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Prince William County

Bathgate Way, 13021-Federal National Mortgage Association to Farmingdale Ventures Corp., $279,000.

Benton Lake Rd., 11884-Bernard C. Lang to Jason M. Sack, $300,000.

Coronation Lane, 8485-Arthur J. Teasley Jr. to David J. Teasley, $245,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12161-Marisa Aiello to Nicholas M. Paciejewski, $295,000.

Gentle Shade Dr., 12870-Jared I. Rutz to John J. Argonis, $422,000.

Huddersfield Way, 8653-Saidul M. Islam to Wei Tian, $337,500.

Kennoway Ct., 9711-Justin M. Hale to Colin D. York, $295,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11835-Ryland Group Inc. to Samuel Negron and Millie Ramirez Carpio, $352,254.

Loma Dr., 9511-Robert Lacson to Ryan Wallace, $350,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9061-Scott Sifton to Christopher M. Raley, $320,000.

Sapphire Ridge Pl., 13244-Vincent J. Rapone to Mark E. Menacker, $486,000.

Tenbury Ct., 8890-Timothy H. Surabian to Aaron M. Deyerle, $449,000.

Wishing Well Way, 12857-Leslie Lacy to Ian Monteith, $284,000.


Anderson Ct., 14816-Eileen R. Geigar and Candice E. McCoy to Justiniano Solorzano, $198,500.

Bowes Lane, 2870-Federal National Mortgage Association to Devainder Mathur, $174,000.

Burbank Lane, 3214-Mary H. Daniels to Platinum Investments Corp., $136,000.

Catbrier Ct., 15062-Eric Johnson to Seyed A. Seyedzare, $160,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15198-Glenda P. Raichlen to Kenneth Hudson, $97,404.

Darbydale Ave., 14751-Venus Properties Corp. to Sergio Fajardo, $265,000.

Edgewater Dr., 14716-Federal National Mortgage Association to Fu Mei Zhang and Thomas Huynh, $200,000.

Endsley Turn, 14613-Mac Properties Corp. to Mariela Ivanova, $145,000.

Fairview Lane, 14316-Venus Properties Corp. to Robert B. Quillen, $235,000.

Findley Rd., 3805-Jeremiah M. Hogan to Harold G. Bean, $280,000.

Hawksbill Ct., 15100-Muhammad Jamil and Aamir Aqeel to Farhan A. Syed and Mohammad I. Hafeez, $410,000.

Kenwood Dr., 4320-Sergio Montes to Matthew S. Keaton, $255,000.

Knoll Dr., 4509-Sadia S. Rizvi to Yahia Fayed, $247,500.

Lynhurst Dr., 13722-Matthew C. White to Mario B. Molina, $224,000.

Maverick Ct., 14109-Luke D. Huffman to Dennis T. White Sr., $195,000.

Neabsco Overlook, 14997-Derek O. Scarbrough to Simon L. Bowes Jr., $370,000.

Orangewood Dr., 13288-Oliver Carlin to Yvette M. Powell, $308,000.

Quate Lane, 13424-Thomas Mill Corp. to Nathaniel I.C. Hogan IV and Jennifer L. Macri, $455,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5694-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Jeffrey D. Hunter, $265,000.

Spriggs Meadow Dr., 5554-Ryland Group Inc. to Nicholas J. Loburk, $478,604.

Wertz Dr., 3860-MBI Associates Corp. to Christopher Moore, $394,000.


Antrim Cir., 3066-Jetur L. Conway to Haf Real Estate I Corp., $151,000.

Canton Ct., 3342-TW Real Estate Group Corp. to Likainvest Corp., $172,000.

Fort Donelson Ct., 2149-Robin S. Ferguson and Melvina B. Thornton to Federal National Mortgage Association, $100,372.

Linton Ct., 18244-Michelle Lopez and Federico A. Iriarte to Alfredo E. Galindo and Selvin S. Vargas, $205,000.

Sigel Ct., 3021-Viviana Gonzalez and Luis F. Gallego to Maxim Taraban and Irina Kozina, $120,000.

Toms River Loop, 16911-Department of Veterans Affairs to Gayle W. Pong, $209,900.

