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Montgomery County

Adrian St., 4614-Joanne Petro and Kathryn Ann Petro to Frantz Tello and Fidela Palacios, $281,500.

Bauer Dr., 14618, No. 8-Juan E. and Altagracia C. Fisher to Lei Qin, $180,000.

Dowlais Dr., 13405-Denise Marie Romano to Siam Rochanavichit, $350,000.

Margot Ct., 5008-Tae Hyang Woo to Douglas Paul and Jennifer Donaldson Milewski, $259,900.

Parkmanor Terr., 14305-Howard and Pamela Gorin to Kenneth J. and Jennifer D. Ambrose, $441,000.

Tangier Pl., 13412-Daniel M. and Rachael K. Nichols to Elsie Figueroa Ortiz, $340,000.


Barkwater Ct., 7037-Amita and Satish Jha to Hye Seon Kim, $770,000.

Berkshire Dr., 6310-Hans and Sabrina C. Weger to Karen K. and Lee J. Yung, $1.35 million.

Brookes Lane, 6503-Rosemary Brook and Kotik K. Lee to Emily Katz, $750,900.

Cayuga Ave., 7712-Leonard T. Bisson Jr. and Lisa Huntington Norwalk to John R. Nocolosi and Yulan K. Jin, $719,000.

Conway Rd., 5829-Madji and Sohail Mohabat to Richard L. and Maribel Lafontaine, $1.34 million.

Davenport Terr., 6103-Albert J. Barr to Eduardo Wallentin, $830,000.

Ewing Dr., 9011-Gaurov and Molina B. Dayal to Matthew S. Morrison and Alla V. Kuznetsova, $1.36 million.

Gladwyne Dr., 4515-Martyn N. and Louise Daw to David and Kerry Nicolardi, $745,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 5900-Judy H. and Yun Whan Oh to Dawn M. Armstrong, $640,000.

Huntington Pkwy., 5801-Alexander D. Baldwin and Molly K. O’Rourke to Mia and Stephen Foley Holland, $1.14 million.

Lindale Dr., 9500-Allen Winer to 9500 Lindale Drive Corp., $515,000.

Marion Lane, 7806-James W. Hanson and Elizabeth Thomson to Paroma Sanyal and Arindam Ghosh, $850,000.

Michaels Ct., 9501-Peter H. and Gloria Chi Fishman to Khuram A. and Najiyah Khan, $885,000.

Montrose Ave., 10513-James A. Ronan Jr. to Nelson T. and Bradley N. Riddle, $250,000.

Old Seven Locks Rd., 8406-Apoorva N. Gandhi and Ruchi Kukreti Sharma to Parham and Meetra Kazemian Farid, $999,000.

Pearl St., 7902-Kenneth Tercyak and Randi Streisand to Brett E. Marston and Anita Padmanabhan, $800,000.

Ridge Rd., 8819-Regan Brothers Inc. to Umar Syyid and Ambreen Ilyas, $1.44 million.

Rugby Ave., 5008-Paul Moen and Isabelle Daoust to Krista Fiabane and Michael Hannan, $975,000.

Sonoma Rd., 5809-Byron A. Genner and Patricia L. Morrison to Madji Mohabat, $560,000.

Verne St., 6211-David King and Doris Raithel King to Eric A. and Rachel K. Reicher, $1.16 million.

Wapakoneta Rd., 5113-Jeffrey S. and Alexandra Heslop Shockey to Stephen D. and Erin B. Andrews, $2.1 million.

Westlake Terr., 7401-Lawrence Jay Solomon and Marjorie Lynn Solomon to Shelley Moeller, $165,000.

Whitley Park Terr., 5450, No. 707-Catherine E. Dee and Patricia Anne Dee to Anjali Yadava, $335,000.

Wilson Lane, 5804-John I. and Rhonda M. Bolton to Thomas W. and Anastasia G. Pullum, $920,000.

Zulima Ct., 7704-Whan and Jean Kim Park to Hassan and Fariha Hassan Jafrani, $966,000.


