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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Bennett Dr., 4106-John M. Gibbons to Eddie H. Hostler, $500,000.

Columbia Rd., 5004-Ninh La to Christopher Seveney and Diana Mirzakarimova, $540,000.

Erie St., 7703-Fumiyo Tao to Charles Le, $375,000.

Greenberry Lane, 4350-Scott J. Pearson to Amna Maraheel, $309,000.

Jayhawk St., 7127-Ronald Tull to Linda Williams, $325,000.

Lafayette Park Dr., 6873-Fannie Mae to Cleveland Eason, $367,500.

Mignonette Ct., 5009-John G. Brosnan to Gregory M. Hatzl, $595,000.

Patriot Dr., 7887-Ernest Ducanay to Asma Sultana, $216,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 4716-Wells Fargo Bank to Ha Nguyen and Hanh Dinh, $380,500.

Shenandoah Ave., 7412-Barbara Koczyk to Paula Jaffe, $640,000.

Tarheel Way, 4906-Donald N. Collins to Gabriel Duer and Sandra Triveri, $540,000.

Willowridge Lane, 8807-Eric C. Longo to Edward D. Fay III, $550,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3306, No. 32-Kenneth Balbuena to Jeff Zhang, $168,800.


Barcroft Mews Dr., 6325-Byron K. Williams to Nasreddine Hassaini and Faten Chami, $465,000.

Gordon St., 3526-Barbara C. Morrow to Steven Frable, $510,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3429, No. 15-Michael L. Cappannari to Brian Clay, $235,000.

Munson Rd., 3711-Mabel Woodson to Guimar Cordova, $232,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1308, No. A2-David A. Meaux to Carole Sherrard, $260,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 6030-Philmore Anderson to Carolyn Coda and Richard J. Ward III, $630,000.

Quander Rd., 6727-Selena E. Leary to Michael R. Broderick, $425,000.

Westgrove Blvd., 1305-Raymond Rodon to Paul Cook, $665,000.


Annaberg Ct., 10323, No. 149-Randal Y. Jacobs to David A. Schmidt, $250,000.

Burr Oak Way, 10874-Taeg Jeon to Denise Mascola, $610,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9484-Gary L. Thompson to Scott R. Lemke, $350,000.

Eagle Landing Rd., 6109-Joseph M. Mikrut to Edward T. Waters, $655,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 9512-Jonathan Sweet to Matthew Sutton, $570,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 9230-John S. McCormick to Constanza Jacome, $592,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6172-Julie Hoffman to Marco A. Martinez and Iris Medina, $345,000.

Nordeen Oak Ct., 5705-Judith A. Steele to Patricia M. Dempsey, $257,500.

Peter Roy Ct., 9367-Ellender Vanhully Bronson to David Stevenson, $432,000.

Ridge Ford Dr., 6023-Ray J. Madden to Duane Phillips, $565,000.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10158-Daniela Tulis to Robert Biller, $331,000.

Stavendish St., 5478-Thomas Ruckdaschel to Manh H. Nguyen, $330,000.

Tinsmith Lane, 9603-Kyung Oh to Richard Durso, $531,000.

Wood Sorrels Ct., 5908-Helene M. Sabatier to Portia B. Altimus, $420,000.


Basingstoke Ct., 6020-Trevor E. Bell to Joseph D. Milosavich, $220,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6842-Carol A. Pierce to Chris N. Chan, $255,000.

Cool Fountain Lane, 5011-John R. and Deborah J. Blair to Matthew Debrosse, $395,000.

Deviar Dr., 13907-Cynthia Kelly to Andrew Bovill, $350,000.

Edman Rd., 14818-David J. Francis to Tu A. Honguyen, $317,000.

Frosty Winter Ct., 6245-James J. Caputo Jr. to Mark H. Snyder, $312,900.

Glory Creek Trail, 16453-Crooked Creek Corp. to Zalmai Azmi, $1.1 million.

Havener House Way, 5934-Mary C. Fones to Terrence Limos, $175,000.

Malcolm Jameson Way, 13947-Rodney L. Simmons to Maurice Trapp, $575,000.

Oakmere Dr., 14517-David Morgan to Tojo Thatchenkery, $360,000.

Preacher Chapman Pl., 13932-Christopher J. McNulty to Michael E. Chorney Jr., $314,000.

Ritchie Rd., 14914-Glen W. Wolfe to Janine Goodchild, $350,000.

