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Prince George’s

Dowerwood Cir., 1005-Summerwood Corp. to Robert J. and Tammy M. Martin, $379,990.

Pennino Ct., 800-KB Homes Corp. to Moses E. Muldrow III, $320,000.


Charleston Pl., 2234-Consuelo Reyes and Salvador Martinez to Santos Velasco Iraheta and Wilfredo Marquez, $155,675.

Knollwood Dr., 10414-Eve Arber to Toni Rhodes, $225,000.

Navahoe St., 2504-William Weiss to Jose S. Romero, $249,990.

17th Ave., 7313-Esmond C. and Joyce Sydney to Mahena A. Molina, $131,000.

24th Ave., 8905-Marilyn K. Hogan and Ila Jo McMillen to Felix C. Zabala and Sonia De Los Santos, $229,900.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 4808-Deutsche Bank to Long and Kim Chi Ho, $445,800.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11330L-Yanira Ruiz to Pearl and Monajoi Jones, $65,000.

Dunnington Rd., 3305-Dora Garcia Sanchez to Roderick E. Haxton, $235,000.

Josephine Ave., 4314-Marcelo and Jose Alvarenga to Maria Lemnaru and Tudorache Lemnaru, $234,000.

Samar St., 4505-Freddie Mac to Minram S. Deonarain, $115,000.


55th Ave., 4110-Hector Rodriguez and Maria C. Quiroz to Meizhen Hou, $81,000.


Brierdale Lane, 2913-Deutsche Bank to Raj K. Motwani, $183,000.

Church Rd., 5207-Giselle C. Thelemaque to Suzanne K. Sherwood and Joshua G. Coker, $340,000.

Fairwood Pkwy., 12702, No. 13-Goodier Builders to Robert D. Anuszewski, $303,100.

Gullivers Trail, 14105-Kelly Stratchko to Ceron Andre Pugh II and Hana Augins, $269,987.

Kemmerton Lane, 12403-Mark F. and Nina A. Pitts to Shareef Abdul Jalil, $234,900.

Landons Bequest Lane, 5009-NVR Inc. to Oswald S. and Erica Harnett Murray, $623,125.

London Lane, 14918-Fannie Mae to Amit Trehan, $129,015.

Matapeakes Bounty Dr., 4921-NVR Inc. to Jonathan W. Aronson, $392,984.

Quartette Lane, 12008-Daniel J. Pesachowitz to Freddie Mac, $225,165.

Spring Meadows Dr., 5803-DLM Investments Corp. to Linda G. and Dax O. Bityeki, $500,000.

Woodhaven Lane, 3908-Diane K. Waugh to Scioto Properties Corp., $305,000.


Croom Rd., 19112-Francis L. Walker to Kenny D. Walker, $200,000.

Kennett Square Way, 15419-Natalie B. Proctor to Tiffany R. Sample, $193,000.

Paoli Ct., 15316-Hovnanian Homes to Malcolm B. and Alexis D. Clerkley, $375,000.


Allison St., 3803-Marilyn M. Peters to Ricardo Escobar Galdamez and Maria D. Romero, $240,000.

Wallace Rd., 3915-3915 Wallace Road Corp. to Dinorah Fuentes, $184,900.


Abel Ave., 511-Erin Gloth to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $241,755.

Balboa Ave., 406-John D. Hancock to Fannie Mae, $55,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 722-Fannie Mae to Jenni Brown, $63,000.

Dateleaf Ave., 504-Douglas Miller to Garrick Claggett, $154,900.

Ellis St., 3807-Erin Gloth to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $274,712.

Iago Ave., 1013-Hudson Primus to Evangeline D. Perry, $157,500.

Mentor Ave., 905-Jenni Brown to 905 Mentor Avenue Corp., $115,000.

Omaha St., 4621-Soibett Enterprises to Cynthia Dendy Littlejohn, $206,000.

Peppermill Dr., 10-10 Peppermill Corp. to Toshika Hunter, $195,000.

Ronald Rd., 6551-Anika Wardrick to Yolanda S. Dudley, $125,000.

Yellow Amber Ct., 7006-Fannie Mae to Jing Tan, $100,000.


Le Fevre Dr., 10204-Maggie Marzette to Jelani Harrington, $113,000.


Asset Dr., 6601-Mary Jane Byrd to Laronda Jenkins, $211,000.

Congress Pl., 9003-HSBC Bank to Rabi Ullah, $80,199.

Euclid St., 5708-Kathleen M. Gebblard to Arthur J. Isbert III, $210,000.

