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These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Montgomery County

Bauer Dr., 13814-Residential Value Corp. to Jeffrey Glen Stromberg, $369,000.

Emory Lane, 15920-Norbeck at Emory Lane Corp. to Farideh and Ali Iravani, $830,000.

Independence St., 4402-Eva Christmasday Mollaneda Datuin to Stacy V. Howard, $253,000.

Merton Rd., 4309-Fuad D. and Mona G. Abdallah to Shao Mei Li and Rachel Ying Shan Tan, $360,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14300-Ho Shin and Jeana Lim to Ivan I. and Svetlana A. Naumova, $330,000.


Beallsville Rd., 19815-Cora B. Gammell to Timothy P. and Christina M. Nanof, $46,000.


Arrowood Rd., 7400-Cord Hartwig Schlobohm and Rossana San Martin to Nayiri K. Poochikian, $1.05 million.

Brooke Dr., 9413-Christopher Jon and Susan Craven Nordeen to William E. and Donna T. Roberts, $1.85 million.

Cayuga Ave., 7809-David Wacks to Frank J. Shannon III, $655,000.

Clearwood Rd., 6268-Montserrat D. Sola Sole to Liu Cao and Yan Q. Long, $875,000.

Crown St., 5215, No. 7-Judith M. Oppenheim to Mark A. and Rana Ryan, $785,000.

Devonshire Dr., 5803-Daniel Charles and Carol Carpenter Walser to Brendan and Lindsay Thomson, $785,000.

Greenlawn Dr., 5911-Louann and Daniel C. Mackowiak to Mark D. Bernstein and Carolyn P. Weiss, $750,250.

Lucas Lane, 110-Matthew H. Holahan to David G. Balash and Caroline M. Fitzpatrick, $840,000.

Namakagan Rd., 5708-Edward T. Love and estate of Barbara Starr Gleason to Salarah Homes Corp., $630,000.

Phoenix Dr., 5802-May P. Tsay and estate of James Chin Chun Su to May P. Tsay, $450,000.

Roosevelt St., 5805-Dong Jun Seo and Sunghee Kim to Luis A. and Nancy Belmonte, $699,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4920, No. 3-105-Bernard Dell and Kent Bruce Cooper to Lelia G. Hendren, $435,000.

Transue Dr., 8801-Adrienne Kohn McCoy to Brett C. and Nicole R. Di Resta, $1.22 million.

Wehawken Rd., 5410-5410 Wehawken Investment Corp. to Jack Gates and Jennifer Lynn Bendall, $1.45 million.

Whitley Park Terr., 5427-Eugene Victor and Tatiana Koonin to Seth Kaplan, $602,500.

Wilson Lane, 5116-Daniel A. and Denise Acton to Sergey and Yelena Sukhobok and Vlad Hanchar, $1.18 million.


Black Kettle Dr., 18603-Jonathan K. and Yvette Hartman Wilber to Yan Li and Guoxian Zhou, $706,000.

Diller Lane, 21814-David T. Rogers and Robert T. Rogers Trust to Jeffrey M. Greene, $389,900.

Overview Lane, 22212-Meng Zhang and Xue Zhao to Yu Cong and Kai Kang, $530,000.


Sapling Ridge Lane, 2502-John and Benaifer K. Devine to Drew and Susan Andrews, $840,000.


Prince John Ct., 14709-Michael Williams to Lydwine Merelus, $460,000.


Allerton Lane, 12909-Earl Grant Garrison and Sandra Klemick to Aster G. Meskel and Mekedem Mersha, $345,000.

Carriage House Terr., 1633, No. 1633-E-Kimberly R. Munson to Garrett L. Wong, $134,000.

Chopin Ct., 13204-Marion R. Kuester to Yeruknesh Endalamaw, $300,000.

Crestline Rd., 1601-Ann H. and Richard C. Bohnet to Vernell P. Dewitty, $365,000.

Falling Creek Rd., 2206-U.S. Bank to Harry Tran and Mai Nguyen, $485,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 12001, No. 12001-608-Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County to Jessica Li, $73,500.

