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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Cutgrass Terr., 25149-Wayne L. Kim to Abdul F. Anwary, $263,000.

Hickory Ridge Pl., 40436-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Simon J. Reeder, $652,500.

Lenah Run Cir., 40706-Sonia M. and Craig L. Cooley to Sung H. Kim, $712,000.


Aisquith Terr., 46168-Eric J. Dietrich to Gilberto E. Aquino and Veronica I. Baez, $439,900.

Bickel Ct., 9-Deborah E. Benigni to Meghan C. Curtis, $225,000.

Breezy Point Terr., 20752-Michael J. Milaszewski to Sawssan Sweid Abboud and Ruba Ayoub, $361,000.

Coldspring Pl., 47470-Darryl Sheedlo to Eric J. Burke and Suzanne E. Moritz, $655,000.

Dorrell Ct., 15-David Griffith to Nicholas E. Roethemeier, $243,000.

Fenton Wood Dr., 14-Bernard L. Griesmer to Richard J. Ingavo Jr., $355,000.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46475-Sam Duangchandr to Christopher Wanza, $495,000.

Kentwell Pl., 47044-Michael R. Belanger to Chong H. An, $619,900.

McFadden Sq., 21216, No. 407-Abigail A. Abesamis to Ryan Shank, $233,000.

Noble Terr., 20810, No. 101-Stephen C. Guinter to Richard L. Parks, $299,000.

Riptide Sq., 20716-Ottavio J. Milano to Daniel C. Maze, $387,000.

Sinegar Pl., 117-Dayton M. and Marylou Maco to Andrew D. and Robert Babington, $2.05 million.

Swecker Farm Pl., 20451-Gregory A. Roeper to Charles Ray, $492,000.

Whittingham Cir., 14-Bank of New York Mellon to Timothy E. Cross, $480,000.

Woodlake Pl., 46376-Andres Crosa and Mayumi Kato to Ana J. Navarro, $434,000.


Aspendale Sq., 19598-Wayne R. Watkins to Emad Edaibat, $377,250.

Blackwolf Run Pl., 20033-Gerald M. McNeil to Douglas W. Henderson, $620,000.

Cheltenham Cir., 44050-Julie A. Yerks to Brian P. Hughes, $614,900.

Choptank Terr., 44000-Robert S. Nowosielski to Yiming Sha, $320,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20604, No. 202-Robert Khatchadourian to Peter Palafoutas, $216,500.

Elm Grove Terr., 20407-Michael Perlitz and Carmilita Middlebrooks to Conrad B. Linden and Laura K. Tansill, $335,000.

Ferncliff Terr., 44065-James Johnston to Manguben Patel, $300,000.

Golden Meadow Cir., 43553-Nancy C. Shaw to Stephen B. Welborn, $450,000.

Keiller Terr., 42766-Hana Hoffman to David Mastran, $425,000.

Livonia Terr., 44448-Bernadette R. O’Reilly to Carol L. Caras, $385,000.

Misty Meadow Ct., 20815-Joseph M. Quinn to Robert W. Kidd, $765,000.

Plantation Terr., 43585-Samuel O. Smilie to Abdullah Mamun and Mohammaed K. Hossain, $325,000.

Rising Sun Terr., 44097-Julia A. Stewart to Constance L. Yesh, $410,000.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43260-Paul P. Zappulla to Tamara Harris, $407,500.

Stonehill Ct., 20426-Donald A. Oliver Jr. to Jaime J. Dacanay III and Jonni L. Orr, $590,000.

Twain Terr., 21378-Lane S. Stuart to Larry W. Vitale II, $415,500.

Watch Hill Terr., 20374-Handong Chen to Promisor Relocation, $373,000.


Forest Hill Lane, 19716-Richard D. Wilhelm Jr. to Daniel L. Smith, $428,000.


Bronstein Lane, 23067-David Leisten to Aaron B. Nye, $689,000.

Corro Pl., 42461-Michael C. Walker to David M. West, $595,000.

Forest Manor Dr., 22547-Drew D. Niemeyer to Adam E. Robinson, $850,500.

Hidden Pond Pl., 21341-Robert W. Burrows Jr. to Suzann R. Heinrich, $595,950.

Legacy Park Dr., 42476-Martin Book to Anthony T. Clark, $455,600.