Gibbs Way, 8408-Centex Homes to Kenneth W. Eller, $315,933.

Hillview Rd., 8515-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Beverly Brown, $249,000.

Kilmer St. E., 7205-Nestor Urquidi Jr. to Reynaldo Garcia, $130,000.

Oxman Rd., 7726-Joseph E. Bass and Mildred Bell to Fannie Mae, $193,000.

Spectator Ave., 645-Tamra Dicus to Diahn A. Calbert, $252,500.

Tremont Ave., 3007-Jeffrey R. Kalil and Jan M. Brabham to Kurt Lindblom, $268,000.


Atom Rd., 9601-James W. Howard to Wells Fargo Bank, $142,929.

Cedar Chase Dr., 8413-NVR Inc. to Ronald and Lisa S. Martin, $459,395.

Danford Dr., 6705-Judith Ramsey and Brian Strong to Natasha M. Surles, $240,000.

Hellen Lee Dr., 6300-Kendra Peoples to Akhenton O. and Leslie L. Ballard, $252,900.

Lucky Lure Dr., 7700-Robert Hanson and Ernest M. Phillips to Gregory M. Smith, $176,000.

Pumpkin St., 2711-Maryland Homes Corp. to Russell J. Morrow, $395,790.

Small Dr., 9604-Betty J. Fields to Michael Grene, $209,000.

Vienna Dr., 5011-Domina Development Corp. to Steven M. Fletcher, $235,000.


Bridgewater St., 9112-JBN Realty to Thomas E. Hunter, $276,000.

Mineola Rd., 5207-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose A. Ventura and Edwin Salvador Villatoro, $110,000.

Quebec St., 5000-Sean M. Diviney to Robert W. Cobb, $226,100.

Westchester Park Dr., 5968, No. 5968-Harold R. Weiner and Ida Weiner to Angela Klosek, $82,200.

49th Pl., 9511-Ilan Lagziel to Mary Clare and Samuel S. Thompson, $360,000.

59th Ave., 8901-Darryl C. and Lou Nell Badgett to Thomas Edward Lubawski, $189,900.


Cross St., 7151, No. 103-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ann Ramlogan, $58,000.

Flag Harbor Dr., 7112-Arlene Coley to Sheryl T. Hill, $90,000.

Gateway Blvd., 6304-Yvonne P. Porter to Crystal Investments Inc., $73,000.

Insey St., 6502-Julio and Milagro Lopez to Evelyn D. Wright, $105,000.

Mason St., 7600-Stephanie H. Hurley to Gecko Realty, $112,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 1409-Stars Home Corp. to Janet Goode Brown, $231,000.


Allentown Rd., 7206-Anthony Bradford to Deutsche Bank, $144,500.

Fort Foote Terr. W., 8718-Patricia A. Fitch to Eileen J. Robles, $150,000.

Gunpowder Dr., 11303-Deutsche Bank to Iana Martinboro, $280,000.

Jackson Dr., 12802-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tracey D. Kent, $110,000.

Kerby Hill Rd., 401-Nelson Flores to George Riley, $96,000.

Larry Ave., 2511-Rebecca R. Bourne to Hai M. Ho and Duc Thi Dat Ho, $165,000.

Odlanyer Ct., 8906-D.R. Horton Inc. to Andray Felix and Kellye E. McCuien, $382,488.

Pendleton St., 13410-Willie Joyce and Rudolph Alfred Leacraft to Daryl J. Golston, $255,000.

Swan Creek Rd., 1200-Cleo Redline and Robert H. Creecy to Karen R. Rosser, $345,000.

Wenzel Lane, 9915-Ernie S. and Sonia Cacanindin to Obele Acha Ngwodo, $258,000.


Sir Lancelot Dr., 12205-Mark E. Champion and Michelle Y. Michael to Alejandra Knautz, $277,400.


Lake Park Dr., 6640-Joseph Okunfulure to Iris Y. Ferrufino, $130,000.


Burlington Rd., 4514-Fannie Mae to Ruben Salazar, $140,000.

Ingraham St., 5402-Agustin F. Contreras to Oscar Lopez Gallardo, $99,000.

42nd Pl., 5208-Gerald N. and Catherine A. Henseler to John D. and Lillian Rose Henricks, $320,000.


Arctic Fox Dr., 2210-Daniel J. Pesachowitz to Deutsche Bank, $382,000.

Chessington Way, 9917-Sandra M. Moore to Nicholas D. and Chakara T. Caple, $364,000.

