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These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3305-Catherine Y. Guiader to Daniel Glen Somes, $360,000.

Beach Village Ct., 2131-P. Jackson and Virginia I. Bell to Brian and Kristin Conklin, $485,000.

Blackwalnut Dr., 3227-Paul L. Brookman and Brenda Mae Brown to Ryan M. and Laura P. Barry, $410,000.

Cedar Lane, 310-Christopher J. and Kimberly A. Maiello to Charlie J. Meier, $331,000.

Claibourne Ct., 2674-Carol Brantley to Kenneth R. Gill, $1.2 million.

Decatur Ave., 28-Madalene B. Milano to Kathleen D. and Michael M. Jarboe, $505,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 532-Thelma W. Kimball to Douglas Taylor and Magdalena Marce Keel, $490,000.

Hilltop Ct., 1-Patrick M. Stranahan to William and Peggy Greenwell, $125,000.

Janwall St., 130-Francisco Gonzalez Chavarria to Santos B. Serrano and Delmy R. Abrego, $175,000.

Lee Cir., 533-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Anthony J. and Anja Bonacci, $1.04 million.

Mainsail Dr., 1140-James D. and Joan K. Philpott to Catherine Guiader and Christopher Brady, $558,500.

Part of Windsor Ave., 22-Basheer Edgemoor Lonegan Corp. to Mary M. Van Den Berg, $438,000.

Sandstone Ct., 40, No. F-Daniel Francis Jayjock to Stephen V. and Paige A. Morrison, $165,000.

Silverwood Cir., 20, No. 6-Kenneth L. Hatch to James M. Morrissey Sr., $140,000.


Astern Way, 930-Clarice M. Lane and Marilyn McKenney to James L. Henry, $210,000.

Catlyn Pl., 1417-Deborah L. Love to Daniel T. and Sarah H. Russell, $358,000.

Compass Dr., 2640-Walzer Brothers Investment Group to Brenda M. Brookman and Brenda Mae Brown, $228,500.

Coxswain Way, 823-McLean Family Trust to Dorothy D. Ciuffreda, $374,900.

Dellwood Ct., 307-Dorothy D. and Dominic Ciuffreda to Jacobo Sirota, $1.55 million.

Glen Cove, 2574, No. 77-Alice A. Burdett to Mary Beth O. Jones, $400,000.

Harbour Heights Dr., 34-John B. and Kelsey Pope Gowin to Matthew M. and Kandy L. Quint, $290,000.

Howards Loop, 762-Charles Holmes and Meghan McGuire to David M. Rouse, $349,900.

Mansion Ridge Rd., 1708-Marc G. Schwartz to Jason K. and Rebecca A. Spitz, $686,000.

Monticello Ave., 111-Barbara O. Bruckmann to Jeffrey C. and Teresa Rinehart, $924,000.

Peggy Stewart Way, 2006, No. 207-Robert Iacobacci to Lynnet A. Reiner and Richard K. Reiner, $215,000.

Rosemary St., 10-Rosemary Street Corp. to Laura Voss and Kevin Grant Smith, $409,900.

Shadewater Way, 970-David W. Larson to William and Barbara Icenhower, $510,000.

Southwood Ave. S., 192-Market Pro South Inc. to WFC Flagship Corp., $450,000.

Thompson St., 19-Lawrence and Stephanie S. Jacobs to Sean M. and Lynn Looney, $910,000.

Wardour Dr., 15-Philip Rosenberg to Patrick J. Downing, $925,000.


Broadwater Rd., 435-Lee Cock and Jessica Oglesby to James W. and Heather L. Smith, $300,000.

College Manor Dr., 293-Karen B. Conway to Terry Thomas and Katelyn Elizabeth George, $370,000.

Doncaster Rd., 186-Roderick Julian and Jane D. Mikolajewski to Lori Christine and Matthew Wayne Cunningham, $519,000.