Minerva Dr., 23230-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jung Ah Kim, $625,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42513-Lisa Williams to Markus J. Gillis, $388,000.

Tumbletree Terr., 43280-David Paul to Thomas W. McQue and Jennifer L. Justice, $442,000.

Virginia Manor Terr., 43783-Jason P. Conroy to Jason Tolbert, $303,000.

Wilmar Sq., 42751-Francisco Hernandez to Varaprasad Katta and Sunitha Polam, $420,000.


Debhill Terr., 45849-Christopher Whitty to Thomas Rosario, $415,000.

Regent Terr., 22914-Helmand Investment Corp. to Mohammad S. Bhuiyan and Tahamina Sultana, $300,000.


Stone Eden Dr., 38387-Alan S. Russell to Susan K. Hefler, $475,000.


Beacon Hill Dr., 40163-Rafael Colon to David W. Murray, $735,000.

Beauregard Dr. SE, 404-Carl D. Collis to William D. Heyer, $545,000.

Burnside Terr. SE, 654-HSBC Bank to Jorge A. Espadas, $310,000.

Chancellor St. SW, 926-Cary W. Fitzhugh to Deborah K. Werling, $415,000.

Country Club Dr. SW, 503-Arthur G. Busher to Brian M. Pollock, $406,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 408-Fannie Mae to Vincent Cusumano, $220,000.

Firestone Pl., 43555-Richard S. Vardy Jr. to Douglas B. Kelly, $916,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 120F-Charlotte Graber to James D. Core, $140,000.

Harmony Church Rd., 18722-Wells Fargo Bank to James C. Bright, $565,000.

Hartshire Terr., 43645-Justin E. Enoch to Gerald L. McManis, $477,000.

Kingsmill St., 18378-Wells Fargo Bank to Rick Vankeuren, $700,000.

Lecroy Cir., 43279-Teresa Garnett and Oumar E. Mbengue to Sang W. Kim, $530,000.

Lime Kiln Rd., 38774-Marco A. Ramirez Jr. and Heather L. Torres to Thomas A. Dale and Cindy H. Dupree, $725,000.

Mid-Ocean Pl., 18341-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kumar D. Bahl, $711,700.

Panorama Pl., 42217-Chawn Oakley to Kelly S. Jenkins and Brian A. Degear, $589,900.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 105D-Mary E. Williams to Maple Staff Corp., $115,000.

Queen St. NE, 213-Sean P. McGowan to Mehmet O. Mamur, $235,000.

Shadow Terr., 43120-Todd M. Kaufman to Hugo J. Jelinek Jr., $355,000.

Southview Pl. NE, 708-William Sellers to Matthew R. Pursley, $380,000.

Stone Fence Terr., 43720-Tracy A. Zullo to Leslie S. Haddon, $540,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 503, No. 203-Toll Brothers Homes to Kevin C. McCarthy, $242,595.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 507, No. 102-Toll Brothers Homes to Walter A. Lewis, $195,097.

Tavistock Dr. SE, 806-Bank of New York Mellon to Levi Lansing, $415,000.

Wild Indigo Terr., 43567-John S. Chester to Jacqueline M. Butler, $545,000.

Windybush Dr., 41348-John Kamerud to John Marino, $555,000.


Cassia Lane, 38628-Gary Willens to Douglas L. French, $620,000.

Quarter Branch Rd., 39934-Brian K. Trump to Gerard Voellinger, $382,000.


John Mosby Hwy., 37354-Claudia Vivanco and Mary L. Vivanco to Gregory J. Reiter and Alysoun A. Mahoney, $950,000.


Chappelle Hill Rd., 37705-John T. Grish to Jonathan B. Compton, $493,000.

Foundry Rd., 18359-Michael K. Morton and Karen W. McCarthy to Jennifer A. Juengling, $567,500.

Oakmont Way, 17838-Linda Phelps to Daniel J. Walker, $520,000.

Sagle Rd., 13471-Kevin O’Rourke to Michael J. Gittings, $350,000.


Cedar St., 10-Timothy M. Anderson to Byron Salguero, $315,000.

Stonegait Ct., 17621-Michael J. Mellon to Brett W. Acker, $715,000.


Center St., 43001-Norma Y. Apodaca to Abbas Najafi, $335,000.

