chae, $360,500.


Bel Pre Dr., 14335-Amjad A. and Razia B. Rana to Sandra Quintana, $150,000.

Chester Mill Terr., 16129-Allan W. and Sylvia M. Hurwitz to Daniel Do, $375,000.

Farnell Dr., 12612-Fannie Mae to Yuri Olivares and Linda J. Granville, $242,000.

Glade Dr., 15100-Joseph and Joyce T. Saunderson to Michael J. Marcuse, $105,000.

Idlewood Rd., 11708-Katharine T. and Meredith P. Branson to Jasmin Whitfield, $275,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15107, No. 2-Lily Wong to Sandra E. Elliott, $125,000.

Kelmscot Dr., 14508-James P. Murphy to Paul E. and Sherry Hauser, $230,000.

Nordic Hill Cir., 1714-Robert S. Townsend and Margaret E. Holmes to Li Zhang and Nan Chen, $462,000.

Ralph Rd., 3805-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Arun Prasad and Rohini Rao, $310,000.

Valleyfield Dr., 14200, No. 37-Gabriel and Carolina Nieto to Yitzchak Yitzchaki, $109,000.


Amberlea Farm Dr., 11339-Reynaldo B. Gonzales to Kuei Kuan Liao and Mitsuhiro Nagasawa, $247,526.

Botany Way, 14801-Anestis Papadopoulos to Joseph George Panikulam and Indra Appukuttan, $729,000.

Cornerwood Ct., 14-William Chester and Margaret L. Hutchison to Jill E. Tecler, $287,500.

Falconbridge Dr., 12445-James and Karon Zimmerman to Ebrahim and Zohreh Sanaie, $605,000.

Hart Mews, 246-Kathleen M. Laurance to Susan K. Beram, $584,900.

Lakelands Dr., 445-Kurt L. and Florentina Dillard to Anthony W. Neal, $575,000.

Leafcup Rd., 209-Alexander X. Diaz to Xien Shi Wang and Li Qiu Yang, $347,500.

Michele Ct., 7-Richard M. and Harriet J. Kenly to Chad A. and Jessica W. Duhon, $387,500.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14402-Dong Chan and Eunju Kim to Stephanie L. and David A. Woodrow, $322,500.

Quelway Rd., 11213-Kathleen Mahoney to Andrew W. and Shannon M. Mack, $817,242.

Ranch Lane, 11644-Sivakumar R. Vaithiyalingam and Sujatha Panda Jothiraman to National Residential Nominee Services, $510,000.

Timber Rock Rd., 54-Annie F. Lederman and Johnnie Alden Monk to Ramalinga G. Sampath, $275,000.

West Side Dr., 910-Zoila Estela Garay and Francisco Mejia to Li Zhuang, $130,500.

Whitcliff Ct., 305-Tarannum Syed to Jean Clarence Paul Lochard, $255,000.


Alfalfa Terr., 4101-Carolyn M. and Charles Gepford to Jessica A. and Brendon R. Kelley, $507,000.

Centerfield Way, 16810-Mamie Uteria Price to Robin S. Broughton, $300,000.

Fairweather Ct., 3112-Lewis R. and Margaret Ohrt Sanford to William G. and Susan M. Moran, $598,000.

Gooseneck Terr., 16713-Regan L. and Aria D. Crump to Kevin P. and Leigh A. Messett, $579,000.

Morningwood Dr., 4116-Daniel J. and Diane Morley to Albert J. and Ellen Smith, $460,000.

O’Hara Pl., 3002-Michael R. and Emily E. Dulany to Kathleen Coursen, $240,000.

Sundown Farms Way, 3604-Melanie Mae Clore to James A. Kiernan and Sarah K. Dyer, $450,000.

Yarnbrooke Pl., 18513-Jody Newman to Eileen M. Cunius, $435,000.


Beman Woods Ct., 4-Carolyn and Bastian Hello to Michael S. and Courtney S. Bromley, $1.6 million.

Chateau Dr., 8620-Gary E. and Susan Hess to Mark A. and Anne L. Dorfman, $1.9 million.

Dobbins Dr., 11000-Peter A. Peyser Jr. to Bryant M. and Jennifer S. Farland, $1.05 million.