Harbor Glen Ct., 1249-L. Alderman and Candice Laureen Warnock to Larry L. Johnson Jr., Kathleen D. Johnson and Johnson Living Trust, $855,000.

Quaker Ridge Dr., 1232-Ryan J. Schear and Amy M. Bowers to Stephen C. Wyble, $230,000.

Spoon Ct., 726-Seth W. and Meghan H. Davis to Lisa M. Manzi, $330,000.

Yale Ct., 276-Ronald C. Marttila to Thomas J. and Rosemary Quast, $389,000.


Grape Vine Loop, 795-NVR Inc. to Seretta Stephens, $257,490.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5235-Four Counsins Corp. to Michelle M. Ferrell, $1,000.


Bayview Vis., 1182-Anne M. Gould to Roar Lien and Noorie C. Patel, $320,000.

Chesapeake Rd., 2027-U.S. Bank National Association to Piin Duann Hsieh, $821,000.

Deep Creek Vw., 510-NVR Inc. to Madeleine Bowden, $411,265.

Deep Creek Vw., 553-NVR Inc. to Thomas W. and Deesirei R. Millea, $465,685.

Homewood Rd., 2038-Jerome I. Feldman and Alan W. Bernstein to Crab Shack Corp., $3.25 million.

Ridout Rd., 1630-Bonnie N. Watlington to Ginger and Mitchell Guthrie, $618,000.


Airy Hill Ct., 1601-Lisa J. and Richard E. Pierson to Julie M. Harvey, $130,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1719-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen Reuter and Amanda Watts, $170,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 2405-Joseph M. and Cheryl M. Riehl to Christopher M. and Jodi R. Kollias, $575,000.

Knights Bridge Turn, 1430-Mark D. Lizzi to Donna J. Candido and Carole Candido, $382,500.

Lowell Ct., 1506, No. 22-Reggie M. Mitchell to Terry L. Wilton, $170,000.


Claire Rd., 1180-Jerry Merkel and Joann Helene Marie Lundstrom Merkel to Andrew D. and Denise Slazinik, $325,000.

Paul Birch Dr., 784-Cynthia A. Madsen to Eric M. and Jaclyn K. Fiterman, $440,000.

Tudor Dr., 1002-Thomas A. and Sherry L. Page to Jonathan D. Julian and Alicia L. Ruan, $350,000.


Waterview Dr., 7904-Estill Properties Corp. to Frank and Tammi Sojack, $250,000.


Lake Dr. S., 2909-Thomas E. Hoyes and Mary Arnold to Michele M. Caputo, $630,000.


Deale Beach Rd., 5829-Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Ashley Hangliter and Vicki Ann Weaver, $270,000.

Masons Beach Rd., 753-Kevin M. and Michelle Baker to Christopher D. and Rebecca A. Overly, $499,999.


Chesapeake Dr., 1638-Heidi Nicole Dittes to Oliver R. Rubio, $210,000.

Mulberry Ct., 110-HSBS Bank USA to Christopher Underwood, $365,299.

Olive St., 1409-Digiulian Family Trust and Leonard Charles Digiulian to Douglas G. and Catherine Stuart, $150,000.

Shady Side Dr., 1715-Megan Dombi and Scott Leis to Kaitlyn N. Tress and Alexander Vahsen, $273,000.


Burns Crossing Rd., 531-Jim Obendorfer to Spencer W. Boyer Sr., $152,500.

Highland Farms Cir., 630-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Larry and Lori Simmons, $432,090.

Snow Hill Lane, 1087-Daniel E. and Catherine A. Monk to Lindsay D. Vitielliss, $293,000.


Archwood Ave., 49-Norman I. and Nancy J. Beard to Erin M. Dyke and Donna J. Gray, $235,000.

Braden Loop, 1476-NVR Inc. to Paulette B. McCree, $305,150.

Elizabeth Rd., 508-Loretta M. Kehoke to Benjamin A. and Ekaterina S. Smith, $206,000.

