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Fairfax County

Rosser St. N., 3702, No. 204-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Lorena Hernandez to Venus Properties Corp., $109,200.


Canterbury Lane, 7025-Betty G. Hileman to Susan Manship, $307,250.

Edgewood Terr., 6104-Suzanne Backus to Daniel T. Moss, $1.12 million.

Marthas Rd., 1953-Williams Stearns McClelland to David J. Goldstein, $615,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7405-Lynne I. Dearborn to Warren Becoat, $700,000.

10th St., 6540, No. B1-Robert G. Blizzard to Richard Isla Rodas and April D. Andrea, $259,000.


Ashby Lane, 7512, No. A-Della A. and Robbyn M. Schuchart to Lynda J. Lucero, $285,000.

Birchleigh Cir., 6417-Walter M. Showers to Andrew J. Deeds, $359,900.

Brindle Heath Way, 6834B, No. 234-Andrea L. Gerber to Gregory D. Morrison, $250,740.

China Grove Ct., 6543-Robert V. Grimes to David Naples, $389,000.

Dorothy Giles Ct., 6709-Louis Rivera Jr. to Sally S. Ng and Kim W. Yu, $486,000.

Fieldhurst Ct., 7037-Deutsche Bank to Mohammad S. Malik Khail, $466,000.

Franconia Rd., 4001-Robert M. Klein to Peter T. Sloan, $485,000.

Glenwood Dr., 5620-Monogram Homes Corp. to Jeanne Olsen, $974,000.

Grovehurst Pl., 3150-Elizabeth L. Toomer and Andrew S. Emley to Andrew J. Hoffman, $587,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7701, No. 1902-Tara L. Amidon to Elizabeth S. Fox, $320,000.

Hydrangea Dr., 6035-Sophia Shih to Michael Mulualem, $340,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5950, No. 101-Stone Financing Corp. to Jason L. Davis, $265,000.

Leeward Lane, 5219-Debra A. Zindes to Scott C. Baker, $350,000.

Marble Arch Way, 5617-Zeda S. Abranson to Galileo M.S. Namata Jr., $485,000.

Morning Meadow Dr., 6590-U.S. Bank to Heather Frazier, $427,500.

Norham Dr., 5809-Philip Smith to Shawn M. Dixon, $358,000.

Picot Rd., 4607-Dilan Investment Corp. to Raynee C. Teetor, $465,000.

Talavera Ct., 6103-Sulay Jhaveri to Justin Datta, $395,000.

Traci Joyce Lane, 6259-Charles L. Martin Jr. to Robert Myers, $485,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6103, No. H-Nicole E. Asselin to Christina Nguyen, $255,000.

Yadkin Ct., 6506-Charlotte Fayorsey to KC Kumar, $275,000.


Americana Dr., 4375A-Robert M. Thomas Jr. to Xiaomei Ma, $90,000.

Chapelwood Ct., 8464-David Conover to Hyun S. Song, $950,000.

Forest St., 8602-Robert L. Williams to Brandon Hensley, $800,000.

Herkimer St., 4922-Linda M. Bell to Shouvik Bardhan, $360,000.

King Solomon Dr., 4804-James D. Pinc to Philip A. Godwin, $520,000.

Lanier St., 7120-Alg Trustee Corp. and Jong Gyu Yun to Federal National Mortgage Association, $415,904.

Loosestrife Ct., 4915-Joan G. Jacobs to Kevin Gavin, $510,000.

Merrimac Trail, 3718-Jeffrey D. Brennan to Bradley Belsher, $642,500.

Park Lane, 7545-Alfredo Castro to Gregory C. Randolph, $820,000.

Sprucedale Ct., 6806-Richard A. Wallace Jr. to Eleanor Nagy, $808,000.

Willow Run Dr., 4612-Ngoc N. Nguyen and Toan Duy Pham to Daryl L. Laugier-Bethelmy, $529,900.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3318, No. T3-Ariel R. Francisco to Nasser Ovissi, $152,000.


Glen Forest Dr., 5841-Irvin Payne II to Marie A. Waite, $375,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6133, No. 207-Monte Carlo Financial Corp. to Leon A. Walden, $162,500.

Madison Pointe Ct., 6100-Martin D. Konnerth to Saeid Pooresmaeil, $458,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 205-Gayle D. Keil to Mollie R. West, $214,700.