Strauss Terr., 2800-Neal L. Blake to Weinareg Hiluf and Hailesalassie Negusse, $300,000.


Brookville Rd., 7003-Frederick H. and Robin S. Michel to Benjamin N. and Diana M. Lockshin, $1.73 million.

Connecticut Ave., 8101, No. S-Karen R. Hochstetter to Republic of Serbia, $495,000.

Husted Dr., 3501-Susan A. Hill and Majorie A. Wrenn Trust to Mari Almiron and Enrique Moreno, $670,000.

Meadow Lane, 7201-Jeffrey Balkind and Francoise Gall to Matthew J. Thomas and Christina E. Gikakis, $1.12 million.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. 1403-C-Virginia Alice Dodge and Peggy R. Odick to Carol Colloton, $375,000.

Ridge St., 4405-JPLG Corp. to Edward Dean, $1.6 million.

Thornapple St., 3611-Richard M. and Rita M. Bank to William R. and Tracy Mann, $1.2 million.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. S610-Mary D. and Ioanna Koroulakis to Nora Kisch, $550,000.


Basswood Hill Dr., 23136-Bhupinder and Sunena Wadhwa to Huizhong Sun, $328,000.

Blue Sky Dr., 12549-Kenneth and Cynthia M. Washington to Paul Kekura and Sonia Gegbeh, $427,500.

Chestnut Glen Rd., 12006-Jose Alberto and Josephine Jofre to Superna Kaushal, $455,000.

Grand Elm St., 12834-Bonnie Morrison and Kelsey W. Hill Family Trust to Jason S. and Ana C. Dubin, $727,000.

New Cut Rd., Clarksburg Village Corp. to Beazer Homes Corp., $325,900.

Scholl Manor Way, 23234, No. 1118-Shelton Daniel Roberts Jr. to Munir Akkaya, $207,000.


Cutstone Way, 14571-Mary B. Burroughs to William J. and Carol E. Petschonek, $535,000.

Jaystone Dr., 14633-James and Lenora Sherard to Anika H. and James P. Dzwilewski, $525,000.

Twig Rd., 14304-Gary C. Cooper and Michael H. Samet to Christopher and Roxanne Channell, $392,500.


Clearwater Ct., 33-James Lloyd Davis and estate of Gloria A. Davis to John T. Sylvester, $339,000.

Shasta Ct., 10612, No. U-Leann M. Lipuma to Federal National Mortgage Association, $126,000.


Capricorn Ct., 40-Levi Ian and Quincy Lee Noche to 2010-3 SFR Venture Reo Corp., $214,000.

Miller Fall Rd., 7625-Patricia A. Ingalls to Galen Teague and Mary A. Moore, $450,000.

Sabrina Terr., 17506-Vincent E. Amatuci to Thomas M. Holloway, $245,000.


Dewitt Ct., 21-Forest Glen Condo Lot 62 Corp. to Eric Rosenberg and Christine Price, $190,000.

Hannes St., 206-Paul Frederick Stiller to Isaac, Beatrice Maria, Fred and Yvette Afrangui, $360,000.

Long Branch Pkwy., 9208-David M. and Amy A. Paschane to James D. Diorio and Hollis B. Richardson, $377,500.

Procter St., 10305-Yvette Ramos to Lashon Y. Lissimore, $335,000.

Sutherland Rd., 10163-Sarah R. Kirby and Christine M. Dodd to Radoil T. Mitov and Maria K. Lampadarios, $395,000.

Wire Ave., 9415-Michael J. and Christina N. Cusato to Richard A. and Rebecca S. Alford, $459,000.


Boysenberry Dr., 18533, No. 283-207-Gregory J. Alden to RBL Ventures Corp., $100,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18408-Mohamed and Bridget A. Jalloh to Shiva R. and Sarmistha Sharma, $260,000.

Girard St., 422, No. 140-Rosa E. Magana and Isis R. Guevara to Haiqing Sun, $75,000.

Guildberry Dr., 18401, No. 104-Patricia Lee Davis and Alfred J. Szczerbicki to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $65,229.

