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Prince George’s

Biddle Rd., 510-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gurcharan Singh Boparal and Rupinder Kaur Boparal, $120,000.

Medinah Ridge Rd., 2607-Rhodora S. and Harvey S. Abonales to Nena D. Remiendo and Marian M. Romero, $369,500.


Adelphi Rd., 8408-Marta Rodriguez to Alyyiu Fai Lo and Leslie Rach, $160,000.

Burketon Rd., 1209-Robert R. and Julie A. Barnard to Shawn Bounds, $90,000.

Hampshire Dr., 1906-Paul T. Lewis to Martin and Hilda D. Rodriguez, $350,000.

Moon River Ct., 9205-Cleopatra and Peter A. Scott to Cartus Financial Corp., $373,038.

Riggs Rd., 7962, No. 7962-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alvaro H. Vivanco, $60,000.

Silver Lake Ct., 3004-Asrat and Martha Woldemichael to Lakeisha and William McIntosh, $400,000.

24th Ave., 7922-Thanh Tu to Fannie Mae, $191,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11232-N.P. Nwaneri to Lien Tang, $69,000.

Collier Rd., 3607-Julieto and Violeta Junio to Bernard Palle, $295,000.

Romlon St., 4411-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Jose S. Flores, $60,000.


54th Pl., 4211-Bola O. Ongusasnya to DMV Investments Corp., $80,000.


Big Cedar Lane, 13200-Emmanuel A. and Ijeoma D. Nwankwo to Omolara T. Oyedele, $630,000.

Chelmont Lane, 4107-Linda J. Reiter and Lynn E. Krahling to Logan A. Clark, $255,000.

Enterprise Rd., 4905-Faye M. Stokes to Warren Keith and Linda McNeil, $310,000.

Gullivers Trail, 13706-Bank of America to Devon L. Satterfield, $250,000.

Kelford Lane, 2418-Wells Fargo Bank to Beverly Minor, $178,000.

Lake Victoria Lane, 11110-Seinye Lulu Briggs to Hong Ton, $421,000.

London Lane, 14642-Lance R. and Ashlee Wega to Shena Shavonne Anderson, $173,000.

Melfa Lane, 3607-Susan Cartney and Carolyn E. Cartney to Caitlin Suzanne Foster, $250,000.

Pine Ct., 13001-Steven M. and Deborah A. Dratter to David D. and Pamela R. Gordon, $369,900.

Rockledge Dr., 12008-Terry B. Reynolds to Michael Houck, $261,000.

Westview Forest Dr., 13811-Cynthia Ann Gaines to Adam C. and Melanie C. Tumblin, $361,500.


Commander Howe Terr., 7034-Andrea Michele Toadvine to Tabitha S. Duncan, $175,000.

Heatherwick Ct., 12709-Carmita and Orlando E. Pacheco to Ryan and Nichole Barker, $142,000.

Paoli Ct., 15314-Hovnanian Homes to Sean M. Fleet, $350,000.


Perry St., 3908-Jeanette Mainhall to Shaon Gao, $81,500.

40th Ave., 3707-Agnes M. Scott and Edith M. Chapin to Enelilson M. Torres, $140,000.


Capitol Heights Blvd., 701-Likainvest Corp. to Marlon Ricardolee Morris, $152,000.

Cedarleaf Ave., 301-Julio Robles Lopez to Bobbie Adams, $109,900.

Dunbar Oaks Dr., 1109-Auston R. Kennedy Sr. to Kimberly Emely Chavez, $65,000.

Elder St., 6104-Kim Le to Monica B. Perry, $182,000.

Hastings Dr., 7020-Alexander L. Saunders Sr. to Harbour Maryland Properties, $80,000.

Malachite Pl., 6914-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jasmine Israel, $143,000.

Nye St., 1205-Derek A. Passee to Deutsche Bank, $52,500.

Pacific Ave., 1605-K2NC Corp. to Tara R. Blunt, $128,000.

Rollins Lane, 5707-Frank Marshall to Lisa Renee McIntosh, $159,000.

Santo Pl., 6328-NVR Inc. to Raven O. Johnson, $291,290.

Torque St., 4406-Terrence McKinley to Fannie Mae, $222,055.

Wilburn Dr., 6500-Kenneth and Carol E. Jones to Lenora F. McKenzie, $130,000.


Gloucester Lane, 10612-Milbren Thomas and Barbara Lambert to K2NC Corp., $220,000.


Allendale Dr., 8145-Gary Bennett to Ralph Sierra, $130,000.