Tatani Dr., 14144-Marlene C. Lee to Deepak Kumar, $333,700.


Abrams Ct., 20501-Susan Canning and Adam F. Lowy to Paul Alger and Edelyn Alger, $850,000.

Gold Mine Rd., 3100-Cynthia J. Maves to Dario Taccini and Kimberly J. McGraw, $440,000.

Shady View Lane, 18429-Ralph E. and Elizabeth A. Leslie to Ryan and Angela L. Martin, $515,000.


Athey Rd., 14903-Jeffrey W. and Lillian M. Krionderis to Robert K. Anderson and Carolyn A. Stilwell, $285,000.

Halton Hall Lane, 3902-NVR Inc. to Mark and Laurie Clarke, $400,405.


Andrew Dr., 13200-Sharen T. O’Neal to Jonathan Isaac and Miranda Elizabeth Gerson, $365,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1647F-William E. Hentosh to Andrew A. Dickinson and Stefanie L. Stefanski, $112,000.

Dove St., 13310-Gloria J. Ray to Lemlem E. Ayaliew and Menhere T. Wolde, $285,000.

Gresham Rd., 1307-Juanita E. Furgason to Adeline I. and Chukwuemeka J. Agbedo, $324,000.

Midland Rd., 718-Nell M. and Clifford I. Pearson to Christopher Maynard, $445,000.

Musicmaster Dr., 13149-Sandra G. and Jan B. Newman to Rashetta M. Fairnot, $220,000.

Royal Forest Lane, 14206-Sangeeta Purcell to Shahzad and Madeha K. Dastgir, $453,000.

Suncroft Ct., 5-Christopher S. and Carla Harne to Michael J. and Alison E. Canning, $355,000.


Blackthorn St., 4112-Marc H. and Wilma C. Blanc to Joshua I. and Kimberly S. Cover, $1.5 million.

Center St., 5508-Alexis and Barbara A. Devane to Elizabeth C. and Andrew D. Fenzel, $1.51 million.

East West Hwy., 4242-Rini and Shuvo Ghosh to Yvette J. Chocolaad, $370,000.

Georgia St., 6808-Suzanne Blattner to Benjamin J. and Jordan Brainard O’Neil, $903,000.

Hillandale Rd., 6651-Bradley Paul and Elizabeth Rathgeb Snyder to Aidar Abdychev, $615,000.

Park Ave. N., 4550, No. 804-Joseph Kaplan to Ronald and Karen Sallerson, $712,000.

Shepherd St., 3501-Julio Fernandes to Brodi and Yvette Fontenot, $891,000.

Underwood St., 3805-Sheilah A. Lynch to Thomas Christian and Elizabeth Mulligan Brown, $1.04 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 807-Youngja K. and Rita Chung to Leslie C. Shapiro, $1.6 million.

44th St., 7101-Sue F. and Jason R. Law to Alexander H. Weisberg, $1.1 million.


Clarksridge Rd., 23409-Clifford C. and Angela Kristy Macananny to Daniel J. Glauber, $450,000.

Grand Elm St., 12730-Mark J. and Amanda J. Bloor to Cartus Corp., $619,900.

Little Vineyard Lane, 23604-Dwight Woodard to William H. Kilosky, $565,000.

Prices Distillery Rd., 13000-Nicholas S. and Philip C. Godaire to Barbara S. Marshall, $305,000.

Skylark Rd., -Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Sandra L. Lewallen, $132,907.

Sycamore Farm Dr., 23008-Victor Anohu to Mehul S. and Ketki M. Shah, $670,000.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 1629-101 Geneva Corp. to Muhammad and Samarah Kashif, $349,900.

Cypress Bay Lane, 16613-Fred H. and Cheryl Lowenbach to Kamlesh and Harsh Sardana, $860,000.

Marshall Manor Dr., 504-Janice R. Beiter and Karen Rollings to Dariush and Marjan Bagheri, $327,000.


