Perhaps Friday will go down in the annals of this summer as “that hot day.” Friday was, indeed, hot, with Washington’s high temperature reaching 93 degrees.

But Friday’s high temperature, as measured at Reagan National Airport, was also the first to touch 90 since July 21.

On Saturday, the high temperature fell back once again into the 80s, where it has been almost the whole time since July 21, except for Tuesday when the high was only 74.

Not only that, but the National Weather Service forecast for this week shows no days like Friday.

The prediction is for more days with highs in or near the 80s, with as many as three days with highs in the 70s.

Although the high temperature at Reagan on Friday reached into the 90s, the high at Dulles Airport remained in the 80s. Since July 21, when it was exactly 90, the temperature at Dulles has never climbed above the 80s.

At Dulles, Friday’s high temperature only reached 89 degrees.

In Washington, Saturday’s high was 83, 10 degrees below Friday’s reading and four degrees below normal for the date.

Rain played an important role Saturday in the life of the region..

Not so much around Washington, where only 0.01 inches was reported. But rainfall was heavy in the Richmond area, and it caused the Washington Redskins to cancel practice on Saturday.

The official reading at the Richmond airport was about 0.50 inches. But heavier rains were reported elsewhere in that area.