Blincoe Ct., 9622-Vernon A. Greenhill to Kelly B. Miller, $394,000.

Burke Pond Lane, 9808-Nectar Projects Inc. and Sheila F. Rinaldi to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $333,000.

Falling Brook Dr., 6301-Wells Fargo Bank to David I. Moreno and Karen A. Almansa, $541,000.

Heritage Landing Ct., 6307-Ronald P. Hack to Imran Huda, $553,500.

Ironmaster Dr., 9636-Sandra Filppu to Eric D. Hooks and Lauren S. Harris, $530,000.

Kite St., 9312-Mark D. Erickson to Thien H. Nguyen, $438,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10241-U.S. Bank to Edward Dicampli, $461,000.

Oak Ladder Ct., 5801-Federal National Mortgage Association to Barrons Investment Group Corp., $275,250.

Quiet Pond Terr., 10281-Helmand Investments Corp. to Mohamed G. Mohamed, $309,000.

Rehanek Ct., 9750-Sarah J. Carter to Nathan P. Hodge, $520,025.

Spring Oak Ct., 10705-Regina O. Okine to Nga Nguyen, $253,000.

Turnbuckle Dr., 9761-Theodore M. Dragan to Curtis D. Kline, $423,850.

Walnut Wood Lane, 5766-Andrew Byrnes to Akbar Hosseinkhani, $382,500.

Wilmette Dr., 6240-Thomas L. Murphy to Emily M. Koellner, $525,000.


Asher Vw., 14069-Surety Trustees Corp. and Mary M. Garland to Thou Home Investment Corp., $260,000.

Big Yankee Lane, 13941-Brian J. Renn to Darin C. Burris, $300,000.

Chestnut Hollow Ct., 6006-Leonard G. Garrett to Leland Osborne, $265,000.

Creek Branch Ct., 14569-Aaron Osborne to Lester W. Wyatt III, $325,000.

Derring St., 6181-Keun Woo Jon to Brian T. Love, $450,000.

Grobie Pond Lane, 14721-David Gladden to Manpreet K. Malhi, $369,900.

Jordans Journey Dr., 15315-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to David C. Ling, $625,000.

Meadow Crest Ct., 6068-Rebecca Oliver to Jose A. Morataya Melendez, $272,000.

Middlebourne Lane, 5445-Jose Garcia to Shuxiang Ge and Youlian Lu, $285,000.

Oakham Pl., 5624-Won J. Baek to Hyun J. Kim, $310,000.

Red River Dr., 14031-David Kuhn to Ji Hong Kim, $347,000.

Rock Forest Ct., 5832-Christine A. Knowles to Edward R. Forsberg, $257,800.

Sawteeth Way, 13954-Matthew A. Kozma to Edward Y. Ahn, $385,000.

Shipley Ct., 5517-Adolfo Delvalle to James Warren, $438,325.

Sunset Ridge Ct., 6003-Christine M. Jenkins to Lane P. Sebring, $222,000.

Wakley Ct., 13849-Barbara A. Brotherton to Bashar Alayssami, $345,100.

Watery Mountain Ct., 14351-Tam T. Duong to Trieu Vu Nguyen, $225,000.

Woods Run Ct., 13912-Juliene H. Gaouette to Todd S. Canape, $355,000.


General Stevens Ct., 15116-Jon D. Wollam to Julian Albert, $395,000.

Lees Corner Rd., 4100-Lily P. Duong to Shehzad Yousaf, $380,000.

Newport Lane, 13806-Darren W. Hill to Dongli Huang, $275,000.

Rose Lodge Pl., 14018-Edmund R. Daniels Jr. to Thereem Butt, $710,000.


Braddock Farms Ct., 12662-Mohammad Naim to Michael Nasworthy, $970,000.

Compton Rd., 13300-George Keller to J. Hollis Taylor III, $504,000.

Jaybird Ct., 13301-Carlos Lama to Robert J. Bryan, $629,000.

Rockland Dr., 6518-Mark A. Sanders to Elliott L. Hoang, $670,500.

Tiffany Ct., 7701-Mark S. Russell to Samuel W. Hillenburg, $650,000.

Willow Valley Rd., 5604-Steven M. Eichinger to Anthony B. Sanders, $699,900.