Wexford Loop, 17280-Collette Pirkle to Daoud M. Meerzaman, $210,000.


Arrowleaf Turn, 8280-Michael A. Kilcoyne to Saidul Islam and Wasika Nipa, $651,000.

Bitterroot Ct., 6921-Frank J. Cabaddu Jr. to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $475,000.

Cannondale Way, 14176-NVR Inc. to Omar Mills, $275,659.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B306-Edgar M. Miner to Federal National Mortgage Association, $203,290.

Crescent Park Dr., 8031-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $242,161.

Fenestra Pl., 8918-Drees Co. to Dennis A. Connaughton, $599,605.

Hamelin Lane, 7675-NVR Inc. to Gregory P. Seibert, $431,541.

Kamehameha Pl., 8002-Jeffrey A. Kerschner to John Ennis Jr., $434,900.

Lee Carter Rd., 15916-Miller and Smith at Madison Crescent to Jamie L. Perry, $496,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15948-Miller and Smith at Madison Crescent to Francis M. Shu, $438,100.

Morgan Island Way, 7110-Frank Veal to Wilson B. Caspari IV, $365,000.

Open Valley Way, 13521-Gloria Goultrey to Irene Laheney, $400,000.

Santander Dr., 15112-DR Horton Inc. to Michael R. Neff, $454,485.

Shelford Way, 14604-Piedmont South Corp. to Jamshid Sharifi, $251,018.

Sunday Silence Ct., 6941-Wayne Bailey to Ronny E. Graham, $485,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 7016-Wilmoth F. Mack to Ann Marie Durant, $280,000.


Alexandras Keep Lane, 14715-DR Horton Inc. to Ron Edward C. Espedido, $333,990.

Aster Haven Cir., 6251-Keith Ruppel to Sang Hyen Park and Ki Taek Lim, $236,000.

Caribbean Ct., 5724-Laura S. Hoffman to Joseph Blethen and Chrow Perot, $452,000.

Cullen Pl., 6350-Marvin L. Gillette to Jared A. Moine, $320,000.

Glass Mountain Way, 4664-Dominion Country Club Inc. to Dave Calderon, $583,445.

Jacobs Creek Pl., 5297-Sun Yon Bahk to Edward Soto, $540,000.

Kernstown Ct., 5312-Jiyeon Kim to David Kim, $445,100.

Mountain Rd., 3514-William B. Hooker Jr. to Mountain Road Investments Corp., $640,000.

Peyton Chapel Dr., 5112-Donna M. Fredrickson to Robert A. Kayajian, $451,633.

Popes Creek Pl., 6013-Kevin P. Ege to Michael J. Romero and Maryann Acosta, $322,000.

Slippery Rock Rd., 6026-Samuel A. Faulkner to Kevven R. Kijak, $339,000.

Strayer Lane, 14802-Ryan Ardigo to Moon Hwan Kim, $345,000.

Woodruff Springs Way, 6264-Russell P. Keaveny to Kwangsoo So and Aekyung S. Kim, $268,999.


Aragon Ct., 10374-Richard L. Ferrin to Sajid Khan, $439,900.

Berry Orchard Ct., 10634-Beazer Homes Corp. to Loree Coulter, $454,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 13450-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Marcel B. Power, $475,000.

Community Dr., 7958-Charles Wilson Jr. and Ahmad Kangarloo to Margarita Zarate, $165,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 5709-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bradford Nixon, $400,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7554-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Michelle Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $256,530.

Falling Creek Dr., 11996-Richard Aquilina II and Suzanne M. Prokopchuk to Kyle G. Kimbell and Deanna L. Mueller, $284,900.

Glen Forest Ct., 12846-Ryland Group Inc. to John C. Moore, $494,928.

Inspiration Point Pl., 11007-Hisham R. El-Hamayel to David Dupree, $499,000.

Laurel Highlands Pl., 9184-Ricardo S. Rocha Jr. and Bridget T. Carper to John Howard, $450,000.

Lomond Dr., 10019-Fifth Third Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $292,436.

Minor Hill Rd., 7924-Kimberly J. Duplechain to Federal National Mortgage Association, $227,863.

Mountwood Dr., 9565-Ravi Gandavarapu to John P. Farrell, $390,000.

