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Anne Arundel

Admiral Dr., 623-HSBC Bank to Amy Matthews, $209,900.

Boyd Dr., 100-John R. and Margaret Saul to Robert and Kathryn Chapman, $520,000.

Carriage Hill Pkwy., 1075-Michael J. Shevenell to Sean E. and Jennifer H. Songer, $520,000.

Chester Ave., 115-Alan Hyatt to Nathaniel A. Tower and Shannon E. Curley, $823,500.

Conduit St., 79-Brandon W. and Lida P. Barniea to Shelley Ann Durfee, $525,000.

Foxcroft Run, 1070-Richard and Ann Horton Burts to Randolph E. and Pamela P. Hock, $534,900.

Harness Creek View Ct., 24-Greg A. and Susan H. Walker to John P. and Meghann K. Cannelli, $700,000.

Hideaway Ct., 2157-Robyn N. Lanasa to Jonathan Roy Miller Coile and Wendy Weeks Coile, $235,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1042-Lauren K. Fuller to Alan J. and Donna A. Snelson, $330,000.

McKendree Ave., 115-Mary R. O’Malley to James Richard and Marcia Jean Kibby, $510,000.

Mooring Point Ct., 20-Thomas R. and Yona Baki Kelly to Barbara Carmen Miller, $224,000.

Painter Ct., 2504-Laverne C. Cammarata to Lourdes Barcelo, $195,000.

Quiet Water Cv., 2654, No. 3-Chester A. and Jeffery L. Harriman to Christopher A. Pollock, $250,000.

Riding Ridge Rd., 331-Michael A. and Deborah E. Giglio to Michael Kelleher, $530,000.

Robinhood Rd., 835-John M. McIntyre to Eric and Anne Stuart Beauvois, $550,000.

St. Albans Sq., 1674-John M. and Mary Beth Bodkin to Laura and Curtis Clifton, $800,000.

Sydney Terr., 701-Lorraine Greenfield to Dollie G. and James J. McKittrick, $407,153.

Victor Pkwy., 2-Roxanne L. Lacidonia to Joel Cisneros Maldonado, $210,000.


Cloister Rd., 230-David Lassen to Jessica A. Reed and James R. Goddard, $379,000.

Farley Ct. N., 1227-Carla A. Middleton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $273,000.

Long Meadow Way, 341-Philip E. Friedel and John E. Friedel to Wells Fargo Bank, $157,508.

Mattapany Ct., 382-Philip and Kathleen Nutter to Thomas Nolan and Kelly Anne Redd, $407,000.

Sierra Lane, 41-Daniel Leroy Pitkin to Noble and Jennifer F. Hetherington, $467,500.

Ternwing Dr., 315-Cynthia Ann and Ronald Coleman Williams to U.S. Bank, $207,200.


Arden Rd. W., 316-Melvin Lesniewski to Lucille May Sanders, $71,000.

Doris Ave., 300-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul C. Green, $85,000.


Brenwoode Rd., 1406-Hugh Daniel and Margaret Helen Simmons to John C. and Theresa M. Fernandes, $339,000.

Foxwood Ct., 1402-Martha Robertson Weidensaul to Todd H. Crum, $150,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1372-David and Debrah Rogers to Christopher T. Jackson, $210,000.

Marine Dr., 915-Stephen Rodney and Judy D. Wallace to Michael H. Barish, $375,000.

Peach Ct., 432-Edward and Donna Davino to Matthew Sean Lewis, $240,000.

Seabright Dr., 1297-Jenni M. Biondi and Mary P. Ruck to Preston Campbell and Leonie T. Campbell, $325,000.

Windgate Dr., 766-John A. and Karen D. Hargrove to Richard and Brenda S. Paycana, $299,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1859, No. 82-Daniel R. and Karen M. Schriever to James E. and Carolyn R. Popp, $233,000.

Crossgate Dr., 2102-Caroline E. and Lawrence D. Quinn to Ehsan Ullah and Naima Ehsan, $550,000.

Farlow Ave., 1539-Rossana Raspa and Hunter Wyatt Brown to Jeremy and Mandalyn Roberts, $425,000.