Garden Way, 10101-Nandakumaran Ponthenkandath and Nirmala N. Kozhikode to Lisa W. Pickrum, $1.28 million.

Haislip Ct., 11013-Joe and Cheryl F. Goldberg to Jonathan Scott and Kelly Anne Pashkoff, $850,000.

Iron Gate Rd., 10120-Edward A. and Virginia E. Murphy to Fariba A. and Parvis A. Tavakoli, $700,000.

Liberty Lane, 8713-Joyce K. Demond to Howard D. Levine, $690,000.

Postoak Rd., 8519-Barbara Ann Dobberstein to Joe A. and Gabriela Massie, $535,000.

Seven Locks Rd., 11804-Sie Kiem Ong to David Tzou, $120,000.

Timber Hill Lane, 8501-Thomas E. and Jami W. Deise to Yongmei Zhou and Changqing Sun, $930,000.

Whiterim Terr., 7711-Marc A. Bassin to David G. and Karen P. Markham, $712,000.


Allan Rd., 900-Ralph D. and Linda D. Schwartzback to Ryan Mathew and Kamesha Samyl Myers, $365,000.

Ashley Dr., 11301-Bogdan Corp. to Aiping Zhang, $350,000.

Blaze Climber Way, 235-Ray W. and Kathleen Wiblin to Chang Eun Jung and Joann Hye Yun Kang, $580,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12403, No. 464-Landon School Corp. to Kevin R. Gordon and Ashley Snock, $160,000.

California Cir., 6050-Lerner Enterprises to Elena Luchkina and Mikhail Luchkina, $239,900.

Danville Dr., 11821-Richard M. and Audrey R. Mandell to Brian E. and Shari L. Abramson, $815,000.

Dundee Rd., 2002-Patricia L. Minami to Tian Zhou, $425,000.

Ginkgo Terr., 13702-Warren C. and Dana L. Miller to Vineet and Suhela Luthra, $1.13 million.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101-Keren Arkin Hilger to Casandra M. Schoenwolf, $269,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10401, No. 1601-Lola Fox Rabinovich to Golam Fariduddin Akhter, $389,000.

Ivy League Lane, 703, No. 22-134-Ali and Marissa Analouei to Jesse Y. and Ann Wen Chang, $418,000.

Marwood Ct., 5-Yoav and Stacey Katz to Vassiliy Tsytsarev and Elena Pumbo, $412,000.

Monroe St., 112-Albino Adamo to Wen Feng Andwang, $175,000.

Nelson St., 1011-Alex and Jennifer Douville to Kevin Patrick and Susana Mendoza Birdsong, $322,000.

Old Cabin Lane, 7017-Neta Jan Brooks and Glenn O. Hall Jr. to Brian M. Corrado and Jenny Martinez Corrado, $725,000.

Overlea Dr., 9501-Sheila Levin to Eric C. and Laura A. Henmueller, $895,000.

Redland Blvd., 536-C. Robert and Karen L. Reed to Heng Kuang and Lin Chen, $480,000.

Rolling House Rd., 11410-Elaine W. Neidecker to Benjamin D. and Elizabeth B. Coit, $749,900.

Stonehenge Pl., 6010-Philip A. Graham and Regina Batista Graham to Raul and Elena Garcia, $668,000.

Troy Rd., 11218-William E. Nolan Jr. to Gwendolyn Zecha, $347,000.

Wilmart St., 1709-Amir Mojtahedi and Parvaneh Ardabili to Silvia Bolland, $560,000.


Apperson Way, 11513-Doreen Chinquee to Sheila R. and Rodolfo Merene, $232,000.

Fruitwood Way, 11423, No. 143-Ruth Grubby to Grace Marere, $168,000.

St. Johnsbury Lane, 19408-Frieda M. and Loyd Morris Ferrell to Rajesh Chhabra and Seema Dheman, $207,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11461-Fannie Mae to Shannon R. Brown, $160,000.

Zebrawood Ct., 11727-Gerald E. Dilts and Duane N. Miller to Bin Zhang and Kwan Yeung, $170,000.


Burket Ct., 5-Janice C. Kane to Ann Neville Uhles and Craig Lawrence Cola, $610,000.