Omega Lane, 6073-Stone Financing Corp. to Tonya Cox, $334,900.

Primrose Ct., 10790-Edward S. Raisor to Daniel M. Teddla, $175,000.

Rapidan Lane, 10422-Rosario Ruiz to Coskun K. Andolsun, $130,000.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7821-Lourdes L. Bravo and Alicia J. Ruiz to Christian A. Portillo, $250,000.

Scotland Loop, 8365-Neighborhoods VI Corp. to Eric Crouchman, $239,990.

Spruance Ct., 8213-David R. Orellana and Zulma Y.M. Garcia to Kim A. Tran, $285,400.

Teakwood Ct., 8863-Brajesh Pokhrel to Angelica Martinez and Mirna M. Vanegas Sandoval, $180,000.

Vernon St., 8266-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Madecadel Hernandez Borja and Bilda M. Hernandez, $234,900.

Woodbine Rd., 13209-Michael A. Guerra to Nancy Lattimer, $269,900.


Bear Creek Dr., 10366-Gerald B. Marshburn to Richard K. Constantian Jr., $625,000.

Manassas Forge Dr., 9728-John Woodruff to Curtis S. McMillan, $385,000.

Old Centreville Rd., 8001-Nora Cartagena to Roberto C. Alvarado, $200,000.

Stuart Ct., 7616-Oscar F. Balarezo to Shuang Wang and Weixing Pan, $125,000.


Barrington Pl., 15513-William A. Erie to Jefferson L. Dubinok, $406,500.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16100-Luis Yona to Thomas A. Akin, $335,000.

Detrick Trail, 3732-Karl E. Tool to Frederick J. Steinbrink, $424,500.

Golf Club Dr., 15492-Joseph L. Hornacky to James R. Edens Jr., $310,000.

Inlet Pl., 15340-Paul O. Okvadido to Luke N. Petersen, $219,900.

Taconic Cir., 16088-PNC Bank to Jae Hun Lee, $178,000.


Aqua View Ct., 10228-David B. Gonzales to Ronald Jones, $385,000.

Leeta Cornus Lane, 9603-PMC Reo Financing Trust to Christopher Wood, $269,900.


Fortress Way, 432-Steven A. Robinson to VolmanFamily Corp. and Entrust Group Inc., $259,000.


Bothwell Ct., 19304-John R. Giles to Robert L. Eskridge, $429,900.

Nob Hill Dr., 18321-Julie Schaekel to Dawn K. Coker, $224,900.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4312-Ivy Meadows Corp. to Nickcora D. Reed, $244,900.

Wharf Lane, 3668-Naghman Rashid to Haf Real Estate I Corp., $150,000.


Aiden Dr., 1413-Brian Smith to EA Custom Tile Inc., $180,000.

American Eagle Blvd., 3071-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Sarabjit Kaur, $504,250.

Armstead St., 13324-Bruce Lee to Jaye H. Anger, $263,000.

Bacon Race Rd., 11039-Talib Waheed to Nam Nguyen and Hoa Au, $720,000.

Baxter St., 13321-D. Helen White to Freddy Claros, $240,000.

Belfry Lane, 3465-Tina A. Beckler to DRM Investment Corp., $173,500.

Botts Ave., 13824-Victoria Jung to Edmundo Ortiz, $240,000.

California St., 1487-Alexander Henderson to Nirandone Vannarath, $260,000.

Cedar Cove Way, 1821, No. 8-3A-Recontrust Co. and Alg Trustee Corp. to Azam M. and Anwar M. Khan, $182,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2831-Yvette R. McKenzie to Felicia R. Johnson, $260,000.

Colonial Dr., 1541, No. 204-Behnam Shirvani to Mahdi A.F. Asar, $90,800.

Cricket Lane, 12597-Robert L. Hill to Jason L. Towne, $380,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12617-Carlos Mendez to Rahim and Ayesha Masood, $224,000.

Eden Lane, 12409-Christian M. Cupp to Hugh M. Moir, $276,000.

Ferry Landing Lane, 13366-Ronnie D. Lott to Brian C. Blue, $348,900.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2568-Frederick C. Schultz Jr. to Alan N. Steinberg, $160,000.