Kemper Rd., 2439-Joseph M. and Lee Ann Plumer to Ali and Maura M. Tokay, $500,000.

Lowell Ct., 1464, No. 16-David J. Tieff to Katherine Whitaker Tease, $202,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1782-John F. Sondberg to Robert G. and Kelly A. Kendall, $480,000.

Seven Oaks Terr., 1904B-Lynna M. Moore to John A. Baldwin and Linda M. Baldwin, $88,000.

Vergils Ct., 2709-Glenn J. and Sarah A. Kerr to Thomas Edward Barnett, $535,000.


Generals Hwy., 1176-Christopher B. and Elizabeth C. Haskins to Joshua P. Summers, $355,000.


Stoney Point Way, 1461-Kevin A. and Jessica T. Crawford to Renee Seeley, $174,000.


Old Davidsonville Rd., 1157-Vincent Ferrara and Marilyn Susan Bell to Christopher L. and Michelle M. Klasen, $435,000.


Annapolis Ave., 922-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brandi and Martin Hanback, $206,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 3693-Robert L. and Karen K. Mattern to Wayne Douglas and Mechelle R. Gunther, $675,000.

Elkridge Dr., 1639-Lori Lipka to James P. Regan Jr., $179,900.

Fontron Dr., 3640-Elizabeth M. Marcalus to Andrew, Jean and Maria L. Witles, $412,800.

Havenhill Rd., 613-Christopher W. and Amy E. Calabria to Rajan and Preet Vaidyanathan, $693,613.

Landing Rd., 3289-Joe D. Duval and Stewart Easton Duval to Cory Jo and Karl E. Talbott, $275,000.

Shore Dr., 2052-Philip L. Geis to Granstan Properties, $170,000.


Scrivner Dr., 27-Joan L. Davis to Tiffany M. Hopkins and Mary Miller, $350,000.


Blooming Way, 2412-Bernard Brett and Carol F. Schlack to Cynthia A. Madsen, $309,000.

Dairy Farm Rd., 1997-Thomas Eric Kinser to Benjamin P. and Patricia D. Kaiser, $308,900.

Red Fall Ct., 2474-Eugene M. and Denise L. Boseck to Walter Ray Dulany and Naomi Ray Dulany, $299,900.


Skywater Rd., 753-George C. and Katherine Williams to Ray A. and Shelley S. Williams, $990,000.


Barbara Ct., 805-William Moxley and Betty H. Moxley to Karen L. Sedenka, $175,000.

Blue Water Ct., 312, No. 103-John C. Marshall to April Marie Punzo, $150,000.

Brighton Pl., 886-Donta R. and Andrea A. Sewell to Jeremy M. Stader, $160,000.

Edgerly Rd., 902-Betty Buffington to Virgel Mack Edwards, $163,500.

Glen Oak Lane NW, 21-Martin P. and Toni R. Day to Justin P. and Meghan K. Day, $234,000.

Heritage Hill Dr., 6479-Rutledge Yonker and Maureen M. Perkinson to Fannie Mae, $205,000.

Lincoln Ave. SW, 428-Suzan M. Arnold to Donna Arnie, $150,000.

Margate Dr., -WCT Properties Corp. to Deonta T. Jones, $300,000.

Nabbs Creek Rd., 1038-Dennis L. Gosewisch and Linda L. Rohleder to Kurt Douglas and Kathleen Priscilla Koenig, $399,000.

Parke West Dr., 7943-Todd W. and Alice M. Leatherman to Bank of America, $200,000.

Phelps Ave., 108-William Tiernan to Wells Fargo Bank, $99,652.

Shore Dr. S., 887-ETT Enterprises to Richard and Lori Roger, $556,000.

Tarrant Rd., 1306-Dennis and Jennifer Sotoya to Nationstar Mortgage, $213,332.

Washington Sq., 6446-Donna M. Dews to Gagan Kandhari and Mahendra Patel, $65,000.

William Chambers Jr. Dr., 121-Julian S. Fairchild and Lucy A. Niven to Rachael Logan McDonald and Ryan James McDonald, $350,000.

Wisdom Ct., 1062-NVR Inc. to Amanda K. Karp, $268,690.