Columbia Pl., 2234-Doris E. Cedillos and Ever M. Mendez to Wilfredo Aparicio and Alba Flores, $80,000.

Electric Ave., 1520-Tri-State Property Corp. to Cesar N. Ferrufino, $129,000.

Gibbs Way, 8406-Centex Homes to Uwatt Bassey Uwatt, $322,357.

Kent Village Pl., 2448-Artem Shaposnyk and Jimmy Su to Andrea N. Villarini, $130,000.

Old Landover Rd., 6710-Maribel Murray and Horace A. Adams to Fannie Mae, $153,000.

Spectator Ave., 543-Eric Humphrey and Darian T. Agnew to Sean Plater, $270,000.

Tailgate Terr., 526-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Henrieta Tim, $250,000.

57th Ave., 2412-Arnet W. Jones to Kathleen S. and John F. Enterline, $209,500.


Alan Dr., 5904-Dolores Pauline and Joseph Anthony Demichele to Cynthia Lopez, $200,000.

Birchview Ct., 11805-Craig Allen to Mikeya Necol Lennon, $178,000.

Castle Rock Dr., 7505-Patricia D. and Gordon J. Thompson to Harry Brooks, $290,000.

Denton Dr., 7832-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adrienne L. Schultz, $135,050.

Gwynndale Dr., 9512-Leslie B. and Norena M. Hall to Marly Teixeira, $235,000.

Laren Lane, 10406-Tamar Am Corbin to Renee Atkinson Wood, $184,400.

Pryde Dr., 9513-Joycel Callahan and Edwin H. Hall to Joyce L. Callahan, $100,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 9532-Realington Corp. to Angelia M. Myers, $126,500.


Autoville Dr., 9113-Miguel A. Santos to American Investments Corp., $150,000.

Mangum Rd., 5128-Mayra E. Feliu and Matias Escobar to 5128 Mangum Corp., $150,500.

Quebec Pl., 6112-Stanley Swetnam to David McCreary, $233,750.

Tecumseh St., 4705-Lauren D. Roberts to Haleh Saber, $93,000.

35th Ave., 8908-Ingo Mayr to David W. Conner, $215,000.

53rd Ave., 9706-Jennifer Moller and Sven C. Moller to Fannie Mae, $246,000.


Evian Ct., 2342-Sonia A. Quattlebaum to Jermaine Evans, $118,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 6809-Deutsche Bank to Burak Sahin, $100,199.

Mane Lane, 7703-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kerry Darden, $85,000.

Old Silver Hill Rd., 5509-Deborah Lewis Harris to Nicolas Rodriguez and Angela Joya, $300,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 2305-Denise Suggs to LNV Corp., $80,000.


Calhoun St., 2204-Jo Lo Inc. to Gary Anderson, $239,900.

Flintlock Lane, 10900-Lester and Darnese Wilkerson to Jose R. Amaya and Ines A. Lopez, $250,200.

Greenboro Lane, 6916-Edgar McPhee Jr. to Fidelis and Stella Ajudua, $239,000.

Henson Bridge Terr., 2900-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hugene Tyrell Fields, $120,000.

Kerby Hill Rd., 312-Margaret and Dwight Street to Cintia Cespedes, $121,000.

Langner Ct., 302-Majestic Properties Corp. to Lee A. Thompson, $249,900.

Oaklawn Rd., 3903-Caitlin Seldin to Jamie and Scott H. Snider, $318,800.

Stonesboro Rd., 3614-Stars Home Corp. to Noble and Lisa Cunningham, $225,000.

Thornknoll Ct., 9501-Karen L. Phillips to Gary C. Carter II, $329,950.

Wenzel Lane, 9911-Gregory M. and Hassanatu I. Desire to Hector O. Gramajo, $349,000.


Rochino Ct., 12410-Titilola and Saidi Ayodeji Alayo to HSBC Bank, $379,962.


Greenbelt Rd., 8481, No. 101-Mancur S. Olson to Kai Chel and Kai Fay Yee, $78,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 7822, No. 417-William Thomas Tucker to Charlotte Easterday, $97,500.


Buchanan St., 5307-Nelson Raymundy to Bernardino Lozano Gonzalez, $150,000.

Emerson St., 5203-Rosa D. Raymundez to Yongjian Li, $138,000.

Longfellow St., 4524-Pulte Home Corp. to Alpha Griffin, $324,000.


Arctic Fox Dr., 2210-Deutsche Bank to Keith Showstack, $300,699.