Mills Rd., 14-Jackie Hathaway De Lucia to Nghia Vu and Kristin D. Wesley, $290,000.

Streamside Dr., 18302, No. 102-Kelly Bryant and Kelly Snow to Cheng Lun Tsai, $80,850.

Waxwing Terr., 8813-Abdul Q. and Ahsun Dasti to Nichole C. Uiterwijk, $345,000.


Blue Flax Pl., 436-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Kunyao and Shufu Wei, $346,240.

Blue Flax Pl., 436-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Xinzhong Wang, $360,160.

Cross Green St., 308A-James Pascarella to Hoon Jeong and Jina Choi, $360,000.

Flints Grove Lane, 11501-Adam K. Spector to Trevor W. and Amrita K. Corey, $565,000.

Hibiscus Ct., 22, No. 14-1-Philip S. and William G. Hwang to Danna S. Dalton, $256,000.

Kent Oaks Way, 525-Frank C. and Melanie A. Crisafulli to Diana Manevskaya and Vasiliy Korotchenko, $618,000.

Napa Valley Rd., 3-Ming S. Tung to Bomin Sun and Chen Chen, $273,000.

Painted Post Lane, 175-Darren Todd and Melissa Gail Bernstein to Christopher K. Grizzard, $525,000.

Parkview Ave., 434-MTG Acquisition Corp. to Timothy A. and Jamie L. Brown, $371,460.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 754-Jeff Gottshall to Dean A. and Jodi C. Noah, $108,000.

Ridgepoint Pl., 304, No. 304-14-Constance Amoia to Desmond J. Nelly, $273,000.

Swanton Mews., 79, No. 200-Christian D. and Michelle E. Hull to Catherine B. Newman, $405,000.


Montrose Ave., 10918-Charlene D. Sussel to Susan M. Brocato and Mahmood Yasseri, $985,000.


Brittania Cir., 12236-Nicole Loiselle Barksdale to Francisca O. Cruz, $284,900.

Cross Ridge Ct., 47-Amy A. Stinger to Shannah Hensley and William Aubrey Duley, $221,400.

Duhart Rd., 13607-Robert T. and Diane J. Meddaugh to Lawrence D. Akrie, $30,000.

Kildare Hills Terr., 13507, No. 403-Paul B. and Nekia S. Williams to Federal National Mortgage Association, $319,677.

Meander Cove Dr., 13268, No. 13-Luis Roberto N. Santos to Zubair Khan and Jagruti Rana, $160,000.

Pikeview Dr., 18725-Morris P. and Georgina D. Uhlenbrauck to Meghan R. Griffee, $185,000.

Rayfield Dr., 19441, No. 15-101 Geneva Corp. to Hanying Peng, $170,000.

Rushing Water Way, 13321, No. 2A-Yu Sui Chen to Eri Fujimoto, $170,000.

Steeple Pl., 19007-Valencio J.L. and Maria Pires to Han Li, $350,000.

Town Commons Dr., 12910-Thomas W. and Leigh Z. Callander to Samantha E. Sheehan Trust, $380,000.


Bangor Dr., 4917-Nino and Helen A. Meksvanh to Frederick T. and Laura H. Marcial, $535,000.

Culver St., 9502-Robert Douglas and the estate of Nancy C. Swan to Timothy R. Conley, $505,000.

Fayette Rd., 3007-Sandra L. Price and Price Family Trust to Don Nettleman and Claudia Mengelt, $445,000.

Stanhope Rd. W., 9519-Christopher L. and M. Christine Sims to Mark J. and Sarah M. Albus, $975,000.


Brink Rd., 9400-Anthony E. and Susan Jane Mitchell to Douglas B. and Lisa M. Sharafinski, $505,000.

Harrisons Farm Way, 9317-Kjekl and Patricia L. Sorensen to Anutosh R. and Tinku R. Saha, $900,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10304-Phong H. and Lawonda S. Canzater to Andrae A. Clarke, $256,000.

Brassie Way, 9638-Angel B. and Marianita T. Estabillo to Matthew Stephen Sale, $120,000.