Craghill Ct., 1320-Siyi Meng to Aaron Anderson, $269,000.

Harmans Rd., 7737-Joe Louise Williams to Francis B. Cabalza, $243,500.

Oakley Lane, 1554-Christopher Salter and Norma Mencia to Dipen Patel, $350,000.

Rutland Way, 1568-Jong M. Kim and Kyung Lim to Serge Zahniv and Ievegeniia Zrilska, $375,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 4645-Helga Anna Brynarsky to Joseph L. and Tracy Anne Gough, $270,000.


Hammerstone Rd., 3506-Marilyn C. Oliver to Keith Manter, $285,000.

Marganza South, 258-Jose Oswaldo Garcia to Julio N. Centeno, $150,000.

Sudlersville South, 3389-Kimberly Ivana Mom to Carlos Bereciartu, $233,000.


Kingbrook Rd., 114-Eugene O. and Kim Pollock Hudyma to Samuel R. and Alisha N. Hale, $300,000.

Sweetser Rd., 202-Donald D. Wachter to Todd A. Schaefer and Kimberly L. Smith, $345,000.


Bernard Dr. S., 8241-Frank Andrew Casabianca and Tracy E. Thoma to Melody Cartwright, $266,000.

Obrecht Rd., 188-Margaret V. Gayhardt Simms and Lee Stuples to Duane A. and Wilma L. Wilbur, $150,000.


Walnut Ave., 612-Laurence M. Rose and Rhonda Dowse to Ryan G. Davidson and Sara L. Richmond, $295,000.


Cheswick Lane, 1305, No. 92-NVR Inc. to Mary R. O’Malley, $311,190.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 705-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate to Eric B. Sizemore, $265,000.

Lokus Rd., null, No. 2-NVR Inc. to Anna Marie and George Travis Vice, $321,650.

Quartz Flake Ct., 809-Erie and Jennifer Edgar to Robert Gary and Yong P. Jenkins, $385,000.

Snow Valley Lane, 830-Philip W. and Eloise H. McDaniel to Jeffrey and Leah T. Paquette, $380,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8615, No. 405-Jo Ann Geary to Lonnie and April Scott Null, $205,000.


Arundel Rd., 226-David William and Gall M. Koerner to Nicole Gagnon, $292,000.

Black Rock Harbour, 8624-David A. Wehr to James Edward and Barbara L. Kiser, $170,000.

Central Ave., 7761-Helen A. and Ashby Lee Jenkins to Jing Hua Jian and Du Ge Li, $169,900.

Dorshire Ct., 3631-Erin P. Klosterman to Christopher A. and Jama E. Carnaggio, $195,000.

Escalon Ave., 8020-John M. and Angela K. Holmes to Casey B. Barber and Joseph R. Ballard, $207,000.

Glen Rd., 212-Kenneth and Susan Hicks to John David Kaehler Jr., $244,000.

Green Ice Dr., 8230-Cesare J. and Teresa K. Morisi to Andrew C. and Lorimar Keffalas, $439,000.

Jackpine Dr., 110-Alan D. Shaw and Frederick G. Shaw to Lane M. and David John Heline, $235,000.

Magothy Bridge Rd., 415-Joseph G. and Lynn P. Addis to Rusty L. Loftus and Jennifer A. Dukes, $345,000.

Meadow View Rd., 1220-Joseph William Germershausen to Bryan Eric Stephenson, $292,000.

New Freetown Rd., 7877-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Augusto Castello, $92,650.

Ritchie Hwy., 8008-William and Margaret Rose to Rajesh and Kirti Chopra, $500,000.

Willowby Run, 762-Donald A. and Christine A. Edwards to Craig Ziegenhein, $205,000.

218th St., 707-Michael D. and Valerie C. Cassizzi to Richard T. and Jennifer L. Vasconcellos, $285,000.


Cove Rd., 315-Patricia Louise Reynolds to John and Nancy Dantin, $825,000.

Sussex Pl., 3099-David G. Cooper to Michael J. Burger, $490,000.


Barrington Ct., 8202-Wells Fargo Bank to Brent W. Farris, $165,000.