Chantilly Lane, 11804-Gloria Watts and James Arthur Davis to Sebastian D. Forka, $310,000.

Dunwood Valley Dr., 14703-Ernest D. and Willa R. Green to Marlon B. Cole and Mahbleeta E. Grant, $399,999.

Hall Station Dr., 904-NVR Inc. to Anita Hairston, $288,110.

Hall Station Dr., 904-NVR Inc. to Sulaiman M. Harris and Autumn King, $293,015.

Hall Station Dr., 908, No. 205-NVR Inc. to Kenya Kelly, $288,375.

Jasonwood Ct., 14401-Jeffrey J. and Colette L. Simms to Clermont and Carole Yelverton, $530,000.

Jones Fall Ct., 408-Kenneth R. Pleasant to Prudential Relocation Inc., $320,000.

Kynaston Ct., 9400-Brenda Hill to Andrea D. and Timothy Saunders, $428,000.

St. Francis Way, 11936-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Collier W. Owens, $230,000.

Waesche Dr., 11552-M. Fania and M. Hermance Gaston to Kris J. and Shaneka L. Peters, $360,000.


Cipriano Woods Ct., 7001-Deutsche Bank to Amjad Mahmood, $116,119.

Dellwood Ave., 7951-Christian Belton to Mercera A. Payne and Miguel A. Silva, $118,000.

Greenfield Ct., 6514-Fannie Mae to Eric Walker, $172,500.

Lamont Dr., 6706-Jorge Martinez to Fannie Mae, $289,760.

Palamar Terr., 7006-Delta Real Estate to Sherrian Blagrove, $214,000.

Twin Oak Ct., 4404-Wells Fargo Bank to Carl E. Handon, $237,000.

Wren Lane, 7015-Wells Fargo Bank to Raymundo G. Toscano and Jenny Gayosso, $260,000.


Baikal Loop, 2503-ING Bank to Tammy Eshal Brown, $199,000.

Canadien Geese Ct., 1403-Kayode Ojewale to Haja Jah, $257,100.

College Station Dr., 114-Jamila Duffield to Fannie Mae, $157,386.

Dressage Ct., 2513-Hovnanian Homes to Annie Davies, $428,132.

Francisco Ct., 8820-Dorothy I. Dorsey to Tonya R. Miller, $189,423.

Green Wing Terr., 15105-Rori Brown to Shanee Justice, $204,300.

Jumper Lane, 2402-Hovnanian Homes to Stefanie Michelle Inabinet, $413,744.

Laughton St., 30-Stad Properties Corp. to Vernon Davis, $260,000.

Manderes Pl., 3407-Alfredo and Denise A. Dunn to Martin M. and Odilia F. Nkwain, $251,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1607-HSBC Bank to Brien K. Patterson, $190,000.

Spring Way, 9102-Brian D. Keller and Penny K. Lamb to Terry F. Weber, $115,000.

Treeland Way, 1035-Larry A. Fuqua to Robert S. Clark Jr., $160,000.

Wigeon Ct., 1300-WL Homes Corp. to Howard Vernon Jones Sr. and Otelia Olivia Wyche, $238,500.


Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 6701-Hester M. Beall to Fredric Johns and Marilyn Dixon, $225,000.

Corunna Ct., 14105-Corey C. Coward and Mary Rizzuto to Ok S. Cho and Bae H. Son, $415,000.

Dover Ct., 14315-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Melanie M. Savannah, $110,000.

Jib St., 14224-Joyce A. Sterling to Michelle J. Davis, $139,000.

Main St., 410, No. 20-Silesia Jamice and Cordell Pearson to Ayman Assasanassios, $66,000.

Mayfair Terr., 6961-Archimedes Medina to Nancy D. Matthews, $186,000.

Philip Powers Dr., 1016-Samantha J. Green to Max Theise, $105,000.

Spinnaker Rd., 7806-Bank of America to Omer F. Abdullah and Aqibullah Khan, $75,000.

Sixth St., 203-Marianne S. and Christopher R. Twilley to Clayton A. Cooper Jr., $345,000.


Birch Leaf Terr., 17200-Domonic A. and Wanda D. Newman to Juliette Lane Hailey, $464,600.

Empress Way, 15413-Shu Chih Chang to Jie Chen, $144,500.

Nashua Lane, 15018-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Frank Crutcher, $157,500.

Peach Walker Dr., 15582-Robert James Nusser to Daniel Ryan Williams and Sarah B. Parker, $315,000.

