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These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Prince George’s County

Baileys Pond Rd., 2404-NVR Inc. to Dionne N. Page, $290,350.

Baileys Pond Rd., 2412-NVR Inc. to Crystal R. Taylor, $274,650.

Byron St., 1005-Carla A. Thrower to Morequity Inc., $351,500.

White Hall Ave., 14900-David and Julia Hartbarger to Federal National Mortgage Association, $240,755.


Chickadee Lane, 10118-George H. and Edna U. Hannah to Daniel M. and Connie W. Schmitt, $350,000.

Fairoak Ave., 838-Kathy Lynn Corbott and estate of Annie B. Corbett to Ulises A. Bonilla, $220,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 124-Diana C. Theologou to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $27,251.

Riggs Rd., 7953, No. 7953-2-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Santos A. Rivera, $59,000.

Rutland Pl., 10415-Generation Mortgage to R.E. Properties Corp., $176,000.

18th Ave., 7400-Robert M. McCarthy and Helen Bowers to Ubaldo Morales, $38,500.

24th Ave., 7005-Marta M. and Rene Amaya to Preferred Resource Corp., $150,000.


Big Horn Ct., 11312-Calvin J. and Latasha N. Baxter to Heysi M. and Ever H. Juarez, $160,000.

Naples Ave., 4712-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Holdemar Fuentes Lopez and Lucia D. Flores Benitez, $185,000.

Queen Anne Ave., 11105-Stephen Bottalico to Jose M. Coreas, $315,000.


Doris Ct., 5504-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul N. Mbang and Toh E. Nasah, $162,000.

Taussig Rd., 5440-Alphonson Joseph Harrison to Unique Affordable Homes Corp., $76,000.


Annapolis Rd., 15412-Kimberley M. Barnes to Levy E. Rivera Henriquez, $150,000.

Belair Dr., 2703-Christopher Underwood to John A. and Marie W. Jack, $365,000.

Collingtons Bounty Dr., 4916-NVR Inc. to Kim L. Tubbs, $386,965.

Kembridge Dr., 12503-John A. and Marie W. Jack to Natalia A. Weinsetel, $295,000.

Kimble Lane, 2604-Rebecca Ovbiagele to Ronald D. Corbin Jr., $275,000.

Lavender Terr., 4202-Pennymac Corp. to Colby A. Richardson, $255,000.

Marleigh Dr., 12405-Brandon I. and Rita A. Hensley to Theia J. Smith and James C. Washington, $435,000.

Overbrook Lane, 13119-Dorothy A. and Ronald S. Samek to Ronnita Jewel Gunter, $259,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8028-Peter H. Feldhausen to Joshua L. Allen, $273,000.

River Park Rd., 8206-Lori J. and Shawn Tittley to Carrie M. Irby, $350,000.

Running Deer Way, 4659, No. 365-Abayomi Salu to Solomon Agunbiade, $125,000.

Steeplechase Dr., 13213-Athena Karas Nolan to Keith J. and Katherine R. Sinnott, $329,900.

Thackeray Ct., 12015-Derek K. Hamilton to Skyle C. and Janelle Mathieson, $360,000.

Wakefield Lane, 3901-Glenn D. Jackson to Scott G. and Elizzabeth Phillips, $278,000.

Sixth St., 13110-Rehabulous Corp. to Oluwafemi J. Omikunle, $220,000.


Elysian Lane, 16409-Tracey D. Fuller to Ralph O. and Amanda E. King, $249,900.

Nashua Lane, 15013-Tammi T. Owens to Al Fajr Kemal, $220,000.

Northcote Lane, 15017-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael Weston and Alexandra H. Corteselli, $225,000.

Presidio Way, 16217-Cassandra P. Atcherson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $231,486.


Brandywine Rd., 15615-Alyce E. Dixon and Alan M. Springs to Florida On the Potomac Corp., $268,750.

Cross Road Trail, 11100-Robert C. and Dana J. Estep to Kim Y. Johnson, $275,000.

Gideon Gilpin St., 15411-Oyinlola B. Onakoya to Wendy M. Ward, $177,000.

Whitaker Park Dr., 13219-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Mary M. and Jed S. Thompson, $419,990.


