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Prince George’s County

Baileys Pond Rd., 2410-NVR Inc. to Benjamin G. and Thanya S. Bandoh, $256,660.

Biddle Rd., 401-KCC Corp. to Antonio Henderson, $164,900.

Livingston Rd., 15213-Pasquinucci Miller to Chrishonna S. Scott, $245,000.

Saint Gregory Way, 14505-St. James/Haverford Construction Partners Inc. to Amandeus K. Watkins, $468,000.


Cherry Mill Dr., 3207-Warren D. and Laura H. Simon to Ronald and Jacqueline Kuhn, $379,900.

Edwards Way, 9250, No. 701-B-Bruce E. Jacobs to Prathap and Preethi Manthini, $53,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 118-Vincent H. Davis to Maqsood A. Chaudry, $72,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 703-Estela J. Sandoval to Walters and Irene Aziah, $38,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 10926-Kevin P. and Theresa V. Meath to Santos Palacios, $251,000.

Rutland Pl., 10407-Leela Kapai to Edvert A. Galvez, $279,900.

18th Ave., 6918-Santiago Umanzor and Ana R. Rodriguez to Jerry Miao and Ray Ching Han, $138,750.

23rd Ave., 7501-Reo Corp. to Maria B. and David M. Caputi, $260,000.


Elm Trail, 18401-Sylvester and Sylvia I. Johnson to Virginia Lee Lindsay, $81,000.


Evans Trail Way, 3740-Robert W. and Rhonda L. Visser to Ronald and Jamie Gallant, $217,500.

Montgomery Rd., 10709-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tracy M. Cooper, $167,500.

Powder Mill Rd., 4719-Roy N. and Margaret F. Wells to Barbara J. Morgan and Kenneth Lee Riley, $167,000.


Blue Heron Way, 4455, No. 4455-Azalia A. Hunt to PSB Metro Maryland Corp., $79,999.

Taussig Rd., 5412-Giannina Santistevan to Johnson & Mike Corp., $85,000.


Belair Dr., 2415-Susan Thornton to Nasrolah and Victoria Khoshtinat, $165,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4914-NVR Inc. to Brian J. Muprhy, $406,453.

Heatherstone Dr., 13904-Gordon W. Bergan and Carla E. Hanyzewski to Mark and Alisha Flachs, $360,000.

Keystone Lane, 2715-Peter P. Brusgulis to Betsy Reid and William Thomas Tanner, $190,000.

London Lane, 14610-Nicole M. Renzi to Amit Trehan and Sikha Nagpal, $153,450.

Malta Lane, 12209-Rosaria Naimy to Joshua Paul and Talita Koschelny Dreis, $265,000.

Quarterback Ct., 12314-Kevin F. and Leia D. Butler to Ethel S. Dozier, $240,000.

Rambling Lane, 12408-Richard L. and Ruth H. Currier to Ryan J. and Irene C. Remley, $299,999.

Running Deer Way, 4643, No. 354-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Johnetta Bond, $114,299.

Shetland Lane, 12511-U.S. Bank to Stonetrust Homes Corp., $205,000.

Tanbark Lane, 3014-Diemer Enterprises Corp. to Anna G. Meyer and Evan M. Hartranft, $412,500.

Ulysses Ct., 13504-Linda Washington to Kamlawattie and Jaffar Khan, $355,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 3912-Jerald and Beverly Bryant to Jonathan C. Ringer, $214,000.


Eastham Ct., 16308-Marques E. Young and April N. Selden to Tonda N. Shine, $185,000.

Nighthawk Lane, 14908-Babatunde Awojoodu to Qerim Hyseni, $220,000.

Penfield Lane, 2222-Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Amos and Mark Lazo, $219,000.

Powell Lane, 15504-Giovanna Zappula to Janet A. Mescus and George Alston II, $271,000.


Brandywine Rd., 13213-Maryland Community Development Administration to Portillo Cruz, $130,200.

Casimir Rd., 15108-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Savitri L. and Elias M. Crenshaw, $327,507.

Elmwood Dr., 12100-Gloria J. Belton to Melvin L. and Sharon Etienne, $345,000.


