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Prince William County

Alvyn Lake Cir., 9295-John J. Argonis to Karen L. Wisbey, $325,000.

Benchmark Lane, 8854-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tahir Mahmood and Nighat Tahir, $264,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13497-Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas M. Carfrey Jr., $279,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12938-M. Barrett Bresnahan to Joseph R. Bezelik, $295,000.

Ellesmere Way, 8601-Brian M. Nolan to MK Group Corp., $290,000.

Hackney Dr., 8773-Clinton West Jr. to Kevin L. Bearce, $398,000.

Iron Brigade Unit Ave., 11638-Daniel G. McGee to Edward C. McNally, $286,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11807-Mi Homes of DC Corp. to Tracey H. Schaefer, $358,461.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9567-Galen McMahan to James F. Poarch, $500,000.

Rutherglen Pl., 12020-Gary A. Galvas to Robert J. De Mayo, $375,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13020-JLG Investments Corp. to Mohammed T.H. Chowdhury, $287,500.

Tanalian Falls Lane, 12307-Stone Financing Corp. to Tiffany L. Brown, $340,000.

Wansteadt Pl., 13545-Gary Walker to Craig R. MacDonald, $350,000.


Acorn Ct., 3100-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. and Bear W. Elfstrom to Federal National Mortgage Association, $207,843.

Barksdale St., 14760-Shehnaz Yousaf to Balcha Borgi and Hewan T. Bettle, $196,000.

Birchdale Ave., 14602-Imperial Pools Corp. to Jitranand Assantajai and Suporn Santirattanakul, $194,000.

Brook Dr., 14719-Robert M. Cohen to Edwin Perez, $206,000.

Christy Lane, 3492-Cheryl M. Howell Vaughan to Jose A. Gutierrez Jaldin, $243,000.

Cordell Ave., 15015-Jamie D. Fitch to Naoual Saidi and Aziz el Rhouti, $220,000.

Eileen Ct., 4317-Claudia Medina to Daniel A. Kuddus, $128,000.

Ensor Ct., 14846-Woodmark Corp. to June Jiang, $150,000.

Filarete St., 14404-Doni S. Mancia to Junrong Lu and Xin Tao, $129,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3596-David O’Connor to Nicole R. Smith, $215,000.

Hoffman Dr., 4131-Touchstone Properties Corp. to Ashley M. Manley, $200,000.

Kellogg Dr., 4702-Touchstone Properties Corp. to Earl R. Edmondson, $270,000.

Kimbrough Lane, 13009-Brenda Williams to Jonathan F. Paz, $220,000.

Landon Lane, 14161-Jose E. Moreno to Alfredo Argueta, $205,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14202-Jose M. Castro to Gabrielle S. Winningham, $269,900.

Minnieville Rd., 14699-Ryland Group Inc. to Mary Stevenson, $645,064.

Oaklawn Lane, 6111-Nelson Briceno to Jose M. Pacheco, $339,000.

Paramount Lane, 13336-James Al Perry to Milton D. Alfaro, $275,000.

Pinwheel Ct., 13448-Anderson Court PW Corp. to Ruth A. Holmes, $300,000.

Quinn Lane, 5437-Wilfredo A. Cartegena to Jonathan F.M. Garcia, $320,000.

Roth Ct., 5944-Robert E. Suda to Richard B. Kugler, $336,500.

Saint Charles Dr., 5637-Deborah L. Cooper to Paul Singh, $225,000.

Spriggs Valley Ct., 14993-Ryland Group Inc. to Andre T. Jackson, $468,980.


Avenel Lane, 17668-Erik Kuhn to Desmond Killings, $415,000.

Cosgrove Way, 17410-Stephen P. Davidson to Om Shanti Corp., $223,800.

Heth Ct., 2616-Natasha T. Baskin to Howard L. Warner, $130,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2705-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Crystal M. Jalali, $410,000.

Summer Duck Dr., 17594-Ernest C. and Persephone T. Jones to Daniel Nicholson, $365,000.

Vidalia Ct., 3032-Frederick J. Gellert to Reuben E. Adams, $410,000.


Barrymore Ct., 13860-Drees Co. to James R. Quaid and Hope Klasner, $472,425.

