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Anne Arundel County

Astern Way, 930-Louis A. Supanek to Manfred N. and Elisabeth N. Leinemann, $324,000.

Bermuda Ct., 804-Harriet N. Raffel to Douglas I. Guy and Judy M. Guy, $400,000.

Breakwater Dr., 941-Edward S. Yates to Connor Barnes and Laura A. Fox, $254,900.

Carriage Hill Pkwy., 1090-David A. and Tracy S. Hightower to Andrew R. and Nicolle R. Hackman, $675,000.

Chrisland Dr., 3250-George F. and Susannah M. Gonzalez to Jill Christine Jordan and James William Clifford, $585,000.

Conduit St., 90-Wilma Howett and Michael F. Kaplan to PNC Bank, $634,500.

Francis Nicholson Way, 541-John Page Simpson IV to Kiriakos Gerassimou, $349,000.

Glen Ave., 14-Elizabeth S. and Eric P. Langbien to Shaun S. and Kelsea M. Hoff, $379,000.

Harness Creek View Dr., 768-John P. and Meghann K. Cannelli to Michael L. and Deborah E. Betsch, $610,000.

Howards Loop, 746-Joshua S. and Heather C. Manifold to David A. Cook, $347,500.

Ironstone Ct., 50K-Lance W. Barta to Sabrina A. and Gilbert A. Mackall, $190,000.

Melvin Ave., 719-Laura L. Parker and Alcelia Parker Buck to Rara Corp., $480,000.

Muir Woods Ct., 21-Richard A. and Kristine R. Slifer to David L. and Susan F. Baden, $226,000.

Peggy Stewart Way, 2010, No. 201-Roger Martineau to Alessandra and Pierino Pedergnana, $210,000.

Riva Rd., 2572, No. 4B-Kathleen J. Norris to George M. and Mary E. Read, $105,000.

Riverview Ave., 308-Jose Fuentes Agostini and Maria Christina Gonzalez to Lynn F. and Barbara L. Brown, $750,000.

Scotts Crossing Ct., 2159-James T. O’Kelley to James R. and Monica M. Rettig, $217,000.

Topmast Way, 931-Barbara A. Albers to Anne Breslin, $311,450.

Windwhisper Lane, 909-Jennifer Hodge Pavel and Christopher B. Hodge to Melanie Joiner, $234,000.


Bay Dale Ct., 511-Richard N. Gambrill to Jason S. and Melissa A. Hopp, $278,000.

David Dr., 441-Lawrence Eli and Mary E. Lang to Ronald T. Rawlinson, $345,000.

Grandview Ct., 1498-Francis P. and Sue C. Verrillo to Brent and Angela Stancil, $540,000.

Malier Dr., 114-Joseph E. and Dianne A. Linguadoca to Daniel and Allison Casey, $700,000.

Mill Creek Rd., 822-Eric C. and Danielle J. Silk to Jesse M. Wild and Angela V. Graziano, $650,000.

Smith Dr., 1010-Patrick G. and Kimberley S. Fromal to Cathy A. and Kevin J. Ritter, $687,000.

Ternwing Dr., 330-Leslie Andrysiak to Dustin R. and Norene Adams, $335,000.


Arundel Rd. W., 323-John P. and Kathleen G. Dial to Bernard V. Spencer, $120,000.


Anna Marie Ct., 1418-Shaun E. and Jennifer M. Ignacio to Rita C. Rawlinson, $335,000.

Canonade Ct., 1660-Alexander E. and Linda K. Easton to Duane E. Limbacher, $284,000.

Hampton Rd., 1202-Bernard J. Auth to Paul Christopher and Elizabeth Blair Schiro, $330,000.

Heamans Way, 247-Richard and Patricia Stuntz to Nathan S. and Kristin K. Shenck, $897,900.

Martins Cove Rd., 311-Henry E. and Elizabeth F. Richter to John N. and Debra A. Welch, $615,000.

Pleasant Plains Rd., 1720-William P. and Christian D. Storck to Brendan T. and Holly S. Kelly, $1.44 million.

Sloop Dr., 1612-Beall Family Trust to Steven J. and Laura E. Owen, $640,000.

Woodland Cir., 957-Susan J. Vision to Malcolm C. Smith and Laura N. Estes, $400,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1891, No. 74-John P. and Melissa A. Fagan to Eric Harvey, $215,000.