Rosy Lane, 14302, No. 12-Alicia M. Huff to Jacob Heater, $187,000.

Schoolfield Ct., 5608-Elmer R. Daluz to Dong I. Kim, $415,000.

Shirey Lane, 6328-Duy Pham to Tae S. Kim, $315,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14678-James E. McCartney to Douglas M. Marr, $240,000.

Surrey House Way, 15280-Tami L. Catania to Jeffrey Mason and Kathryn Wilfong, $630,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5109A-Michael G. Wixted to Craig Smith, $237,000.

Uniform Dr., 14386-Andrew C. Hodge to Antonio Carreno, $374,711.

Winding Woods Dr., 5117-Havva Kavak to Kwang Bae, $370,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4823-Hung and Thuy L. Nguyen to Brad A. and Jill M. Maison, $850,000.

Dallas St., 14017-Karl Sallberg to Lylab Holdings Corp., $480,000.

Marble Rock Dr., 13424-Steven Seward to Sunghwan Yi, $635,000.

Travers Ct., 4163-Muthkrishnan Kumar to Radha Shivakumar, $500,500.


Chapel Rd., 11721-Evan H. and Julia M. Farr to Amjid Pervaiz, $1.25 million.

Compton Rd., 13418-Metropolitan Group Corp. to Trevor Bell, $529,000.

Maple Run Ct., 6203-Timothy Scanlin to Craig Wennet and Kerry Tuohy Wennet, $555,000.

Regal Crest Dr., 13303-Ali Abbarin to Gity Espahrom, $556,000.

Union Village Cir., 13538-Michael J. Lukacs to Andrew H. Buchanan, $500,000.

Wildflower Lane, 13695-Sandra K. Krause to Jennifer Dwyer, $305,000.


Friendship Ct., 10307-Kevin F. O’Neill to Michael G. Capretti, $413,000.

Grinnell St., 5213-Sheralyn Goldbecker to Kenneth Strazzier, $504,000.

Pender Spring Dr., 3907-Christopher Johnson to Mahmoud Rouhi and Sherry Sorouri, $760,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4203-Charles T. McClimans to Kyu Yi, $341,000.


Brandt Ct., 8001-Abbas Eid to Thomas Clark, $805,000.

Copperleaf Ct., 8401-Scott A. Flickinger and Kay Kern to Peter J. Mulvihill, $667,500.

Fairview Woods Dr., 5958-Pedro Gonzalez to Scott Rider, $769,000.

Henderson Rd., 10700-Mario R. Saavedra to Louis R. Nelson, $860,000.

Lakewood Lane, 11499-Sean and Barry T. O’Hare to Culbert B. Laney, $750,000.

Sylvan Glen Lane, 7013-Eric R. Condit to Craig J. Fay, $708,000.

Winterway Lane, 11808-Gerald H. Welsh to Jesse Sousa, $775,000.


Anderson Rd., 1931-Kimberly Strinbrecher to Donald W. Kanuk, $330,000.

Birch St., 6935-Nelle Temple Brown to Edward English Jr., $775,000.

Brittany Parc Ct., 7617-David M. and Ivette Marwell to National Residential Nominee Services, $840,000.

Dashiell Rd., 3138-Hans F. Olson to Lorraine Morrison and Glenn Driggers, $362,500.

Falls Reach Dr., 7011, No. 101-Heloise Thorneycroft to Nancy J. Cartwright, $400,000.

Gary Ct., 3207-Kevin B. O’Connell Sr. to William Pacheco, $365,000.

Hogan Ct., 2817-Soledad S. Garcia to Anuja E. Verma, $385,000.

Lee Hwy., 7344, No. 44-201-Thomas E. Costigan Jr. to Denise Massihi, $140,200.

Little Falls Pl., 2812-David K. Scott to Brent Williams, $580,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7752-Steve Klimkiewicz to Mark Skootsky, $509,000.

Miracle Lane, 1901-James H. Taplett to Marcus Simon, $760,000.

Placid St., 6606-Felipe Benavides to Christopher R. Rodriguez, $590,000.

Rosemary Lane, 2863-Lynn Do to Stoll Construction Inc., $350,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2806-Maria Cordova to Stephen J. Vossler, $325,000.

Ware Rd., 1924-Donald H. Smith to Priya Berry, $359,000.

Wheatley Ct., 6822-Robert R. Harris to Hsing Wang, $417,000.