Wallace Rd., 3906-Arthur Wilson and estate of Lapearle R. Philyaw to Historical Properties Corp., $140,000.

40th Pl., 3719-William Ramirez to Antonio C. Robinson, $239,900.


Addison Rd. S., 711-NVR Inc. to Gloria L. Blue, $301,195.

Adeline Way, 1112-Sky Enterprises Corp. to Jay R. Schools, $142,000.

Balboa Ave., 616-Washington Realty & Development Inc. to Bella Properties Corp., $152,000.

Booker Dr., 911-Reginald J. and Francesse A. Rogers to Alice Baffoe, $80,000.

Byers St., 4202-K2NC Corp. to Allison M. Kemp, $162,500.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 515-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Axe Properties & Management Corp., $72,168.

Coolidge St., 5815-Anthony E. Wilcher to Adela Rodriguez Gomez, $105,000.

Dunbar Oaks Dr., 1202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anand A. Devadas, $55,000.

Field St., 6201-Mary L. Yeargin to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., $93,000.

Gunther St., 5036-Domingo Zamora Albayero to Ann Rosibel Mejia, $100,000.

Hylton St., 7227-Dap Homes Corp. to Pia C. Thompson, $146,000.

Jefferson Heights Dr., 6030-Bank of New York Mellon and Vericrest Financial Inc. to Brian K. Harrison, $123,000.

K St., 5523-U.S. Bank to Kevin and Sherri Barbarin Downing, $92,000.

Onyx Ct., 7004-Michelle Manhertz to Kaya Mutlu, $120,000.

Painter Ct., 701-Marian Williams and estate of Charles Nathaniel Carter to Florine Smith Williams, $167,000.

Quire Ave., 39-Curtis T. Bell Trust to Marco Vinicio Arguedas, $62,110.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6416-Lorenzo and Dietra A. Cordell to Federal National Mortgage Association, $214,500.

Shamrock Ave., 1709-Marie B. Williams to Arch Bay 2010-2 Reo Owner Corp., $135,602.

Thomasson Ct., 104-Gtis Hov Villages of Pepper Mill Corp. to Nathaniel Oluwalekeand Pascaline Lukenge Osilesi, $284,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 6419-Angela Robinson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $287,305.

62nd Pl., 602-David Rondal Enriquez to Brian Edward Kirkpatrick, $157,000.


Rockview Terr., 10212-Derek J. Payton and Cindy R. Shears to Derek Payton, $22,500.


Burnside Rd., 7752-Federal National Mortgage Association to Arash Jamaleddin, $65,200.

Congress Pl., 9005-Rafu A. Atanda and Mary A. McDuffie to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $141,397.

Gibbs Way, 8301-Centex Homes to Adam C. Kamp and Jonathan V. Caudill, $347,055.

Grouse Pl., 7513-Terkeisha Williams to Tiffany Dyer, $174,000.

Hillview Rd., 8305-Leslie A. Davis to Robert H. Dinkins Jr., $220,000.

Kilmer St. E., 7100-Moises Arispe Cruz to Geraldine R. Bernardo, $131,250.

Nalley Rd., 887-Mary J. and Lloyd J. Mason to Shung Ling Liang, $115,000.

Post Oak Ct., 217-Curtis L. Pree to Federal National Mortgage Association, $228,000.

Village Green Dr., 1740, No. A-21-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Five Star Homes Corp., $48,555.

57th Pl., 2402-David E. and Carol A. Johnson to Vladimir Rivera, $85,000.


Applecross Dr., 12906-Wells Fargo Bank to Domina Development Corp., $109,500.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6100-George F. and Lila A. Deford to Jerry T. and Tiffany E. Cooper, $267,000.

Cedar Chase Dr., 8513-NVR Inc. to Daniel S. and Dannie M. Flanagan, $514,680.

Daniel Lane, 8703-Andrews Expo Properties Corp. to Deidre Baynes, $209,000.

Ethan Thomas Dr., 4105-Stacy D. and Stephanie A. Stewart to Patricia A. Robinson, $385,000.

Glissade Dr., 11513-Jonathan Moltumyr to Charles E. Harrison, $274,800.