Columbia Blvd., 9502-David Henry Small to Eric W. Marsteller and Berre M. Burch, $532,000.

Eastern Ave., 7981-Candice G. and Blossom M. Taylor to Carol M. Joseph and Michael Joseph, $416,000.

Parkside Rd., 21-Esther and Neville Ottley to Matthew S. and Naomi A. Perl, $485,000.

Thayer Ave., 603-Jerome M. Segal to Sonya S. Tung and Jonathan A. Myrtil, $314,000.

Washington Ave., 2236, No. W202-Edward M. Hanson to Christian K. Dobbins, $195,000.


Barron St., 8506-Anees Jeries Abdelnour to Ruth Fitch and John Quah, $309,000.

Davis Ave., 906-Didier Follain Grisell and Vera Follain Grisell to Gregory C. May and Lark Claassen, $515,030.

Haddon Dr., 8307-Heather B. and Steven C. Decaluwe to Caroline A. Tess, $420,000.

Maple Ave., 7300-Ronald P. Schneck Jr. and Laura Elyn Lauth to Seth A. Shames and Sophie Kasimow, $710,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 617-Tenacity Corp. to Shelly D. Sherman, $185,000.

Takoma Ave., 7701-Morelyn L. Weisman and David B. Weisman to Hans and Angela Riemer, $780,000.


Debeck Dr., 1014-Mohammad and Mosammat Maksuda Jamal to Davood Ashrafi, $180,000.

Pier Dr., 5601-Marion L. Halpern to Debra Pakaluk, $270,000.


Arcola Ave., 1106-Hillel and Myrna Klavan to Mousa and Sara Shamouilian, $359,500.

Dalewood Dr., 11911-Ibrahim E. Barbari and Badia E. Barbari to Douglas Renderos, $200,000.

Galt Ave., 11710-William H. and Mary Adams Grauer to Stasia Ann Anderson, $330,000.

Harmon Rd., 2407-Ryan P. and January M. Donovan to Beth Keller, $410,000.

Little Sorrel Way, 2103-Centex Homes to Christopher L. Duncan, $413,500.

Monticello Ave., 11214-Casimiro and Yolanda Moratin to Westley Kent and Deborah A. Ford, $259,000.

Schoolhouse Cir., 2842-Christian R. Hennemeyer to Jana Na Zhang and Xiao Bing Xu, $285,000.

University Blvd. W., 2020, No. 12-Shaavhree Y. Buckman to Daniel R. Adkins and Erin M. Webster, $303,000.

Frederick County

George St., 5393-David S. Smith Jr. to Donald R. and Lisa L. Shaffer, $249,900.


Appalachian Way, 737-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to Doreen Effah, $269,990.

10th Ave., 5-Karen Brenner to Daniel P. Wigfield and Caitlin O. Rippey, $164,000.


Point Of Rocks Rd., 3969-Andrea Denise Main to Christopher and Jennifer Crown, $448,000.


All Saints St. W., 28-Cary D. and David E. Daniel to Raymond Laurence Bradley and Jean A. Werfel, $272,500.

Appletree Ct., 1302-James and Rhonda Frankenfield to Cristian A. Rivera, $169,000.

Bethel Rd., 10546-Scott Jensen to Richard R. Hopkins Jr., $80,000.

Cameron Way, 2646-Jason Vaughan to Christopher A. Miller, $215,000.

Canvasback Ct., 5025-Edith Alfredo Villatoro to Kevin A. Jones, $166,000.

Cheryls Ct., 1003-Tad J. and Faith S. Matthews to Douglas E. and Shelley A. Grimmett, $235,000.

Chestnut Grove Rd., 7923-Robert M. and Roberta Hackley to Ronald and Alissa Carpenter, $440,000.

David Lane, 1355-Khai and Lian Niang Pau to Hungh Khan Tual, $130,000.

Flagstone Ct., 6068-Gregory P. Belt and Julie C. Blake to Corey R. and Kimberly B. Pope, $240,000.

Greenleese Dr. N., 1813-Binh Khac Do to David L. Pearsall Sr., $325,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1330, No. 7E-Rollo W. and Fatima D. Jones to Kevon B. and Vaishali P. Kothari, $103,000.