Point Replete Cir., 7125-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Phillip McDonald, $519,000.


Bainbridge Rd., 8002-Daniel F. Yuill to Kimberly A. Martin, $527,500.

Croton Dr., 919-Steve L. Mathis to Patrick J. McElwain, $592,800.

Holiday Dr., 7612-James F. Shumway to Parkway Builders Corp., $531,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 1514-Allan Castro to Brian K. Costanzo, $455,000.


Amesbury Ct., 7513-Philip S. Hyder to Kevin Pudas, $409,000.

Bayliss Pl., 6128-Steven M. Cummings to Michael F. Roach, $675,000.

Brookleigh Way, 6514-Larue E. Cook to Justin C. Peak, $330,000.

Coachleigh Way, 6563-George E. Ballenger to Amy Palilonis, $368,000.

Eaton Pl., 4600-Melody Long to Tyra A. Harding, $391,615.

Fieldhurst Ct., 7040-Joseph W. Santini to Aaron M. Massey II, $460,000.

Gatton Sq., 7072-Marcel Ocampo to Roderick Kelly, $420,000.

Grange Lane, 6501, No. 301-Adam C. Markham to Shirlean Pelham Bennett, $270,000.

Joust Lane, 6035-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Jeremy L. Simmons, $412,000.

Marble Arch Way, 5721-Justin G. Meeks to David Gronsbell, $432,500.

Old Brentford Rd., 7025-Katherine Moran to Hursandbek Jumanyazov, $278,000.

Signature Cir., 6815-Jonathan Hacker to Selamawit Fesseha, $395,000.

Sunburst Way, 6507-Claire Goldstein to Puya Agahi, $305,000.

Wilton Woods Lane, 4220-Jeffrey D. Lowenkron to Edward Donahue, $660,000.


Canterwood Lane, 323-Timothy Ellis to Zaheer I. Tanveer, $952,000.

Colvin Run Rd., 10313-Limin Xue to Venkat Iyer, $820,000.

Great Falls Way, 11521-David C. Bell to Lawrence S. Burwell, $1.6 million.

Minburn St., 10109-Gennaro Colabatistto to Jason Van Valkenburgh, $905,000.

Utterback Store Rd., 630-Utterback Store Road Corp. to Michael Rasser, $970,000.


Alton Sq., 12901, No. 302-Matthew Roberson to Matthew Fedyna, $208,500.

Apgar Pl., 13332-Fannie Mae to Kodjo Assogba, $245,000.

Bradley Acres Ct., 2852-John F. Lefevere to Jeffrey H. Stoner, $570,000.

Brynwood Pl., 3208-Timothy Whalen to Larry J. Hart, $635,000.

Cedar Glen Lane, 12945-Yong Zhou to Rahul V. Gulati, $810,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12949, No. 308-Nikolaos Avdikos to Sanjay Seth, $160,000.

Coates Lane, 13514-Tamia A. True to Tina Suleiman, $335,000.

Elevation Lane, 13454-Marie Opland to Yamin Wu, $361,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12136-George M. Ruzek to Daniel Bellingham, $549,900.

Franklin Oaks Dr., 2870-Katherine B. Grammes to Michael Chen and Na Yu, $839,500.

Highcourt Lane, 2101, No. 303-Raman Puggal to Ajay Gupta, $240,000.

Kings Ct., 1021-Carl H. Schmieg to Gladys Mozo Reyes and Eliezer Serrano, $261,000.

Locust St., 908-Katie Goodwin Grimm to William Stone, $737,000.

Maleady Dr., 2016-William Weiss to Kevin Goralski, $382,000.

Meadowstream Ct., 12205-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Matthew A. Schipani, $649,000.

New Parkland Dr., 12902-William Stewart to Timothy Frederick, $569,900.

Otsego Dr., 2815-James J. Boyle to Robert Letteney, $603,000.

Parklawn Ct., 2906-Louis J. Jean to Jeremy T. Barron, $560,000.

Reneau Way, 316-Fannie Mae to Sushil Adhikari, $240,000.

Rosiers Branch Dr., 12006-Raymond F. Weiss to Ian Worrell, $480,000.

Seskey Glen Ct., 2608-Yingjun Zhang to Srinivasu Kaja, $408,600.

Sterling Rd., 1146-Evergreens Companies Corp. to William Findley, $646,210.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2410-Nino T. Mosso to Guruminder Singh, $395,000.