Dryden Way, 1700, No. 1-Jacob and Jennifer Johnson Cameron to Anthony B. and Jill K. Hammock, $257,000.

Fillmore Ct., 1733-Lynda Briscoe to Monica Wascavage, $224,000.

Kingsgate Dr., 1735, No. 7-Colin Langston to Henry L. and Susanne D. Dragun, $197,800.

Lowell Ct., 1526-Michael D. and Donna L. McNally to Donmark Corp., $130,000.

Sandy Ct., 1772-Susan G. Binstock to Daniel J. Adams and Lauren L. Giraldi, $324,000.

Spring Green Ave., 1704-Carl A. and Dorothy Benner to Lisa M. Perez, $326,000.


Aston Forest Lane, 306-Leopoldo M. and Belen P. Rueda to John Davidson, $449,000.

Long Point Rd., 257-Lynn F. and Barbara L. Brown to Robert A. and Susan A. Morabito, $1.16 million.


Chickamauga Dr., 721-Michael J. and Tara K. Ritter to Thomas and Shazeeda Averitt, $815,000.

Patuxent Manor Ct., 1553-Charles Wesley Cox and Christopher John Krueger to Strategic Equity Group Corp., $70,000.


Rockhold Creek Rd., 5959-Joan Mary Kolb to William P. and Nettie C. Lindon, $450,000.


Beverley Pl., 303-Andreas Yiannoulou to Thomas P. Milke, $175,450.

Cedar Lane, 1218-Lorenda G. Hurley to Fannie Mae, $190,000.

Elliott Pl., 118-Raleigh V. and Teresa L. Wilborne to Stephen T. and Taryn T. Toman, $265,000.

Germantown Rd., 3958-Gangaram G. Vichare and Clara M. Vichare to Anson H. and Linda K. Hines, $955,000.

Highland Dr., 321-Daniel N. Hoffman and Eric Larsen to Eileen C. Hogan, $220,000.

Loch Haven Dr., 3550-Margaret L. Sockel to David and Katrina Coker, $355,000.

Poplar Leaf Dr., 437-David M. and Darlene E. Tenn to Ronald D. and Melinda K. Housch, $573,000.

Shoreham Beach Rd., 3924-Robert Peterson to Rachel D. Schwallenberg, $53,750.


Wilson Rd., 6670-Derek J. and Julie A. Flores to Keith A. and Heather D. Melancon, $423,000.


Carbondale Way, 1016-Marisha N. Lewis to Brian and Jennifer Roberts, $322,000.

Heather Stone Dr., 2430-Brian and Katherine Goodwin to Kirk and Tiffany Hoffman, $610,000.

Red Fall Ct., 2485-Fannie Mae to John Logan and Joy Glancy, $255,000.


Bend Circle Rd., 522-Cheryl and Boyer Chew to Soon Cho, $160,000.

Broadview Blvd. N., 600-Joseph T. Bloom to Justin Markowski and Amy L. Lear, $249,900.

Castle Harbour Way, 1108, No. 3C-Steven M. Thomas to Christian Schafer, $129,900.

Eastern St., 104-Gary Alan and Pamela J. Volrath to Hyun S. and Kyung S. Shin, $194,000.

Guildford Rd., 1207-Vickie Harris and Gerald Troutman Jr. to Mark A. Allman, $155,000.

Hollybrook Rd., 7514-Fannie Mae to Patrick and Tina Gibbons, $239,000.

Judy Rd., 7214-Eric J. and Kacey M. Harlan to Andrew Jon and Megan Kluge, $254,000.

Little Rd., 1802-Karen L. Moore to Michael Freed and Katherine Nation, $177,625.

Marley Ave., 1666-James J. Mandrin to Patrick R. O’Donnell, $235,000.

New Jersey Ave. NE, 614-Geraldine Twigg Zook to Bernard T. Dlugokeski, $233,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7565-Susan H. Cote and Richard Fisher to PNC Bank, $135,000.

Roosevelt Ave., 211-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Brandon Gilbert and Felicia Corcoran, $224,900.

Villa Carol Dr., 505-Barbara E. Vidal to Rosemarie R. Beare, $230,000.

Wende Ct., 313-Imelda A. Caceres to Debra C. Tubaya, $200,000.