Garfield Pl., 13621, No. 2-302-Veronica A. Taylor to Edward Graves, $130,000.

Granada Way, 12298-Aaron R. Johnson to Denise Walker, $220,000.

Gunsmith Terr., 15312-Tara E. Bauman to Elias Danho, $148,500.

Heron Way, 1615-Hadia M. Abdelmageed to Mohammed Bouchentouf, $350,000.

Hylton Ave., 1637-Wells Fargo Bank to Duong O. Duong, $187,000.

Jato Ct., 1524-Kerry Hawkins to Kristen Furman, $344,200.

Kensington Park Dr., 15318-Beazer Homes Corp. to Honz R. J. Elliott, $349,990.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2253-Beazer Homes Corp. to Paul R. Cruz, $306,230.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2267-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jerome D. Dummars, $271,555.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2283-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kimberly Lewis, $261,005.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2293-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sohail Z. Cheema, $322,100.

Limoux Pl., 11805-Michael Clark to Louis A. Morell Jr., $306,000.

Lotte Dr., 12703, No. 7-103-Angela B. Crosby to Meherun Nahar, $103,900.

Mathews Dr., 14002-Manuel Rodriguez Hernandez and Silvia E. Sanchez to Marvin R. Porres, $150,000.

Michigan Rd., 15416-Potomac Relocation Services Inc. to Stephanie Hemmert and Walter Argandona, $255,000.

Mount High St., 1604-Thomas K. Mowbray to Frank W. Guest and Elizabeth D. Flores, $300,000.

Powder Horn Terr., 1787-David A. Smith to Andrew Barber, $200,000.

Redbud Ct., 1344-David J. Herrera to Michael S. Smith, $465,000.

Seminole Rd., 3013-Reginald D. Washington to Said Hadrane, $252,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3620, No. 9-202-Peggy L. Brown to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $268,121.

Sweet Gum Ct., 2843-Stephen Moore to Matthew S. Byrne, $446,000.

Tolson Pl., 11600-Aaron P. Jones to Luis C. Pires, $299,900.

Turnbuckle Lane, 2242-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Timothy J. Hoke, $615,000.

Wadsworth Way, 12271-Joseph A. Burcham to Timothy M. Forrest, $153,000.

Yardley Lane, 13404-Mary K. Hensley and estate of Mohammad R. Sahami to Eunman Kim, $225,000.


Lafayette Blvd., 1817-Warner D. Sprow to Federal National Mortgage Association, $322,698.

Payne St., 1317-Jacqueline P. Henninger to James Otterman, $235,500.

Stafford Ave., 1615-Agm Properties Corp. to Glen R. Bulloss Jr., $259,900.


The following were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Battery Heights Blvd., 9555, No. 302-Justin M. Gantz to Richard J. Hill, $120,000.

Bonham Cir., 8993-Jason P. Sandiford to Mark A. Casolara, $185,000.

Byrd Dr., 9293-Stonewall Battle Properties Corp. to Hani G. Saab, $120,000.

Cheswick Ct., 10118-Philip J. Hanley Jr. to Robert R. Root, $318,000.

Falcon Point Way, 10366-Somawathie Saunders to Paul D. Claveloux, $410,000.

Georgian Ct., 8411-Alg Trustee Corp. and Mary L. Miller to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $117,000.

Liberty St., 9511-Estelle D. Moore to Commonwealth Building and Design Inc., $101,000.

Old Hickory Ct., 9036-SE Commercial Investments Corp. to Juan A. Henriquez, $210,000.

Racquet Cir., 10224-Federal National Mortgage Association to Stefanie A. Baker and Joseph A. Burgus, $306,295.

Sorrell Dr., 10409-Michael Chandler to Alan J. Steinmetz, $389,000.

Tarragon Ct., 8935-Anthony P. Showalter to Daniel F. Murphy, $322,000.

Washington Ave., 9409-Michael T. Hertz to James Van De Voorde, $360,000.

Witch Hazel Way, 9310-Erik Kersteter to Jing Liu, $187,000.

Manassas Park

Evans St., 122-Robert W. Taylor to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $162,000.

