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Prince William County

Alvyn Lake Cir., 9308-Brian Y. Clark to Raymond W. Chian, $318,000.

Benchmark Lane, 8917-Lisa S. Zolly to Brent A. Blackwell and Natasha Barrett, $284,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13499-James J. O’Neill to Philip Stone Jr. and Charlene Kim, $255,000.

Darnick Ct., 12872-Wells Fargo Bank to Raj Rajmohan, $445,900.

Garrow Ct., 14012-Astoria Federal Savings and Loan to Adnan Khalil and Mona Ghounem, $464,900.

Heykens Lane, 12517-Laura Monaghan to Vivian Yun-Thayer, $243,000.

Izaak Walton Dr., 12410-William H. Casterline Jr. and Elmer L. Hensley to Assemblies of God Foundation, $643,023.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11813-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Tabitha N. Robertson, $349,493.

Lednock Way, 12704-Darin Ramsey to Erin Flaherty and Matthew T. Keough, $287,000.

Partridge Run Way, 8769-Jennifer L. Nissen to Clinton C. West, $344,500.

Rutherglen Pl., 12040-John J. Fittipaldi to Linda T. Frece, $387,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13046-Total Investments Corp. to Brianna M. Neville, $284,999.

Telford Ct., 8905-Federal National Mortgage Association to Binu Varghese and Soji Papachen, $415,000.

Warren Falls Lane, 9310-Robert J. Davis to Lelan T. Butler, $344,000.


Aetna Springs Rd., 5251-Beazer Homes Corp. to Donald R. Brown, $503,995.

Barnes Meadow Ct., 15035-Ryland Group Inc. to Lemuel C. McCullum, $473,800.

Blue Jay Ct., 4532-Alg Trustee Corp. and Margie I. Prie to Saadat Ali Rana, $157,500.

Burbank Lane, 3214-Platinum Investments Corp. to Pamela Lawrimore, $224,000.

Catalpa Ct., 15049-Victor S. Yau to Juan A. Curiel, $186,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15100-Glenda L. Schurr to Arturo Ventura and Norma D.H. Lopez, $198,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14184, No. 302-Tracey H. Schaefer to Deybi Prado, $150,000.

Dorian Dr., 14815-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Sherry M. Armstrong to Federal National Mortgage Association, $211,482.

Emberdale Dr., 14897-Rpaa Investments Inc. to Brenda Williams, $210,000.

Evergreen Dr., 4203-Margaret Dunning to Subash Pathak and Sarmila Bohara, $241,000.

Filarete St., 14416-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Jonathan Carpenter to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,783.

Forestdale Ave., 3928-John M. Clarke to F. Ortiz Lopez, $235,000.

General Washington Dr., 14432-Richard R. Shine to Howard H. Staik III, $425,000.

Hunter Crest Rd., 5938-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Nicole L. Gray, $681,054.

Kenmar Dr., 13013-Malcolm Brookfield Jr. to Richard A. Mangini, $200,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13502-ADG Investments Corp. to Carlos E. Moreno, $250,000.

Lombard Lane, 4907-Jeffrey L. Smith to Manuel Ventura, $235,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14362-Commonwealth Trustees, Corp. and Charles Goode to Federal National Mortgage Association, $241,647.

Nassau Dr., 13315-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Ahmad R. Khan, $302,000.

Olive Ct., 6390-Patricia E. Miller to Aaron R. Johnson and Julie E. Schwentner, $259,500.

Park Ct. N., 14305-Carole D. Miller to Ayman A. Berasko, $179,600.

Plumwood Lane, 5933-Kelly R. Shiflett to MMHH Investment Corp., $236,500.

Reardon Lane, 5588-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Betty M. Sullivan to Federal National Mortgage Association, $284,330.

Roundtree Dr., 5633-Usiel Ramirez and Fredy A. Banos to Victor F. Cordova, $225,000.

Spriggs Meadow Dr., 5550-Ryland Group Inc. to Keith J. Hylton, $598,070.

Tango Lane, 12075-William W. Shell to Tara J. Livingston, $310,000.

Woodway Pl., 4601-Bank of New York Mellon to Mandran Properties Inc., $145,000.


Canton Ct., 3342-Frances C. Boulden to TW Real Estate Group Inc., $135,000.

Fairfax St., 3863-Saud A. Abdullah to Mohammad A. Fazli, $142,000.

Linton Ct., 18244-Michelle Lopez and Federico A. Iriarte to Alfredo E. Galindo and Selvin S. Vargas, $205,000.

