Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Aldie Rd., 39158-Louis D. Wilson to Douglas J. Beecher and Mandana Parsazad, $412,000.

Clock Tower Sq., 24750-Donny Le to K.R. French II, $340,000.

Geyser Peaks Sq., 24693-Stone Financing Corp. to David F. Spitz and Maria A.B. Cirbian, $335,000.

Magnetite Terr., 25122-Kaartick Ramasubramanian to Andrew E. Puckette, $405,000.

Oatlands Rd., 22154-Carl G. Niswander to Marian A. Swanson, $525,000.

Siltstone Sq., 24690-Lam H. Ngo to Rocko Tran and My N. Ho, $170,537.

Tomey Ct., 25473-Sirisha R. Samala to Surender Yedulla, $510,000.


Blawnox Terr., 47581-Nellie Kaw and Janet Ong to Trisha Perez, $287,500.

Chesapeake Sq., 20453, No. 303-Patrick D. Jennings to Mark Anton, $170,000.

Forest Overlook Ct., 20663-C. April Jackson to Deepak Bhatta, $580,000.

Island View Ct., 20272-Steven S. Chung to John F. Kraft, $925,000.

Mercer Ct., 3-Brian D. Gustafson to Devin Reise, $290,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20975-Jong S. Choi and Jeong W. Sin to Russell Douglas, $415,000.

Summer Breeze Ct., 21-John L. Jensen to Luis A. Medran and Samah Elhage Hammoud, $475,000.

Willowood Pl., 46846-Yvonne and Thomas M. Elzinga to Jennifer A. Ball, $436,000.


Arborvitae Dr., 43868-Thomas M. Rogers to Harshavardhan Barenkabai and Srilatha Singireddy, $530,000.

Belgreen Dr., 43172-Brett E. Patrick to Gui B. Kim and Benjamin S. Russett, $489,000.

Brookford Sq., 43223-Abid Rehman and Salma Khan to Najah H. Atari, $325,000.

Cessna Lane, 44233-Sumanth K. Kollipara and Lavanya L. Yanduru to Warren Williams, $312,989.

Cherrystone Pl., 20430-Adam Lewis to Joshua E. Anderson, $583,000.

Countrywalk Ct., 43417-Peter M. Hanson and Hanson Family Trust to Mukul Gupta and Puteri K.H. Mansor, $610,000.

Elmhurst Ct., 43456-Robert E. Modowski to Kevin J. Makowski, $565,000.

Greenwich Sq., 43494-Frank E. Ballato III to D.E. Anderson, $350,000.

Hansberry Terr., 21382-David and Jane Osburn Trust to Stacey G. Joyner, $429,900.

Jarvis Sq., 21811-Guibin H. Kim to Brett L. Moore, $265,000.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21835-Javad Banaei to Sravanthi Davuluri, $365,000.

Middlebury St., 20404-Jeffrey M. Preletz to Mohamed Boukdir and Atika Atif, $449,000.

Navajo Dr., 44317-Jaskirat Lakhat to Egbert A. Pengal, $665,000.

Paget Terr., 44126-Imtiaz E. Gaslightwala to Kenneth J. Burris, $357,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 19964-Jett M. Lauck to Andrew T. Loader, $450,000.

Snowpoint Pl., 20319-Dominick M. Maddalena to Jonathan J. Giffin, $512,000.

Tippecanoe Terr., 44112-Zoya Investments Corp. to Donald S. Barish and Meghan A. Mullee, $340,000.


Clayton Hall Rd., 18287-Erik M. Hoggatt and Julie M.H. Atwell to Thomas Smith, $275,000.


Cardinal Trace Terr., 42585-Kevin S. Giles to Vimal Shukla, $285,000.

Cortez Terr., 42513-Duane C. Frist to Tracey Y. Lacey, $447,000.

Evergreen Mills Rd., 24531-Dimitri Souvagis to E. James Souvagis, $460,000.

Fanshaw Sq., 22960-Lorenzo Alexander to Paul A. Buskirk and Buskirk Family Trust, $462,500.

Lost Branch Cir., 22304-Michael Tran to Chandrasen Chintaluri and V.L.P. Sunkara, $655,000.

Mitcham Sq., 43250-Loudoun Valley Associates to Janakiram Kanukuntla, $451,927.

Redstone Terr., 42448-Anna Cassidy to Christopher D. Petrovitch, $452,500.

Schenley Terr., 21897-Diane W. Davis to Julianna Peterson and Dustin Helle, $416,000.

Unison Knoll Cir., 43141-Henry Tran to Jawad H. Khan, $1.1 million.

Windy Oaks Sq., 21960-Todd D. Kraftson to David B. Burruss, $422,500.