Griffith Rd., 717-Joseph K. Haislip Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $125,217.

Juneberry Way, 300, No. 300-1A-Viviana E. Bolton to SASR Holdings Corp., $80,000.

Manor Rd., 516-Naomi H. and John M. Morgan to SW6 Properties Corp., $124,000.

Norfolk Rd., 1826-Jose R. Benitez and Jesus Bonilla to Triple L Construction Corp., $133,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7565-Annapolis Baltimore Renovations Corp. to Mark C. Findley, $239,900.

Pine Terr., 423-Emilio J. and Rose Martinez to Royce C. and Samantha J. Marsingil, $235,000.

Twin Ridge Dr., 7854-Michelle Toth and estate of Dorothy R. Stull to Antonio Garcia Castaneda and Guadalupe Garcia, $235,000.

Winton Ave., 500-Michelle G. Huynh to Russell M. Curtis and Elise J. Alkire, $267,000.


Alview Terr., 134-Ronald J. and J. Bedingfield to Datwon L. Paris and Maureen D. McKinney, $145,000.

Binsted Rd., 623-Maryland Home Partners Corp. to Katie M. Hupka and Jeremy G. Getty, $199,900.

Fable Ct., 6502-Chris Davis to Kenneth Hart, $182,000.

High Oak Rd., 8053-Matthew W. and Lori C. Cunningham to Rodney P. and Leila F. Doyel, $370,000.

Indigo Bunting Lane, 901-T.S. and James E. Dixon to Shondel J. Sealey, $317,000.

Kimono Ct., 6603-Daniel and Diana Speelman to Shireese R. Perez, $225,000.

McGuirk Dr., 217-Clara M. Montgomery to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $179,211.

Point Pleasant Rd., 972-June E. Darby to James F. Jacobs Jr., $265,000.

Stone Haven Dr., 8039-Albert K. and Sherry V. Ord to Baltimore Home Alliance Corp., $149,500.

Timbercross Lane, 7614-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Thomas S. Senft, $354,990.

Warfield St., 6837-Michael and Erin Schlein to Aaron T. Foltz, $218,000.

Third Ave., 7624-West Street Investments Corp. to Michael J. Maurer and Tim L. Butrim, $272,450.


Amber Crest Rd., 2708-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Maurice D. Brodie, $374,990.

Amber Crest Rd., 2714-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Fernando Sepulveda and Sandra Milena Cadavid, $369,990.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7260-NVR Inc. to Sherry Graff, $336,773.

Ironwood Lane, 1008-Richmond American Homes to Bradley and Kerry N. Crocker, $346,438.

Mount Blanc Rd., 7721-Paul L. Morrissette to Christopher T. King and Rebecca A. French, $282,450.


Brock Bridge Rd., 305-Richard S. and Sharon D. Cropp to Thu and Dung Thi Tran, $254,900.

Forest Haven Dr., 3521-Rico Paul A. Tabligan and A.A. Teodoro to Milton L. Grimsley, $380,000.

Park Hall S., 309-Raymond F. Moore to Andrew Lamb, $255,000.

Water Lily Way, 8306-Eric Pettaway to Dan C. Nguyen, $232,000.

Woodfern Ct., 3520-Nancy L. and Samuel D. Shiplett to Kevin L. and Erica M. Chaffin, $420,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 6868-Donna E. Dupuis and Daniel E. Sakowski to Transito Galvez Guillen, $175,000.

Furnace Rd., 1319-George Goucher to Anton A. Kostadinov, $332,600.

Koch Rd., 506-Willis L. and M.O. Petersen to Albert and Thomarikka H. Young, $253,000.


Old Solomons Island Rd., 95-Terry L. and Shelia D. Pott to Anthony A. Kime and Claudia C. Brown, $440,000.


Brookwood Rd., 8338-Lenora Coble and the estate of Gilbert D. Hensel to Robert Thomas and Cindylou Ann Barrett, $120,000.