Point Pleasant Lane, 16946-Megan A. Cook to Shannon E. Fairbank, $223,000.

Swans Creek Lane, 17957-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Carmelo Ferrer, $470,000.

Vidalia Ct., 3088-Osorio Concrete Contractor Corp. to Irene P. and Francisco M. Jacinto Pereira, $449,700.


Bitterroot Ct., 6921-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Robert W. Matthews, $475,000.

Cannondale Way, 14168-NVR Inc. to Michael T. Walton, $269,555.

Cerromar Way, 8129-Robert Stepien to Christopher R. Muth, $300,000.

Crackling Cedar Lane, 8354-Derron T. McDuffee to Michael R. Morgan, $479,990.

Everbreeze Lane, 6576-Michael L. McCumber to Joseph Salmon, $360,000.

Hamelin Lane, 7601-Meghann Whelan and D. Bruce Simmons to Cristin A. Wilson and James E. Robinson, $448,797.

Hunters Run Way, 14222-Myron D. Clay to Andrew S. Weber, $279,900.

Lee Hwy., 16236-Travis A. Park to Ryan A. Trudell, $369,900.

Lee Carter Rd., 15944-Miller and Smith at Madison Crescent to Charles Joe, $484,320.

Manahoac Pl., 6954-Bank of New York Mellon to Mario E. Catala II, $247,500.

Northbrook Lane, 14332-Peter Melnick to Jonathan D. Reed and Kerry Donohue, $590,000.

Ryton Ridge Lane, 13587-George J. Shapiro and Rosalie M. Metzger to Bernard J. Leech, $424,900.

Shelford Way, 14602-Piedmont South Corp. to Jose A. Lopez Ruano and Sandra M. Lopez, $245,094.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15726-Christopher S. Perrie to Gary Frisard, $715,000.

Tuxedo Lane, 15510-Allen Ruttenberg to John G. Jerakis, $631,000.

Winnipeg Ct., 7200-Richard P. Demuth to Samir Stanikzai, $375,000.


Alderbrook Dr., 15658-Soo Y. Kim to William T. Hohe and Helen L. Jacobs, $530,000.

Ashby Grove Loop, 6520-Willie J. Bennett Jr. and Nicole T. Phillips to Changjun Wu and Xiaokui Zuo, $356,000.

Blair Brook Ct., 14580-Recontrust Co. and Alg Ttrustee, Corp. to Millennium Gateway Corp., $445,500.

Crusade Ct., 16082-Wells Fargo Bank to Julie M. Beecham, $392,000.

Gaines Mill Cir., 15060-William A. Tickle Sr. to Scott A. Macri, $575,000.

Hunting Path Rd., 6630-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Debra A. Hood to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $182,169.

Keavy Ridge Ct., 14827-Drees Co. to Christopher L. Randle and Sara Sanun Polintra, $529,900.

Mountain Rd., 1101-Russell A. Verbofsky to Janelle L. Emmons, $669,000.

Painters Cove Way, 15445-Dominion Country Club Inc. to Matthew R. Smith and Jaclyn Sharratt, $372,664.

Players Cir., 5497-Dominion Country Club Inc.l to Maggie Shriver, $462,128.

Saint Paul Dr., 6797-Nosheen Shehzadi to Michael Snyder, $410,000.

Stepping Stone Dr., 15091-Boyka G. and Petko T. Stoyanov to Mohammad J. Ahmed, $475,100.

Waterfall Rd., 16013-H and A Enterprises Corp. to John M. Dominick, $850,000.


Amberview Ct., 5493-Barrett Kimball to Gerald F. De Hoyos, $450,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7550-Hind Abulhawa and Ismail Khalaf to Laurie D. Dawson, $104,000.

Bradford Lane, 13525-Kenneth Farley to Raquel Davila, $280,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9770-John P. Farrell to Jessica E. Lynn, $275,000.

Cypress Branch Lane, 10000-MSM Properties Corp. to Christopher M. Stone, $395,000.

Dumfries Rd., 11983-Mike McDonagh to Ledezma Marquez and Julian A. Palacios, $490,000.

Estates View Lane, 11350-Paula G. Cotman to Sarah Albright, $400,000.

General Warren Ave., 11715-Raymond S. Wotring to Civil War Preservation Trust, $400,000.

Hickory Hollow Ct., 8377-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia to Jeffrey S. Coleman, $716,705.

Landview Dr., 12715-Bank of New York Mellon to Michael A. Nies and Christine A. Glover, $379,059.