Fenian Ct., 25783-Sei W. Lee to Abdisamed Abdi, $664,900.

Kaiser Pl., 25765-Eric Beal to Paul J. Moloney, $530,000.

Longworth Terr., 42772-Michael J. Murphy to Sheung K. Wong, $275,000.

Marcy Way, 42215-Atul Bhatia and Kamal Singh to Pavan K. Chillara, $535,500.

Neighborly Lane, 42526-Daquan Zhou to Robert C. Collier, $515,900.

Overly Sq., 42913-Jason T. Long to Tommy Zheng and Tiffany Chang, $380,000.

Rachel Hill Dr., 26017-Ronald C. Rush to Murtaza Nagarwala, $510,000.

Sarazen Dr., 25923-Michael Hughes to Scott C. Perry, $502,500.

Valleyvista Lane, 43455-Frank J. Pearson III to John W. Edgemond IV, $250,000.


Argus Pl., 431-Clemente Guardado to Weixing Pan and Shuang Wang, $145,000.

Bramble Ct., 21847-Freddie Mac to Yaddovinder S. Grewal, $290,000.

Church Rd. W., 201-Carol D. Klingler to Peggy L. Reed, $280,000.

Deerwood Ct., 102-Lawrence A. Meeks Jr. to David Corsino, $62,000.

Hollow Mountain Pl., 46741-Rex L. Stover to Daniel S. Maner, $535,000.

Johnson Rd. S., 207-Donald L. Meyer to Nelson Herrera, $350,000.

Maywood Terr., 21844-Devon Palermo to Souane Phongphouthai and Davy Q. Feng, $270,000.

Penny Lane, 126-Gene Frederick Gould to William A. Rouse and Meghan R. Wahl, $337,500.

Silverleaf Dr., 241-Dana B. Kordella to Anastacio S. Altamirano, $320,000.

Sugarland Oaks Sq., 21957-Gurinder K. Brar and Amandeep Dhillon to Ozair A. Abdullah, $350,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 823-Valerie A. Blackwell to Aliyah Khan, $238,600.

York Rd. N., 804-Freddie Mac to Jose Reyes, $245,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Baldwin Ridge Rd., 7163-John G. Hartman to Thomas H. Carter Sr., $350,000.

Bears Lane, 5417-Thomas H. Carter to Richard Charles Tanner, $460,000.

Boathouse Rd., 3322-NVR Inc. to Sarah A. Eckberg, $474,000.

Burwell Rd., 8679-Arleen D. McIlvaine to Alford Dean Kidd Jr., $150,000.

Davis Rd., 12249-Michael C. Walton to Travis Parks, $200,000.

Falmouth Ct., 6-John E. Mann Jr. to Hung Nhat Nguyen, $140,000.

Forrest Rd., 7281-Foundation Residential Corp. to Susan E. Moore and Joseph N. Laseau, $325,000.

Grasslands Ct., 8839-Lucio Castro to Michael Jefferson, $429,900.

Hunton Wood Dr., 5813-James R. Ozment to Timothy P. Twoney, $545,000.

John Mosby Hwy., 9064-Daniel Lee Singhas to Upperville Investments Corp., $158,800.

Lake Wesley Ct., 3103-NVR Inc. to Leonard M. Supchak, $545,000.

Melody Lane, 4130-Fannie Mae to Betty Irvine, $242,400.

Onyx Way, 256-Bryan T. Reddan to Nancy A. Moore, $290,000.

Piccadilly Dr., 7754-Vincent Venia to Brian Johnson, $260,000.

Quarterpole Ct., 23-Avilio Aguirre to Lien Tran and Han Dang, $190,000.

Rugby Dr., 10944-Freddie Mac to Joshua Schaidt, $153,000.

Shrayer Ct., 4056-Jonathan R. Johnson to Gregory D. Gray, $414,200.

Sowego Rd., 1580-Fannie Mae to Allan Whatley and Luey Ooi, $112,700.

Turnbull Rd., 8486-Carla J. Carter and Victor Carter Harris to Curtis E. Shifflett, $170,000.

View Cir. N., 190-Bryant F. Smith to William Merchant, $295,000.

Weston Rd., 5064-James W. Webb and Laura W. Thomas to William N. Wainwright, $265,000.