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Fairfax County

Barrister Pl., 6308-Adele L. Derby to Martin J. Doblmeier, $545,000.

Columbia Dr., 6911-Matthew McCracken to Davin E. Hattaway, $364,900.

Gatewood Dr., 1118-William L. Gehrig to John C. Adams, $837,500.

Park Terrace Dr., 6912-Edwin S. Hartman Jr. to Tricia A. Tingle, $604,000.

Roanoke Dr., 2239-Matthew C. Kullman to Ingrid A. Lima Hernandez, $304,500.


Alexander Ave., 6056-Dan W. Hamlin to Margaret Buddeke, $408,000.

Ballycastle Cir., 5285-Linda D. Brown Keller to Michael J. Tsapos II, $529,900.

Briarleigh Way, 6623-Tracie J. Towner to Levander Hughes Jr., $358,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6838, No. 240-United Bank to Catherine A. Hanna, $205,000.

Climbhill Rd., 6216-Sean Dilley to Michael W. McKenna, $282,000.

Dreams Way Ct., 7006-Margaret W. Haberman to Patrick Gray, $619,900.

Founders Hill Ct., 5982, No. 304-Valerie Villegas to Thomas J. Carlin, $340,000.

Franconia Commons Dr., 6325-Karen Haffmans and estate of Leslie A. Leiper to Thomas Woldemeskle, $462,500.

Goldenrod Ct., 6005-Wesley Stucklak to Shawna Casey, $365,000.

Haltwhistle Lane, 6642-Gloria L. Marshall to Matthew A. Eason, $465,000.

Heatherway Ct., 6825-Myung Jae Roh to Richard Alexander, $347,500.

Ivanhoe Lane, 3721-Eloise M. Sendi to Michael Gerson, $692,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5990-Casey Fowler to Olena Napolitano, $310,000.

Little Valley Way, 6215-Ian T. McMichael to Belaynesh A. Desalegn, $318,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6941F, No. F-George P. Glover to JLG Investments Corp., $207,100.

Netties Lane, 6610, No. 27J-Patricia M. Csihas to Caroline Ortega, $294,850.

Old Brentford Rd., 6996-David Platt to Evan Pipitone and Rachel Hopkins, $345,000.

Pieco Ct., 6001-Hilario Mercado Jr. to Robin M. Phillips, $395,000.

Sibel Pl., 6261-Phuong T. and Hanh H. Tang to Glen E. Sidaras, $700,000.

Terrapin Pl., 5920-Maritza Alexander to Quintin S. Krisp, $305,000.

Valley View Dr., 6130-Edith A. Chappelle to Andrew Rosado, $308,140.

Willowood Lane, 6403-Darren M. Springer to Richard Sanders, $389,900.


Airlie Way, 4533-Dianne L. Altman to Michael A. Ward, $411,100.

Americana Dr., 4919, No. F-Wanda Strickland and Greta Getlein to Francisco Salgado, $135,000.

Cordell St., 4210-John F. Dobrydney to Arturo Lopez Delavega, $629,000.

Forest Glen Ct., 4407-Norman Stanhope to Aisha McClinton, $195,000.

Hill Dr., 7340-Federal National Mortgage Association to Boris A. Gomelsky, $800,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7707, No. 62-Venus Properties Corp. to Robert H. Chamberlain Jr., $235,000.

Launcelot Way, 3508-Kirsten Singer to Scott S. MacIntyre, $630,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4106, No. 304-Sherri L. Lee to Won Kuk Kwak, $120,000.

Millcreek Dr., 3918-Richard O. Washco to Joanne Krause, $730,000.

Sauquoit Lane, 4946-Kathleen P. Washburn and Robert C. Kime Jr. to Kevin Jennings, $350,000.

Tobin Rd., 8316, No. T3-Canter Corp. to Sylvia C. Carranza, $184,520.

Winterset Dr., 3815-Peter Deforth and Carol Hook to Carl L. Keller, $660,000.

Zanuck Ct., 7467-Courtland H. Grimm Jr. to Christopher Balallo, $350,000.


Hallran Rd., 3213-Michael J. Morgan to Leslie F. Mitchell, $337,500.

Leesburg Pike., 6137, No. 402-Mark Allen to Jean Rber, $105,000.