Budsman Terr., 10601-Laura E. and Billy D. Parsons to Jacqueline C. and Daniel F. Russell, $265,000.

Founders Way, 10020-Joseph C. and Monica M. Loproto to Wells Fargo Bank, $530,000.


Capricorn Terr., 7905-Richard Charles and Linda Ann Ramsey to Kah Tat Liang and Hui Ping Tan, $250,000.

Indian Hills Dr., 7640-Libra Investments Corp. to Natalia Cardenas Carranco and Maria Carranco Galarza, $347,455.

Willow Hill Lane, 6012-Elizabeth F. and Matthew J. Nevins to Jonathan L. and Kristi M. Jacobs, $622,500.


Brunett Ave., 9642-Benjamin T. and Ariel C. Gruswitz to Douglas B. and Lindsay E. Coffelt, $399,000.

Curran Rd., 9505-Michael George and Linda D. Newman to Frank C. Salamone and Manuel Quinones, $417,000.

Greenock Rd., 10112-Michael and Eileen Beard to Rachel L. Browning, $433,000.

Kerwin Rd., 708-Maria Salter to Karin M. Chrisville and David N. Cantrell, $402,000.

Mintwood St., 9224-Sue Stallings and Donzel Loker to Robert J. and Cecilia M. Peterson, $555,000.

St. Lawrence Dr., 105-Kerric T. Baird and Teresa A. Godfrey to Dean W. Myers and Christina M. Jones, $509,000.

Whitmoor Terr., 213-101 Geneva Corp. to Nicholas A. and Erika A. Laubach, $325,000.


Autumn Hill Way, 6-Renee Salazar and Jaime Contreras to Donhang Liu and Hong Zhao, $186,000.

Bralan Ct., 47-Anand Srinivasan and Ritu Anand to Payam Setayeshpour and Pejman Aminiha, $235,000.

Christopher Ave., 405-Joan Castor Willock and Beverly L. Castor to Konstantine Boukhvalov and Paul Brett, $140,000.

Elioak Terr., 7510-John H. and Jeanette B. Townsend to Klaus Peter Springer, $255,555.

Girard St., 430-Yuk Lin Cheng to Agustina De Roque, $60,000.

Grange Hall Dr., 211-Daniel J. and E. Silvia Gross to Weizhong Tang and Meijuan Luo, $440,000.

Meadowgate Terr., 203-Jennifer and Mohsen Bahrami to SunTrust Bank, $452,000.

Rosemont Dr., 9221-Wayne W. Rives to David L. Bernard, $450,000.

State Ct., 42-Jammey M. Murray and Augustine Richardson to Janie King and Yao Yuan, $125,282.

Tygart Ct., 13-Kee Hong Kim and Dong Soon Bae to Didier Ngay and Nicole Thomas, $304,000.

Woodland Rd., 507-Frank Song and Feifei Li to Alex Bara Jimenez and Margarita Serrano, $310,000.


Rokeby Ave., 11114-Thoams F. and Lara C. Hines to Caroine J. Little, $720,500.


Berryville Rd., 15301-Sudhakar Punja and Warren Lincoln Jacobs III to Melanie L. Merrion and Kesia L. Carlson, $1.28 million.

Cherry Bend Dr., 19033-Marc A. and Danielle Elliott to Doris E. Lewis, $239,900.

Country Ridge Dr., 13406-Telmo and Maria Cumba to Ravi K. Nair and Renal Patel, $215,000.

Dairymaid Dr., 13213, No. 19-Brandi Lynn Wrublik to John and Cornelia Schulze, $120,000.

Eternity Rd., 14120-Xuejun J. Smith to Zuoqun Feng and Bing Tang, $460,000.

Gunnerfield Lane, 19233-Kenneth E. and Jayne G. Wisor to Brandon and Sarah Barrett, $420,000.

Lullaby Rd., 13921-Marc J. and Stacy E. Kravitz to Umesh K. and Rakhee Kunvar, $345,000.