Camdenhurst Dr., 18197-Reginald E. Maxwell to Brian P. Murphy, $430,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7828-Jason M. Sack to William L. Chernault, $276,000.

County Down Ct., 8025-Robert W. Keltgen to Samuel Chisolm Jr., $614,000.

Derby Run Way, 6873-Jerald L. Draney to Gary D. Trende, $482,500.

Gallant Fox Ct., 6035-Equity Trustees Corp. and Jerry K. Cromer to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $455,324.

Heritage Hunt Dr., 7055, No. 207-Barbara R. Sutter to Carey C. Gordon, $232,900.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14326-Morris F. Corp. to Reginald E. Maxwell, $590,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15940-Miller and Smith at Madison Crescent Corp. to Telisha A. Allison, $434,310.

Little Thames Dr., 7076-Total Investments Corp. to Ibrahim N. Sayed, $255,000.

Morven Park Lane, 6429-Brian T. Moores to Thomas W. Head, $457,000.

Pine Knott Ct., 8325-Brookfield Saranac Corp. to Nancy Caruso, $857,500.

Shelford Way, 14600-Piedmont South Corp. to Tiffany L. Melton, $236,104.

Shelford Way, 14616-Piedmont South Corp. to Scott Seligman, $236,724.

Turning Grass Way, 10545-Cassandra K. Cochran and Marc Waterloo to James E. Reed Jr., $420,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15144-Bank of America to Chris Koski, $435,000.


Admiral Baker Cir., 15509-Dominion Counry Club Inc. to Cliff Harmon, $479,971.

Allens Mill Blvd., 4649-Wendy Paduano to Edward S. Hebner, $525,000.

Berry Pond Pl., 15401-Amos Ingram to Vicenzo Misuraca, $515,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5826-Chong Hui Ma to Fortune Homes Development Corp., $390,000.

Fishers Hill Way, 5339-Stone Financing Corp. to Terry G. Guertin, $675,000.

Guilford Ridge Rd., 14503-Owen A. Sanford to Donna D. Scianna, $372,000.

Keavy Ridge Ct., 14823-Drees Co. to Chidi James, $611,183.

Mercury Ave., 7108-NVP Inc. to Vernon C. Lail, $740,000.

Olympia Fields Pl., 5692-Kevin D. Hoepker to Steven W. Maynard, $575,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13358-E. Brian Hughes to Bryar Rashid, $560,000.

Roan Chapel Dr., 5525-Joseph P. Murray to Roy J. Dodd and Diane P. Gray, $973,000.

Southern Crossing St., 14929-Maria Y. Kang to Chung Kim, $380,000.

Walter Robinson Lane, 14984-Irving W. Waddell Jr. to Jonathan D. Hite and Shameza R. Hasan, $280,000.


Abingdon Ct., 9412-Lola L. Nickens to Federal National Mortgage Association, $155,301.

Bayonet Way, 8165, No. O-203-Tri Star Systems Inc. to Luigi Coletta, $123,725.

Bonair Dr., 9519-Jose Brown to Asha N. Basu, $229,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9745-Regina M. Flannery to Romelo A. Dimawala, $287,500.

Crooked Creek Dr., 5944-Douglas A. Burnett to Eric J. Cardona, $520,000.

Donset Ct., 7458-Jose M. Gonzalez to Ana E. Gonzalez, $246,000.

Ebert Dr., 8102-Bank of New York Mellon to Robert W. Mangum II, $502,000.

Gales Ct., 7599, No. 7B-001-Tara Azadikhah to Khondaker R. Islam, $92,000.

Haggle Ct., 10816-NVP Inc. to William W. Shell, $558,000.

Lacy Dr., 8099, No. 106-Mary K. Blanchard to Christopher Salisbury and Paul Cioletti, $160,000.

Lomond Dr., 9414-Equity Trustees Corp. and Deverson N. Lima to North Star Properties Corp., $184,000.

Meadow Grove Ct., 10668-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Jennifer Anh and Bahaneh Ganjali, $140,000.

Mission Ridge Dr., 10944-Alg Trustee Corp. and Jennyfer Mayorga Arellano to Federal National Mortgage Association, $211,530.

Nimitz Ct., 9859-Maria J. Peterson to Chanthaly Srathsavong, $289,500.