Wallace Rd., 3910-Rox-Andy Properties Corp. to Lauren Secco, $235,000.


Addison Rd., 5206-Vonda Wyatt to Paul Pak Chuen Wu, $51,469.

Addison Rd. S., 713-NVR Inc. to Angela M. Jackson, $274,311.

Adeline Way, 1220-Federal National Mortgage Association to Latoya A. Price, $110,000.

Booker Dr., 1160-Donald L. and Irene Elizabeth Richardson to Kimberlynn O. Thompson, $124,000.

Calder Dr., 7310-Edgar Gramblin to Navy Federal Credit Union, $107,700.

Dillon Ct., 1206-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adrian Nicole Dawkins, $72,000.

Elfin Ave., 617-Onewest Bank to Franklin Dixon Sr., $55,000.

Folgate Ct., 5803-Amt 1 Corp. to Simi Zfati, $141,900.

Hastings Dr., 7020-Harbour Maryland Properties Corp. to Owen G. Duncan, $180,000.

James Farmer Way, 6801-Catherine V. Burns to David and Ronda Brown Esaw, $80,000.

Joplin St., 6516-1842 Arwell C. Corp. to Ernest Armstrong, $125,000.

Karen Blvd., 1038-Charles R. Katera to Federal National Mortgage Association, $255,222.

Leroy Gorham Dr., 5013-Denise Jeter Snoody and Dennis Jeter Sr. to Bennett Team Properties Corp., $15,000.

Pacific Ave., 1519-Tamika Osborne and Karen Johnson to April N. Hinnant, $170,000.

Possum Ct., 314-Mary Wilson and Binta Saidu to BDD Holding 2 Corp., $97,500.

Rollingdale Way, 4716-Lavon M. Picott to Household Finance Corp. III, $219,200.

Shell St., 4104-Metro D 1 Corp. to Angel Williams, $160,000.

Thomasson Ct., 107-Gtis Hov Villages at Pepper Mill Corp. to Neia Herbert, $263,038.

Ute Way, 1002-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Five Star Homes Corp., $65,299.

59th Ave., 718-Xiang Fan Li to Crystal Watson and Sheila Brown, $195,000.

69th St., 506-Wanda L. Jackson to Bennett Team Properties Corp., $32,600.


Central Hills Terr., 6706-Suntrust Bank to Tremayne Norris, $97,000.

Consideration Lane, 1104-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Teosha Honeygan, $200,000.

Crane Pl., 7411-Deloris E. Marshall to Staar Properties Corp., $115,555.

Gondar Ave., 1107-Savitri Gay Crenshaw to Ricardo B. Ferguson, $200,000.

Hawthorne St., 7010-Jacqueline Carter to Erlin O. Velasquez, $100,000.

Kaplan Ct., 716-Tremayne Norris to Winsome Barbara Reid, $176,500.

Lake Ave., 3110-Michael C. and Sara A. Gibson to Andre J. Van Der Westhuysen and Annemarie Mattheyse, $355,000.

Palmer Park Rd., 1921-Kenneth J. MacFadyen to Retained Realty Inc., $139,500.

Southland Dr., 6406-Katherine S. Butler and estate of Richard E. Butler to Compass Solutions Corp., $125,000.

59th Pl., 2404-Secured Improvements Corp. to Naomi Coquillon, $275,000.


Autumn Way, 8408-Paul Lavaughn and Diane D. Tucker to DNJH Corp., $120,000.

Buckhardt Ct., 12718-SD Homes Corp. to Earvin and Mia Shade, $399,999.

Chris Mar Ave., 5713-Joncea Dixon to Rometta D. Shields, $150,000.

Deka Rd., 12106-Leonora A. Robinson and estate of Moses Lee Robinson Jr. to James C. Herbert, $195,000.

Evelyn Lane, 8303-Maria G. Beltran and Evelyn P. Overton to Romualdo Escanilla, $120,000.

Hardesty Dr., 8830-Mark S. Devan to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $250,051.

Kidder Rd., 3104-Paulette V. Whiting to Janelle C. Brown, $284,000.

Michael Dr., 9405-Doris M. Gibbs to Maria Dolores Baires, $140,000.

Piscataway Landing Dr., 12907-Kenneth B. Walker to Miguel Martiniere Suarez, $275,000.