Donner Way, 538-Brightview Development Corp. to Joseph Neglia, Peggy Neglia and the Neglia Family Trust, $570,252.

Nathan Way, 242-David B. and Michelle L. McAllister to Kondaur Capital Corp., $176,000.

Sunnyview Dr., 8306-Richard H. and Melissa Rae Glover to Badr Elghnimi and Chika Watarai, $360,000.


Bay Front Ave., 1085-Andrew W. and Elaine S. Julian to James T. Lisowski and Nora Barrett, $260,000.


Colony Ridge Rd., 1104-Earl G. and Karla A. Brown to Kyle Carroll Johnson, $205,000.

Forest Edge Ct., 2403, No. 301A-Joyce Ann and Patrick J. Wilson to Brian Gray, $192,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 711-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate Inc. to Steven Kaltenbaugh, $280,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 687-Jeffrey K. Leach to Robert and Madge Bowen, $164,000.

Milk Glass Ct., 7643-Kaine Homes Inc. to Mona Hall, $424,978.

Peach Leaf Ct., 490-Bhojmarine and Bhogkumarie Rambharat to Stacy L. Marsingil and Salman Shafaatullah, $417,000.

Seneca Dr., 788-Avni C. and Bengu Ucal to Dieter and Tierra Montgomery, $600,000.


Sudley Rd., 4905-U.S. Bank National Association and Wells Fargo Bank to Derek Platt, $315,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 3919-Robert J. McLaughlin Jr. to Hugh A. and Aja Hayes Clark, $72,000.

Beaver Brook Ct., 2959-Paul B. and Beverly J. Lesher to Mark A. and Brittany Medina, $315,945.

Carnoustie Dr., 1623-Buenaventura Hizon and Nicole Lynn Macapagal to Nicholas B. and Brandi L. Miller, $550,000.

Cutler Harbour, 1001-Christine M. Deangelo to Lynda K. Nichols, $256,500.

Dunlap Rd., 145-All Star Investments Corp. to Stacey Ann Simpson, $195,000.

Golden Fleece Dr., 2935-Michael J. Mills and Sophia Manos to Jerry and Lori Gerler, $315,000.

Hickory Nut Ct., 389-Bethanny Denbow to Ashley Engles, $180,250.

Lake Dr., 2116-Patricia A. and Bradley D. Gould to Alexandrino Gariddo and Silvana Pagano Dias, $340,000.

Main Ave., 8555-John E. and Virginia M. Parks to Charles E. Paradis, $249,900.

Melville Rd., 19-Greg Anthony Hall to Nelson Jason Izuierdo, $195,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 342-Deutsche Bank Co. and Wells Fargo Bank to Michael A. Patterson, $255,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7679-Greenway Restorations Corp. to Bonnie L. Thomas, $259,900.

Sagamore Ct., 2811-Gary L. and Michelle L. Trakas to Jason Aubrey Evans, $400,000.

Sherman Bouyer Lane, 319-Wells Fargo Bank to Merianne M. Da Rosa and David V. Oaks, $332,500.

Tower Bridge Dr., 7986-U.S. Bank National Association and Wells Fargo Bank to Nicholas A. Cantalupo, $50,500.

Wendover Rd., 247-Devon P. Reardon to Kara Savory, $227,000.

12th St., 243-Donald F. Howard Jr. to Robert L. and Kathleen Marie Ritter, $220,000.


Calm Stream Bend, 8308-Ryland Group Inc. to Cato S. and K. Jackson, $562,774.

Champlain Dr., 1903-Daniel C. Thrift and Kelly T. Bugg to Mark Christopher Switzer, $339,000.

Crossbay Dr., 7851-Thomas Lee to William Abbott Heine and Brittany Amber Pawling, $380,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7932-Arvin P. and Linda G. Gamble to Taiwan J. and Koleeda Dowd, $403,000.