Williams Grove, 7120-Matthew Freise to Ralph Hershey Paulk Jr., $278,000.

First Ave. SW, 303-Sheryl D. Kohlway to Sharon Burkhardt, $116,000.


Crystal Brook Way, 7869-M/I Homes to Yun Fan Zhu and Min Yong Chung, $380,450.

Hawkins Dr., 7401-Keith and Mary Kay Mull to Karen S. and Edward E. Pope, $325,000.

Plateau Dr. E., 7546-Robert L. Ferebee and Odette A. Bryan to Ronald G. Pusloskie II, $255,000.

Waylene Dr., 1907-Alan Herman Cohen to Ameristar Homes Inc., $175,000.


Three Rivers Rd., 144-Douglas Mitchell and James Michael Bishop to Wesley T. Hinkle, $382,000.


Hartwood Pl., 8600-Robert A. and Yvonne Fricke to Shannon N. Blair, $293,000.

Marganza South, 333-Michael S. and Elise V. Tessier to Kevin Donnelly, $175,000.


Cheddington Rd., 206-Joseph William Nagle to Patrick and Angelic Squire, $216,000.

Medora Rd., 5906-William B. and Mary H. Harris to Clarence Raymond and Dawn M. Jenkins, $270,000.


Claybrooke Dr., 4410-Thomas J. and Angela B. Marshall to Edward A. and Candace M. Klepacz, $513,000.


Elm Rd., 8354-Clarissa D. Nazarenus to Monico Coronado Contreras, $142,000.

Rebecca Ann Ct., 272-S. Sweet Properties to Val Koval, $192,000.


Artillery Lane, 1947-Rebecca A. and James P. Lally to William T. and Melissa T. Thurber, $410,000.

Commissary Cir., 2253-Jason R. and Lia N. Wentworth to Ashley S. Warrick, $271,000.

Knapps Way, 2412-Brett and Jennifer Roberts to Anthony R. Balbosa Jr. and Crystal L. Hemphill, $295,000.

Station House Lane, 2315-Amy E. Dobrzykowski to Jennifer A. and Brian J. Weber, $465,000.


Bridge Dr., 730-Michelle L. and Shawn J. Rush to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $325,130.

Earliana Ct., 119-Danny and Tina Ngo to Kelly Mabe, $520,000.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 363-Stephanie Lane Weber and Ruth Ann Lopez to Frank J. Finan, $765,000.

Gold Brush Way, 306-Brookfield Relocation to Derek and Kristin Fink, $519,000.

Green Mountain Ct., 331-Douglas A. Ackerman Jr. to Vicky L. Reck, $230,000.

Jewelweed Path, 1204-John E. and Beverly N. Skalstad to James M. and Christine T. McPherson, $387,000.

Main Ave., 8567-Griffith G. Lytle and Leigh Anne Cade to Heather N. Dodson and Diana M. Isaac, $130,000.

Mountain Rd., 4000-Dennis Karl Steinheim to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $187,603.

Pine Haven Dr., 7662-Nickolaus W. Magyar to Albert R. Retowsky III, $135,000.

Saltspray Lane, 1207-James L. and Robin E. Williamson to Shaun Knapp and Krystal Gulden, $395,000.

Wanda Rd., 236-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Steven D. Smith, $110,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 7784-Victoria L. Ferciot to Robert and Margaret Adams, $275,000.

225th St., 750-Starlite Enterprises to Logan R. and Marci L. Treat, $260,000.


Poplar Dr., 565-Kenneth C. and Cathy L. Holstrom to Gregory D. and Pamela G. Carrick, $375,000.

Westbury Dr., 362-Douglas D. and Tina L. Schemmel to Timothy S. Griffeth, $438,950.


Braun Ave., 8527-Ralph W. Conant and Sheila M. Stevens to Fannie Mae, $434,000.

Coolidge Ave., 1644-Utz Enterprises to Jason M. and Doreen Michelle Adcock, $410,000.

Pasture Brook Rd., 522-William and Mildred C. Brown to James L. Leithauser Jr., $315,000.

Telegraph Rd., 7972-Robert and Rebecca Neel to National Transfer Services Corp., $350,000.