Lomond Dr., 9815-Deborah J. Christoff to Eagle Investment Corp., $190,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 8326-Beazer Homes Corp. to Gerald D. Smith, $475,000.

Mountwood Dr., 9546-Richard A. Novak to Mohammad and Brishna Noori, $409,000.

Norseman Dr., 11528-Phillip E. McGhee to Edgardo N. Garcia-Moreyra, $545,000.

Phipps Farm Way, 8738-Taesung Kim to Satinder Sethi, $296,050.

Quail Run Lane, 7611-Jacson Moscoso to Leslie M. Settle, $210,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11947-Hawthorne L. Proctor to Jeremy D. Cortash, $374,900.

Saint Johns Ct., 7320-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ke Xiao and Xiaoyu Su, $239,000.

Soldiers Ct., 11194-Easton M. Peterson to Rosa A. Torres, $235,000.

Teakwood Ct., 8861-Amelia P. Hissong to Miguel Zepeda and Mariela Contreras, $160,000.

Trundle Pl., 10309-Foundation Residential Corp. to Ralitza R. and Veronika R. Petrova, $191,000.

Whitting Dr., 8137-Richard Florez to Augusto Andrade, $436,000.


Alleghany Rd., 7547-Tony Salas to David R. Orellana and Zulma Y.M. Garcia, $277,500.

Leland Rd., 8020-Gritel S. Dodson to Jorge A. Reyna, $280,000.

Meanderview Ct., 10890-Kathryn L. Hildebrandt to William J. Conforti Jr., $600,000.

Shelley Lane, 7603-Ags Investment Group Corp. to Samuel W. Norton, $165,000.


Ashmere Cir., 4206-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ronak C. Shah, $232,000.

Crestleigh Ct., 4863-Kyle E. Skopic and Brenda D. Martell to Yusuf Ibn Yaqub, $370,000.

Denali Pl., 17519-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Naomi S.P. Mann, $280,000.

Fairway Dr., 16007-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Terese L. Duncan, $270,000.

Huntgate Lane, 15001-Theresa M. Anthony to Matthew R. Cook, $550,000.

Skyline Dr., 15422-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Daniel Lopez, $345,000.

Trisail Ct., 15568-Bank of New York Mellon to Zeeshan and Lanay Zahid, $325,000.


Aqua View Ct., 10200-Carey C. Gordon to Kenneth D. Reid, $449,900.

Foster Lane, 7259-Roy E. Koontz to Chase C. Cunningham, $540,000.


Barnette Cir., 18912-Miriam Alger to Saul V. Gaona, $168,000.

Kerill Rd., 18559-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Mir K. Doza, $519,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4308-Ivy Meadows Corp. to Teriano A. Encabo Jr., $244,900.

Wharf Lane, 3633-Cydny Milton to Naghman Rashid, $120,000.


Abbottsbury Way, 2177-Connie M. Commodore to Jessica L. Walton, $250,000.

Alexis Rd., 923-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Emmett I. Woolf to Paramount Investments Corp., $164,000.

Anchorstone Dr., 5149-Tyrone Summers and Magdalene Vasquez to Stone Financing Corp., $225,000.

Avocet Loop, 15612-Ruby A. Cay and Carlos A. Chiribao to Eskinder Hailu and Genet Tedla, $278,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2384-Rodney J. Fischer to Mary Harper, $338,000.

Bedford Cove Lane, 4456-NVR Inc. to Polly Akther and Shuhel Chowdhury, $507,915.

Blysdale Lane, 3981-Commonwealth Asset Services and Maynard K. Rumuly to Federal National Mortgage Association, $253,150.

Brier Pond Cir., 2701-James T. Dennie to Kathryn L. Cubbon, $245,000.

Carroll Ave., 16006-Thomas S. Hale to Adam F. Castillo, $227,000.

Chaucer Lane, 12163-Phu Gui Feng to Paul Kincheloe III, $142,000.

Clipper Dr., 12517-Michael W. Knudson to NKP Enterprises Corp., $181,200.

Diloreta Dr., 2203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Prince A. Boateng, $280,000.

Eddystone Ct., 12206-Albert F. Ullman to George L. Schaudel, $435,000.

Fawn Hollow Lane, 1485-Adam Kapolka to Wade Salverson, $285,500.

Fountainbrook Ct., 1967-Daniel P. and A. Elise Lucero to Teresa L. Lake, $138,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1024, No. 3-401-Kevin W. Dodson to Marat Iskakov, $151,000.