Madison Watch Way, 3686-Eugene J. Hubka Jr. to Claudio A. Noetzli, $440,000.

Reservoir Heights Ave., 5845-Rebecca I. Ryan to Shawn A. Piers, $430,000.

Steppes Ct., 3857A-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Luis A. Merino to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $245,000.


Britford Dr., 9686-Anthony E. Zanette to William D. Meskill, $746,299.

Canvasback Rd., 5835-Kathleen Ackerson and estate of Patrick W. Deiss to Maqsoda Maqsodi, $365,000.

Fox Lair Dr., 9200-Oleva Corp. to Canter Corp., $370,000.

High Water Ct., 9874-Stuart P. Hopper to Aaron Criswell, $387,501.

Jacksons Oak Ct., 5872-Joseph B. Herold to Ricardo Estevez, $285,450.

Lakepointe Dr., 9715-Michelle P. Roper to Andrew W. Ruxer and Julia C. Simons, $371,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6105-Tahir M. Syed to James C. Workman, $345,000.

Oak Wilds Ct., 10807-Young K. Won to Joshua B. Tremblay, $439,000.

Raintree Rd., 9313-Robert B. Field and William S. Field Trust to 9313 Raintree Rd. Corp., $401,400.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10156-Christopher A. Bevington to Peter Russo, $375,000.

Sunset Woods Ct., 6716-Steven C. Christopher to Philip Smith, $397,010.

Ulysses Ct., 9417-Christopher K. Ewald to Jorge Calderon, $408,500.

Wards Grove Cir., 10014-Ted K. Broyhill to Sean C. Flanagan, $535,000.

Wilmington Dr., 6010-Eric S. Lurie to Partam Manalai, $589,900.


Baton Rouge Ct., 13978-Alg Trustee Corp. and Erkan Baybas to Federal National Mortgage Association, $361,481.

Brittney Elyse Cir., 5146T-Jeff K. Park to Silpa Nalubolu, $243,000.

Clay Spur Ct., 6069-Anthony Steppe to Conrad J.P. Osterwalder, $336,000.

Croatan Dr., 14636-Bradley Semel to Thoai Lan Tran, $318,500.

Eagle Tavern Lane, 15497-Michael Hammonds to Andrew S. Webb, $679,500.

Four Chimney Dr., 14432-Hesham Abouelregal to Robert Lynch and Russell Almond, $300,000.

Gothic Dr., 13902-Hee Han to Monte Carlo Financial Corp., $325,000.

Hoskins Hollow Cir., 6106C-Eva R. Sejas to Matthew S. Ertter and Merritt E. Moore, $270,000.

Jordans Journey Dr., 15315-Gregory S. Booth to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $625,000.

Middlebourne Lane, 5425-Dimiter M. Dimitrov to Joon Woo Kang, $333,000.

Millicent Ct., 14820-Helmand Investment Corp. and Luberon Investments Corp. to Elizabeth A. McDowell, $265,000.

Ottawa Rd., 5627-Irap Investments Corp. to Peter Close, $410,000.

Red River Dr., 14118-Jean M. Haymes to in Chong Hwang, $374,000.

Rosalie Ridge Dr., 5205-Sekhar S. Dochibhotla to Charles T. Bourgeois, $980,000.

Sawteeth Way, 13990-Ted W. Warnock to David O. Deetz Jr., $439,900.

Stone Creek Dr., 5806-Raphael Cavazos to Wesley Baucum, $468,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6115-Azadeh Amirsadri to Biplob Ashram, $306,000.

Truro Parish Ct., 14550-Bankunited to Edward Yang and Mei Su, $237,000.

Water Springs Ct., 13674-Fred Tingle to Michael A. Sandles, $275,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15196-Michael R. Wrinkle to Richard H. Schlatter Jr., $619,000.


Donegal Church Ct., 4357-Janice D. Pryor to Ryan Olson, $450,000.

Hamlin Ct., 4132-Rpaa Investment Corp. to Michel Ludena Rios, $307,000.

Lightfoot St., 3820, No. 314-Brian Bolden to Shrey Corp., $165,000.

Pennsboro Dr., 13621-Jose W. Salinas to Venus Properties Corp., $312,000.

