A police dog was bitten by a groundhog during an incident in Prince William County last week that seemed as action-packed as anything on TV and included car crashes, a foot chase and a beating and ended in the traffic lanes of Interstate 95.

It happened this way, according to county police: On Wednesday evening, a bail bondsman was trying to take a man into custody in Woodbridge. The man rammed his vehicle into two others but disabled his own and fled on foot into the woods.

The bondsman pursued him, but the man knocked him down with a stick. When a police dog was sent, the groundhog attacked. The dog’s handler killed the rodent and the chase continued to an I-95 overpass near Occoquan Road. The man fled into traffic but was hit by a car. He was treated at a hospital and then taken to jail.

The dog suffered minor injuries and is being monitored, police said. The groundhog’s remains were sent to be tested for rabies.