Highland Hall Dr., 20611-Patricia Sterrett to Anthony R. Pisarra and Tricia L. Weiler Pisarra, $319,000.

Maple Leaf Ct., 20202-Dimitar and Petya Aleksandrov to Federal National Mortgage Association, $202,500.

Ravenglass Way, 8713-Emily B. Williams to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $189,000.

Walker House Rd., 9914, No. 9914-4-Jonathan Chirinos and Sandeep Risal to Federal National Mortgage Association, $204,412.


Dunoon Rd., 1116-Glenn W.D. Golding and estate of Harold Frederick Golding to 1116 Dunoon Rd. Corp., $185,000.

Kinloch Rd., 10506-Antonette Koerber and estate of Thelma Koerber to Triad Investments Corp., $290,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 1825-Donald D. and Necy A. Korenko to Welwen Gu and Lin Qi, $282,000.


Aquarius Ave., 2906-Donna Kimmel to Hamed Zamani and Leidy Carolina Patino, $280,000.

Beaverbrook Ct., 15310, No. 89-3B-Mark and Ronnie Levi to Maria C. Costa, $85,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3832, No. 3832-9-107-Jaime Suarez to Jianlei Wu and Jianxin Su, $52,500.

Bluhill Rd., 12602-Stephen L. and Mary E. Hasty to Jose R. and Susana K. Corado, $280,000.

Emden St., 4404-Francis B. Fernandes to Peter Fleck and Robert Samit, $238,698.

Galvez St., 13307-Kharman and Sepidar Tafreshi to Stephanie L. Dunne, $327,000.

Goodloe Rd., 11508-Patrick Smeller and Patrick Tanimura to Francisco Melendez Zavala, $249,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-514-Helen P. and Robert H. Green to Judith H. Blatman, $308,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 218-Robert T. and Richard J. O’Brien to Ethel Pustilnik, $155,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-1019-Estelle and Richard S. Brown to Clarissa A. Peterson and Edward L. Archer, $194,500.

Littleton St., 3802-2012 Clements Trust to Ximena Candelaria and David Morales, $256,000.

Shamrock Ridge Rd., 15003-Michael Miller to Belayneh Yimer and Firehiwot Chari, $310,000.

Urbana Dr., 2709-Anita Stuck and estate of Richard Durbin to Jesse and Brittany West Marsden, $260,500.


Brightwood Rd., 4625-Michael and Natalie Leontiev to Tae Shin, $675,000.

Gainford Pl., 17905-Ohidu I. Siddiqui and Shirin Nazma to Kai and Priscilla Elizabeth Rajan, $518,000.

Queen Mary Dr., 3600-Lillian T. and Robert E. Prouty to Christopher A. and Patricia K. Leonette, $526,000.

Wickham Rd., 18719-Pulte Home Corp. to Pratismhkumar Dhokia and Shreya J. Patel, $811,765.


Spurrier Ave., 19924-Rachel L. Wales to Brian William and Cora Belle Conway, $470,000.


Blueberry Ridge Ct., 6-Angela G. and Ilie Chioariu to John and Mary Csokmay, $717,000.

Cedar Ridge Dr., 11427-Jack E. and Roslyn K. Spector to Scott B. and Janine K. Kaufmann, $819,000.

Fox Run, 8428-Susan F. Fridley to Ezra R. and Rebecca Safdie, $810,000.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 8414-Ignacio R. Gonzalez and Analia I. Castelo to Chagai L. and Allison J. Winoker, $601,000.

Palatine Dr., 11343-Vicken K. and Nayiri K. Poochikian to Allen Hu, $1.34 million.

Sprinklewood Lane, 9301-Dion O. and Michelle D. Rudnicki to Din M. and Jennifer K. Hsin, $979,000.


Anderson Ave., 718-Thomas O’Neill Dunne and Winanne W. Kreger to Oren M. and Laurie Fromberg, $540,000.

Azalea Dr., 745, No. 36-745-B1-Fatima M. Stimpson Frye to Sai Wah Ng and Thoai Lien Chung, $325,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 904-Erin T. Jeffers Rica to Dmitriy G. Gershkovich, $197,696.