Sand Rock Ct., 13412-Ronald L. Lamarche to Sean Neihoff, $510,000.

Valley Country Dr., 13949-Raymond A. Bailey to Timothy W. Williams, $610,000.


Clifton Rd., 7233-Foundation Residential Corp. to Philip J. Loftus, $690,000.

Deepwood Farm Dr., 6404-E. Trade Financial to Ashraf N. Gendy, $701,000.

Kincheloe Rd., 7700-Samuel D. Blesi to John J. O’Neill, $1.29 million.

Springhouse Ct., 13909-Nicole Betancourt to Derrick R. Nak and Ashley O. Rattana, $532,000.

Turtle Valley Dr., 7908-Faye K. Carroll to Larry J. Wyrick, $705,000.


Blake Lane, 9634-Cary Z. Cucinelli to Juan Zhao, $450,000.

Green Look Ct., 3906-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Andreas P. Ioannou to NP Investment Group Corp., $365,600.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9702, No. 102-Cline S. Hall to Yan Ding, $206,750.

Upper Park Dr., 4239-Richard T. Sundland to Sami Amin, $581,000.


Community Lane, 10113-Eric A. Anderson and Virginia R. McGlothlin to Northeast Land and Investment Co., $300,000.

Mountain Dulcimer Ct., 10800-Jeffrey T. Hawkins to Christian A. Degu, $724,000.

Run Oaks Dr. S., 9691-George M. Clarke III to Jared Jalbert, $550,000.

Wood Pointe Way, 9130-John D. Kern to John W. Mills, $635,000.


Annandale Rd., 3117-Beau S. Briggs to Dawn L. Timothy, $443,000.

Bisvey Dr., 2830-Mark L. Anstrom to Andrew W. Dale, $435,500.

Brook Dr., 2910-Alberta Lopez and Angel F. Lopez Mazariegos to Harold Durham, $425,000.

Chanute Pl., 8004, No. 19-Federal National Mortgage Association to Francisco J. Hernandez, $175,000.

Covewood Ct., 3152, No. L-Fleta Farris to Barbarajean Blodgett, $209,240.

Freehollow Dr., 7818-George L. Moran and Kim Mai to Spring T. Vaughan, $100,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 3233-Mary A. Hand to Joshua D. Gross, $390,000.

Kings Chapel Rd., 2904, No. 5-8-Leon Kao to Annie Gong, $126,000.

New Providence Ct., 2844-Edmund C. Burnett Jr. to Adam N. Coles, $285,000.

Seven Oaks Ct., 6412-J. B. Copeland to Justin D. Brandenburg, $507,000.

Tyler Ave., 7221-Can Nguyen to Christopher Lopez, $675,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7786, No. 7786-Elizabeth Page Buchanan to Jess M. Sponable, $323,000.


Beacon Lane, 6629-Seth A. Roggins to Zhongmin Wang, $1.38 million.

Helena Dr., 7720-Marion P. Stevens to Saifaldin D. Rahman, $795,000.

Idylwood Rd., 7111-Matilde Kelly to Dhruv Sharma, $466,060.

Powhatan St., 1935-Melissa Ni and Gray Trust to Derek Theurer, $740,000.


Boulevard Dr. W., 8418-Siham B. Ajay to Frank T. Gulino, $600,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8915-Mary B. Jones to Kevin Roe, $655,000.

Plymouth Rd., 8728-Richard S. Niswander to Jeffrey Koelsch, $1.32 million.

Wellington Rd., 7906-Redpath Development Corp. to Edward L. Herrington, $810,000.


Amanda Dr., 1118-Kevin P. O’Shea to Murad Mahmood, $1.15 million.

Constellation Dr., 843-Jeffrey Brown to David Su, $600,000.

Great Passage Blvd., 1066-Bank of America to Alok K. Gupta, $1.4 million.

Jaysmith St., 903-John J. Knab to Paul Fiffick, $750,000.

Patowmack Dr., 10865-James R. Barnett to Justin Rerko, $1.25 million.

Sterling Montague Dr., 9212-Keith E. Nalepka to Genaro J. Pedroarias, $885,000.

Walker Rd., 837-Nelson B. Roy to Fanlin Zhu, $820,000.