Pumpkin Seed Ct., 12727-Victoria F. Gardner and Fanta V. Kakay to Man M. Tsang and Ing Hwa Liu, $165,000.

Shipley Terr., 20257, No. 102-Betty E. and Sandy Constance to Yimmy Ramirez, $120,000.

Swiss Cir., 18231, No. 47-Lacey Robinson to Robert Gang Luo and Amy Kaihong Hu, $100,100.

White Saddle Dr., 19632-Elizabeth Muehl to Gulsher Singh and Punam Jagirdar, $228,000.


Edgewater Pkwy., 1804-Margaret M. Easley and Steven C. Kane to Christopher M. Jewell and Amy J. Karlsson, $470,000.

Oakview Dr., 1600-Carmen Luisa White to Hieu M. Le, $210,000.


Bexhill Dr. W., 9716-Robert D. and Stephanie Bagliani Cantizano to Catherine K. and Brian T. Lacey, $870,000.

Decatur Ave., 3816-David B. Hillis and Barbara Drake Hillis to Bertrand and Carole M. Houlier, $310,000.

Flanders Ave., 5117-Tommy Le to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $550,500.

Jutland Rd., 2816-Tony and Donnell D. Sledge to Thomas I. and Jessica C. Ewers, $682,000.

McComas Ave., 3120-Steven A. and Betty B. Anderson to Mark T. and Mary E. Dalhouse, $485,000.

Orleans Ct., 5003-Winifred Lynn Amos and Thomas S. Lea to Daniel Princiotta and Inbal Eshel, $477,000.

University Blvd. W., 3129, No. 1-Brian Dacy to David and Melissa Beh, $119,900.


Brooke Rd., -Jason and Joseph E. Huff to Teresa and Mitra Ramson, $159,000.

Jonnie Lane, 8209-James M. and Lisa L. Thomas to Daniel C. and Shelbey L. Bauman, $303,000.


Battery Bend Pl., 20319-Pamela D. James to Fannie Mae, $296,000.

Canadian Ct., 19010-Christopher Conlan to Daniel J. Boeve, $310,000.

Diary Rd., 18941-John B. Dunlap and Patricia H. Estey to Colin M. and Casey V. Szesze, $365,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20607-Elena Dragu and Gabriel M. Zabet to Drew D. and Estela N. Dasaro, $328,900.

Maple Leaf Dr., 10026-Landmark Investment Properties to Maricel S. Keeter, $250,000.

Pier Point Pl., 18708-Alba Schofield and Alba Velez Tirado to Xiaoxue Peng and Litong Xu, $212,000.

Royal Bonnet Cir., 18102-Jennifer Ahn to Chaohong Ye and Yeats Ye, $207,000.

Swallow Point Rd., 20322-Siva and Ananthy Navaratnam to William Thangawng, $365,000.

Welbeck Terr., 20137-Congphi D. Nguyen and Diep H. Chu to Emmanuel Agada, $180,000.


Bel Pre Rd., 3810, No. 33-Ismael I. Perez and Marleny D. Umanzor to Bijan M. Amini, $56,000.

Dunsinane Ct., 2-Phyllis Joan Lemon to Alid D. Camara, $250,000.

Hathaway Dr., 13014-Gary M. and Donna M. Rand to Phuong V. Luong, $348,000.

Highview Dr., 4011-James Toman and Patricia Woofter to Leona Blakey, $278,000.

Norbeck Rd., 3213-Clifton D. Lee and Josephine Brogden to Orion Cottrell and June Lang, $165,000.

Sun Valley Cir., 2432-Phuong and Phuon Quoc Tran to Leonel Castano Cortes and Luz D. Castano, $140,000.

Wilton Oaks Dr., 13004-Lisa R. and Kelly P. Vogan to Christopher Aston, $360,550.


Autumn View Dr., 113-Churchill Development Corp. to William H. and Mary A. Damaska, $668,000.

Chestertown St., 491-Eric Arfin and Dana L. Treistman to Jason P. Shelton and June Cai, $549,000.