Keystone Ave., 11304-Palm Properties Corp. to Regis L. Austin and Rayisha Nashae Quarrie, $220,000.

Mezmer Lane, 7613-Arthur L. and Monica S. Hutchinson to Robert Morsell Sr., $200,000.

Piscataway Rd., 9256-Capital Investments & Management Corp. to Sherard M. Cooley, $330,000.

Quiet Brook Lane, 9915-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Juanese Kennedy, $178,000.

Slocum Ct., 10408-Mirna Zetino to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $175,000.

Windbrook Dr., 12916-LNV Corp. to Sean Cooney, $150,000.


Branchville Rd., 5022-Zoeann Billigmeier to Laddoo Corp., $90,000.

Edgewood Rd., 5213-Shengjun Liu to Qun Zhang, $270,500.

Kenesaw St., 5100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Anita Siu Hung Wong and Chi Wai Wong, $183,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 416-Harry T. and Marion E. Felsen to Christopher D. and David T. Biedermann, $145,000.

Metzerott Rd., 3410-Hector E. Rodriguez to Jun Wu and Fang Yao, $255,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 414-Carol A. and David B. Grenier to Vincent Shane Ferguson, $144,995.

48th Ave., 8125, No. 205-Nimal S. Diunugala to Weimin Zhu and Peng Liu, $120,000.

53rd Ave., 9730-Martin Alvarado to Ilana Michelle and Thomas Eric Haworth, $202,000.


Bank Run Terr., 6935-Makia R. Robinson and Recon Trust Inc. to Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, $251,254.

Donnell Pl., 7116-Anthony Watts to Prince George’s County Community Development Administration, $151,404.

Donnell Pl., 7320-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $31,000.

Elmhurst St., 6807-Jose G. Castro and Maria Garcia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $180,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1788-Danyon Lomax to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $95,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5827-Joseph R. Barbour to Washington Investment Asset Fund Corp. , $114,000.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 5749-Michael L. Curley to Federal National Mortgage Association, $233,161.

Kipling Pkwy., 6510-Robert Levine and estate of Beatrice Levine to K2NC Corp., $85,000.

Lansdale St., 6609-Carolyn Farrar to Troy Johnson, $108,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 2307-Perry D. and Regina B. Driver to Leslie Teresa Lee, $120,000.

Sand Creek Way, 2910-Charles G. Warren to Cynthia Keeton, $168,000.

Sweetwater Ct., 2707-Roxanne Patton to Hope C. Robinson, $139,900.

Tulip Ave., 1657-Citimortgage Inc. and National Default Reo Services to Kce Inc., $85,000.


Birdsong Dr., 7902-Gloria M. Rodezno and Roberto A. Fonseca to Star Homes Corp., $172,000.

Bricker Dr., 508-DR Horton Inc. to Carlos Valentin Torres, $345,295.

Browns Lane, 2108-William M. Savage to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $126,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7907-Dwayne Brown and Yvette Grandison to Domina Development Corp., $125,700.

Gates Dr., 11008-Jeremy K. Fishman and Samuel D. Williamowsky to Akrami Real Estate Inc., $99,000.

Heather Cir., 12905-Leon B. Zangwill to Captain MTK Corp., $200,000.

Ishtar St., 12016-Teresita R. Abacan to Miquela and Jermaine Porter, $250,000.

Lanham Lane, 7237-Martha B. King and Thelma W. Brown to Jonnice Marie Cooke, $185,000.

Nevin Lane, 12003-366 Nansemond Corp. to Tyson Anderson, $249,000.

Palmer Rd., 1800-Federal National Mortgage Association to Loml Corp., $113,000.

Prince Georges Dr., 7907-Chukwuka O. Ojiako to Fredy Ramirez and Ulises Marcelo Villarroel Vasquez, $79,900.

Reid Lane, 13303-Karen Smith Morgan to Federal National Mortgage Association, $281,337.

Rose Valley Dr., 2714-Taitai Corp. to Victor Benavides Jr., $239,900.

Stonesboro Rd., 3303-Peter and Paul L. Kryskanich to Lonnie W. Hutchinson, $230,000.