Caboose Terr., 45479-Ryan P. Comber to Sambasiva R. Ghanta, $207,000.

Rockforest Ct., 43462-Belmont Investments Corp. to Kannan Subramanian and Radha Srinivasan, $785,000.


Charles Town Pike, 40384-William D. Donohoe to David L. White Jr., $150,000.

Orchard Cir., 207-Stephen G. Sottosanti to Nathan C. Rivers, $325,000.


Amur Ct., 19056-Michael L. Nuss to Matthew Johnson, $865,000.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1250-Kristofer D. Jaeger to Patrick A. Towle, $450,000.

Butterfly Way, 43133-Todd A. and Jodi M. Daniel to Garry R. Siekmann, $545,000.

Chathill Terr., 43009-John G. Johnson Jr. to Gerald Rifenbark, $370,000.

Coton Commons Dr., 43311-David Dutton to Jason P. Landry, $685,000.

Cypress Point Terr., 18248-Vijay N. Shah to Michael Cummins, $557,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 320-Adam W. Leeman Jr. to Alice F. Shaw, $190,000.

Fort Evans Rd. NE, 120-S.A.W.B. Corp. to James Longergan and Kwan S. Kim, $177,000.

Harbour Town Terr., 18406-Eva M. Riehn to Nancy W. Davis, $532,500.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1128, No. 301-Micah U. Rodriguez to Joel E. Bolton, $135,000.

Koslowski Sq., 19258-Diana L. Vanhoose to Mary E. Zywiolek, $284,900.

Lees Mill Sq., 43780-Yuli L. Mikolenko to Jeffrey M. Barham, $396,500.

Merchant Mill Terr., 43606-Diane Cashin to Alan L. Thompson and Cindy C. Connor, $592,000.

Perdido Bay Terr., 18540-John A. Fox to Kerry J. Mullin, $532,500.

Radford Terr. NE, 642-Samuel I. White and Christina L. Diaz to Synergy Gateway Corp., $225,500.

Riverpoint Dr., 43816-Nikolaos Kouiroukidis to Jeffrey Kadans, $789,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18497-Peter J. Lambert to Ethan H. Nelms, $355,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 421-Suraj S. Basnet to Waqas N. Awaan, $310,000.

Vermillion Dr. NE, 721-William Weiss to Tapan J. Desai, $500,000.


Anne St. SW, 716-Charles W. Lucas to Howard Holcombe, $365,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125E, No. 9-Gurpreet Kaur and Kamna Chawla to 3425 Tuckahoe Corp., $95,000.

Connery Terr. SW, 105-Jeffrey D. Munzell to Tyler Hamrick, $290,000.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 414-Michael D. Sell to Erin M. Rahim, $355,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 104, No. E-Fredrick S. Klingebiel to Christopher J. Colsey, $153,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 662, No. 218-Michelle J. Dugan to Ryan M. Ferons, $182,000.

Governors Dr. SW, 116-James E. Carr to Edward T. Toton III, $356,000.

King St. S., 611-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin W. Arbogast, $210,000.

MacAlister Dr. SE, 834-Patrick H. Jackson to Arnold O. Tanner, $500,000.

Oak View Dr. SE, 128-Jackson Eberlin and Jennifer Kreer to Christine M. Zubal, $200,000.

Red Cedar Dr., 20773-Stephen A. Barnes to Christopher J. Dunn, $429,000.

South St. SE, 209-4518 Canary Corp. to Mohammad Sadeghi, $138,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 503, No. 404-Samantha A. Ceasario Mohr to Michael C. Colucci, $197,500.


Hammond Dr., 25-Joseph L. Ray to Edward Dicampli, $300,000.

Morrisonville Rd., 38605-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sean Mohr, $171,500.

Rodeffer Rd., 39360-Shirley B. Nickels to Justin K. Martin, $393,000.


Cider Spring Lane, 22415-Appleton Farms Corp. to Nancy E. McMahon, $478,950.

Mersey Rd., 23300-Kenneth D. Reid to Nathaniel A. Ebel, $650,000.

Washington St. W., 608-Erik Scheps to Lucy K. Wolfgong, $349,000.


Butts Lane, 37185-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to August A. Pelchar, $100,000.

F St. W., 160-Elizabeth Branan Beavers and estate of Harold D. Branan to Ronald S. Hayes, $245,000.

Snickersville Tnpk., 37109-David M. Kaseman to Kamran Jinnah, $900,000.

18th St. N., 170-Tuckahoe Corp. to Thomas P. Broad, $247,000.


Harry Byrd Hwy., 35109-Frank B. Gross to Matthew D. Kerby, $358,750.


Bald Eagle Terr., 25248-Jacqueline L. Nguyen to Sheshagirirao N. Mallepally, $352,000.