California Cir., 6050, No. 6050-504-Vicky Wang and George Tsui to Constantin Vasilyev and Tatiana Dracheva, $239,000.

College Pkwy., 746, No. 7-746-Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union to Carole D. Excell, $280,000.

Farm Haven Ct., 7-Earl D. Hearst Hearst Family Trust to David Vogel Peliart and Gabriela Roitman Gabinet, $749,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 518-David Seth Ehrlich to Julie Alicia Blatty, $285,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10201, No. 1424-Doris S. Raybould and Erica L. Mortland to Domingo Lorenzo Angeles, $153,000.

Hawthorn Ct., 20-Herman J. and Claire D. Nissenbaum to Cesar Manuel Serra Ronceros and Zully Teresa Zuniga Alva, $599,000.

Macon Rd., 5016-Chong Yue Sze to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $385,000.

Monroe St., 108, No. 108-102-Catherine Mary Farrell to Daniel David Marcus, $240,000.

Nicholson Lane, 5809, No. 105-Mary Louise Wiehl to Yesecan Ege, $425,500.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1207-Toll MD IX Partnership to Albert Zhong and Josephine Chen, $440,500.

Ridgemont Ave., 302-Dennis Chian Ling and Minna S. Kim to Aaron Fisher and Ashley Lerner, $520,000.

Rolling Fields Way, 711-Frederic and Hong-Geok T. Maerkle to Christopher J. Taylor and Elizabeth Perez, $515,000.


Appledowre Cir., 19962, No. 400-Randy N. Sonnenberg to Moxie Group Corp., $150,000.

Bent Creek Terr., 11352-Anthony and Allison Giampapa to Alex Lipchen and Tracy Chaishia Chan, $250,000.

Canterfield Terr., 12212-Jack Steven and Margaret T. Lapham to Sanjay A. and Purvi S. Bhal, $535,000.

Drumcastle Ct., 25-U.S. Bank to Francis and Maria F. Desouza, $215,000.

Red Buckeye Ct., 20211-Michael S. Fleet to Chi Yu Hsieh and Shih Mei Lin, $200,000.

Severndale Terr., 20828-Vesta Inc. to Vesta Germantown Inc., $275,000.

Stoney Point Pl., 11400-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jeanne L. Helke, $145,000.


Dewitt Dr., 9610-Forest Glen Corp. to Eleanor C. Dougherty, $420,000.

Hartford Ave., 8130-Todd Christiansen and Rebecca Pikofsky to Peter J. and Jessica L. Quaranto, $365,000.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 1107-Paul R. Schwedler and Nancy A. Shalett to Tara J. Fentress, $153,000.

Parkside Rd., 19-Peggy Sue Zabriski to Michael L. Livingston and Heather S. Panki, $455,000.

Thayer Ave., 750-Robert B. and Pamela M. Winters to Miguel Luke Jones and Kelly T. Doordan, $505,500.


Ludlow St., 717-Fidel A. and Zaida A. Portillo to Eve Marie Devaliere, $319,000.

Seek Lane, 713-HSBC Bank to Joshua Chilkamari and Nancy Satharla, $249,900.


Cedar Lane, 303-Aaron M. and Rebecca S. Firoved to Kelly Schlessman, $330,500.

Halpine Walk Ct., 206-Clare M. Dolan to Zhao Li, $565,000.

Paul Dr., 1025-Luis Molina to Bruce and Marion R. Triner, $250,000.


Bucknell Dr., 10715, No. 7-Yin-ying Djuh to Meredith Gordon and Emanuel Donate, $285,000.

Dalewood Dr., 12224-Ethel Wilson to Irma C. Santos, $223,500.

Georgia Ave., 12018-John A. and Susan G. Chin to Jane Yan Tan, $271,500.

Haywood Dr., 10405-Martha Levin to Kenneth B. and Julie Ann Morabito, $382,500.

Lamberton Ct., 11501-11501 Lamberton Corp. to Kungisha Anand, $404,000.