Colchester Brook Lane, 3177-Hade Corp. to Dongho Lee, $367,500.

Fox Sparrow Ct., 10901-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Fengzhi Liu, $525,000.

Jennifer Dr., 5406-Orlando Perez to Stephanie Cho, $470,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 702-East Market Condo Development Association to Youngho Lee, $580,000.

Scooter Lane, 11712, No. 20-Jason A. Outlaw to Fereshteh Mousapour, $320,000.


Clara Barton Dr., 11512-Gerald I. Epner to Timothy Fuller, $646,100.

Lake Mist Way, 8451-Thomas J. Callahan to Walter S. Campbell, $675,000.

Reach Dr. S., 7513-Ronald H. Feary to Timothy J. Weber, $820,000.

Wolf Run Shoals Rd., 7330-John Y. Dupre to Steven M. Eichinger, $1.1 million.


Anchorway Ct., 3152, No. H-Saul Cruz to Christopher Shrum, $207,500.

Barrett Rd., 6679-Carl O. Payne to Sara A. Wick, $324,000.

Brandy Ct., 3306-Shawn R. Teaney and Barbara S. Costello Trust to Rodrigo Vidal, $380,000.

Chanute Pl., 8004, No. 19-Aubrey F. Dove Jr. to Eleanor Sealey, $130,000.

Covewood Ct., 3151, No. I-Katherine G. Whitaker to Jean J. Lee, $295,000.

Fenwick Rd., 3032-Douglass Stevens to Richard Ritthaworn, $490,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 3205-Ruben J. Nazario to Ngoc Nguyen, $450,000.

Masonville Dr., 7508-David E. Ross to Daniel K. Alvarez, $735,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3003, No. 3101-Kenneth Del Rossi to Dane R. Celnicker, $247,500.

Roosevelt Ave., 7203-7203 Roosevelt Ave Corp. to James Monroe, $547,400.

Slade Run Dr., 3451-Yigal S. Bar-Av to Tina Kamalanathan, $540,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7752, No. 7752-Leslie H. Chappel to Robert J. Ariatti Jr., $175,000.


Avon Lane, 2541-Robert A. Orndorff to Usha Pala, $530,000.

Griffith Rd., 2025-Ramakrishnan Seshadri to Anant Shastry, $700,000.

Hyson Park Ct., 7826-Junzhe Li to Joanna J. Li, $420,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1818-James F. Wheeler Jr. to David T. Izawa, $425,000.


Collingwood Rd., 1003-Deutsche Bank to Hill Property Corp., $500,000.

Jamestown Rd., 1910-Ralph W. Mills to John K. Knapp, $399,000.

New Market Rd., 7920-Frank Sofocleous and estate of John A. Vlachos to Andrew P. Rozzi, $439,000.

Washington Rd., 8046-Deborah M. York to Dumor Properties Corp., $376,250.

Yorktown Dr., 8017-Stephen Csobaji to Adam Taylor, $525,000.


Constellation Dr., 828-Mary Chahalis to Marc Moore, $631,250.

Inglish Mill Dr., 11250-Mindy Suchinsky and Sharon Callaway to Babak Sarani, $1.1 million.

Morningwood Lane, 1112-Robert S. Tyrer to Robert W. Kinkead, $800,000.

Springvale Rd., 636-Mariko Suzuki to Charles Menza, $1.18 million.

Walker Rd., 640-Nelson W. Ellmore and Sharon D. Murray to John Grivsky, $425,000.


Angeline Dr., 2497, No. 101-Alg Trustee Corp. and Ashish Gulati to Federal National Mortgage Association, $348,791.

Bond St., 1221-Robert Carney to Bond Street Associates Corp., $315,000.

Cameo Ct., 1206-Walter A. Mergelsberg to Michael A. Klein, $715,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12954, No. 205-Kevin C. Hart and Wanda K. Brown to Shien Lee, $283,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2118-Reflection Lake Town Houses to Oshauna Lopez, $61,380.

Framingham Ct., 12913-Sunder Sodhi to Aliona Gorea, $380,000.

Grace St., 726-Karen J. Kidwell and estate of Jeanne F. Hollar to Ronald L. Thompson, $250,000.

Hill Haven Ct., 3309-Luis E. Descaire to Tim C. Chang, $375,000.

Judd Ct., 1500-Lafayette Morgan Jr. to Aliaksei Yakimovich, $585,000.