Testway Ave., 2609-Realington 14 Corp. to Andrea Bonaventura, $235,000.


Dubarry St., 9908-Ramon Villalta to Federal National Mortgage Association, $461,000.

Mystic River Terr., 7807-Northern Estates Corp. to Dwight L. Melvin and Marcia P. Muirhead, $589,954.


Canning Terr., 8256-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Patsy Brown, $155,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7702, No. 21-Naomi and John P. Polistin to LT Properties Corp., $70,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 7976, No. 7976-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Thomas E. Williams, $124,900.

Mandan Rd., 7284-Chae Kyu and Hwa Cha Yang to Steve Johnsen and Elissa Beale, $250,000.

Morrison Dr., 7215-Joshua Properties Corp. to Ronald Z. and Clarissa N. Punzalan, $256,000.


Longfellow St., 4542-Pulte Home Corp. to Josefine Angeles Lecuyer, $380,635.

43rd Ave., 5312-Freddy M. and Arcadia M. Flores to Lonzo Shafer III, $95,000.


Barker Pl., 5303-Abiodun Salisu to Jose Juan Aguilera, $226,000.

Dellwood Ave., 8002-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Tommy P. Wu, Wai T. Lo, Donna M. Chan and May Sheon, $105,600.

Elvis Lane, 9227-Herbert Belton to James Bennett Jr., $250,000.

Green Oak Terr., 7326-Kenneth D. and Melissa B. Harris to Federal National Mortgage Association, $156,875.

Kinmount Rd., 4535-Stella Iyile to Christiana Apene, $150,000.

Leslie Ave., 8635-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Rayaan Investments Corp., $117,555.

Stevens Lane, 9040-Kevin D. and Sharon E. Walker to Raul Contreras and Ana O. Ramirez Centeno, $155,000.

Tuckerman St., 9604-Glenn Gebbia to Manuel S. Pondeca, $242,000.

Worrell Ave., 9440-Patrick N. Abaga to Federal National Mortgage Association, $267,000.

Fourth St., 9330-Marcos F. and Martha O. Herrera to Santos I. Joya, $165,000.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9114-Federal National Mortgage Association to Unique Affordable Homes Corp., $70,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15207-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Eric S. McNealy, $322,900.

Dannet Pl., 1007-Willco Properties Corp. to Christina Nortey, $324,950.

Dornoch Way, 2011-NVR Inc. to Aundrea McCall, $355,940.

Dornoch Way, 2016-NVR Inc. to Roberts Tashmore, $328,195.

Fernwood Dr., 1602-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Donna R. Kitt, $326,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1745-Richmond American Homes Corp. to Angela Lyons, $283,998.

Fittleworth Terr., 1900-Beazer Homes Corp. to Angela M. Addison Void, $438,018.

Harry S Truman Dr., 304, No. 223-Essie M. Brown to Aaron M. Alston, $128,900.

Jones Bridge Rd., 14016-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Archie and Melissa Ferguson, $550,258.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9811-Joanne Gary to John and Elizabeth A. Gordon McNeil, $125,100.

Moores Plains Blvd., 2515-Rob and Marcella Black Caro to Nathaniel Herbert and Jon R. Sheffield, $315,000.

New Acadia Lane, 14000, No. 304-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tyrone Leo Ingram, $115,000.

Polaris Dr., 11402-Conrad and Felicia K. Messina Dhaiti to Jonathan Thomas, $315,000.

Radiant Ct., 304-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Ruth N. Ayuk, $520,000.

Sansbury Rd., 2608-Hazel V. and Harris E. Azore to Federal National Mortgage Association, $271,000.

Turleygreen Pl., 1910-Mid Atlantic Builders of Beechtree Inc. to Sebastian Parker Vaughan and Brittany Ruffin, $635,079.


Arbory Way N., 7668-Moseley Corp. and Judson M. Allen to Moshe Haim Shimon, $81,500.

Ashford Ct., 14807-Roxana Garcia and Antonio Chirino to Robert Breach, $186,000.