Evening Star Pl., 614-Charles F. Wood to James R. and Rachael A. Jones, $189,050.

Hall Station Dr., 904-NVR Inc. to Tamiko N. Walker, $294,725.

Hall Station Dr., 908-NVR Inc. to Lavoisier and Shonte Drakeford, $252,510.

Jenkins Ridge Rd., 15300-Sonja and Phillip Mclean to Marc C. and Angela H. Lee, $320,000.

Kings Heather Dr., 1316-Fannie Mae to Sampson K. Yeboah and Beatrice Yeboah Asiamah, $235,000.

Lake Arbor Way, 10803-Mary Nam to Isabelita M. and Arnel K. Cervantes, $297,500.

St. Michaels Dr., 885-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph C. Hawkins Jr., $115,000.


Annapolis Rd., 9110-Jude Onvebuchi and Joy Davis to Ashraf and Elsa Moustafa, $165,000.

Cordona St., 5516-HSBC Bank to Amjad Mahmood, $117,500.

Diablo Ave., 10305-10 Peppermill Corp. to Crista Wise, $275,000.

Lanham Station Rd., 5607-Rigoberto G. Salazar to David Barrera Flores and Lidia Barrera Flores, $180,000.

Saffron Dr., 8605-Freddie Mac to Shaymaa O. Kadhim and Muslim M. Almansoori, $179,923.

Second St., 9005-Monaco Renovation Corp. to Edwin Roque Alacon and Hilda Espino Palma, $185,000.


Barcroft Dr., 3313-Fannie Mae to Gbolahanmi Olumuyiwa and Titilayo Abimbola Popoola, $165,000.

Castleton Way, 10727-Wells Fargo Bank to Beverly Alexander, $153,992.

Congresbury Pl., 2221-Rachel N. Roberts to Hasan McDonnaugh, $325,000.

Etna Dr., 611-David R. Cross to Realington Corp., $146,000.

Gary Lane, 9227-Erin Gloth to Wells Fargo Bank, $328,160.

Herrington Dr., 35-Patricia Ann Wright to Fannie Mae, $427,206.

Jumper Lane, 2405-Hovnanian Homes to Lawrence E. and Delore L. President, $422,770.

Lavall Ct., 3103-Eugene J. and Carolyn J. Franklin to Lucille L. Glover, $215,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14000-Denver L. Terrance and Octavia A. Thornton to Joyce N. Simpkins, $416,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1607-Enaruna M. Igiehon to HSBC Bank, $321,000.

Staton Ct., 12811-Fannie Mae to Yasmin G. Shepard, $166,000.

Turner Wootton Pkwy., 14514-Wells Fargo Bank to Nene Ahuruele Wilson Amadi, $425,000.

Woodlawn Blvd., 10610-Jonathan Emery to Javier C. and Karen Dejesus, $220,000.


Belle Ami Dr., 14944-Jeannette D. Wilson to Veronica Owens, $129,900.

Brooktree Lane, 13112-Ollie J. and Clyde S. Spence to Deborah A. Laforme, $250,000.

Corunna Ct., 14109-Kevin J. and Donna H. Yates to Ayele H. Negussie, $450,000.

Fenwick Ct., 8117-Fannie Mae to Michael Olugenga Otubu, $165,000.

Kaybro St., 6305-Warren James Hook Sr. to Muhammad and Sana Arefin, $253,000.

Malcolm Dr., 16012-PNC Bank to Eric Adrian Hoar, $250,000.

McCahill Dr., 6707-William E. and Shari Sandler Watts to Michael D. and Summer N. Hiett, $370,000.

Post Office Ave., 28-Cherrie L. Daigneault to Colin M. and Jessica M. Modderman, $160,000.

Spruce Hill Dr., 8417-Ruth Allo to Geradine M. Wirba and Dominic Forka, $240,000.


Erwin Ct., 15821-Integrity Contracting Corp. to Kevin M. Brenner, $245,000.

Nomad Ct. W., 2828-Karen L. Owens to James Reginald McKinney, $185,000.

Pennsbury Way, 16323-David A. Adebayo to Pedro A. Herrera, $125,000.

Princess Anne Ct., 2120-Kiana Smith Norris to Funda Topcuoglu, $145,000.


Apache Tears Cir., 12240-Charlotte L. Ingram and Russell A. Watkins to Fannie Mae, $298,000.

Erfurt Ct., 9115-Fannie Mae to Joseph K. Chisley Jr., $196,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11507-Laurelwood Corp. to George Afrari, $140,000.