Wheeler Way, 13108-Brian W. Bodi to Gregory J. Cozad, $655,000.


Albemarle Dr., 2703-Richard J. Cassara to David W. Mingos, $355,000.

Blaine Dr., 5861-Joshua Patel to Nazem Mouhamed, $243,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 2855-Fannie Mae to Jason Stern, $400,000.

Monticello Rd., 5919-Angela M. Stephens to Lauren Buchanan, $349,900.

Redcoat Dr., 2639, No. 146-Department of Housing and Urban Development to George Morris, $80,000.


Blue Mallard Landing, 3411-Bank of America to Michael Kline, $346,000.

Chimney Wood Ct., 6312-Sandra Peyton to Bridget Howell, $287,630.

Lantern Pl., 4513-Peter E. Schaub to Chad M. Pechman, $415,000.

Wilkinson Pl., 2104-Charles D. Hall Jr. to Edmund C. Cammack, $1 million.


Arcadia Rd., 3914-Sofyan Barham to Simon O. Araia, $365,000.

Chieftain Cir., 5396-White Jee to Garrett Atkinson, $530,000.

Sawgrass Ct., 4546-Hendrik Osinga to John R. Heiselmoyer, $419,888.


Aurora Ct., 8477-Augusto Clavijo to Sang Ha and Ui Huang, $190,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9292, No. 301C-Kelly Price to Jan Prchal, $174,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8151-Sharad S. Khandelwal to Darien J. Hammett, $399,990.

Hagel Cir., 9849-U.S. Bank to Joon Kang, $151,000.

Kiger St., 8927-Ricardo Grave De Peralta to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $738,000.

Mooregate Ct., 9482-Orlando Rivas to Louis Hemani, $175,000.

Red Bird Woods Ct., 6710-Deborah A. Ozga to Youief Fitwi and Abeba Yohannes, $350,000.

River Dr., 5940-Sharon L. Steele to Mark Vukasovich, $625,000.

Singleleaf Lane, 8251-Michael Plantenga to Lynne Rose, $414,000.

William Augustus Ct., 7971-Justo Camargo to Michael A. Crary, $579,000.


Brawner St., 6632-Buchanan Price Corp. to Michael H. Goldberg, $1.99 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 306-Park Crest Building Associates to Peter Choi, $360,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1810-Park Crest Building Associates to Malini Bazaz, $1.2 million.

Dunterry Pl., 1555-Barbara S. Burke to Lena Martikainen, $560,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 824-Farsab Corp. to Nedim Ridjanovic, $365,000.

Holyrood Dr., 7108-Mark S. Matthews to Theodore Zwicker, $1.1 million.

Kennedy Dr., 1951-Mark A. Sutton to Anthony C. Bauer, $320,000.

Lorraine Ave., 1947-Buchanan Price Corp. to Jeffrey Green, $2.62 million.

McLean Mews Ct., 1454-William C. Motes to Parisa Karaahmet, $825,000.

Old Cedar Rd., 1097-Howard A. and David C. Heit to Mary Papadopoulos, $1.18 million.

Poole Lane, 1838-Constantino Hevia and Marion Romano to Oleg P. Martens, $675,000.

Provincial Dr., 7621, No. 312-Nelufar Mohajeri to Julie Hale, $220,000.

Solitaire Lane, 1802-David H. Kellogg and Twila Burnette to Jason J. Mendro, $1.85 million.

Susquehannock Dr., 1737-Moon Park to Declan Shine, $542,000.

Twisting Tree Lane, 1501-Jason Y. Hall to Carlos Scartascini, $920,000.

Woodside Dr., 1327-Brian Marvin to Cyrus Ramsey, $1.67 million.


Cherry Valley Lane, 8604-Lee A. Donaldson to Michael J. Hilton, $479,000.

Forest Haven Dr., 9408-Daniel M. Moran to Edward Lockard, $492,000.

Ludgate Dr., 9405-Patrick T. Smith to Shahnaz Ahmed, $1.6 million.

Neptune Dr., 4318-Michael J. Legner and estate of Louise J. Legner to Alex Pride Corp., $410,000.

Roxbury Lane, 3710-Stephen W. Courtien to Jose S. Moreno and Yazmin Vidal, $245,000.

Walutes Cir., 8750A-John T. Anderson to Tyler Moore, $100,000.