Bonnett Lane, 14309-Homer W. and Barbara L. Trecartin to Thien Ngoc Tran and Trang Xuan Chung, $234,000.

Breckenridge St., 7204-NVR Inc. to Robert Kurapaty and Marybai Mylabathula, $369,035.

Deer Creek Ct., 15824-Anne H. Collins to C. R. & S. C. Nagaria Corp., $115,000.

Forest Mill Lane, 6411-Carol E. Myers and Douglas P. Weaver to Russell Properties Corp., $198,000.

Laureland Pl., 15013-Maryland Community Development Administration to Anh Thu Thi and Nam Hoang Nguyen, $206,000.

Marton St., 1207-Olajumoke K. Akinpetide and Eugene Ajayi to Luis Alfredo Escobar Perla and Jose M. Escobar, $232,000.

Northview Ct., 8225-Rickie S. and Angela F. Calzada to Stacey Demps Barrett, $255,000.

Sandy Spring Rd., 8116-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Mario and Maria Somoza, $239,000.

Winding Trail Rd., 13212-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ruddy Michaud, $240,000.


Apache Tears Cir., 12212-Robert and Elizabeth Kuhne Bindschadler to Edwin S. Cooke, $260,000.

Elmshorn Way, 11410-Ina C. Taylor to Akinjide A. Akinbami, $250,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11507, No. 11507-CPP Laurelwood Corp. to George Afari, $140,000.

Sumner Grove Dr., 8810-Ryan and Shahrukh Areu to Michael P. and Lenea H. Stocker, $399,900.


31st St., 3800-TLC Properties Corp. to Brittany Roush and Steven J. Mueller, $245,000.


Allison St., 7121-Mario H. and Gerard W.M. Wittstadt to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $88,000.

Darby Ct., 6804-Oscar and Olga Marin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $369,000.

Fairbanks St., 6435-Florence B. and Paul Obadare to Orlando L. and Angel A. Lopez, $165,000.

Ingalls Ave., 3718-Mary Christine and Ray J. Seese to Flora L.V. Josiah, $157,000.

Mentana St., 5915-Amadelia V. and Omar N. Cortes to MT Homes Corp., $165,000.

Ravenswood Rd., 8437-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Hsin Mao Lin and Shu Chen Liu, $125,000.

56th Ave., 3801-Jose Luis and Candelario Espinal to Jose Castillo, $100,000.

87th Ave., 6215-Lawrence P. and Antonia M. Walton to Penny Alston, $225,000.


Alexandria Overlook Dr., 10-Joselyn Coronejo to Joseph Alcantara, $22,000.

Danby Ave., 5409-Andres and Reina Cortez to Alexander Iriarte Antezana, $123,000.

Gully Ct., 4903-Tyrone Boone to Erica Jordan, $130,000.

Livingston Rd., 7614-Citibank to Unique Affordable Homes Corp., $99,900.

Oxon Hill Rd., 7210-Picket Fence Properties Corp. to Mario Claros, $245,000.

Stratwood Ave., 1208-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Sonia E. Arriaza, $137,500.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 557, No. 6756-Michael Teagle to Lorraine Robinson, $35,000.


Greenvale Pkwy., 6710-Jose Reynaldo Leonzo Lopez to Gladys Y. Lopez Delgado, $130,000.

Nicholson St., 4809-Cecilia and Alfonso Solorzano to Ru Xu Liu and Xhi Hui Yin, $99,000.

Riverdale Rd., 4511-Nancy Augustine Gardner to Daniel J. and Tara S. Behrend, $325,000.

54th Ave., 6209-Ruperto Juarez to Xiaoming Xu, $154,000.

67th Ave., 5416-Mark H. and Gerard W.M. Wittstadt to Secured Improvements Corp., $58,000.


Barto Ave., 5108-Helen C. Neff to Eleanor Cherry, $175,000.

Darel St., 6006-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Andre Johnson, $203,000.

Hartfield Ave., 5521-Ervin and Silvia Tovar Rivera to Genet E. Moore, $200,000.

Irma Ct., 3116, No. 3116-Raschel M. Mooney to Rosemary and Alaba Ojo, $98,000.