Darnestown Rd., 13920-Scott C. and Joyce Ann Burton to Nabil G. and Natalya A. Abouzolof, $450,000.

Gatestone St., 603-Robert E. and Youngnan Haines to Dennys Passeto, $490,000.

Green Watch Ct., 10-Bruce E. and Hsiu Hsiu Carlson to Yan Li and Zhan Zhang, $706,000.

Inspiration Lane, 314-Clark M. and Lisa Wagner to Derek Johnson, $645,000.

Lake St., 134-Gary J. and Janet M. Knapp to David and Katie Ding, $637,000.

Lazy Hollow Dr., 141-Luis D. Cabrera to Jean S. Li, $338,500.

Lynette St., 453-Cartus Corp. to Eric Arfin and Dana L. Treistman, $750,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 58-Paul and Josephine M. Medler to Cuong B. Nguyen and Thao T. Truong, $289,900.

Pontiac Way, 102-Juli and Andrew Singer to Sujuan S. Wang, $295,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 884, No. P2-Alene O. Powell to Zipora Shamir and Michael Georlette, $56,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 13117-Donald R. and Barbara J. Drew to George S. Arvantides and Amy J. Lynch, $719,000.

Suffolk Terr., 12128-Robert M. and Sally A. Skrab to Damasus S. Laij and Cynthia R. Lay, $363,500.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 315-National Residential Nominee Services to Jeffrey M. and Betsy N. Fantle, $749,900.


Carrisa Lane, 3753-Dorothy J. and Richard J. Costopoulos to Scott A. and Meredith S. Zanni, $585,000.

Dundonnell Way, 18317-Lee J. and Karen K. Yung to Matthew G. and Shelly E. Liberty, $649,000.

Fox Chase Cir., 18236-Diana L. Matthews to Christopher R. Bruno and Melissa S. Wilmot Bruno, $305,000.

Leman Lake Dr., 18341-Maureen C. Dempsey to Laura K. and Timothy J. Couzens, $180,000.

Moss Side Lane, 17208-Randy Stoudt to Issa and Julie Nesheiwat, $500,000.

Queen Elizabeth Dr., 18201-Janusz Bazyluk to John Churchwell and Kate Golkiewicz, $533,000.

Winter Garden Way, 2248-John W. Fuller to David and Billie Peterson, $401,000.


Spurrier Ave., 19809-Scott J. Spencer to Michael L. and Nicole M. Porter, $353,000.


Bells Mill Terr., 10309-Carl C. Eierle to Stefano Mocci, $881,000.

Cadbury Ave., 7817-Loryn Kalderon Blum to Ronit Genish, $1.14 million.

Copenhaver Dr., 9417-Amoz I. Chernoff to Rachel N. and Michael J. Lipari, $706,000.

Falls Rd., 8620-Gert Reise and Gabriele Von Nordheim to Kevin Francis Cawley and Dana Katherine Lannguth, $680,000.

Greenbriar Branch Dr., 12321-Chul H. and Ock K. Ahn to Alexander Zhukov and Ellen Kovin, $1.38 million.

Hunting Ridge Ct., 11828-Sherwood Family Trust to Shannon Christa McFarlin, $1 million.

Lamplighter Lane, 11114-Charrel M. and John F. Shumanis to Manav S. and Isha R. Patel, $720,000.

Picasso Lane, 10909-Emil P. and Lisa M. Moshedi to Xing Xia and Yang Wang, $1.07 million.

Sunrise Dr., 1910-Ramachandran and Geetha Valiyil to Amir and Pouneh Kazemzadehmarand, $700,000.

Tuckerman Lane, 8122-Bhargav P. and Madhvi B. Upender to Amit and Vinita Manchanda, $800,000.

Windsor View Dr., 10404-Stanley F. and Jacquelyn Pickett to Michael Antonio and Elise Kessler Snyder, $1 million.


Antigua Terr., 10838, No. 202-Lois A. McWilliams to Gina C. Vaughn, $370,000.