Parkriver Dr., 12010-Kellie R. Van Hoecke to Michael J. King and Kelsea S. McDonald, $350,000.

Quail Run Lane, 7606-Kevin C. Reckner to E. James Souvagis, $120,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11940-Shaik Malikbasha to Rupinder Kaur, $326,000.

Saint Johns Ct., 7286-Bhagwan D. Gangele to Laura W. Halo, $249,900.

Sly Fox Lane, 7871-Elizabeth W. Willett to Michael T. Byrne, $511,000.

Tappen Mill Way, 8922-Craig E. Uhl to Wei Wang, $290,000.

Token Valley Rd., 7216-Sharon E. Cavileer and Grace L. Cavileer Trust to Erin M. Lally, $409,500.

Wellman Ct., 14110-Neal R. Slater to Aaron E. Ortiz, $485,000.

Yolanda Lane, 14916-George C. Iverson to Thomas A. Manning, $375,000.


Leighlex Ct., 8350-Timothy R. Mickens II to Kongsang D. Lam, $315,000.

McLean St., 8017-Helen M. Edwards to Federal National Mortgage Association, $316,422.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7745-HHNZA Properties Corp. to Yelena R. Giamber, $157,500.


Ashmere Cir., 4144-Donald L. Vecchioni to Indira Sinha, $180,000.

Cliffbrook Ct., 15882-Keh Realty Inc. to Brian Keese, $449,900.

Denali Pl., 17518-Terrence E. Hall to Polina Amspoker, $279,500.

Equinox Way, 3721-Pamela J. Newberry to Diane L. Bardenhagen, $319,000.

Historic Virginia Ct., 4026-Rodger P. Fitzgerald to Stanley J. Glod, $410,000.

Maple Glen Ct., 15062-Gregory Winningham to Steven P. Milgrim, $175,000.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4740-Dale R. Clark to Michael D. Rogers, $395,000.

Yellow Stone Loop, 4115-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jai D. Kohli, $231,600.


Fleetwood Dr., 14350-Anderson Perez to Patrick W. Hallan, $350,000.

Rain Slicker Pl., 12164-Paul M. Talbot to Bhavesh S. Shah, $470,000.


Anchorage Cv., 3633-Robert St. Amand to Noe J. Barrera, $145,500.

Fuller Heights Rd., 18912-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Christopher J. Knowles to MMHH Investment Corp., $145,100.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4202-Kris M. Gushue to Walter Aponte, $289,900.

Sharon Rd., 18323-Kirsten E. White to Joshua A. Drummond, $259,900.


Abbottsbury Way, 2176-Helda Y. Parker to Farshid Assadzadeh and Toktam Vahdat, $271,600.

Alaska Rd., 15015-Martha Rios to Federal National Mortgage Association, $256,198.

Anchorstone Dr., 5149-Stone Financing Corp. to Brittany Steever, $225,000.

Augustus Ct., 12972-Lawrence A. Schuler and Schuler Family Trust to Harjinder Singh and Jatinder Kaur, $265,000.

Basin View Lane, 2503-Shemaine Bailey Scott to Xueming Wang and Di Cao, $265,000.

Bedford Cove Lane, 4452-NVR Inc. to Lisa Davis, $503,919.

Bixley Hill Ct., 2834-Surety Trustees Corp. and Cynthia A. Barnes to Synergy Gateway Corp., $303,000.

Brandy Moor Loop, 16874-KMZ Corp. to Serwaa A. Bioh, $257,500.

Capon Tree Lane, 16792-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Lawrence E. Watson, $262,000.

Cinnamon St., 12283-Department of Veterans Affairs to Paul E. Pullin, $230,200.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3507-Rosa M. Montgomery to Sirous Najafinia and Babak Taghavi, $218,000.

Deepford Dr., 2516-Catherine K. Galvan to John J. Mahoney, $325,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3477-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Vibha Bakshi, $444,000.

F St., 1435-David Hambleton to Adalberto Mejia, $265,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 13602-Deutsche Bank to Jia Wen Zhong, $265,000.

Franklin St., 14122-Jose J. Calderon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $238,413.

Gordon Blvd., 12701, No. 14-Kenneth G. Briggs Jr. to Linda A. Krueger, $117,000.

Gullane Dr., 13965-Donald J. McNulty to Roy P. Reutter, $330,000.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 703-Patrick Sorrenti to Thomas P. Carney, $489,640.