Arundel Ave., 113-Robert P. and Kathryn L. Quigley to Patrick Burnett and Courtney Matis Burnett, $345,000.

Bellemeade Dr., 111-Bellemeade Development Corp. to Bradley R. and Kathryn G. Eberhart, $275,000.

Devonshire Ct., 535-Robert D. and Andrea B. Weir to Michael George and Dianne Larios, $589,000.

Dunham Ct., 311-John R. and Marilyn J. Kenney to Michael Steven and Kristine Lee Archer, $560,000.

Inverness Rd., 139-John R. Smith and Sharon Ann Kennedy to Chares J. and Elizabeth A. Bangert, $415,000.

Laurel Lane, 716-Earl E. and Glenda Sue Keel to Douglas L. and Cheryl M. Farquhar, $525,000.

Ridge Rd., 7-Brian P. and Heidi G. Wood to David F. and Heidi A. Borum, $1.13 million.

Sabrina Lane, 112-Robert Cecere to Aeron Jay and Fernando Pineiro, $450,000.

South Dr., 357-George Laibson and Ethel H. Laibson to Matthew C. and Laura M. Treuth, $600,000.


Cedar Ave., 1169-James P. Shugart to Michael Greenwell, $212,000.

Lincoln Rd., 1517-PNC Bank to Todd P. Cohen, $206,000.

Howard County

Buckskin Lake Dr., 4260-Maria E. Mena and Ricardo Zwaig to Kevin J. and Jennifer W. Schick, $740,000.

Congressional Ct., 10305-Gary J. and Lorraine K. Kennedy to Douglas R. Nichols, $312,500.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12851-Jeremy E. and Michelle L. Altman to Craig M. and Cecilia C. Selbrede, $810,000.

Frederick Rd., 12126-Steven L. and Patricia A. Sisney to Christian G. and Sharon M. Midgley, $1.09 million.

Heaven Wood Ct., 2711-Weichert Inc. to Patrick W. and Shawna G. Pritchard, $875,000.

Kingscup Ct., 4523-Brian T. and Tracy Farasy to Anjula Batra, $343,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 9780-Lowell D. and Christina Louise Rau to Sunitha and Dwarakeshar Bellamkonda, $495,000.

Rams Horn Row, 4713-John A. Hayes and Susan G. Lamar to Phillip Ho Kwak, $330,000.

Whitworth Way, 10072-Michael V. and Mary Catherine Ortman to Hideki and Yoko Fukuzawa, $510,000.


Daniel Circle Lane, 12309-Selfridge Builders Inc. to Juan Zhang and Xiaobo Yao, $1.37 million.

Linden Linthicum Lane, 12183-Karri L. Lamb to Daniel E. and Julene Jyan Martindale, $616,500.


Belleview Dr., 6473-Goodwin Investments Corp. to Frans R. and Susann R. Martin, $450,000.

Broken Timber Way, 9224-Mark E. and Theresa M. Furtaw to Duane C. and Laura S. Cornish, $435,000.

Dark Hawk Cir., 8576-S. Daniel and Jossy Jacob to Elizabeth A. Lowe, $446,000.

Endless Ocean Way, 8725-Andrew C. Goresh to John Moriarty and Kathleen M. Moriarty, $440,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7359-Morgan Chase Bank to Fredric D. Leffler and Kathy H. Greisman, $150,000.

Life Quest Lane, 7237-Jarod and Elizabeth A. Schroeder to Zachary T. Bikus and Lindy Watanaskul, $275,000.

Many Mile Mews, 9550-Amir Miremadi to Kamran and Holly J. Miremadi, $430,000.

Stonebrook Lane, 8848-Peter A. and Michele A. Mnatzakanian to Zaven Mnatzakanian, $260,000.

Setting Star, 6306-Carolyn Sisk to Michael Joseph Polzer and Jennifer Marie Yezek, $348,500.

Summer Cloud Way, 6483-Dennis R. and Angela M. Caicedo to Kevin F. Weichelt and Anne G. Wood, $450,000.

Tamar Dr., 5901, No. 4-Alexandre Borovikov to Fannie Mae, $169,100.


April Journey, 5544-Allan L. and Karen G. Ames to Nora Heinz, $295,000.

Cedar Lane, 5476-B. Bradley and Bienvenido C. Veneracion to Mary Mayhew Malick, $104,900.