Plyers Mill Rd., 2909-Elissa C. Difrancesco to Janet Ede, $525,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 212-A-Leslie K. Taylor to Timothy Brennan, $92,000.

Windham Lane, 2017, No. 4-Michael Martinez to Ayah K. Zirikly, $265,000.

Frederick County

E St. E., 616-Sorens Home Rehab Corp. to D.H. Early and Kristen D. Staley, $179,900.


Brownsville Pass Rd., 5800A-Mulligan Investment Corp. to Ruby H. Grossnickel, $125,000.

Shadywood Dr., 3860, No. 3A-Thomas A. Martin to Timothy J. Kelly and Erin A. Shea, $118,500.


Robindale Dr., 2-C&G Investment Partnership Corp. to Need More Property Corp., $72,000.


Arbor Dr., 7030-Rebecca Auldridge and Susanne Basford to Thaddeus J. and Susan L. Tomalewski, $149,900.

Betty Linton Lane, 6368-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Virginia Keller, $317,500.

Cap Stine Rd., 4501-Edward and Merrie E. Aiken to Mid Atlantic Farm Credit Aca, $937,500.

Consett Pl., 15, No. HG-Michael and Dionne Hudson to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $136,000.

Eisenhower Dr., 549-Michael E. and Claire S. Luton to Yinghua Zhang and Jian Lin, $200,000.

Farmgate Ct., 5809-Jeffery A. Lefever to Harold and Beverly Hunter, $158,000.

Jack Linton Dr., 4917-NVR Inc. to Martin C. Spano Jr. and Courtney L. Woltz Spano, $269,990.

Maitland Terr., 5200-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. and DRB Finanial Corp. to Kenneth Charles and Holly Lynn Rahn, $561,713.

Monarch Ridge Rd., 730-Timothy J. and Julie R. Blanch to Issa T. Lo, $265,000.

Payton Way, 6209-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Sameer and Nitika Talwar, $509,500.

Silverspot Ct., 1407-Carla R. Flowers to Edna Fay Simmons, $262,000.

Sylvan Ct., 525-Lorenzo C. Lopez to Springdale Partners Corp., $188,000.

Whitney Terr., 4926-HSBC Bank to H&T Properties Corp., $180,100.


Bear Den Rd., 2492-Butters Family Trust to Richard J. and Dean B. Baldwin, $275,000.

Black Haw Ct., 8242-Ronald C. and Loretta Parsons to Keith Stears and Rachel Staub, $185,000.

Carmichael Ct., 9413-Kelly Q. McCrary to Todd K. Whitehurst and Holly E. Walrod Whitehurst, $505,000.

Citizens Way, 50, No. 502-Creekside Plaza Corp. to Sassan Emral Shaool and Jessica R. Underwood, $245,000.

Egret Way, 2707-NVR Inc. to Brian Karle, $319,750.

Geronimo Dr., 827-Charles C. and Barbara D. Maddox to Michael Offutt, $280,000.

Island Grove Blvd., 2509-Wormald Development Co. to Leslie R. Egan, $333,040.

Lord Nickens St., 29-Housing Authority of the City of Frederick and Nexus Energyhomes Inc. to William A. Prebula and Lauren Reis, $314,695.

Mill Pond Rd., 208A-NVR Inc. to Yan Manegan, $265,000.

Patrick St. E., 814-Maryland Community Development Administration to Rizwana Afzal, $78,750.

Prospect Blvd., 501, No. A-38-Shannon Rae Byrnes to Xiaohu Zhang, $63,000.

Washington St., 251-Robert T. and Misty A. Haines to Grindstone Enterprises Inc., $98,500.

Fifth St. E., 105-John Hamilton and Sylvia Joan Treadway to Michael D. and Kathryn A. Hering, $85,000.


Brecken Dell Ct., 2121-Andrew Felices and Mellissa Giles to Sibte A. and Farah Kazmi, $175,000.

Cedarcrest Lane, 1513-Jason R. and Kristina S. Brady to Jaime N. Guerrero, $182,000.

Emerson Dr., 2527-Ryan T. Macaluso and Jeannette L. Peacock to Rosa Prak, $225,000.