Constant Ave., 268-Christopher D. and Andrea D. Ciccarelli to Cheryl Lanham, $335,000.

Manet Ct., 1812-Asa Heath to Charles C. and Melody N. Foster, $305,000.

Telegraph Rd., 7972-National Transfer Services Corp. to Justin D. Pyle, $350,000.

West Virginia Ave., 120-Justin D. and Claudia A. Reynolds to Kelly Lynn Chambers, $280,000.


Baskerville Ct., 256-Robin B. Davidov and Christopher Victor Lerbs to Scott C. and Jennifer L. Sloan, $479,900.

Carroll Rd., 1301-Glen T. and D. Kollynn Wilson to Roman A. Stavrevski, $487,500.

Holliben Rd., 1306-Christopher M. and Valerie A. Cielewich to William and Kristen B. Pleasants, $424,500.

Kensington Ave., 621-Taylor H. and Jami Duffy Carr to Thomas E. and Alyssa Pepper, $385,000.

Revell Rd., 146-Kristen A. Kalstad and William Chester Moore to Scott C. and Pamela B. Sperry, $582,500.

Robinson Station Rd., 604-Frank J. Fico II to David J. and Meghan C. Tieff, $395,000.

Sonneborn Lane, 9-John M. and Lynne A. Reale to John Z. and Anna Conyers Wood, $919,000.


Beech St., 4931-Cynthia H. Harker to Todd L. Dively, $239,900.

Lerch Dr., 4996-John W. and Mary Ann Howell to Robert A. and Margaret Oriani Bates, $569,000.

Howard County

Brookwood Rd., 2994-Marilyn R. Quenzer to Amanda G. and Bennett R. Moore, $379,900.

Coehorn Ct., 10009-Christopher L. and Jennifer D. Hulvey to Geoffrey and Jennifer Chea Kim, $499,900.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12711-Janellen O’Connor to Yevgeny and Rena Dubensky, $687,500.

Frederick Rd., 12045-Marc Palos to Citibank, $301,750.

Hallowed Stream, 4704-Josephine E. Geckle to Dallas William and Jamie Rae Beaty, $314,000.

Katherine Pl., 3053-Mark W. and Sandra Gravel to William R. and Kelly C. Donovan, $525,000.

Thornbrook Rd., 2680-David W. and Linda M. Reed to Russell and Michelle Stein, $595,000.


Blue Point Ct., 6021-David Kong Wei Hu to Xinhua He, $480,000.

Kells Ct., 6509-John R. and Michelle B. Glassburn to Feng Zhang and Yusheng Xie, $675,000.


Allview Dr., 6441-Nostalgia Rock Corp. to Charles R. and Goeun Bowers, $145,000.

Broken Timber Way, 9207-Christopher and Christina Andrews to Christine Mativo, $375,000.

Dark Hawk Cir., 8569-Shawn M. and Amanda L. Mansfield to Antonio Irizarry, $439,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6213-Dolly I. George to Tyler B. Rowe, $273,000.

Hayledge Ct., 5234-Edward A. and Albina David to Carole M. Delion and Robin Wilson Fish, $337,000.

Ironwood Way, 6225-Walter P. and Margaret R. Cornely to Patrick C. Physioc and Nikki Reisman Physioc, $330,000.

Lilac Sea, 7505-Karen L. Johnson to Santha R. Akella and Mei Lin Chen, $425,000.

Quiet Hours, 6726-Leonard Frieson to Lai Man Chan and Ho Fai Chien, $190,000.

Starburn Path, 6146-Rajesh K. and Kirti Chopra to Karan Chopra, $300,000.

Stonebrook Lane, 8819-Eric J. and Nancy E. Goltry to Roger D. and Amanda King, $279,000.

Talisman Lane, 7146-Mike Kwanisai to Persephone H. Lewis, $185,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6367-Yilma M. Abdi and Belaynesh Mekonnen to Chen Du and Ai Wang, $290,000.


Bright Plume, 6345-Emil and Patris Xega to Robert Cottrell, $325,000.

Cottonwood Way, 10724-Mark A. and Jessica S. Zirkle to Alexandra Y. Lamay and Todd K. Gavelek, $416,000.