Gorham Way, 13045-Acacia Federal Savings Bank to Christoffer and Ileene Leyba Sanchez, $415,000.

Gunsmith Terr., 2146-Armando Martinez to Muhannad Masri, $130,000.

Ironwood St., 1387-U.S. Bank to Orlando I.H. Moreira, $132,500.

Kensington Park Dr., 15318-Beazer Homes Corp. to Honz R.J. Elliott, $349,990.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2251-Beazer Homes Corp. to Everardo R. Nunez III, $270,000.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2265-Beazer Homes Corp. to Paul N. Presti Jr., $320,578.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2281-Beazer Homes Corp. to Randy D. Vanderpool and Pyron G. Chesson, $320,048.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2289-Beazer Homes Corp. to Lukas L. Wardensky, $315,172.

Lancashire Dr., 15187-Eric B. Jackson to Walter S. Dayanan and Paola L. Cuellar, $277,000.

Longview Dr. E., 1355-John E. Feaganes Jr. to Metro DC 1 Corp., $100,000.

Maryland Ave., 1512-Haley S. Ramsauer to Sergio A. Pereira, $230,000.

Mcguffeys Ct., 2748-Jan E. Golden to Marie A. Henry, $235,000.

Mount Burnside Way, 3448-Mark H. Hummel to Shaun B. Quinn, $410,000.

Nutmeg Ct., 12204-Lisa M. Jackson to Seumsack Sysamouth, $249,900.

Old Salem Ct., 12169-Jamarr Humphrey to Patrick A. Boebinger, $205,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2208-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Marie M. McMoli, $516,350.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2191-Robert I. Barton to M’hamed Lahbabi, $279,500.

Redbud Ct., 1342-Denise M. Franklin to Ana Y. Aguiluz Marquez, $149,000.

Seaford Ct., 12214-Leo L. Lee and the Imogene P. Lee Trust to Donna Cooper, $270,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3580, No. 8-201-Edita Samson and Jessica Olympia to Amy Dorsey, $145,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12755-Mark Romano to Thomas Thornton, $350,000.

Tideswell Mill Ct., 12278-Nam V. Nguyen to Suleyman K. and Osman K. Andolsun, $630,000.

Truffle Oak Pl., 2919-Lamyai Sengbouttarath and Luan Dang to Felicia C. Der and Gunnar R. Engdahl, $239,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12884-Rachel Delacruz and Alexander Valcarcel to Fritz Desroches, $375,000.

Wentwood Lane, 15156-James Taylor to David M. Hathaway, $144,000.

Woodfern Ct., 2612-David W. Schueler to Christopher H. Replogle, $365,000.


Dorthea Ct., 1020-Rod L. Flynn to Frederick M. Geissler and Nicole Puri, $395,000.

Patrick St., 1107-Thomas A. Martin to Jessica A. Mulligan, $229,900.

Spottswood St., 605-Federal National Mortgage Association to Laura J. Hinman and Charlotte E. Takewell, $147,000.


The following were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Battery Heights Blvd., 9553, No. 302-Daniel R. Carrico to William D. Sugg, $121,000.

Bens Way, 10189-Richard Osmann to Gary J. Robey, $369,000.

Byrd Dr., 9266-Celina I.R. Gamez to Gavidio Perez Amaya, $149,000.

Center St., 9531-Ronald J. Howe and Laureen K. Brickley to Steven K. Lane, $285,000.

Douglas St., 9207, No. 210-Prophet and Koehrtaker Corp. to GSM Group Corp., $82,000.

Garst Dr., 9303-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Kim T. Cao, $250,000.

Lehr Ct., 9508-William S. Henry to Joyce M. Alder, $350,000.

Maury Lane, 9850-Stonewall Battle Properties Corp. to Hani G. Saab, $117,000.

Pristine Ct., 9156-Sheryl A. Dumais to Aureliano Reyes and Delfina R. Gomez, $254,989.

Richmond Ave., 8585-Timothy L. Tobeck to Gary MacLeod, $425,000.

Tarra Lane, 9309,No. 109-Daniel W. Mumaw to Magun Campbell, $135,000.

Vicksburg Lane, 8944-Larry R. Allen to Scott R. Allen, $309,000.

Wellington Rd., 9933-Randy Stanberry Jr. to Jeffrey L. Bird, $305,000.

Manassas Park

Colfax Ct., 205-Jose F. Pineda to Nelson A. Valencia, $215,000.