Rockfish Way, 5542-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennelle Thomas, $185,000.

Sweeney Dr., 8410-Ak Cedar Chase Corp. to NVR Inc., $114,000.

Windbrook Dr., 12916-Sean Cooney to Realington Three Corp., $160,000.


Cherokee St., 4805-Collegiate Group Corp. to Abe H., Souad F. and Sue Fouad Nachabe, $270,000.

Geronimo St., 5008-Federal National Mortgage Association to Pavel Zhuravlev, $285,000.

Kenesaw St., 5117-Deutsche Bank and Onewest Bank to David Bernard, $167,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 517-Anna Kopstein to Hongwei Zheng and Hui Zhuang, $177,500.

Muskogee St., 4907-Richard R. Angus to Jeff Wayne Howard and Mark Chavarria, $159,900.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 702-Roslynn R. Patterson and estate of Lottie Mae Patterson to Rachel S. and Rosalind M. Ellis, $115,000.


Bonny Dr., 8409-LPP Mortgage Corp. to John Lesniewski, $134,000.

Donnell Pl., 7205, No. AA-3-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James D. Newsome, $25,000.

Earl Dr., 7104-Rene O. and Alma A. Pimentel to Frieda and Juan Rene Pimentel and Illa Jeter, $216,700.

Fairfield Dr., 1409-Dannah M. Head and estate of Mary Henderson to Monique Whitney and Emmanuel N. Nortey, $185,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1813-Kimberlyn Dickens to Evelyn M. and Gerard P. Stack, $85,000.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 6008-Calvin and Anita L. Boone to Jamal Yates, $155,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6912-Jean T. Young and Kelynn R. Lewis to New Spring Corp., $115,000.

Mane Lane, 7703-Kerry Darden to Sharisse Crawley, $214,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3501-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Annette Pickens, $116,000.

Springdale Ave., 3321-Katherina V. Johnson to GFFM Holdings Corp., $90,000.

Sydney Ave., 3001-Wells Fargo Bank to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $108,000.

Tulip Ave., 1623-Benita Hopson Gilliam to Renardo Francis, $164,900.

Weber Dr., 2015-ZMC Corp. to Hollis D. Robinson, $210,000.


Allentown Rd., 8201-Vinita L. Chavis to Ali and Farahshad Assayesh, $75,000.

Autumn Grove Ct., 606-RMS Residential Properties Corp. to Timothy Masimore, $325,000.

Bock Rd., 7700-Walter E. and Donald F. Mcginnis to Santos Felipe Bonilla, $240,000.

Browns Lane, 2203-James M. Bartley and estate of Jackie M. Bartley to Henry Bruce Alston, $205,000.

Centennial Dr., 1100-Carla K. Rosenthal to Brian Carter and Helen C. Armour Carter, $250,000.

Hickory St., 3-Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co. to Paul Iracame, $50,000.

Jadee Ct., 9705-Mary L. and Harcourt R. Holder to Hasan N. Majied, $335,000.

Lorelei Dr., 1602-HSBC Bank to Wilhem A. Plate Canepa, $162,000.

Nolan Lane, 7701-Lailani Y. Lucy Garcia and Arsenia Y. Luci to Oscar Andaya Lomibao and Myrna Macasling Lomibao, $120,000.

Old Fort Rd., 12710-Ali Messari to Jose Raul Bonilla and Oneyda Soto, $162,000.

Payne Dr., 4212-Osmel Parada and Julian Alvarenga to Juan Francisco Martinez, $170,000.

Rhame Dr., 13201-Ronald F. and Georgette B. Weiss to Shawna Lee and Edwin Thomas Benken, $225,000.

Rosecroft Blvd., 2007-George C. and Eileen C. Tolson to Antonio S. Castillo, $195,000.

Stonesboro Rd., 3402-JP Morgan Chase Bank to April J. Chiu, $255,000.

Trafalgar Dr., 2113-Ricky Gallman to Federal National Mortgage Association, $418,000.

Waterfront St., 501-Potomac Overlook III Corp. to Keyon Cardell Smith and Zena Ricks, $603,624.

Willow Wood Ct., 403-Willco Properties Corp. to Crystal Guthrie, $361,500.