Archer Ct., 707-Cheryl A. Valdivia to Juan Yang and Ziaomei Ma, $300,000.

Bond St., 1241-Daniel Knight to Federal National Mortgage Association, $367,492.

Capstone Cir., 2136-Richard H. Kaake to Pamela A. Swartley Ko, $450,000.

Davinci Lane, 13521, No. 68-Federal National Mortgage Association to Seth E. Allen and Josue A. Pluguez Figueroa, $350,000.

Emerald Chase Dr., 2994-Warren R. Philipson to Srihari Akiri, $475,000.

Florida Ave., 521, No. 102-Aurea M. Serrano to Jamie Shin, $160,000.

Franklins Way, 3105-Don I. Tharpe to Robert S. Thornton, $882,500.

Granite Wood Ct., 2795-James L. Yates to Heather L. Mella, $382,000.

Jeff Ryan Dr., 1004-Carmel Ventures Corp. to Scott Ritter, $390,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 13459-Robert H. Pascale to Robert R. Eftekari, $470,000.

Magnolia Lane, 1237-Blanca Castillo to Lisong Liu, $199,000.

Nestlewood Dr., 3107-Gary M. Cage Jr. to Carl Lydick, $545,000.

Parkstream Terr., 12248-Steven C. Lamkin to Andrew M. Cuneo, $414,000.

Piney Ridge Ct., 3332-Anthony O’Dell to Mark Giaconia, $356,000.

Saber Lane, 1003-Charles D. Overpeck to Kathleen E. Whitten, $248,500.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 309-Abdulaziz Alayouni to Ramachandra S. Reddy, $175,000.


Fort Dr., 2720-Barbara H. Smith to Jacob Landis, $381,500.

Indian Dr., 2606, No. 52-Equity Trustees Corp. and Fred C. Phillips to Paramount Investments Corp., $112,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1401-Barbara A. Barron to Sarah E. Oakman, $175,000.


Amlong Ave., 6806-Garret Robinson to Scott H. Leaf, $329,000.

Coventry Rd., 7107-Liam Sean Sullivan to Lisa A. Balough, $480,000.

Frances Dr., 7821-Chanda Maneval to Andrew P. Segrest, $570,000.

Lee Ave. E., 2916-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Nayeemul Haque, $199,900.

Popkins Lane, 2601-Foundation Residential Corp. to John Ruckaue, $342,000.


Beauregard St., 5105-Douglas R. Thomson to John N. Eldridge, $420,000.

Callcott Way, 5713-Gregory S. Schroeder to Phuong Nguyen, $412,000.

Glenview Ct., 6217-Brian M. Ryu to Jennifer Bell, $745,000.

Hazeltine Ct., 4508G, No. G-Mona G. Shehadeh Guynn to Jeffrey L. Dodson, $295,000.


Arcade St., 8104-Denny R. Pauley to Randall J. Salzer and Kristin S. Rockwell, $510,000.

Bluebird Way, 8317, No. E-Lauren M. Pinto to Angela C. Souter, $215,000.

Fascination Ct., 8970, No. 213-Pulte Home Corp. to Susan Thares, $357,465.

Hagel Cir., 9561, No. 13-James L. Slavey Jr. to Maria R. Saravia, $131,000.

Lagrange St., 8823-Mohammed K. Ahmed to Juan Garmendez, $365,000.

Nicotine Trail, 5860-Debra L. Tsimbidis to Jason L. Foxley, $452,000.

Tiddle Way, 6827-Chad G. Nelson to Matthew G. Schwartz, $535,000.


Birch Rd., 1643-Margaret S. Payne to Lan Shao, $950,000.

Chowning Pl., 6346-Bonnie L. Weston to John Noh, $875,000.

Dead Run Dr., 1041-Pamela T. Krizay and estate of Nelson M. Tart to Coda Construction Inc., $800,000.

Evans Farm Dr., 1485-Christopher Kallivokas to James E. Koons, $2.4 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 521-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Lisa Wilson, $385,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 512-Maria M. Joukova to Farhad Naseh, $438,970.

Harvey Rd., 1105-Gerard Alexander to Marshall C. Mintz, $1.75 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 413-Paul Papasavvas to Payton Smith, $358,500.

Madison Mclean Dr., 6657-Kianosh Sadeghian to Anne S. Kanter, $1.11 million.