Reece Rd., 925-Anthony L. Panzarella to Stonepointe Development Corp., $295,000.

Yearling Ct., 610-Laverne D. Meier and Kimberly Gavigan to Susan C. Griffin, $380,000.


Bethian Trail, 404-Edward E. and Sandra L. Buxton to Robert G. Estes and Tara Karin Lanagan, $570,000.

Clarence Ave., 113-Jeffery Allen and Elizabeth R. Wood to John D. and Michelle A. Zachary, $486,000.

Erin Garth, 492-Jason Paul and Diane Barnett Mallare to Jason G. and Renee L. Frandson, $432,000.

Karp Ct., 502-Gwendolyn Edwards and Carlos Garcia to Jason Paul and Diane Barnett Mallare, $450,000.

Marba Rd., 352-Steven D. Paskal and M. Kathryn Schafer to Raymond C. and Gail H. Gretz, $520,000.

Old Pasture Lane, 504-Richard J. and Nancy Beard Scholle to Michael and Barbara A. Schaechtel, $490,000.

Scherer Lane, 329-NVR Inc. to Gilbert David Dean II, $751,885.

Valley Stream Rd., 351-Compass Properties Corp. to Jason Michael and Christina Elizabeth Sakowski, $790,000.


Jordan Dr., 1345-U.S. Bank to Victor C. Smith, $185,000.

Oak Ave., 1203-Brian J. and Nicole L. Aikin to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $379,336.


Deale Rd., 153-Bernard M. and Joyce A. Long to F. Peake Jr., $380,000.

Howard County

Century Dr., 10133-Noel R. and Cynthia V. Hall to Manoj Kurian Mathew, $500,000.

Cromwell Ct., 10327-Laurance W. Mathe and Dale A. Mathe to Joshua Z. and Liana Rosenthal, $736,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4700, No. 102-Francis and Marylee Grosso to Julian C. Defronzo, $180,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 5006, No. C3-Christa L. Spalding and Dennis Stackewicz to Nicole M. and Lawrence R. Powers, $173,000.

Fawnwood Dr., 3038-Justin R. and Heather Hollon to Jamie L. and Jenise E. Dunn, $462,500.

Furrow Ct., 9343-Ronald E. and Mary P. Knuuti to Stephen P. and Segyung Yaeger, $435,000.

Jonathan Rd., 2513-Paul A. and Diane L. Luhman to Douglas J. and Lisa Schwartz, $425,000.

Kinsale Ct., 11216-John F. and Nina A. McDonough to Rosemarie C. Bell, $540,000.

McKenzie Rd., 2383-National Residential Nominee Services to Joseph Michael Greenseid and Jessica Elise Hafkin, $635,000.

Mount Albert Rd., 12158-Peter Myers and Mary Kate Ferguson to D.Y. Belete and Tzeghereda Tekie, $650,000.

Plum Spring Lane, 3766-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Ali and Gassel Sadeghi, $550,000.

Rams Horn Row, 4702-Gabriel L. and Helen B. Stix to Lee Ann Ayers, $333,000.

Timber Trails Ct., 2934-Cartus Corp. to Erik J. and Sara L. Lipton, $651,000.

View Top Rd., 3981-Thao Pham and Quoc Le to Gauri J. and Victor B. Turner, $640,000.


Chapel Woods Ct., 11812-National Transfer Services Corp. to Darrin Scott and Renee Nicole Crisitello, $785,000.

Old Hopkins Rd., 11211-Lawrence B. Knight III to Lawrence Alan Corp. and Susan Rodberg Corp., $650,000.


Barchink Pl., 6489-Ryan T. and Jennifer B. Stevens to Matthew S. Kilroy, $317,500.

Burnt Mountain Path, 6308-Candace Martin and Penelope Sarah Martin to Loc Nguyen and Jennie Dang, $490,000.