Trevino Terr., 9408-Delores M. Colonese to Ersilia Lappa, $152,500.


30th St., 4405-Mary J. and Michael Harmon to WSD Capital Corp., $120,000.

37th St., 3710-Cory R. Fisher and Mara O. Welch to Benjamin and Andrea Stutzman, $170,000.


Farmcrest Dr., 7413-Stephanie Tang and Lan Vin to Amanda Marie Eckert, $260,000.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6813-Jose R. Lazo to Jie Li and Pinehills Properties Corp., $82,000.

Ravenswood Rd., 8418-Gilinar A. and Melissa Perez to Edgar Hercules Flores, $235,000.

58th Ave., 3901-Helen Assefaw to Fannie Mae, $287,381.

71st Ave., 3908-Tracy Booner Andri to William Ramirez, $130,000.


Alice Ave., 2020, No. 103-Juanita M. Banks to Mihaita Balan, $55,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 209-NH Residential Corp. to Patrick B. Larosiliere, $584,900.

Fleet St., 157, No. 518-NH Residential Corp. to Steve Durik Ha, $399,900.

Gina Ct., 203-Jose Calix to Curtis Neil Cunningham, $160,000.

Panorama Dr., 105-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to William P. Donabedian, $200,000.

Potomac Passage, 155-NH Residential Corp. to Julie T. Piekarski, $299,900.

Terrell Ave., 6010-Warrick C. and Harold E. McKutchin to Simyeon Marnece Yancey, $125,900.

Waterfront St., -Potomac Overlook Corp. to Bryony A. and Riccard A. Terrell, $581,889.


Nicholson St., 4900-Dolores E. Blackwell and Patricia Blackwell Westland to Ruth Ann and James Johns, $205,000.

Somerset Rd., 6010-Francis Realty to Ana Guandique Gamez and Silvia Samayoa Flores, $180,000.

64th Ave., 5605-Rocio Vivar to Ignacio S. Rosales, $131,900.


Kendrick Rd., 4668-Nathaniel Joy to Deana D. Freeman, $145,000.

Navy Day Dr., 3419-Lan P. Thieu to Jonathan Garrett Jr., $154,900.

Porter Ave., 2504-Galen R. Kimble to Elmer Sorto, $145,000.

Woodbark Lane, 2318-Shirley West to Freddie Mac, $140,000.


Akron St., 4571-Sweet Air Investments Inc. to Sean C. Workman, $129,900.

Beechwood Dr., 6550-Maya T. Horton to Anthony T. Atkins, $90,000.

Keppler Rd., 4973-Angela Appling to Carlington and Nicole A. Sinclair, $185,000.

23rd Pl., 4408-Akiko Lloyd to Latoya Y. Williams, $184,000.


Baltimore Ave., 7002-Orinda R. Nelson to Gwo Ruey Hwang and Shao Ching Li, $330,000.

Rosedale Dr., 5903-Pauline G. Killebre to Daniel A. Ferrufino, $210,000.

15th Pl., 5408-Fine Restorations Corp. to Mary Ellen Waithe, $270,000.


Ashford Dr., 4918-Quindora P. Upson to Fannie Mae, $343,541.

Bridle Ridge Rd., 4029-Scott Tweed and Tiffany Thomas to Douglas C. Walker, $580,000.

Carendon Ct., 9104-Lenwood Carter to Lester Bond, $196,000.

Colonel Addison Pl., 4903-Douglas Gillam Jr. and Shirley Gillam to Daphne L. Dibrogrozcio and Anthony J. Dibrogrozcio, $225,000.

Coneflower Ct., 10704-Wells Fargo Bank to Darryl D. and Carla James, $315,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 9100-Eric J. Anderson to DKR Mortgage, $160,000.

Georgian Dr., 7715-Laverne M. Green to Barbara D. Brooks, $350,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14234G-Kevin Lamar Burton to Mary Helen Williams, $120,600.

Lord Sterling Pl., 13600-Comminity Development Administration to Dorien Perry, $69,900.

Meadow Lark Ave., 9627-Haverford at Equestrian Corp. to Din Cox and Kymberlee J. Cox, $404,000.

Phillips Dr., 10908-Gregory E. Jones to Fredonia Investment Group, $118,000.

Ranch Rd., 4043-Toll Brothers Homes to Lenora D. Spencer, $405,794.

Sherwood Dr., 9200-Andre Dunston to Walter R. Bell Jr. and Tiffany Smith Bell, $206,000.

Twin Knoll Way, 10309-Bisi Dada to Blessing Okocha, $286,000.