Old Maple Sq., 7422-Dennis P. Clarke and Marjorie Meyers Thompson to Kelly Lovallo, $1.42 million.

Ridings Ct., 8100-Nehal N. Patel to Thomas Snyder, $1.7 million.

Solitaire Way, 6102-Christopher T. Lutz to Noel F. Colaco, $1.48 million.

Thrasher Rd., 7110-Imre Eszenyi to Suk Han Lee, $1.65 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7721, No. 207-Gillian Griffith to Pensco Trust Co., $238,000.

Westwind Way, 1792, No. 86-Kyoko Takata to Guangmin Pu, $310,000.


Battersea Lane, 3023-Adrian C. Munn to Patrick J. Frank, $505,000.

Brockham Dr., 8384, No. 29-Marina Dailly to Edsson Mazariego, $89,900.

Claremont Woods Dr., 8352-Paramount Investments Corp. to Walter Robles, $273,888.

Craig Ave., 9226-Francis B. Holland to J. . Sullivan, $609,000.

Halfe St., 4308-Anthony Cortes to Lynne Cripe, $592,500.

Lauriefrost Ct., 4706-Flavio O. Pires to Genie M. Boswell, $370,000.

Northern Spruce Lane, 8813-Stone Financing Corp. to Andrew L. Pate, $695,000.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4391, No. 86-Paramount Investments Corp. and Futuri Real Estate Inc. to Angel E. Climaco, $160,000.

Steadman St., 7891-Darrel Ekstrom Inc. to Huy T. Nguyen, $399,900.

Vernon Ave., 8634-Joseph B. Hildebrand to Martin S. Bekier, $535,000.

Woodhue Pl., 3909-Ann E. Graziadei to Tamas Hollo, $127,250.


Dunston St., 7632-Gary A. McMorrow and estate of Norman S. McMorrow Jr. to Charles V. Duran, $410,000.

Hogarth St., 7514-Steven R. Kellam and Helen K. Southard Trust to Residential Value of Virginia Corp., $292,250.

Thames St., 8431-Brian D. Johnson to Robert T. Broughman, $469,000.


Clarkes Landing Dr., 2724-Saboor Ehsanyar to David W. Holland II, $650,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 3261-Bank of New York Mellon to Victor Visotsky, $550,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 3115-Jeffrey Van Nest to Stone Financing Corp., $679,900.

Vale Rd., 11332-Jessie F. Thompson to Lwin Htun Than and Kei Shigaki, $655,000.


Aintree Lane, 12001-Randall McLin to James D. Uhlik, $635,000.

Beacon Pl., 2018-Larry A. Warner to Alexander Gamarnik, $725,000.

Belcastle Ct., 1422-Julie A. Robertson to Mark A. Lantzy, $850,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2188-Golam S. Ahmed to Bismarck Nunez, $262,900.

Colts Neck Ct., 2141-Gholam H. Jelvani to Larry F. Davis, $396,000.

Freetown Dr., 2477-Jacques Leger to Jeffery Walter, $536,000.

Handlebar Rd., 11246-James J. Gunther Jr. to Kevin C. Wirt and Katie E. Baker, $509,900.

Heritage Commons Ct., 1209-Natalie A. Gamboa to Michael R. Elwell, $485,000.

Lagoon Lane, 11220-Judy A. Mueller to Solomon Teller, $618,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 126-Edward Howe to Adele Giambrone, $305,000.

Moorings Dr., 1590, No. 2A-Babak Rahimzadegan to Emily Everett, $246,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1392-David J. Dolan III to Constantin Burachek, $526,500.

Saffold Way, 11025-Jeff Walter to Javier Ferraez Corres, $388,000.

Shore Ct. N., 1822-Roger N. Neece to Peter G. Kardel, $437,000.

Southgate Sq., 2209-Sharon R. Connelly to Edgar R. Nobles, $252,400.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 121-Jon C. Dittmer to Helmut Grohschaedl, $405,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1509-Christopher K. Grizzard to Taylor J. Duke, $347,000.

Villaridge Dr., 1906B-Yuk Kwan Tan Smith and Carol H. Tan to Ann H. Do, $168,300.