Lakewood St., 2019-Bank of America to Anthony Dozier, $87,600.

Maple Rd., 4407-Cristiane A. Darocha to India Barnett, $188,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3835, No. 3835-Carol A. McDuffie to Ida E. Clark, $44,000.

Wood Creek Dr., 3442-Dorothy Whisler to Rashad H. Robinson, $112,500.


16th Ave., 7400-Domingo A. Martinez and Nancy C. Ascencio to Candice N. Davis, $182,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6518-Hassan Brown to Jah Properties Corp., $77,000.

Brinkley Rd., 4304-Walter T. Barnett Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $363,000.

Catskill St., 2114-Bridge Management Holdings Inc. to Martha Tinch, $171,000.

Dallas Dr., 3311-Yvonne P. and Vincent Porter to Federal National Mortgage Association, $292,000.

Fisher Dr., 5417-Megan Rovnak and Candice Thompson to Christopher M. and Stacia C. Aylward, $225,000.

Keppler Rd., 5514-Elizabeth H. Moye to 5037 Meads Street Corp., $145,000.

Marlin Lane, 6009-PSB Investment Corp. to Kiana S. Boone, $249,900.

Taft Rd., 4912-Dale B. Williamson and 4912 Taft Road Corp. to Elizabeth L. Nickens, $231,000.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 207-RCC Plaza Lofts 22 Corp. to Amanda Koslow, $199,500.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 812-RC Oip Corp. to Dana Michael Bourne, $198,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 406-Maryland Community Development Administration Mar to Bhaskar and Jayshree Patel, $80,850.

Madison St., 3107-Dawit M. Tsenga to Meyby Maritza and Alex Roberto Gomez, $185,000.

Rosemary Lane, 3318-Ricardo Galan and Adam J. Reeder to Lisa Karell, $420,000.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 323-Derrick D. Kenny to Jorge A. Carpio, $33,000.

30th Ave., 5615-Rodolfo and Mateo Cruz to Elmer D. Hernandez, $224,000.

36th Ave., 5833-Josue and Maria Luisa Castrillo to Noel and Gilda Gonzalez, $170,000.


Carendon Ct., 9110-Sheryl D. Lacy to Kristen D. Johnson and Darnell Brooks III, $202,000.

Colonel Beall Pl., 4906-Alfonso M. Pollard to Department of Veterans Affairs, $185,073.

Cranford Dr., 11113-Marvin A. and Carlesa A. Peterson to Derrick T. Barbour and Antoinette J. Chatman, $130,000.

Dappah Ct., 10109-K. Hovanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Zora White, $458,959.

Fairhaven Ave., 9425-Federal National Mortgage Association to Frank J. Clarkson, $175,000.

Goldenwood Ct., 10007-Phyllis G. Butler to William H. Davis, $178,000.

Grandview Ct., 13105-Joseph D. and Karlton W. Simms to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $164,000.

Halloway Pl., 3717-Edwin A. Salinas to Jose W. Recinos, $205,000.

Live Oak Lane, 9208-Peter W. and Janice M. Lindquist to Kevin Stone, $235,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5710-Evan D. Young and estate of Mary E. Johnson to Sanya C. Warren Ham, $175,750.

Wallace Lane, 12101-Deutsche Bank to Aaron L. Holder and Latonja T. Gentry, $406,500.


Balsam Poplar Pl., 10121-Federal National Mortgage Association to Faustina O. Abebio, $230,000.

Dawn Whistle Way, 14202-Fairview M. Corp. to Kwabena Ofori-Ansah, $650,000.

Golden Hill Dr., 3608-Deborah Y. Simmons and Sharon A. Johnson to Michael and Tara Bolen, $319,900.

Kingsview St., 12404-Wilmington Trust Co. and Onewest Bank to Randall B. Gearhart, $215,600.

Pepper Tree Ct., 1702-Walter Edwin and Elsie A. Gilmore to Francisco S. and Lauren D. Ragsac, $373,000.

Thamesmead Ct., 1807-Sheila A. Miller to Jesse Paul Clay III, $210,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10201-Fatmata Bah to Marie Kanu, $153,000.