Presidio Way, 16227-Charles Edward Casteel to James M. and Jael L. Carroll, $190,000.


Dove Cir., 12140-Lee E. Dumais Jr. to Alfredo Echeverry Betancourt, $189,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11381-Andrea Griffin to Anna R. and Daniel J. Tutolo, $73,000.

Sumner Grove Dr., 9209-Eva Kubiczek Love to Syed M. Hossain and Khondoker N. Haque, $378,000.


30th St., 4214-Bryan Joffe and Beth Sundstrom to Katherine Bredin Daugert, $275,000.

33rd St., 4103-Brian Vassallo to Dennis C. Alexader and Tracy E. Velazquez, $265,000.


Fairwood Rd., 6802-Stephanie Blanton and Ali Farahpour to Dangelo Q. Roberts, $199,900.

Gramby St., 3601-Alfred J. Gaston to Retained Realty Inc., $125,000.

Randolph St., 5512-Hector Ramos and Santana E. Saravia to Jonas D. Miranda, $155,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6312-Wells Fargo Bank to Estefani Rondon and Angela Valdivia, $140,199.

68th Pl., 4743-Fausto R. Bayonet to Nancy Ruiz Vargas, $173,000.


Dumfries St., 1007-Allen and Kattoria A. Butler to Residential Value Corp., $56,500.

Fleet St., 157, No. 502-NH Residential Corp. to Melinda Sue Muerdler, $324,900.

Galloway Dr., 5813-Walter F. and Carmela M. Halleck to Unique Affordable Homes Corp., $105,000.

Iroquois Way, 121-Monetic Solutions Inc. to Shirley and Edward Rawlings, $160,000.

Potomac Passage, 155-NH Residential Inc. to Richard R. Harvey, $294,900.

Spokane Dr., 5803-Jerome L. and Adoree D. Miller to Rosslyn J. Long, $60,000.

Waterfront St., -Potomac Overlook Corp. to Irving B. and Tia A. Pollard, $570,745.


Longfellow St., 6300-PSB Corp. to Angel S. Hernandez and Nely I. Sorto, $136,000.

63rd Ave., 5804-5804 63rd Avenue Corp. to Jason Berry, $105,000.


Braymer Ave., 5019-Swan Properties Inc. to Anthony G. Gray, $197,000.

Houston St., 2311-William Davis to Fannie Mae, $186,225.

Porter Ave., 1823-Geneva Helen Pinkney and Brenda E. Hemphill to Letishea A. Courtney, $128,000.

White Owl Way, 2320-Raina Butler to Shikita M. Howard, $165,000.


Beachcraft Ct., 4119-Eric C. Coombs and Uwadia A. Erumsele to Fannie Mae, $282,867.

Colebrooke Dr., 2825-Bettie S. Androulakis to Sean N. Rhone, $129,000.

Ludlow Dr., 5409-Doris S. Barkley to Arel Properties Corp., $108,640.


Claymore Ave., 7114-Kenneth and Perchel Broome to Ian Napoleon Lee, $445,900.

Roanoke St., 2027-Michael and Nanette Petruzzelli to Marvin Mendoza Orellana, $95,000.

15th Ave., 5923-Wilber A. and Juan Iglesias to Keshia Diaz Benjamin and Lazaro E. Corona, $185,000.


Bridle Ridge Rd., 4014-Toll Brothers Homes to Kelvin Harris, $480,000.

Captain Covington Pl., 4635-Gwendolyn E. Henson to Leslie R. Biagas, $160,000.

Churchville Dr., 13811-U.S. Bank to Jude Olabayo Veracruz, $157,000.

Dorchester Pl., 16805-Maryland Home Partners Corp. to Latoya Michelle Prieur Weaver, $227,000.

Florin Way, 9063-Wells Fargo Bank to Gizelle Keys, $115,000.

Halloway N., 3733-Fannie Mae to Michael Organ and Latoya Keymist, $179,900.

Largo Rd., 4601-First Savings Mortgage Corp. to Audrey Blackwell, $140,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5720-Clayton D. and Susan L. Spangenberg to Sandra V. Boone, $171,000.

Pavillion Ct., 12626-Erin Gloth to Wells Fargo Bank, $203,512.

Ranch Rd., 4028-Toll Brothers Homes to Rosie M. Settles, $363,968.

Thistle Blossom Way, 12811-James E. and Patricia B. Hartman to Metro DC1 Corp., $145,000.

Wales Lane, 4005-M/I Homes to Glenn I. McFeeters and Eugenia L. Cairns McFeeters, $475,000.