Azalea Dr., 742-Charles S. and Catharine A. Bailey to Kevin S. and Shannon L. Grant, $335,000.

Braxfield Ct., 12301, No. 377-Marcela Espinoza Morris to Ju Cheol and Myung Hee Park, $187,500.

Brewer House Rd., 10901-Morris and Rachel Chabbott to Amiram W. Levi, $565,000.

Crestfield Dr., 903-S. Shawn Ziglari and Shida Nikakhtar to Zhi Long Chen and Lan Xiang, $513,000.

Diamond Cove Terr., 15308, No. 3A-Karen M. Crotty to Julie Kaye Robinson, $320,000.

Garden View Way, 409-Belle P. Mum to Robert and Shuhua Bell, $600,000.

Goosefoot Terr., 13818-Howard G. and Elise K. Goldstein to Ying Jin and Zhong Zhang, $1.1 million.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201-Robert W. and Margaret E. Dickie to Yi X. Chen, $145,000.

Hampton Mill Terr., 10827, No. 380-Jo G. Griffith and Ronald T. Bricker to Stephen Y. and Emmanuelle Angarita Wise, $355,000.

King Farm Blvd., 403, No. 201R-Richard Roy and Anne Thomason Cavanagh to Lisa R. Freda, $399,000.

Macon Rd., 4703-House Buyers of America Inc. to Eric Wisotzky and Nell Rumbaugh, $405,000.

Montgomery Ave. W., 521-Kimberly Baer to Mark Maleski and Tracy A. Wolff, $759,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5809-Marie Luise Baehr to Edwin R. and Roxanne Schulman, $440,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1305-Toll Brothers Homes to Jason E. and Patricia B. Friedman, $535,990.

Potomac Corner Lane, 14844-Jong Ho and Soon Ja Lee to Khaldoun M. Al-Atrash, $683,000.

Rockville Pike, 10500, No. 1111-Ronald A. Sarro to Kelly Verdin, $220,000.

Sterling Terr., 10141-National Transfer Services Corp. to Martha Petersen and Erika A. Costantino, $460,000.

Travilah Rd., 14130-Dorothy Mae and Stephen James Haines to Patuxent River Development Corp., $330,000.

Vanderbilt Cir., 10009, No. 5-Min Chung Sun to Dan Wu, $220,000.

Wootton Oaks Ct., 145-Curtis L. Gray to Steven M. and Crystal L. Gassert, $600,000.


Collins Dr., 11808-Wilson L. and Doris B. Brannon to Balkissoon and Haimawattie Singh, $225,000.

Hawks Nest Lane, 12525-Michael George Buttigieg and Christine Marie Harris Buttigieg to Kenneth J. and Nancy L. Salaets, $450,000.

Sojourn Ct., 21035-Xiaoping Jiang and Zhen Li to Thanh Tamand Be Thi Doan, $278,000.

Wayfarer Rd., 10701-Richard A. and Susan F. Privot to Valerie S. Hennies, $415,000.


Ballard St., 1504-Rebecca N. Strandberg to Kevin M. and Jennifer B. Kramer, $729,000.

Coleridge Dr., 2301-John F. and Kathleen D. Kennedy to Jeffrey B. and Shelly C. Frasco, $435,000.

Darcy Green Pl., 2116-Maria J. Vazquez to Alexander G. Prikhodko and Michelle A. Amick, $510,000.

Hartford Ave., 8120-Gail F. Pressberg to Meghan E. Moriarty and Mark J. Nosal, $296,000.

Newell St., 8045, No. 219-Elizabeth Bentley Bogle and Lisa Courtney Barry to Christopher K. Barron, $270,000.

Washington Ave., 2212-Patricia Sayer to Elizabeth Hurley and Sean Zullo, $279,000.

Wilson Pl., 1609-Jared and Livia Dunkin to Faige Perlow Kanovsky, $550,000.