Dubarry St., 10028-Rafael Olaria to Realington 13 Corp., $176,000.

Ransom Dr., 12413-Victor Marcelle and Charlene Marcelle Warner to Naima I. Manley, $270,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8663-Bethune Development Corp. to Reina I. Guzman, $73,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7728-Nesaline Frances Davis to Federal National Mortgage Association, $254,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 8104, No. 8104-Evelyn K. Payne to Stephanie E. Lee, $170,000.

Mandan Rd., 7522-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Yufei Hu and Si Chen, $162,000.


Farragut St., 4110-Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Aden Hassan and Brouktawit Tamrat, $245,000.

Longfellow St., 4548-Pulte Home Corp. to Sara A. Gibson, $340,607.

43rd Ave., 6011-Leanna D. Berger to Paul S., Kathleen C. and Michael Hillstrom, $191,285.

60th Ave., 5102-Robert L. Rhoades Jr. and estate of Rheda Fern Zucker to Pedro Sternberg, $95,000.


Barker Pl., 5703-Bolton Funding Corp. to Joseph M. Spooner and Emily A. Bell, $229,900.

Echols Ave., 7915-Gustavo and Cruz P. Martinez to Julianah Adelana, $126,000.

Franklin Ave., 9508-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey Geier, $145,000.

Lamont Dr., 6706-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jose and Catalina Sorto, $175,000.

Linwood Ct., 5502-Blessing and Peter O. Olumese to Jacinta Anyanwu, $225,000.

Rolling View Dr., 9112-Lavaughn and Felecia G. Hughes to Fredy and Maynor Requeno, $158,000.

Storch Dr., 10526-Vernon C. and Eleanor H. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,000.

Walkerton Dr., 9005-Victor H. and Rose L. Miles to Fei Enterprises Corp., $120,000.

Worrell Ave., 9506-Gary Arthur Mangum to Anthony Davis, $150,000.

10th St., 9112-Hyang S. Song and Ki S. Kim to Marie T. Kameni, $209,000.


Azalea Ct., 105, No. 18-3-Kellette V. Gale to Linda C. and Samuel C. Smith, $64,679.

Berwick Lane N., 15209-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Latricia and Aaron White, $344,900.

Castleton Pl., 216-Cherri Cox Stewart to Rufus K. Conteh, $210,700.

Dornoch Way, 2012-NVR Inc. to Remilekun Dosumu, $337,965.

Dunloring Pl., 11416-Dionte and Kimberly Woods to Shondae P. Legrad, $170,480.

Fernwood Dr., 1604-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Tamika F. Bishop, $314,550.

Fernwood Dr., 1747-Richmond American Homes to Regina Kimbrough, $298,318.

Fittleworth Terr., 2110-Richmond American Homes to Michael Knight, $469,990.

Harry S Truman Dr., 352, No. 247-Felicia Ikpeama to Lovepeace Home Solutions One Corp., $100,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 2706-Richmond American Homes to Talisha Clark and Everett Roundtree, $445,270.

Mount Lubentia Ct. W., 609-Yalonda R. Beverly to Deltona D. Samuels and Nicola T. Henry, $115,000.

Panora Way, 329-NVR Inc. to Charles H. Glass Jr. and Sugi M. Spriggs, $581,420.

Prince Pl., 10121, No. 304-10B-Rashonda M. Rosier to Kai Chel and Kai Fay Yee, $50,000.

Red Jade Ct., 11442, No. 6-2-Latonya Milburn to Marsimo Real Estate Ventures, $77,000.

Snow Drop Ct., 11408-Michael Craig and Raini Allen Haynes to Danny Thomas Hall, $369,900.

Utica Pl., 9506-Linda M. Taylor to Reyna, Deysi and Julio Hernandez and Jose E. Lopez Santamaria, $265,000.


Arbory Lane S., 7601-Tony A. and Hada V. Navarrete to Sumit Khaneja, Lakshit Gaind and Dheeren Mahajan, $80,000.

Belle Ami Dr., 14914-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gwendolyn Thomas and Peter Regis, $140,000.

Bonnett Lane, 14438-Betzaida Perez and David Alex Ermer to Franklin and Camila Rodrigues, $220,000.