Hever Way, 5306-Russell C. Hodge to Steven L. Fleming and Aletha L. Woodruff, $324,000.

Laurel Ridge Rd., 8102-Robert J. Favatella to Wiliam J. Kissner, $335,000.

Market St. N., 1029-Barry K. Brouse to Vaughan Weston and Erin Biles, $225,000.

Myrtle Pl., 5711-Jeanette J. Boyd and Jane B. Pannier to Richard M. and Harriett J. Kenly, $235,000.

Norwick Ct., 117-Harold S. and Geraldine A. Scheid to Brady J. Conrad, $186,500.

Prince William Ct., 5493-Shane D. and Christy A. Smith to Mark A. and Sarah Y. Moser, $207,000.

Rockwell Terr., 200-Mary Ann Schindel to Dinis M. and Amanda M. Leal, $550,000.

Stratford Way, 802E-Barbara Marie Weddle to Danling Chen, $72,000.

Tivoli Rd., 655-Beazer Homes to Karen Marie Purtell, $270,000.

Waterside Dr., 2500, No. 114-Sherrill L. Pecharka and Philip S. Dyett to William Lee Eric Haff, $185,000.

Wayside Ct., 2496-Edward W. and Patricia J. Lynch to Ronald M. and Brandi M. Karolick, $326,900.

Winter Snow Ct., 8202-John M. and Lauren O. McGuffin to Thomas and Rebecca McGuffin Cooper, $210,000.

Ninth St. E., 33-Grace A. Borell to David L. and Louise M. Frey, $121,500.


Main St. E., 503-Milutin Slobodan Djurickovic to Frederick and Lisa Roberts, $290,000.

North Pointe Terr., 11-Kenneth H. Bucz and Barbara G. Busz to Bank of America, $382,467.

Wash House Cir., 15-Brent Royce and Priya N. Sathyanathan to Joel K. Cearbaugh, $259,000.


Bill Moxley Rd., 4001-Green River Capital Corp. to Susan E. Willamson and Chatt C. Williamson, $338,000.

Lomar Dr., 4042-Donald E. and Patricia A. O’Connor to Charles H. Caynamon and Dawn C. Cynamon, $535,000.

Penn Shop Rd., 13058-Mary Mullinix to Clint Hardy, $220,000.

Woodville Rd., 6243-Bethel K. Johnson to Sheldon and Barbara Davis, $138,200.


Loy Wolfe Rd., 12080-Charles A. and Joan Gramness to Susan L. McHugh, $325,000.


Glen Lane, 6692-Ryan Legacy Builders to Thomas Munn and Anna Louise Gurnett, $399,800.

Main St. W., 122-Howard B. and Wanda K. Edwards to Michael K. and Jill K. Black, $307,500.

Sanandrew Dr., 11070-Janice Hutchins to Robert M. and Lauren K. Blundin, $427,000.

Worchester Dr., 11112-Ken and Kelly Spore to Timothy Petty and Lisa Strahan, $297,000.


Brookshire Run, 1706-Jennifer Cooper Barlow to Richard T. Fleming and Jennifer R. Boyle, $260,000.


Altamont Ave. N., 174, No. 174-Robert E. Wymer II and Rose M. Brunk Wymer to James E. Miller and Judith M. Haynes Miller, $89,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 121-James P. Angerett and Melinda A. Jochim to Department of Veterans Affairs, $176,260.

Rock Creek Way, 104-Property Transformer Corp. to Richard W. and Ashley Nichole Balsley, $274,900.


Brushfield Dr., 4131-Mark R. Takehara to Matthew P. and Pamela B. McCarthy, $435,000.

Pinecliff Dr., 8619-Theresa M. Tiskos to Michael M. and Sara L. Balthazor, $285,000.

Whitmore Lane, 9100-Ivan and Eulalia Gutierrez to Hoaqing Lin and Manhong Dong, $700,000.


Deer Run Dr., 201-Frederick W. and Lenora F. Dietzel to Brent A. and Beth A. McFarland, $335,000.

Mount Pleasant Ct. E., 7913-Michael W. and Rachael M. Easterday to Samuel and Katherine Mills, $300,000.