Carroll Ave., 7423-Michelle Adato and William A. Anawaty Jr. to David Levine and Mary Angelini, $671,600.

Glenside Dr., 7506-Craig E. Moorhead and Kiyoung S. Nam to Heather J. Berthoud, $412,500.

Lancaster Rd., 1106-Denis R. Borum and Grace G. Ogden to Patrick F. and Xi S. Besha, $437,500.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333-Tenacity Corp. to William P. Crussiah, $129,500.

Park Ave., 252-Dag Lohmann and Virginia Cybele Machardy to Thomas E. Salyers and Kathleen M. Roche, $520,000.

Wildwood Dr., 7317-Kathleen Adele Orr and Christopher Wyatt Wallace to Benjamin S. Williams and Lauren M. Grosso, $415,000.


Bluhill Rd., 11924-Linda L. McKinney to Saul A. Castro, $180,000.

Dublin Dr., 1735-John Kirwin and Rebecca Lynn Tritschler to Sean T. Smith and Aynsley D. Toews, $439,000.

Gilsan St., 11407-Louis R. and Rae Paley to Ada I. and Victor M. Gonzalez, $352,000.

Ivydale St., 2811-Alisa Kobrinetz Chemack and Robert M. McCarthy to Rosemary Martin, $315,000.

Lockhart Pl., 11506-Lawrence Neil Kay and Shirley Kay to Elijah Morgan and Mary Bridget Weisberg, $350,000.

Ravenwood Ct., 12116-Jennifer Minsk to Leslie Anne Hedderly, $307,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111-Walter R. Craig to Sewell B. Johnson, $180,000.

Woodridge Ave., 3507-Pamela P. Lautman to Danny Hoxha and Elena Demarco, $302,400.

Frederick County

Hope Farm Ct., 1417-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to James Mitchell, $289,990.

Fifth Ave., 119-Deutsche Bank to Christopher A. Massi and Martha M. Sullivan, $71,250.


Lewis Mill Ct., 4485-Jennifer Hankey and Tex L. Harvey to James T. and Linda R. Rusk, $430,000.


Depaul St., 216-Terea F. Johnson to Ronald N. and Brittany L. Fritz, $195,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9038-Edward Maurice Nolan and Wendy Hicks Nolan to Christopher A. Russell and Monica L. Wenzel, $342,000.

Artillery Rd., 2100-NVR Inc. to Patrick and Lisa McComiskey, $302,910.

Berry Rose Ct., 1605, No. 3A-Dustin M. and Krista N. Hurley to Nicole A. Thomas, $127,000.

Boysenberry Lane, 566-Douglas A. Powell to Stanislav and Victoria Zelivinski, $105,000.

Buell Dr., 2091-Fannie Mae to John C. and Jennifer B. Weaver, $205,000.

Cawley Dr., 630-Beazer Homes Corp. to Debora Pearce, $258,964.

Center St., 207-Alex C. Euler to Cheryl F. Santangelo, $225,000.

Daffodil Dr., 1125-Rolando Rodriguez to Xiongfong and Xiuli Chen, $100,000.

Egret Way, 2615-NVR Inc. to Jose A. Adon, $294,585.

Ellington Way, 6532-Ahmet Bulent Trak to Jason B. Ogle and Maribeth Komons, $200,000.

Elmwood Ct., 1591-Fannie Mae to Shanta N. and Doris Harrison, $180,000.

Jubal Way, 937-Paul Bliven to Antworn and Latoya Anderson, $230,000.

Mill Island Pkwy., 3030, No. 314-Bruce C. Birch and Susan R. Hales to Xavier D. and Ann Buffone, $240,000.

Millstream Dr., 1846-Joel Edwards to Wells Fargo Bank, $191,000.

Monarch Ridge Rd., 719-Siegfried and Christine Dirnagl to Brian Greenberg, $237,650.

Partners Ct., 5379-Jacob H. Taylor to Philip M. Roos and Jessica L. Caruso, $249,000.