Holmes Pl., 9724, No. 202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph L. Magnotti, $178,000.

Kirby St., 302-Jaime M. Hernandez to Zulma L. Osegueda, $169,000.

Martin Dr., 157-William F. Klotz to Shane K. Briggs, $205,000.

Sumter Ct., 8642-Adolfo F. Cajchun to Xiaomei Ma, $150,000.

Wigfall Way, 9606-Tariq Miakhel to Sohrab Bagherzadeh, $221,000.

Stafford County

Aquia Dr., 2163-Martin Hermann to Graig A. Fraser, $235,000.

Bainbridge Ct., 25-Nash Stafford Corp. to Richmond American Homes of Virginia, $165,000.

Bayberry Lane, 31-Celerity Ventures Corp. to David Jeffcoat, $317,800.

Ben Neuis Pl., 602-Heather Dawn Frye to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $161,900.

Bridgewater Cir., 115-Curtis M. Dickinson to Ernst K. Haynes, $337,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 136-Joshua B. Ouitaro to Nathan A. Burkholder, $342,900.

Chesterfield Lane, 202, No. 201-Andrew J. Shannon to Fanmin Guo and Huafang Zhao, $105,000.

Club House Rd., 502-Stephen Galloway to Timothy D. Culbertson, $175,000.

Crossing Rd., 208-Sandra F. Allen Jennings to Chihwa Hannah Park, $160,000.

Darbywood Ct., 15-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Whitney Rashad Rivers, $252,900.

Donna Dale Dr., 23-Kenneth H. McSpadden to David Jennings, $275,000.

Falkirk Ct., 503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Frederick A. Medlin, $191,500.

Forest Pointe Way, 2-Dustin A. Reid to Kari A. Covington, $245,000.

Glacier Way, 56-Wells Fargo Bank to Rosa Baez, $270,000.

Hall Lane, 26-26 Hall Lane Corp. to Archie Garrett Harding Jr., $38,500.

Holly Cir., 106-U.S. Bank to Joshua Michael Pompeii, $212,000.

Hopkins Branch Way, 2-BC Stafford Corp. to Heather K. Entizne, $373,556.

Kimberwick Lane, 118-Donna Stone Broyles to Charles E. Sullivan, $90,000.

Lark Lane, 109-Alg Trustee Corp. and Thomas Carbaugh to Federal National Mortgage Association, $303,064.

Marquis Ct., 1-Walter Aponte to Eric Knight, $338,934.

Meadow Dr., 1707-Hiren Kumar Jagdish Makwana to Sureshchandra Vashee, $105,000.

Nelson St., 8-William C. Pinschmidt Jr. to Carol Ann Hagen, $200,000.

Oakridge Dr., 116-Alexander Henderson to Rudy F. Turcios, $185,000.

Park Rd., 82-Franz E. Silas Jr. to Archie L. Tinjum Jr., $389,990.

Perth Dr., 10-Gtis Hov Leeland Station Corp. to George G. Gallaway Jr., $349,548.

Ponderosa Pl., 2-Shelia D. Dejurnett to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $337,846.

Regina Lane, 107-Elizabeth Regin Djabanor to Ken Abanouah, $136,500.

Rosedale Dr., 21-Gloria L. Shaw to Federal National Mortgage Association, $289,600.

Saint Johns Ct., 9-Jose S. Maguigad II to William Ojeda, $315,000.

Sequester Dr., 183-Brett M. Davis to Ricky M. Bashor, $419,900.

Sleepy Hollow Trail, 219-Anthony Ruiz to Jeffrey J. Abbott, $225,000.

Squirrel Hollow Lane, 24-Churchill Corp. to Victor D. Munoz, $240,000.

Summerwood Dr., 33-John D. Lovello to Spencer Ray Courtney, $310,000.

Telegraph Rd., 479-Alg Trustee Corp. and Robert W. Baucom to Foundation Residential Corp., $100,000.

Vesta Dr., 30-Richard G. Hill to Premier Property Restorations, $175,000.

Washington And Lee Blvd., 20-TW Real Estate Group Inc. to Faasipa U. Maea, $263,900.

William And Mary Lane, 35-Paul M. Loomis to Randel A. Webb, $270,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 400-Rachel Scales to Timothy James Wood, $145,000.

Woodland Dr., 115-Robert E. Robinson to Brian K. Hinton, $220,000.

Wyncotte Lane, 35-Reo Corp. to Christopher Eradat, $194,000.

The Freddie Gray case

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