Horseshoe Lane, 15639, No. 639-Reginald Caldwell to Anthony M. Green, $130,000.

Indus Dr., 16122-Hector M.R. Amaya to David F. Johnston Jr., $310,000.

John Hancock Ct., 12050-Randy Buhidar to Sean M. Oxford, $375,000.

Kensington Park Dr., 15320-Beazer Homes Corp. to Myong C. Campbell, $295,000.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2257-Beazer Homes Corp. to Anne L. White, $299,536.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2279-Beazer Homes Corp. to Chrisdiona G. Clarke, $270,200.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2287-Beazer Homes Corp. to Luther D. Allen, $271,966.

Lakeside Ct., 12683-Ryland Group Inc. to Tina C. Lukens, $477,490.

Longbow Ct., 3380-Sameh Wahba and Mahitab Aly to Northern Virginia Family Services, $225,000.

Maryland Ave., 1441-Brian Davis to Nicole R. Smith, $217,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2083-Eloisa Lara to David Douglas, $205,000.

Moss Point Pl., 4614-Cornelius T. Gilmore to Gregory S. Helmick, $430,000.

Nexus Ct., 3528-Andrea L. Howlett to Tina E. Yoo, $189,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2184-Mi Homes of DC Corp. to Lauren O. Smith, $500,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14903-Jordan Milbert to Connie M. Commodore, $319,000.

Radford Dr., 1907-Krystal D. Porras to Annie Jin, $200,000.

Saxon St., 1309-Keith A. Hawkins to Federal National Mortgage Association, $124,469.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3580, No. 8-102-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Kimberly Welch to Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,265.

Stone Lined Cir., 12644-Josue Valentin Mestey and Daniele M. Zanacoli to Harry Ganesh, $359,900.

Tamarack Pl., 14777-Linda K. Logan to Kenia Valdez, $164,800.

Torrington St., 12709-Donald L. Slonaker to Nathan Balmer, $285,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12593-Charles R. Sistrunk and Glen E. Wright to Imran Ali, $303,000.

Winding Loop, 14735-Stephen K. Christenson and Latoya S. Taylor to Mohammad Ismail, $165,000.


Charles St., 1700-Nectar Projects Inc. and Marie Kelly to Foundation Homes Inc., $140,001.

Oak St., 122-Donald Wyatt to Chinthaka Liyanage, $123,000.

Sophia St., 1222-Jpe Holdings Corp. to Howard G. Woodard Jr., $260,000.


The following were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Bankhead Dr., 9481-Christine E. O’Connor to Shawn P. McQueeney, $368,000.

Beech Pl., 9759-Joshua T. Amman to Summerbrook Investment Corp., $95,000.

Byrd Dr., 9236-Madan K. Madan to Amarjit Ghai, $143,250.

Camphor Ct., 9328-Trevor Bean to Regina M. Flannery, $360,000.

Coggs Bill Dr., 9567, No. 304-Peter Grimberg to Stacy Heresi and Deanna Parrott, $100,000.

Fendall St., 9945-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Alan L. Walker, $390,013.

Lavender Flower Ct., 10120-Allen Walker to Olga D.M. Torres, $315,000.

Maury Lane, 9816-Slainte Farms Corp. to Diane R. Park and Leslie W. Jones, $135,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8630-Yeni L. Villatoro De Rubio to Complete Builders Suppliers Inc., $233,000.

Racquet Cir., 10276-Janet M. Lahna to Catherine L. Nauta, $310,000.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9337-Robert A. Ivey to Zabihullah Mirwais, $382,750.

Town Lane, 9826-Mary J. Butler to Bt Property Corp., $134,000.

Wax Myrtle Way, 9357-Scott Padilla to Haf Real Estate I Corp., $162,750.

Manassas Park

Black Hawk Ct., 9437-Shekhar P. Sharma to Michael G. Riss, $262,000.

Hedgeford St., 9321-Curt J. Calegan Sr. to Thomas Arnold, $335,000.

Jessica Dr., 9265-Hue B. Ly to Muhammad Esan, $250,000.

Manassas Dr., 183-Luis A. Rodriguez to Thuan V. Nguyen, $185,000.