Elgar St., 7314-Christopher Seidel to Lonnie W. Havens, $429,900.

Heming Ave., 5828-John O. Muterspaw to Gregory Tsimbidis, $435,000.

London Ct., 8614-Edward Belanger III and Alma D. Sepulveda to Harold Dolph, $445,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8305-Adam J. Hirschfeld to Kenneth N. Harris, $365,000.


Capperton Dr., 9984-Ian Wright to Timothy Schulz, $375,000.

Granite Creek Lane, 10340-Xin Wang to Megan Jones, $353,000.

Mill Cross Ct., 3302-Daniel S. Cortez to David Atchley, $780,000.

Paddock Wood Ct., 2966-Joseph B. Butcher to Betty Zinner Toa, $350,000.

Sledding Hill Rd., 2629-Gregory Bath to Arun Singh, $1.48 million.

Village Knolls Ct., 10150-Matthew Droz to Moses Mossissian, $475,000.


Autumn Ridge Cir., 1504-Richard Toothman to John Foreman, $390,000.

Bishopsgate Way, 1200-Peter J. Greenwood to Nichole A. Daniels, $855,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2228, No. 1B-Beverly S. Larmier to Yifeng Zhu, $140,000.

Cloudcroft Sq., 2454-Bank of America to Mohammad Zijerdi, $230,000.

Fieldthorn Dr., 1632-Robert Heleniak to Joshua Storey, $310,000.

Green Watch Way, 2108, No. 11-Brenda McIntyre to Adam H. Hong, $265,000.

Hollow Timber Way, 11421-Michael W. O’Donnell Jr. to Christine Broyhill, $540,000.

Ivy Bush Ct., 11559-Maria Aguirre to Yuhua Zhang, $240,000.

Lamplighter Way, 1248-William H. Pike to Stacey L. Hoffman, $675,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 251-Paul Selby to Dan Holder Brooks, $439,000.

Milburn Lane, 2203-Christopher L. Bower to Matthew J. Bagin, $550,000.

Northgate Sq., 1530, No. 30-Lorie L. Johnson to Farhad Gholizadeh, $130,450.

Penny Royal Lane, 2507-Michele Souza to Karin Atala, $630,000.

Ring Rd., 11035-Howard T. Thomas to William J. Pannell, $553,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 507-John W. Rush to Amrit Yegnanarayan, $89,900.

Solaridge Dr., 11037-Lucy Mondale to Rene R. Plourde, $557,500.

Stoneview Sq., 11633, No. 81-Fannie Mae to Pirtpal Dhaliwal, $160,500.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 401-Christopher J. Michel to Hanna Maskalkova, $315,000.

Thanlet Lane, 10920-Stephen H. Schiller to Lois F. and Melinda Warren, $729,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1542-Elizabeth Turley to Thomas Hamilton, $360,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11017A-Stephen Beck to Terrence Blair, $173,000.

Weatherstone Ct., 1283-Gary E. Sherwood to David Richeson, $547,500.


Castle Rd., 3036-Donald E. Norwood to Timothy G. Paterson, $541,500.

Randall Pl., 6505-Patricia Guard to Andreya Dalianis, $635,000.

Willston Pl., 2917-Embree C. Love to Blue Oak Corp., $115,000.


Bent Arrow Ct., 8694-Hade Corp. to Tanya Catignani, $300,000.

Brian Run Ct., 7420-David A. Crowe to Yolande S. Patterson, $689,000.

Covington Woods Ct., 8305-Berrywood Inc. to Teshome S. Weldmicheal, $800,000.

Deer Ridge Trail, 6091-Hau V. Phan and Tam Thanh Le to Jonathan Stilwell, $602,000.

Essex Ave., 7503-Gary M. Wise Jr. to Colin K. Adams, $425,000.

Godolphin Dr., 7842-Anne H. Turner to Sean Pentek and Kaeley Jendzejec, $400,000.

Hanover Ave., 5912-Marylene Tinaz to Sherman Anderson, $319,000.

Kittiwake Ct., 8061-Meredith H. Johnson to Heidi Viveiros, $264,000.

Newington Woods Dr., 7789-Robert Mahood to Trang N. Nguyen, $380,000.

Paloma Lane, 9218-Richard Dombroski to Brian Winski, $520,000.

Rushing Creek Ct., 8455-Eric M. and Lisa L. Cotts to Christopher D. Porter, $550,000.