Leesburg Pike., 11706-Molly Poole Wolfe and estate of Dorothy V. McFarlane to Chanwit Uriyapongsan, $550,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2908-Nigel R. Wright to Amit Kaim, $649,000.

Old Dairy Ct., 13484-Clinton M. Ponce to Sridhar B. Kathera, $325,000.

Pinecrest Rd., 12832-Michael A. Bohnet to William K. Schwartz, $450,000.

Poener Pl., 13272-Reyna M. Castro to Gladis G. Parada Cruz and Maritza S. Argueta, $165,000.

Ravenscraig Ct., 3214-Capital Investments Corp. to Sriram Chandrasekaran, $557,000.

Springtide Pl., 1302-Oscar A. Pena to Luz M. Cardenas, $195,000.

Venturi Lane, 13654, No. 211-Alexander B. McLellan to Hua Chen, $352,500.


Fenwick Dr., 5636-Elizabeth C. Thompson to Matthew G. Koenitzer, $298,000.

Hatcher St., 3201-Phillip J. Kay to Gregory A. Comstock, $394,900.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1501-Rochell A. Brisco to Alex T. Devito, $387,000.

Telegraph Rd., 5721-Amanda M. Bielski to Patricia Tennant, $419,900.


Carter Farm Ct., 2723-Leroy T. Baseman to Joshua H. Levine, $435,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4439-Jennifer Oxley to Karl E. Duckworth, $460,000.

Huntington Grove Sq., 2912-Khagendra P. Adhikari to Krista M. Hickman, $414,900.

Mason Grove Ct., 7118, No. 32-Sarah Hoover to Amanda Cooper, $362,500.

Richmond Hwy., 6427, No. 203-Faheem Khan to Aechae Ko, $177,000.

Tolliver St., 7114-Samuel V. Walters to Michael J. Gatmaitan, $278,000.


Bermuda Green Ct., 6583-PNC Mortgage Services Inc. to Fiseha Belayneh, $380,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 104-DRW Inc. to Blake Carpenter, $288,000.

Hawaii Ct., 6307-Edward W. Geiger to Michael Addabbo, $440,000.


Anita Dr., 10726-Todd L. Holdcraft to Erin Crowley, $560,000.

Blu Steel Way, 9280-Guillermo J. Barbosa to Michael P. Miller, $905,000.

Eaton Woods Pl., 9610-Commonwealth Asset Services Inc. and Vanessa Colbourn to Navy Federal Credit Union, $303,600.

Greene Dr., 10721-Helmand Investment Corp. to Matthew Smith, $635,000.

Henry Pl., 7712-Donald O. Bussard to Haiyun Ratliff, $201,300.

Lagrange St., 8817-Johanna Gordon to Rizer Properties Corp., $282,000.

Masey Mcquire Ct., 9623-Manjula Mehta to Thao Thi Ngoc Ta, $450,000.

Stonegarden Dr., 9157-Kyung Chang to Anthony Martin, $475,000.


Balls Hill Rd., 1049-Timothy Edwin to Seema Singh, $795,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 626-Alexander P. Haig to James Morris, $5.18 million.

Daleview Dr., 1246-Stephen C. and Roy V. Palmer to Castle Rock Homes Inc., $950,000.

Eastern Red Cedar Lane, 7012-Peter B. Slone to Harry A. Feuerstein, $1.03 million.

Great Falls St., 1728-Nancy J. Skon Jedele and Joy M. Skon Maziarz to Ted Shine, $525,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 324-Lorraine Krapcho to Marwan Kronfol, $366,000.

Hardy Dr., 6174-Capital View Corp. to David C. Clayton, $1.52 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 206-Larry A. Wasson to Wenyi Sheng and Xin Wang, $265,000.

Lorraine Ave., 2015-Samuel J. Baptista to Buchanan Price Corp., $900,000.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6414-Carol D. Forbus to Yu Sheng Lin, $810,000.

Ridge Dr., 716-E. Winton Perkins Trust to Seth Thornton, $1.08 million.

Savile Lane, 1118-Harry L. Alverson III to Thomas Spence, $1.7 million.

Thrasher Rd., 7102-Macarena Saez to Suzy Thompson, $820,000.

Towne Lane Rd., 6745-Mark Crowell to Eric Anderson, $715,000.