Silver Meteor Ct., 9417-Hamyoon Anwari to Rachel L. Scales, $265,000.

Walker Way, 9572-Arun K. Pankaj and Joshua M. Kriger to Jia Fei, $167,000.

Stafford County

Aquia Dr., 1335-Theodore L. Williams II to Michael Wilsher, $245,000.

Backridge Ct., 206-PW Managment Corp. to Stephen N. Washenko, $191,000.

Basalt Dr., 135-Recontrust Co. and Darryl G. Barnes to Scott Summers, $250,100.

Belle Plains Rd., 321-Kenneth G. Newton Jr. to Southern Management Asset Services Inc. , $102,000.

Brant Ct., 2-Thomas Wilson to Douglas P. Cross, $324,000.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 50-Kevin P. Clyde to Christopher A. White, $308,000.

Chesterfield Lane, 100, No. 102-Dat S. and Loan Vu Nguyen to Randall W. and Dawn Asper Turner, $82,500.

Clark Lane, 11-Andrew M. Misenko to Shawn Rosalez, $325,000.

Countryside Dr., 22-Shaun E. and Jessica M. Rockxto Zachary Daniels, $271,000.

Crossing Rd., 203-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Ihab A. Mohamed to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $137,136.

Culpeper St., 719-Robert W. Hash to Jared Boyd, $165,000.

Dolphin Cv., 105-Elizabeth A. Skaer to Kelli R. Daniels, $225,500.

Eaton Ct., 105-Kathy Lynn Mason to Randolph Investment Corp., $164,000.

Forbes St., 1207-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Manora Iem, $399,000.

Gabriels Lane, 7-Piccard Building and Development Corp. to Kevin B. Anderson, $383,000.

Greenfield Rd., 103-Lois S. Borough to Brian J. Payne, $289,900.

Hoe Cake Lane, 47-Elaine F.and Phillip A. Carter trusts to Charles I. Weimer III and Susan B. Lancaster, $135,000.

Hope Rd., 529-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jesus Martinez, $167,900.

Jacobs Lane, 87-Mohammad R. Sahami and Mary K. Hensley to Wilson Cook, $275,000.

Knollside Ct., 10-Surety Trustees Corp. and Marilyn K. Williams to KB Creative Properties Corp., $133,000.

Lorenzo Dr., 75-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Martha E. Fink to Federal National Mortgage Association, $189,034.

Meade Ct., 3-Surety Trustees Corp. and Sonia J. Cummings to FFC Properties Corp., $233,700.

Oak Rd., 27-Jason S. Thompson to Scott T. Sammler, $274,400.

Otto Way, 3-Elvin V. Kelson and Commonwealth Trustees Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $361,061.

Perry St., 1008-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joshua S. Heffelman, $164,000.

Pointe Lane S., 26-Erik J. Bailey to James W. Bush, $240,000.

Rapids Way, 13-John W. Sims to Kirk Chestnut, $304,000.

Rocky Way Dr., 29-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carlos Castro, $235,000.

Saint Charles Ct., 8-Equity Trustees Corp. and Dilshad Begum to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $462,862.

Sandy Ridge Rd., 289-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Tanya Che to Federal National Mortgage Association, $318,400.

Shenandoah Lane, 117-Delores McCray to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $195,122.

Springbrook Dr., 11-PNC Bank to Scott M. Krushinski, $320,000.

Sullivan Dr., 520-Winning Home Strategies Corp. to Erica S. Link, $174,800.

Telegraph Rd., 225-Michael Kemmerer to Janice Scott Blanton, $350,000.

Vesta Dr., 16-Foundation Residential Corp. to Jonathan S. Quinton, $240,000.

Wallace Farms Lane, 2-Patricia W. Downey and estate of Shirley G. Whelan to Sandra Payne, $180,000.

Webb Ct., 15-Cathy Sue Love to Mohammad Zakria Faiz, $28,000.

Whitsons Run, 260-Foundation Residential Corp. to Samantha Sue Stephens, $240,000.

Willow Branch Pl., 45-Independence Realty Corp. to Tracey L. Farrar, $140,000.

Wood Landing Rd., 222-Scott W. Montrief to Russell James Randall, $435,000.

Woodleigh Lane, 55-Phillip A. Reid to Jerold I. Byerly III, $319,900.