Castlebar St., 43067-Lincoln Daut to Rajan Nalawade, $680,000.

Edgewater St., 42937-James Mobley to Srikanth Athipatla and Karishma Kongara, $330,000.

Gover Dr., 25532-Richard R. Mitchell to William R. Smith, $295,000.

Hyland Hills St., 43393-Lloyd B. Whieldon and Lisa S. Grayson to Scott Josephson, $547,000.

Latrobe St., 42681-Kim A. Johnson to Andy W. Choi and Yoo J. Chung, $435,000.

Murrey Dr., 26029-Amy L. Heinle to Christopher L. Hagan, $365,000.

Planting Field Dr., 25236-Andrew Fearson to Thomas A. Higgins III, $485,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25281-David T. Amidon to Ryan M. Williams, $535,000.


Antler Ct., 46913-Sinderjeet Brar to Ozair A. Abdullah, $605,000.

Beech Rd. W., 402-Federal National Mortgage Association to Guangming Zhou and Jia Hong, $238,000.

Calamary Cir., 21686-Thad Juszczak to Sepideh Farivar and Arasb Pezeshkpour, $250,000.

Crescent Ct., 19-Joshua A. Saylor to Girolamo Pugliesi, $378,000.

Dove Tree Ct., 107-John J. Cook to Jeremiah M. Hogan, $370,000.

Harding Ct., 403-Walter J. Flores to Alfredo O. Rodriguez, $215,000.

Iberia Rd. E., 1301-Jennifer M. Miller and Kimberly A. Miller to Christopher Arduini and Amanda J. Smith, $370,000.

Maple Ave. W., 801-Creative Upgrades Corp. to 801 West Maple Ave. Corp., $250,000.

Pomegranate Ct., 30-Thomas H. Conyers and Andrea M. Canerossi to Matt J. Clark, $420,000.

Simeon Lane, 50-Steve Busko Jr. to Binh T. Nguyen and Hien K. Ha, $250,000.

Sudbury Sq., 63-GMWB Corp. and Northstar Properties Corp. to Zhicheng Su and Wenyan Zhang, $209,900.

Trumpet Cir., 46949-David E. Arthur and Noemi C. Taylor to Joel A. Alvarez, $300,000.

Woodstone Terr., 46865-Raymond P. Lefebvre to My H. Diep, $315,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

America Way, 6574-Randy S. Greenland to Carolyn L. McCann, $259,000.

Cambridge Ct., 152-D.R. Horton Inc. to James P. Shreve, $324,990.

Citation Dr., 7900-Elizabeth Rahn to Richard Rahn, $212,500.

Deep Run Mill Rd., 13291-Michael W. Kelley to Dennis M. Smith Jr., $210,000.

Dorset Lane, 94-Roy Rich and Christopher White to Michael Wiese, $230,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 4520-Stefan S. Dedes to Efrain Aguilar, $131,070.

Gay Rd., 205-Outback Inc. to James M. Kiffney, $434,500.

Grays Mill Rd., 7181-Thomas J. Ross II and Equity Trust Co. to Karri A. Voskuhl, $375,000.

Hawthorne Way, 14154-Robert D. Pettyjohn to Bruce W. Davis, $400,000.

Iron Bit Dr., 7328-Marcello Nascimento to Federico Tersoglio, $431,200.

Leeds Manor Rd., 8408-Independence Realty Corp. to Shawn Torrance, $231,350.

Maxwell Ave., 6711-Silver Arrow Corp. to Daniel A. Crane and Amy L. Sutphin, $314,000.

Mint Springs Dr., 6132-Brian C. Coffin to Christopher A. Avers, $420,000.

Osborne Dr., 3710-Irene G. Moriarty to DM Investments of Virginia Corp., $75,000.

Piney Branch Lane, 4589-Scott C. Mesick to Aubrey H. Leake III, $410,000.

Redwinged Blackbird Dr., 6360-Munir A. Amiri and Ome G. Naebzadeh to Jeremy T. Connor, $495,800.

Shenandoah Path, 9582-Yuri A. Bart to Arthur C. Parr, $520,000.

Sillamon Rd., 13231-Samuel E. Bowser to Katelyn A. Radziszewski and Andrew R. Speights, $310,000.

Split Oak St., 145-Boyd Walker to Douglas W. Salzman, $179,900.

Von Neuman Cir., 4102-Calvin E. Durgin to Jarett Spicer, $478,000.

Waterloo St., 129-Steven W. Thorpe to Stephanie Thorpe, $145,000.

Westmoreland Dr., 7314-Federal National Mortgage Association to Keith Palmer, $255,000.


Hunton Wood Dr., 5917-James S. Egeland to Calvin E. Durgin, $480,000.