These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential transactions, go to

Loudoun County

Byrnes View Terr., 42086-Collin R. Pace to Jimit M. Naik, $400,001.

Cutgrass Terr., 25129-Walter F. Buell to Martha Grzesiak, $382,000.

Misty Vale Cir., 40978-Jeffrey Bucaro to Ashley and Wendy Watson, $682,500.

Restful Terr., 41880-Mark D. Osthoff to Muthialraj K. Naicker, $269,000.


Abington Terr., 46747-Donald J. Rawlings to Timothy J. Parris, $343,000.

Butterwood Falls Terr., 20888-Castle Peak 2012-1 Loan Trust Mortgage Corp. and U.S. Bank to Greg Epstein, $330,000.

Darkhollow Falls Terr., 47406-Kelly Keith to Hameedullah Virk, $295,000.

Lawnes Creek Terr., 46827-Daniel Sugata to Stargate Corp., $290,000.

Oakhurst Ct., 46630-Stephanie Costanza to Thomas Joy, $450,000.

Saulty Dr., 47752-Equity Trustees Corp. and Elizabeth R. Silva to Pushpinder S. Pandher, $475,000.

Traskwood Ct., 21320-Dale Stigberg to Dimple Ahluwalia, $615,000.


Arrowhead Ct., 21317-Mark J. Harding to Obie A. Hodge II, $545,000.

Birdsnest Pl., 20258-Michael L. Kessinger to Jerold Reynon, $531,000.

Chamberlain Terr., 44485, No. 208-Atlantic Law Group Corp. to Sharon Henry, $258,360.

Chokeberry Sq., 43353-Lucy Stockdill to John D. Calder, $340,000.

Comfort Ct., 20517-Ahmed Kandil and Ehsan Zayed to David A. Kasper and Geovanna L. Posas, $545,000.

Estate Pl., 21449-Michael J. Higgins to Hua Guo and Ping Liang, $711,000.

Golden Meadow Cir., 43465-William B. Ostendorf to Roman and Oleg D. Emelev, $520,000.

Hedgeapple Ct., 43024-Michael L. Swasey to James D. Doyle Jr., $507,000.

Laburnum Sq., 43864-Norman J. Elias to Tuong N. Nguyen and Ha T. Thu Vu, $299,900.

Millstead Dr., 20219-Ann Y. Lam to Devki N. Goyal and Jyoti Gupta, $600,000.

Misty Creek Pl., 44311-Robert J. Coatney to Pasquale E. Filoia, $580,000.

Panther Ridge Dr., 44264-Robert D. Daugherty to Yahya Sari and Minoo S. Beklik, $520,000.

Potter Terr., 44517-Nancy A. Miller to Samantha Conner, $300,000.

Sandburg Sq., 43870-Kenneth E. Nelson to Aadil Bhavnagri and Fatima Aslam, $390,000.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43258-Kerry J. Mullin to Michael T. Lyons, $434,900.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21024, No. 102-Timber Ridge 21024 Corp. to Delia B.O. Vargas, $166,049.


Foggy Bottom Rd., 18610-David J. Benavidez to Thomas M. Ormsby, $515,000.


Centergate Dr., 43833-Gtis Hov Residences at Dulles Pkwy to Pratima Boyapati, $343,222.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23292-Miller and Smith at Brambleton III to Irfan Khalil, $539,990.

High Haven Terr., 22661-Thomas A. Stalzer to Vijaya C. Seri, $365,000.

Malachite Terr., 42447-Alg Trustees Corp. and Herty N. Richardson to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $384,023.

Schoolhouse Ct., 21550-P. Mark Burns to Albert Sica, $602,000.


Paddington Station Terr., 45687-Anson J. Lee to Federal National Mortgage Association, $340,018.


Monticello Dr., 10822-Commonwealth Asset Services Inc. and Fredrick B. Penfield to Freedom Mortgage Corp. and Bridgett Suder, $433,079.


Wildflower Meadow Ct., 38258-Sterling Walker to Jinjin Chen, $727,000.


Blue Ridge Ave. NE, 502-Dorothy J. Harris to Carolina N. Lucci, $200,000.

Cavell Ct., 43229-Ovidiu Oprean and Maria Martinescu to Thomas B. Herdman, $480,000.

Hunter Pl., 16302-U.S. Bank to Jeffrey Haberman, $919,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19360, No. 112-Judith Winkler to Barbara L. Babbitt , $263,500.

Montauk Ct. NE, 713-Ronald N. Titus to Stuart Taylor, $499,000.

Redbud Lane NE, 908-Michael R. Peck to Jacqueline Mayhugh, $312,000.

Shadow Terr., 43065-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Sung H. Huh to Millennium Gateway Corp., $314,500.