Westmoreland St., 1825-Katherine Morgan to Nader Hadjebi, $575,000.

Woodside Dr., 1299-Astoria Federal Savings and Loan to Trotter 5857 Corp., $820,000.


Brockham Dr., 8381D, No. 29-Deutsche Bank to Jesus Rodriguez, $56,820.

Chickawane Ct., 9109-William C. Johnson Jr. to Francis Tardo, $580,000.

Congressional Ct., 9110-Thomas L. Shupe to Johnnie E. Ray, $622,000.

Gateshead Rd., 8654-Michael Pignatello and Enid L. Robinson to Edward L. Prevost, $530,000.

Laurel Rd., 4025-David B. Craine to William Otwell, $452,000.

Mount Zephyr Dr., 8533-Mary F. Bayliss to Burton A. Renner, $425,000.

Old Mount Vernon Rd., 8906-Keith W. Meurlin and estate of Neil F. Meurlin to David P. Schippers IV, $512,500.

Silverada Pl., 7978, No. 130A-Regina Reisch Miller and Joseph R. Miller to Christine M. Jobes, $182,000.

Venoy Ct., 8680-Joseph J. Peruzzi to Yulan Long, $276,450.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8347-Anelson L. Thompson to William G. Somerville, $337,500.


Axton St., 7518-Patti B. Young to Matthew B. Finarelli, $432,100.

Heming Ave., 5809-Tai Tuan Bui to Brent T. Friedrich, $364,500.

Rathbone Pl., 5614-Mary L. Broyles to Jonathan A. Hatfield, $385,000.


Castlewood Lane, 10167-Lee W. Gause to Richard A. Grabowski III, $610,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 3009-Joseph Serafin to Troy J. Thoman, $659,000.

Lyrac St., 3418-David J. Cavan to Timothy Beatty, $782,500.

Windwood Farms Dr., 3132-Wood 3132 Corp. to Andrey N. Yushkov, $490,000.


Barrel Cooper Ct., 11961-James T. Ruffin to Shirley A. Poehnelt, $322,000.

Beaver Trail Ct., 11218, No. 10-Suzanne Oliver to Erik Ferryman, $314,000.

Breton Ct., 11844, No. 19A-Kenneth J. Pierce to Kevin M. Murphy, $317,000.

Checkerberry Ct., 2617-David S. Rutkin to Yvette S. Rivers, $550,000.

Edgemere Cir., 12011-Cem Basceri to Catherine Chao, $510,000.

Gunsmith Sq., 2232-Kenneth Kosteva to Robert A. Dennis, $390,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11526-John A. Carini to Jonathan Vaughan, $320,000.

Hunters Green Ct., 11605-Henry D. Bliley and George D. Ingram to Megan Brady and Benjamin Duca, $428,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2241, No. 408C-Kyle R. Jockenhoefer to Jonathan Dicks, $241,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 460-Michael S. McGinley to Pia Reyes, $349,000.

Orchard Green Ct., 11404-David G. Miller to Olga V. Merkoulova, $495,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1584-Edward Davis Tr. to Arthur Pelham Webb, $310,000.

Shire Ct., 11839, No. 2C-Demia Peters to Rajan Kathandarmnian, $222,501.

Solaridge Ct., 1983-Eli Takesian to John A. McnNeil, $560,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1851, No. 413-Alan L. Brauer to John Shebalin, $525,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11033B-Andrew B. Wilson to Aluisio Ribeiro, $287,000.

Vintage Pl., 1319-John G. Von Isakovics to Jarrett Wood, $473,100.

White Cornus Lane, 2183-Tanya L. Cowperthwaite to Doriselle Lopez, $270,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1230-Christian Bollinger to Yang Mee M. Moon, $490,000.


Cavalier Cir., 6323-Peter J. Nachajski to Mary L. Lovering, $1.3 million.

Greenwood Dr., 6180, No. 202-U.S. Bank to Juan C. Rocha, $76,000.

Munson Hill Rd., 6103-Joseph B. Leedom and estate of Mary C. Leedom to Mohammad D. Hawa, $332,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3207-Erid D. Pfahl to Sebastian J. Mollo, $510,000.


Aquary Ct., 8800-Joseph R. Personette to Thomas W. Gelker and Mark D. Young, $560,000.