Rainbow Lane, 7218-Benjamin G. Luttge and Mary Ann Checkley to Bank of New York Mellon, $313,133.

Rambling Way S., 1517-Jay T. and Rachel L. Harrison to Alexandra P. Raymundo and Alexandra Funes, $216,000.

Shelley Cir., 2511, No. 3C-John S. and Sylvia J. Tokar to Eric J. Feser, $157,500.

Springwater Ct., 6509, No. 6202-Callie V. Cornelius to Martina D. Moon, $147,000.

Storrington Dr., 1016-John D. and Robin L. Hurlock to Achiaa A. McBrown, $310,000.

Stratford Way, 812K-Philip Atwell to Barbara Dean, $86,500.

Sunset View Lane, 5743-Joseph A. and Patricia A. Roth to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $231,721.

Whetstone Dr., 6584-Joan Marie Reid to Robert N. and Caridad K. Hansen, $200,000.

Wilcox Ct., 1129-Greentree Homes to Janice N. Hendricks, $335,771.

Third St. E., 338-Theodore Thompson and Patricia Carter to William W. Bush IV, $260,000.


Fairgreene Way, 5204-John W. and Jody H. Spahr to James P. Delorenzo and Julie C. Christiansen, $617,500.

Urbana Pike, 2626-Donald W. and Thomas E. Burdette to Thomas L. and Melinda L. Beckwith, $600,000.


Larch Lane, 6-Colleen A. Clancy to Jeffrey M. and Pamela I. Wilson, $245,000.

Old National Pike, 3223-Richard B. and Barbara J. Ossias to James W. and Alice H. Leonard, $395,000.


Archer Cir., 11470-Gregory Wayne and Luz Marina Johnson to Laurie C. Smith, $310,000.

Lynn Burke Rd., 4565-Robert Geoghan to Thomas K. McConnell, $185,000.


Leafy Hollow Cir., 1109-Kevin M. and Traci Lynn Davies to David J. Hayden, $425,000.

Spring Valley Ct., 302-David V. and Linda Johnson Morton to Daniel D. and Kimberly A. Krill, $396,000.


Coxey Brown Rd., 4243-Frederick J. Keilholtz to Chelsea I. and Alfred S. Skoczylas, $300,000.


Country Club Rd., 11297-Greg W. Kahlert and Robert F. Wilson to Michael R. and Abigail Z. Sievers, $650,000.

Nyasa Bnd., 6584-Todd Jennings and Maria Dorney Brown to Paul A. and Sandra M. Dileo, $301,000.

Prosser St., 616-Eric R. and Holly E. Nowicki to Chad M. Hohi and Valicity M. Hohl, $420,000.

Wicomico Cir., 5552-James M. and Gretchen M. Stup to Christopher Weatherly and Alison K. Weatherly, $300,000.

Yeagertown Rd., 5716-Eva E. Wahl to Edward D. and Rachel A. Hale, $225,000.


Canal Run Dr., 1739-Martin Frederick and Kimberly Ann Brodish to Gary R. and Alicia M. Scharpf, $293,500.


Carroll St. N., 141-Louis G. Heon to Allen J. Clegg and Brittany N. Knight, $135,000.

Putman Rd., 10916-Gregory P. and Stacey M. Nester to Sara M. Timmins and Jennifer L. Tygielski, $340,000.


Bartonsville Rd., 5929-Robert L. Crummitt to Fannie Mae, $135,000.

Belvedere Lane, 4005-Thomas L. and Melinda L. Beckwith to Christopher L. and Mary Beth Coffman, $525,000.

Kendall Dr., 3807-Steven W. and Lucile L. Duke to Major C. and Shayne M. Flynn, $645,000.

Singleton Terr., 3628-Raymond M. and Kirstie L. Turowski to Eric A. Weakley and Shelley A. Weakley, $310,000.


Braeburn Dr., 256-Patricia A. Caro to Mark and Patricia Douglass, $292,000.

Gallorette Ct., 6-Bevin Riley to Nancy Kamakaris, $163,500.