Shadowlake Way, 8813-Linda G. Hughes to James J. Woods, $502,499.

Spring Creek Ct., 8601-Fannie Mae to Robert Pratten II, $305,000.

Tanager St., 7207-Ernest E. Mahoney to Shan Wadhwa, $380,000.

Whitson Dr., 7302-David R. White to Michael Gandy, $575,000.


Arrowleaf Dr., 2100-Stephen H. Kestle to Hadi Alsegaf, $1.08 million.

Center St. S., 508-Lloyd Ritter to Brian Burke, $1.14 million.

Cherry St. SW, 220-Wetherburne Urban Homes Corp. to Gregory Praske, $1.33 million.

Cunningham Park Ct. SE, 105-Robert M. Gibbs to Carmen M. Sanchez, $173,447.

Fardale St. SE, 112-James B. Small to Thomas J. Salen, $490,000.

Glengyle Dr., 2401, No. 264-Han Yun to Jia Xue, $248,000.

Glengyle Dr., 2730, No. 6-James Habyarimana to Jaswinder Kaur and Boor Singh, $230,000.

Glyndon St. SE, 402-Jue Wang to Marcelo Vacaflor, $700,000.

Kelley St. SW, 1204-Sudarshan Malhotra to Luke E. Harris and Emily A. Reynolds, $560,000.

Lakevale Dr., 2510-Alan Coulthart to Paul Selent, $735,000.

Manhattan Pl., 2731-Jonathan D. Westreich to Wei Kang Shih, $578,000.

Northern Neck Dr., 1547, No. 101-Georges J. Netto to Sally W. Hamandi, $425,000.

Oakton Glen Dr., 2684-Brian J. Bourdon to James L. Marr, $440,000.

Plum St. SW, 504-Roy K. Gjormand to Evergreene Corp., $475,000.

Rosewood Hill Cir., 9917-Michael E. Shaklik to Samuel M. Atherton, $965,000.

Skyline Village Ct., 5103-Stephen A. Emerson to Steven J. Podraza, $500,000.

Surrey Lane SE, 402-Surrey Estates Corp. to Geoffrey A. Craft, $1.29 million.

Tysons Ct., 8521-Francis Buckland to Thomas A. Fisher, $644,000.

Tysons Executive Ct., 2112-Pablo Senmartin to Juan Paez Zamora, $810,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9480, No. 311-Fannie Mae to Jong S. Ham, $370,000.


Bracken Ct., 6712-James K. Weatherly to Christopher S. Farley, $397,500.

Earthstar Ct., 6812-Michael J. Hetle to Aliya Ishmukhamedova, $425,000.

Forrest Hollow Lane, 6047-Ibrahim Ahmed to Ahmad Latif, $340,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8310-Paul A. Prychodnik to Matthew Carter and Thanh Ngoc Phan, $417,000.

Jansen Dr., 7710-Paul M. Robinson Jr. and Ann C. Goggin to Gregory D. Smith, $343,000.

Lexton Pl., 7702, No. 65-Raymie L. Briddell to Cherie Gomez, $172,000.

Park Forest Dr., 8939-Josephine S. Smith to Janine Hetle, $350,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5822-Barbara A. Johnston to Douglas Clinesmith, $130,000.

Wickham Rd., 8310-Joel K. Sensenig to Clayton M. Dingle and Jessica M. Carrillo, $365,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Chain Bridge Rd., 3911-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Mark B. Angres, $701,000.

Fairview Dr., 3923-William G. Hutchinson and Lisa J. Nothern to Dogan A. Perese, $415,000.

Madison Mews, 3909-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Janet E. Olsen, $710,000.

Morningside Ct., 10016-Carl Kibbey to Frank Harris, $483,000.

Ren Rd., 3817-Charles Titus to Zachary Knoll, $335,000.

West Dr., 10631-Jesse E. and Madeline C. McDuffy to Michael T. Rittenour, $530,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 435-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Scott W. Buckel II, $309,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 610-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to David W. Urban, $524,900.

Fulton Ave., 608-ASR Designer Homes to William A. and Danielle W. Franco, $1.32 million.

Lincoln Ave., 817-Jack Spears Jr. and Bonnie Hershberg to Lawrence D. Carter, $795,000.

Randolph St., 500-Mathew T. and Darlene J. Mathews to Barry L. and Celeste C. Carson, $640,000.