Inyo Pl., 8677, No. 21-Roy G. Fletcher to Mohammad Alkarmi, $85,500.

Kristy Dr., 9240-Beth H. Buckley to Hua Wu, $198,100.

Robin Lee Ct., 9403-Equity Trustees Corp. and Francisco M. Zevallos to Venus Properties Corp., $201,000.

Walden St., 105-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Victoria R. Gibson to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $257,260.

Stafford County

Aspen Hill Dr., 37-Gordon T. Burns to Barbara J. Barrett, $184,900.

Bell Rd., 109-Martha C. Harrington to Michael L. Mendelsohn, $325,000.

Blossom Lane, 204-Claudia Henderson to Jung Wook Chang, $244,900.

Brighton Way, 4-David M. and Denyel S. Kohl to Cornelia Murphy, $314,900.

Chesterbrook Ct., 109-Rodney Johnson to Kwasi Nyantakye, $220,000.

Chesterwood Lane, 80-Beria Knolls Development Corp. to Richmond American Homes of Virginia, $566,500.

Collingwood Dr., 400-Surety Trustees Corp. and Stephanie D. Cornett to Churchill Corp., $173,000.

Creekwood Lane, 3-Bank of New York Mellon to Spotswood Corp., $161,000.

Crossridge Ct., 501-Stephen K. Christenson Trust and Jean B. Thomas to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $146,000.

Dewey Dr., 2029-Mark A. Westerbeck to Lawson S. Adkins, $228,500.

Doug Ct., 6-Barbara W. Taylor to Enola G. Stevenson, $250,000.

Flewellen Dr., 11-All Star Investments Corp. to Chun H. Bae, $262,350.

Fox Run Lane, 10-Diane K. McFall to Katrina Elizabeth Anderson, $319,000.

Glacier Way, 93-Michael T. Dowling to FFC Properties Corp., $220,800.

Harrogate Rd., 702-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $235,585.

Holly Corner Rd., 197-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Grover Molina Vasquez, $173,500.

Hudson Rd., 94-Federal National Mortgage Association to Aaron N. Cabitto, $264,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 108-Christina Burtt to Rosemary C. Grant, $175,000.

Marshall Pl., 18-Rori Bond to Clay G. Murray, $199,000.

Misty Lane, 55-Joel Diaz Sarabia to Hadley Etienne, $320,000.

Nina Cv., 109-George P. and Chantal A. Bryant to Shawn T. Freeman, $345,000.

Ontell Ct., 6-Martha C. De La Cruz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $212,368.

Partridge Lane, 70-Equity Trustees Corp. and David Scott to FFC Properties Corp., $476,446.

Picadilly Lane, 102, No. 201-Norma J. and Sharon R. Synan to Larry E. and Patricia P. Herman, $100,000.

Queen Marys Lane, 60-HSBC Bank to Abraxas W. Patton, $300,000.

Ripley Rd., 8-Andrew Alan Storey II to Raphael T. Maldonado, $335,000.

Rover Ct., 302-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bryan R. Chattoo, $224,000.

Sanctuary Lane, 67-Randall E. Garver to Stone Financing Corp., $412,000.

Shaw Ct., 201-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Mercedes Bernard, $215,000.

Somerville St., 3-Cashes E. and Dolores R. Mattox to Christopher A. and Julia R. Carder, $265,000.

Stafford Mews Lane, 305-Federal National Mortgage Association to Milagritos Gaspar, $172,000.

Sylvan Hills Lane, 26-Deutsche Bank to Kens Renovations & Repairs Corp., $167,500.

Truslow Rd., 99-Sheena S. Houtz and J. Judson McKellar Jr. to Donald Ritenour, $72,651.

Vineyard Ct., 12-Lon N. Pike to Toni L. Surike, $431,900.

Watermill Ct., 4-Barry T. Duncan to Fletcher Pearson, $299,900.

Whirlaway Dr., 52-Terri Finnerin to Connie L. Johnson, $497,000.

Willow Lane, 20-Helena E. Scullin to Foundation Residential Corp., $150,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 701-Zachary Daniels to Carmen Y. Pozo, $200,000.

Woodland Dr., 157-U.S. Bank to Jjira Corp., $119,000.