Fair Oaks, 10486-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Sean J. and Kimberly M. Fern, $375,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5531, No. 5-Howard Bank to Rosa L. Ferro, $100,000.

McGregor Dr., 10721-Scots Glen Baker Corp. to Sheo P. and Kusum Sharma, $564,990.

Newberry Dr., 6903-Mark Louis and Julie Ann Passamonti to Vickie M. Baldwin and Kevin Murphy, $570,000.

Red Keel, 6454-Scott A. Harman to Niklaas and Alison Hickman, $425,000.

Triangle Dr., 6107-Mark J. and Renee P. Panoff to Arthur A. and Beatriz P. Chamberlain, $495,000.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1937-John Willis and Tony S. Wankeri to Hua Cheng and Yixing Jiang, $690,000.


Arbor Way, 6325-Kenneth M. and Catherine A. Williams to Robert C. and Leah E. Ludwig, $335,000.

Briarglen Dr., 7925-Zelma Y. Kiessling and Sandra K. Geddings to Stella C. Carton, $205,000.

Casey Ct., 8142-Arthur A. and Beatriz P. Chamberlain to Fatou Mbaye Diop, $255,000.

Elderberry Ct., 6572-Jeffrey A. and Kimberly T. Filler to Timothy M. and Amy E. Gramp, $425,000.

Grovemont Dr., 5228-Charles A. Decarlucci and Carol Anne Decarlucci to Aaron D. Magid, $628,000.

Maplecrest Rd., 7305, No. 301-Linda S. Douglas to Karyn A. King, $240,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6307-Patrick K. Harris to HSBC Bank, $172,130.


Avoca Ave., 5001-Kevin Lowe to Joel T. and Sarah M. Stevens, $298,500.

Brightlight Pl., 7962-Ryan E. and Christina M. Selby to Brian E. McWilliams and Sarah M. Carter, $320,000.

Church Lane Dr., 8335-Justin T. and Eliana M. Sutherland to National Residential Nominee Services, $420,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8607, No. 1-Greg Czarski to Mia S. Kim, $190,000.

Harvey Lane, 5200-Carey Walter Closson and Robin Thomas Closson to Anne P. Tran and Henry Hung Tran, $680,000.

Hill Rd. W., 4606-Bonnie Marie Trey to James Davenport, $345,000.

Lotus Cir., 4104-Thomas E. and Carolyn C. Vasold to James J. and Emma E. Bates, $382,500.

Old Farm Lane, 7862-Damian L. Dulski to Teresa A. Hoffman, $212,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8651-Kalpana Murthy and Lata K. Rao to Marvin L. and Teresa L. Mayo, $755,000.

Union Mills Ct., 8509-Gregory A. and Jan P. Lowe to Jessica and Joshua Smith, $635,000.


Championship Dr., 3724-John P. Moriarty and Kathleen M. Moriarty to Kris M. and Heidi K. Kobylski, $725,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8159-Heidi G. Lyons and William C. Meredith to Kasey C. and Jessie Vollmerhausen, $239,000.


Sand Hill Manor Dr., 12033-Thomas and Lisa Macchia to Sean M. and Kara M. Williams, $620,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1999-John Paul Williams and Valerie B. Williams to Christopher M. and Tia J. West, $485,000.


Dumhart Rd., 9012-Wayne F. and Sharon C. Selleck to Louis and Yoi Lynn Brennan, $422,000.

Hummingbird Ct., 8706-Kenneth L. and Carrie R. Richardson to Mark S. Kim and Elisa B. Kim, $489,900.

Old Columbia Rd., 8373-Darryl and Melissa Quirk to Michong H. and Peter S. Lee, $338,000.


High Stepper Trail, 939-Richard M. and Kerri G. Eng to Jason and Shannon K. Murtha, $725,000.


Old Annapolis Rd., 1949-Nathan D. and Heather L. Brandenburg to Kevin P. and Michelle Coppola, $1.13 million.


Chatterton Way, 10601-Alberto O. and Carmen S. Bustamante to David A. and Nicole L. Palmer, $736,000.