Cambridge Cir., 14517-Bruce E. Yuille and estate of Deborah Ann Yuille to Jose Rodriguez and Javier Szuchman, $165,000.

Dorset Rd., 15712-Oluremilekun Dunni and Ademuyiwa A. Oyemade to P&Q. Realty Corp., $80,000.

Jerald Rd., 16113-Thomas R. and Valerie S. Rey to Davon D. Cooper and Cecily Y. White Cooper, $345,000.

Magnolia St., 8601-Charlene Anderson Hutchinson and estate of Gerald W. Fraley to Nazario Family Corp., $210,000.

Mill Creek Ct., 7209-Stacie N. Robinson to Andrea N. and Eric R. Reinhardt, $145,000.

Oakpointe Dr., 14105-Jose and Reyna Amaya to Tsui Wai Cheng, $155,000.

Vista Dr., 14036-Ana A. Santiesteban to Andres D. Gonzalez, $61,600.

Winterfield Terr., 7303-Elizabeth L. Hileman and Nicole A. Williams to Victoria Falls Community Association Inc., $20,178.


Apache Tears Cir., 12240-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Mbogu Antoinnette Metuge, $240,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 13101-Cecelia A. Helms to Andre S. Hendricks, $320,000.

Mallard Dr., 9915-Wells Fargo Bank to William T. Spicknall, $112,500.

Tuscany Dr., 11527-Erica B. Drezek to Bijan and Joy Haghtalab, $259,900.


32nd St., 3811-JP Morgan Chase Bank to E&B Homes Corp., $145,000.


Barton Rd., 6814-Ilan Lagziel and Yifat Levy Yurista to Larry L. and Lindora Owens, $242,000.

Darby Rd., 6712-Cristian R. and Rudis L. Maldonado to M K E Homes Inc., $99,900.

Farmcrest Dr., 7407-Value Homes Corp. to Angela D. Williams, $300,000.

Inlet St., 6509-Mary Jean Geiger and John E. McGinnis to Luis Velez Alvarez and Zasha N. Guzman Torres, $170,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7521, No. 1964-Arthur A. Friend to Denise and Jamal Gaynor, $27,000.

Thornwood Rd., 3808-Donald K. and Veronica Ham to Margarito Camacho, $130,000.

58th Ave., 3901-Federal National Mortgage Association and Bierman Geesing & Ward Corp. to Raymundo E. Gonzales and Sungkum Parm, $155,700.

68th Pl., 4702-Arnold D. Ewin to Federal Home Loan Mortage Corp., $137,520.


Birchwood Dr., 1603-Jamal Theodore Anderson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $273,000.

Deep Gorge Ct., 1538-Kenneth J. MacFayden to Federal National Mortgage Association, $291,300.

Haven Ave., 6813-Dorothy E. Hart to Sunil Sharma, Mahesh Tahiliani and Mohan Tahiliani, $91,000.

Potomac Psge., 155-NHL Residential Development Inc. to Fernando Szpilman Cutz, $289,900.

Virginia Ct., 5405-Ethel D. and Linda M. Smith to New Spring Corp., $150,000.


Ingraham St., 6912-Claire J. Joseph and Gladstone G. Stewart to Ling Liu and Jeff Gu, $130,000.

Patterson St., 5607-Lauren N. Roy and Edward Earl Carter to Paul C. Schwobel, $129,000.

Roanoke Ave., 5901-John S. Jenkins to Jose Maria Garcia Perez, $217,000.

55th Pl., 5400-Marco Guzman and Claudia Guzman Zaabreda to Zengshu Xu, $110,000.

67th Ave., 5712-Santos A. Rivera to Antione Kejuan Vinson, $220,000.


Brooks Dr., 2405-Oakland Development Corp. to Isaac Jones, $186,000.

Fort Dr., 2510-Wanda A. Smith to Herbert E. and Jacquelyn A. Thomas, $225,000.

Hartfield Ave., 5601-Kristin Hudgens and Carl H. Shazor Jr. to Benjamin and Joe E. Laster, $165,000.

Irma Ct., 3140-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Angelica N. Steward, $96,000.

Lakewood St., 2217-George F. Riseling Jr. and estate of George F. Riseling to Quyen N. Nguyen and Ellen Tang, $89,900.