Bark Tree Ct., 8309-Thomas A. Naskoviak to Beletshachew Tujuba, $264,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6889-Apple Federal Credit Union to Michael C. Ryan, $310,219.

Castine Lane, 6515-Georges H. Maalouf to Roy R. Lewis, $425,000.

Edinburgh Dr., 8013-Kelli A. Pacilio to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $370,785.

Forsythia St., 6614-John V. Kearney to Agostinho Costa, $210,000.

Gloucester Ave., 5901-Ruth Linares to James W. Henderson, $340,000.

Groveland Heights Ct., 7716-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Virginia Torres Albelo to JLG Investments Corp., $297,000.

Japonica St., 6408-Bart L. Gilmore to Jacob N. Griffith, $390,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8486-Kidist Bayelign to Venus Properties Corp., $222,400.

Northedge Ct., 7756-Estate of Francisco R. Caballer to Steven C. Christopher, $577,000.

Raindrop Way, 8299-Michael D. Rouch to Romella Kharzazi, $330,000.

Ruskin St., 6813-Manuel P. Binas III to Sokheng Tun, $344,999.

Summer Breeze Lane, 8482-Jose A. Delcid to Hade Corp., $290,000.

Thomas Dr., 6105-Michael A. Grass to Daniel Berhene, $455,000.


Chain Bridge Rd., 2159-Victor O. Mondino to Huda Ajami, $705,000.

Cricklewood Ct., 9119-Ivo H. Daalder to Steven C. Silverman, $825,500.

Jackson Pkwy., 2439-Kathleen C. Young to Kevin W. Glasscock, $605,000.

Lucky Estates Dr., 9118-Walter L. Adams to Yimin Yang, $1.3 million.

Meadow Lane SW, 607-Charles A. Dayoub to Stone Financing Corp., $605,000.

Moorefield Creek Rd. SW, 926-Cathleen A. Campbell to Andrew Burton, $615,000.

Niblick Dr. SE, 201-J.D.A. Custom Homes Inc. to Sindhu K. Mohan, $1.5 million.

Richelieu Dr., 2231-James L. Wade to Djerame E. Dasco, $706,000.

Tamarack Dr., 10225-Jay T. Jorgensen to Kenneth R. Fischer, $770,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7943-Adam Lessard to Scott M. Ward, $412,000.


Railroad St., 8016-Chester D. Olson to Gene N. Olson, $151,257.


Bridgeton Ct., 6304-Marianne G. McCaffery to Edward J. Morrissey, $450,000.

Greeley Blvd., 7834-Dennis J. Moynihan to James R. Berry Jr., $495,000.

Madley Ct., 8625-Nelson Labbe to Michael S. Cherlow, $440,000.

Prince James Dr., 5913I, No. I-Alice Blair to Cyrus Robl, $142,450.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5833, No. 943-Patricia S. Fetz to Janet A. Everhart, $224,505.

Viola St., 8120-Jahania Mohamadi to Dustin J. Hamilton, $455,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Adams Ct., 3212-Cynthia M. Amos to Matt J. Fryer, $425,000.

Ardmore Pl., 4210-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Richard W. Joy, $315,000.

Courtney Dr., 10444-Barbara P. McMullin to John J. Gioeli, $626,000.

Devilwood Ct., 3605-Raymond B. Benzinger to Christopher J. Sebunia, $550,000.

Fairview Dr., 3942-Cacar Inc. to Allison P. Aldana, $365,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10027, No. 223-Nancy Goodall to Sonhapol Kunchaekan, $160,000.

Sherman St., 3229-Thomas Keo to Joseph J. Peruzzi, $350,000.

University Dr., 3876-John L. Kinzer to Guy R. McGee, $450,000.

Falls Church

Broad St. W., 513, No. 301-Steven E. and Florence A. Wyloge to Mark Hampton, $630,000.

Gresham Pl., 103-Alan and Sarah Walker to Harold J. Greene and Susan R. Myers, $905,000.

Hillwood Ave., 407-Kevin J. and Marilyn W. Connors to Jeffrey G. and Mary K. Vernon, $752,000.

Langston Lane, 605-David A. and Maryellen W. Jochim to Seung H. and Jennifer E. Kim, $632,000.

Rollins St., 425-Deborah A. Pride to Katherine Smith and Hamza Bawa, $375,000.