Washington St. NE, 120-4, No. 2-Gurpreet Kaur and Kamna Chawla to Suu Duong, $77,000.


Canongate Dr., 41113-Mark Forrest to David B. Martin, $966,500.

Gateway Dr. SE, 664, No. 302-Menjivar Cordova to Suzanne L. Coughenour, $180,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 108-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Justin R. Schuback, $295,000.

Meherrin Terr. SW, 119-Alice H. Lynn and Woodrow O. White to Gloria S. Keppel, $320,000.

Redhill Manor Ct., 22604-MMHH Investment Corp. to Bruce Devlin, $737,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 503, No. 401-Toll Stratford Corp. to Joshua H. Burd, $246,995.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 508, No. 406-Toll Stratford Corp. to Brenda L. Brogdon, $263,995.


Berlin Tpke., 11897-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Raymond E. Lemieux to Helmand Investment Corp. and Luberon Investments Corp., $184,000.


Blue Ridge Ave., 802-Quorn Corp. to Janice I. Robbins, $219,000.

Sam Fred Rd., 22046-Therese A. Andrieu to Charles S. Templeton, $550,000.


Berlin Tpke., 16251-Robert Abrams to Mark J. Saber, $550,000.

Seyzal Lane, 14120-Michael A. Tapper to Jonathan J. Heinlein, $603,000.


Roundleaf Ct., 35756-Andrew M. Crone to Nathaniel Scott, $360,000.


Chambers Dr., 25470-Paul S. Deal to Mark C. McGoldrick, $566,500.

Hollingsworth Terr., 42773-Binaya K. Singh and Eleena Bohidar to Hanh H. Do and Dung A. Nguyen, $312,000.

Lemon Tree Pl., 25445-Kenneth Demello to Victoria M. Ugincius and Scott D. Becker, $654,000.

Nimbleton Sq., 26100-Vasudevan Elayath and Santhya R. Kattukunnel to Sandeep Jain, $320,000.

Shelbourne Sq., 42923-Yogesh Handa to Jagtar Singh and Manjit Kaur, $365,000.


Birch Ct. N., 105-Maria P. Benitez to Justo Murga, $225,000.

Fox Rd. S., 152-Tahira Yasmin to Thomas B. Grant, $349,000.

Hawthorne Ct., 21062-Christopher S. Price to Sara Olumee, $350,000.

Lancaster Sq., 336-4518 Canary Corp. to Mitchell S. Balan, $160,000.

Margate Ct., 1041B-Thuria Abdi to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $239,964.

Sugarland Run Dr., 94-Charles E. Schonder III to Roberto Yanes, $240,000.

Tottenham Ct., 997-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Kathy Lai to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $195,000.


Bankfield Dr., 15550-Stone Financing Corp. to Ramzi Souri and Basma I. Farah, $640,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded for Fauquier County were provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Amber Cir., 228-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to John P. Welcher II, $234,000.

Balls Mill Rd., 5403-Panalystics Corp. to Jennifer L. Spigner, $220,000.

Devon Dr., 478-Robert F. Yeager to Daniel Maszatics, $328,000.

Dumfries Rd., 5358-Robert Lawrence IV to Stephanie L. Hughes, $225,000.

Eldorado Dr., 8396-Robert S. Clark to David W. Marshall, $310,000.

Foxview Dr., 7520-Ann M. Winston and Eric D. Miller to W. Forrest Terral, $630,000.

High St., 131-Eileen F.L. Kropf to Roger L. Mercier Jr., $435,000.

Kingsbridge Ct., 13-Arthur G. Steiner Jr. to Renee A. Davis, $120,000.

Lord Chancellor Lane, 10811-Charles E. Taber to Shambaugh Corp. and Argent Development Corp., $232,476.

Movern Lane, 7648-Elizabeth J. Zeledon to Jason R. Hudak, $435,000.

Poplar Point Lane, 7400-George D. Scheulen and Nimai C. Datta to Michael C. Thomas, $400,000.

Rogers Ford Rd., 14631-Brian Leach to Lucas E. Hisghman, $185,000.

Stafford St., 7044-HSBC Bank to Peter Weslow, $140,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 6192-Federal National Mortgage Association to Big Cigar Real Estate Corp., $90,000.

Weaversville Rd., 10544-C. Elvin Chapman to Edward Scroggins, $381,000.

Whisperwood Dr., 7444-Karen D. Champ to Peter C. Chirillo, $530,000.

Winchester St., 111-Elizabeth C. and James W. Lineweaver to Zachary S. Schaeffer, $387,500.


Rogues Rd., 7213-Joseph W. Manuel III and Judy M. Campbell to Farron L. Moss, $284,000.