Dark Fire Way, 11660-Michael P. and Ellison A. Williams to Steve Radant and Pat Wilkerson, $420,000.

Flywheel Ct., 6035-Chi Wen and Yin Lien Tsaoi to William and Crystal Ferrari Smith, $339,900.

Harness Ct., 5813-James E. Nelson to Ann Elizabeth and Mark A. Worley, $220,000.

McGregor Dr., 10738-Scots Glen Baker Corp. to Craig McDonald and Kathryn Kingsbury, $549,990.

Nightmist Ct., 10306-Laquashia S. Anderson to Julia Berndt Waslosky, $160,000.

Silvery Star Path, 6304-Bradley R. and Doris A. Fox to David G. and Eve L. Husler, $500,000.

Wincopin Cir., 10205, No. 406-Gordon M. and Candice E. Mumpower to Gordon M. Mumpower, $94,500.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1945-Kalpesh and Shefali Patel to Chad M. and Amy J. Williams, $685,000.


Bayberry Ct., 6310, No. 1003-Jonathan Aaron Shultz to Charles V. and Karen A. Cooley, $166,000.

Briarglen Dr., 7925L-Paul L. Bush to Sharon E. Miller, $202,000.

Cedar Grove Lane, 7467-Cedar Grove Lane Corp. to Jorge Lopez Soria and Sarah Valentina Lopez, $170,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7269-Charlie Choilin Loo to Russell Robert Deluca and Gena Marie Deluca, $235,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 5953-Stephen P. and Margaret A. Clark to Thomas J. and Marialyn R. Powers, $325,000.

Melrose Ave., 6746-Kate Lynn Rappaport to Neil J. Denny, $250,000.

Shadywood Rd., 6150-Patricia F. Kelly to Francis P. and Sue C. Verrillo, $255,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7755-Stephen M. and Jennifer Sullivan Price to Alina Mari Cathcart and Gregory S. Jung, $325,000.

Buckingham Rd., 2607-Evelyn F. Mucha to Donald H. and Patricia M. Kirk, $480,000.

College Ave., 4550-Jonathan A. and Rosanne T. Calure to David C. and Lisa J. Brennecke, $700,000.

Flower Blossom Dr., 4199-Wells Fargo Bank to Stephen William and Elizabeth Ann Gluck, $630,000.

Haycarriage Ct., 8720-Richard A. Jackson to Qing Feng Lin and Yu Ming Chen, $370,700.

Ilchester Rd., 5279-Deutsche Bank to Edward P. Wilson, $316,099.

Millers Way Dr., 2765-Steven Shin to Salman Mehboob, $618,000.

Old Manse Ct., 3602-Wendell E. and Toni O. Foster to Rajasekhar R. Gudla and Sri Laxmi Pydi, $415,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8203-Sandra J. and Michael J. Hinkel to Silas A. Cuevas and Candace Lawton Cuevas, $285,000.

Winding Way, 9146-Susan M. and Richard C. Randt to Johnathan E. Nichols and Micha A. Wisniewski, $345,000.


Pindell Chase Dr., 11708-David and Heather Ciotta to Arif and Tahira M. Hussain, $970,000.


MacClintock Ct., 14520-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Jan and Rosemarie Suszkiw, $535,000.


Fairhaven Pl., 8718-Fannie Mae to Bradley S. Peterson, $266,000.


Shady Creek Rd., 1215-Leslie Joel and Eileen Sharon Greenberg to Derrick L. and Donna J. Heard, $600,000.


St. Michaels Rd., 1348-Robert J. and Ellen Beth Goff to Jason Gruver and Andrea Denny, $430,500.


Hillcrest Dr., 10913-Douglas S. and Leila M. Green to David Aaron and Andrea L. Lewis, $370,000.

Light Moon Way, 8597-Harris Zeng and Yudan Zhang to Kenneth W. and Mara D. Knowles, $410,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9307-John M. Hayes to Stephen T. Willingmyre and Amanda K. Love, $255,000.


State Route 144, 13305-Lori D. Moxley to Seabrook Corp., $950,000.


Ridge Hunt Dr., 15267-Edward M. Daly to Timothy E. and Donna L. Trogdon, $600,000.


Enfield Dr., 10703-Vicki D. Learn to Ariane Haywood, $377,000.