Flamepool Way, 9055-Charles Patrick and Marilyn Gallagher to Brenda J. Fischel and Michael A. Gross, $269,270.

Hickory Log Cir., 7494-Thomas H. Wallace to Carmen Rivas and Michael H. Scotton, $254,950.

Lasting Light Way, 7206-Alex L. Richardson to John A. Rose and Jill G. Babchak, $280,000.

Majors Lane, 6093, No. 5-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sun Ja Sim, $69,900.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5677-Kimberly A. Sheibley to Thomas Michael and Natalija Lobova Malinky, $285,000.

Sweet Clover, 7394-Cynthia J. Wojick to Ninfa R. Rodriguez, $250,000.

Weatherside Run, 5429-Beth Steele to David Lunt and Joanne Alme, $347,500.

Wood Staff Way, 8506-Vijay K. and Anila K. Joshi to Roco and Naziha Baba Catanzarite, $420,000.


Avalanche Way, 11221, No. A-Keisha D. Shepherd to Barbara Stanley, $187,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6142-Edward J. and Lauren L. Stoesser to Grischa J. Metlay and Lindsay A. Decker, $297,000.

Fortnight Ct., 6609-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. and Selene Finance Partnership to Daulat and Tabassum Husain, $230,000.

High Beam Ct., 10691-Aaron B. Stills to Timothy D. and Deborah L. Quigg, $292,500.

Lone Tree Ct., 11726-Brian and Susanne B. Dougherty to Edward A. Gamble, $284,000.

Oven Bird Green, 5138-Robert D. Luchi to John and Carolyn E. Koenig, $306,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11732-Deutsche Bank Co. to Six Point One Corp., $246,500.

Trotter Ridge Ct., 6105-Susan M. Damschroder to Robert E. and Elizabeth H. Keller, $775,000.

Wood Elves Way, 11032-James P. and Sarah M. Wynn to Huifen Li, $365,000.


Green Bridge Rd., 5131-James E. Whitman Jr. Revocable Trust. and Esther M. Revocable Trust to Dawn and James Christopher McAndrew, $640,000.


Autumn Spell, 5941-Richard R. and Julie A. Radzville to Tyler John and Mary Johanna Glander, $335,000.

Blue Stream Dr., 7834-U.S. Home Corp. to Bolanle F. Adeyemi, $287,442.

Dorsey Rd., 6940-Sue L. Fackler and Donna M. Benzing to Beth Ann Leitner, $282,150.

Golden Fern Ct., 7325-Edna May and James Joseph Amerault to Dorsey Family Homes Inc., $565,000.

Hearthside Way, 7505-NVR Inc. to Sarah Hunt, $303,715.

Huntshire Dr., 6694-Susan B. Arnold to Bradley J. Hart, $345,000.

Maplecrest Rd., 7305, No. 201-L.H. Deffinbaugh to Lloyd H. and Kathleen H. Carpenter, $275,000.

Race Rd., 5737-Roger Mundell and estate of Roseta Yancy to Joseph B. Penkusky Jr., $190,000.

Troy Ct., 6308-Leann Dykstra to Jessica L. Nemeth, $323,300.


Brightwood Ct., 8027-Stefanie L. Palmenteri and Ronald Scott Healey to Yingxia Chen, $300,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8559-William Foreman III and Eileen Dubrov to Holly L. Clark, $190,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8607, No. B-Carla J. James to Alex Z. Sabra, $200,000.

Heatherside Lane, 7721-Jambhala Investments Corp. to Sarah F. Kozik, $325,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4846-Lincoln Coore and Krista Isaacs to Gyung Ho Song, $380,000.

Lois Lane, 5801-Ba Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to J. Garcia and Vicky Bernal, $474,421.

Manahan Dr., 8766-Michael G. and Johanna M. Coughlin to Abhijit S. Walvekar and Aarti V. Rane, $336,100.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8393-R.W. Higginbottom to Lighttree Investments, $175,000.