Infantry Dr., 2159-Cannon Property Corp. to NVR Inc., $81,737.

Park Ridge Ct., 106-Geoffrey W. Escamilla to Alberto Blanco, $145,000.

Rocky Glen Dr., 1822-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Derek M. and Carrie E. Chuff, $152,676.

Sundays Lane, 7438-James L. and Kristian K. Latham to David Earl Albert Bower, $267,000.

Willis Lane, 6722-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Mary Christine Tennant Mender and Robert Buchanan Mender, $139,900.


Berwick Pl. N., 8702-Kevin Stanley Breg to Barbara J. Windsor, $1.52 million.

Pheasant Run, 3158-Archie Souchi and Annette Cheng to Kylene E. and Jeffrey A. Beshore, $310,000.


Crone Lane, 10-Linda R. Quay to Janice A. Crone, $280,000.

Old National Pike., 1720-S. Joann Myers and Ricky Bruce Koogle to Megan Reid, $240,000.


Rye Lane, 3986-Christine M. and Stephen P. Parker to Randy and Meghan Lawson, $359,900.

Weller Rd., 12351-PNC Bank to Kirk W. Garvin, $195,000.


Corporal Jones Ct., 5821-Federal National Mortgage Association to Margaret Ondrusek, $289,900.


Pleasant Walk Rd., 12149-James W. and Dorothy L. Kline to Robert E. and Kathy A. Myers, $32,083.


Dewey Way E., 10818-Aaron J. and Jennifer C. Marsh to John H. and Kristina C. Garrison, $269,000.

Harvest Terr., 802-Miller & Smith at the Orchard Corp. to Jason and Sarah Cressman, $429,700.

Jacobean Pl., 5904-NVR Inc. to Robert W. and Rhonda L. Visser, $313,385.

Pond Crest Ct., 11806-Richard R. and Dialecti N. Stevens to Debra Ford Gordon, $367,450.

Rehnquist Ct., 6829-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Timothy D. and Megan M. Beck, $441,700.

Rockridge Rd., 6630-Robert D. Keating to Ryan M. and Bonnie J. Hines, $305,000.

Talbot Dr., 5534-Patrick W. and Jennifer L. Mitchell to Donna Yamrus, $298,000.

Woodridge Rd., 6754-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Carolyn H. Salamon, $478,616.


Fletchers Dr., 1736-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Richard R. and Dialecti N. Stevens, $499,900.


Old Mill Rd., 9022-Jeffery W. Boggs to Raymond Soderberg III, $301,500.


Colliery Dr., 13-Janice N. Ohler to Thomas Allen Gaver and Jacqueline M. Cavari, $223,000.

Gateway Dr. W., 512-Gregory L. and Brenda Lee Eyler to James and Pamela L. Hamrick, $375,000.

Main St. W., 109-JBMT Corp. to Barton Kimball Byron, $52,500.

Redhaven Ct., 106-Mark L. and Amy J. Kennedy to James A. and Vicky D. Fraley, $259,900.


Bothwell Lane, 9633-Eric L. and Kristi A. Hawley to Mustafa and Fatma Betul Sefik, $419,000.

Bremen St., 3548-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to Danielle N. Beckmann, $322,880.

Doubletree Ct., 8506-Bryan and Melanie A. Barber to David C. and Lindsay Folkerts, $4 million.

Penrose St., 9302-Joseph L. and Joella M. Granado to Truc Pham and Tri Tran, $265,000.

Sprigg St. S., 3597-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to Syed Jawed Hasan, $409,425.

Whitmore Lane, 9110-Gregory G. and Cassandra E. Cathey to Tung X. Ngo, $729,900.


Challedon Dr., 126-Thomas P. Morrison and Jennifer Ann Newton to Phyllis A. Ransom, $220,000.

Kenneth Dr., 20-Philip A. Peters to Dawn C. Bhola, $229,900.

Silver Stone Dr., 209-Carlos Eduardo Isaza and Gloria Marcela Serpa to Jennifer M. Hamblin and Aaron G. Suen, $226,500.

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