Meadowview Dr., 3931-Mary J. Allen and estate of Tajuana Allen to Vondra M. Woodward, $116,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3851, No. 3851-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Anderson, $33,200.

Woodland Rd., 6608-Jenni L. Brown to SE Bulldog Corp., $90,000.


Allentown Rd., 6922-Michael Mitchell to Jose R. Cruz, $175,000.

Beechwood Dr., 6556-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Midatlantic Ira Corp. and Seife Bisrat, $95,000.

Brinkley Station Dr., 3019-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Mingu and Yuri Lee, $129,900.

Chadwick Terr., 2046-Baltimore Investors Corp. to Raymond L. Brown, $172,000.

Frazier Terr., 5405-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Betty Hill, $250,000.

Jameson St., 2006-James M. and Terea M. Vines to Roosevelt Litlejohn Jr. and Vernice Timmons, $220,000.

Murdock St., 4006-John W. and Zelmar S. Gordon to Benjamin Welch Jr., $138,500.

Temple Hill Rd., 4901-Baltazara Canlas Dizon and Mageli Talastas to Ricardo and Marina M. De Perio and Maria Dolores Danan, $68,250.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 207-RCC Plaza Lofts 22 Corp. to Francine J. Tall, $198,000.

Balfour Ct., 1305-Bounds Appraisal Services Inc. to Bruno A. Salmeron, $263,500.

Hamilton St., 3701-Domus Capital Corp. to Benjamin Joseph and Nicole Kovite Zeitler, $409,000.

Madison St., 3522-Federal National Mortgage Association to Fu Guo and Qiaxia He, $155,000.

Sligo Pkwy., 6303-Reginald and Ardelia A. Seabrook to Manuel A. Flores, $135,000.

Van Buren St., 2105-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Edwin R. Perla, $155,000.

30th Ave., 5712-Rachel Kessler and Sarah A. Plumer to Homegrown Legacy Corp., $155,000.


Ailesbury Ct., 13206-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kenya Halliday, $200,000.

Beech Hill Rd., 13011-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Tervin I. and Wendy T. Caudle, $515,000.

Carousel Ct., 12834-Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. to Dana Marie Hill, $190,000.

Cranford Terr., 4902-Phillippa L. Johnston to Richard Oyeniyi and Racheal Adeoti Adejumo, $309,000.

Dappled Grey Way, 11203-Toll MD V Partnership to Keith E. and Janice M. Smith, $795,000.

Fairway View Lane, 17100-Agnes Marie Barber to Demetrius James and Tytianna Brown, $147,000.

Graystone Dr., 9909-Gregory and Donna M. Dasher to Antionette C. Lyles, $290,000.

Live Oak Pl., 12706-Congratulations Home Improvement Corp. to Dennis L. Herrera, $247,500.

Marlton Center Dr., 12610-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rose Development Corp., $139,000.

Mccullagh Ct., 12213-Quang Minh and Phuc Van Luu to Craig N. Fisher, $197,000.

Rawlings Ct., 11003-KB Homes Maryland Inc. to Ranata T. Lee and Kwame Wolfe, $419,414.

Timberline Dr., 10900-Rudy and Marjean Gleaton to Daniel T. and Sheila I. Dawson, $260,000.


Agua Vista Ct., 4103-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerel L. and Kristen M. Morton, $314,900.

Balsam Poplar Pl., 10200-Josephine N. Omayaka to Warren L. Edmondson, $220,000.

Doveheart Lane, 15304-Delaney R. and Kester Ebo to Barbara J. Ward, $320,100.

Hall Station Dr., 910-NVR Inc. to Yolanda C. Brown, $304,990.

Lake Overlook Pl., 11200-Toni K. Bowie and estate of Claudia C. Ridley to Adeola O. and Adeniyi L. Ifekoya, $193,000.

Saint Josephs Dr., 2313-D.R. Horton Inc. to Karen L. Jones, $397,775.

Thamesmead Ct., 1815-Roger L. Hawkins and Ivy S. Wooten-Hawkins to Ayokunmi E. Kingbade, $205,000.

Water Port Ct., 10908-Roger E. Carey to Ryan S. Lee and Ivania M. Bernal, $218,000.

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