Sonia Trail, 3341-Adam R. Micedi to Chang Hyun Paik, Sul Ja Paik, Juliana Kwak and Thomas C. Baek, $340,000.

Talbots Landing, 5167-NVR Inc. to Gopalakrishna and Harika Kesineni, $553,420.


Chase St., 11214-1, No. 7A-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Hundal Jung and Yoonjung Kim, $367,831.

Chase St., 11244, No. 2-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Barbara Denno, $501,655.

Chase St., 11254, No. 2-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Timothy M. Heidenberg, $494,144.

Morris St., 7571-NVR Inc. to Michelle K. Butler, $468,130.

Trappe St., 7317-NVR Inc. to Patricia A. Hnat, $555,325.


Michele Dr., 14862-NVR Inc. to Xiancheng Yang and Ping Yin, $707,365.


Glenwood Springs Dr., 2819-Timothy S. and Mary Patricia Wineman to Eric M. Aldrich, $800,000.


Julie Ann Dr., 6464-Patapsco Builders Corp. to Michael D. Mowles and Stephanie A.L. Mowles, $439,900.


Briaridge Ct., 13734-John E. Burk Sr. and the Burk Family Revocable Trust to Alexander L. Garnew and Kotoe Ito, $405,000.

Mink Hollow Rd., 6751-Christopher L. and Gretchen Ostrom to Matthew and Dianalee McKnight, $485,000.


Cape Ann Dr., 10154-William E. and Mary Ann Laing to Christopher R. and Mihaela P. Jason, $420,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9060, No. 202-Connie Chang to Erin S. Reiswerg, $201,317.

Pirates Cove, 9242-Mark L. and Amy L. Haflett to K.J. Hylton and Nishan D. Mahesh, $249,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7416-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mohammad Jawad and Mariam Vohra, $240,000.

Solar Walk, 7209-John E. and Marcelia S. Cochran to Philip A. Maddox and Jennifer M. Yee, $339,000.

Wesleigh Dr., 10121-Don M. Wolfe to Judith E. and Sherwood D. Pangborn, $298,000.


Adam David Way, 2334-NVR Inc. to Nicholas and Christine Zichello, $408,810.

Marriottsville Rd., 1205-Lori A. and Randy L. Robinette to House Buyers of America Inc., $260,000.


Woodward St., 8146-Lisa R. Panergo Ladines and Joselito G. Ladines to Max Jones and Brittany Hart, $265,000.


Boundless Shade Terr., 9615-Yongku Kwon and Joohee Kim to Hitesh Dalsania, Sanjay M. Patel and Mital S. Patel, $600,000.

Cross Timbers Ct., 9324-Hilda G. Lewis to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $230,000.

Gorman Rd., 10477-Jerome F. McClellan and estate of John E. McClellan Jr. to Regina A. and David J. Parks, $418,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8430-Ice Crystal Corp. to NVR Inc., $935,000.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9714-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Felecia C. Murphy, $419,990.

Peachtree Lane, 8711-HB Development Inc. and Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Joseph Mathews and Sunitha Joseph, $702,695.

Pinenut Ct., 9225-Michele L. Eureste to Dooly Homes Corp., $160,000.

Shaded Day, 9842-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Madan and Prabhawati Dubey, $635,002.

Sunbeam Pl., 8614-Charles H. Kramer Jr. to Ming Li and Li Oing Hong, $665,000.


Meadow Trail Lane, 2319-McKendree View Corp. and Viking Development Corp. to Jonathan O. and Juliet Keating, $265,000.


Duvall Rd., 2350-Nathan A. and Deborah Ann Gunn to Vincent J. and Laura E. Defrancesco, $460,000.

Woodbine Rd., 1990-Gene Wayne Mullinix to the Molore Farm Corp., $750,000.


Folkestone Way, 10791-Alan D. and Susan Hollenberg to Sparky 1 Corp., $515,000.

The Freddie Gray case

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