Water Pointe Lane, 1149-Bethany Stauffer and estate of Joanne Y. Scott to James A. Scott, $870,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2266-Mary C. Prenn to Erez Asif, $225,000.

Wilder Point Lane, 10908-Gail M. Morris to Paul M. Darmory, $860,000.


Crosswoods Dr., 6324-Charlotte H. Robinson to Atul Rustgi, $1 million.

Greenwood Dr., 6182, No. 202-Divina A. Rutherford to Nhieu Thi Tran, $101,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3053, No. 102-Lucio Torrico to Matthew H. Van Order, $112,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3315-Minh D. Doan to Rodrigo J. Munera, $520,000.


Ash Dr., 5719-Mario Flores to Jose D. Argueta, $300,000.

Beachway Lane, 9216-Christopher D. Laux to Stephen P. Herrity, $540,100.

Colorado Springs Dr., 8012-Debra R. Harris to Jahangir A. Howlader, $455,000.

Euclid Way, 7757-Frank W. Guest to Pingping Xie, $310,000.

Frontier Dr., 6221-Allen T. Cao to Azher Inayat, $345,000.

Gormel Dr., 7131-Frank S. Horwath to Metro DC 1 Corp., $315,000.

Hickory Ridge Ct., 8672-Vibha Bakshi to Spencer W. Terry, $310,000.

Layton Dr., 7128-Ly Le to Giancarlo Santiago, $397,000.

Maritime Lane, 7707-Vittal Venkataraman to Tommy Luk, $526,850.

Palamino St., 6607-Shahidul Haque to Futuri Real Estate Inc. and Paramount Investments Corp., $295,000.

Reservoir Rd., 7114-Andrew Ganias to Dung Nguyen, $369,999.

Sleepy View Lane, 8001-Ahmad Tookhi to Janet Montero, $345,000.

Summer Breeze Lane, 8500-Stephen K. Christenson and David E. Sauer to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $340,000.


Cinnamon Creek Dr., 9635-Marian A. Swanson to Gabriel Boie, $575,000.

Depaul Dr., 2624-Howard G. Hilton to George Drosos, $400,000.

Johns Hollow Rd., 10282-Joshua A. Briggs to Jai Desai, $1.1 million.

Macarthur Ave. NE, 506-Alg Trustee Corp. and Diana R. Bagay to Pegasus Home Corp., $469,850.

Meadow Springs Dr., 2027-Albert Yung Shiu to Bilge Kaan Karamete, $555,000.

Moorefield Creek Rd. SW, 1002-David R. Van Valkenburg to Laura Mirengoff, $522,000.

Roland St. SW, 506-Richard E. Hanna to Jie Xu, $794,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 109-Taylor R. Smith to Mark T. Manning, $596,000.

Ware St. SW, 1212-Ethel A. Graham to Adam Burrowbridge, $510,000.


Sandburg St., 2547-Alg Trustee Corp. and David L. Bean to Venus Properties Corp., $653,000.


Carrleigh Pkwy., 8228, No. 83-Joanne B. Proctor and estate of Susan Bowden to Tanweer I. Butt, $190,000.

Jillspring Ct., 7209, No. 22C-Julie S. Blackorby to William R. McVay, $237,000.

Merryvale Ct., 6002-John A. and David G. Drummey to Michael Halligan, $450,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7880, No. 2204-Marvin N. Gordon to Robert Wuthnow, $362,080.

Shaundale Dr., 6396-Creative Upgrades Corp. to Residential Value of Virginia Corp., $275,250.

Willowick Lane, 6135-Waheed Ahmed to Areeba Properties Corp., $278,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Addison Rd., 4117-John W. Irvin Jr. to David S. Doyle Feingold, $405,000.

Armstrong St., 10400-Kwon O. Byung to Antoine K.F. Muller, $370,000.

Crest St., 10831-Matthew C. Taylor to Joseph Shannon, $380,000.

Egan Dr., 3916-Potomac Relocation Services Inc. to John H. McGlosson, $368,900.

Forest Ave., 10406-Sol Fiser to James M. Lepore, $419,000.

Oxford Lane, 4105, No. 302-Laurie B. McCathern to Catherine Doherty, $315,000.

Stratford Ave., 10232-Jefery A. Bruggeman to Tung T. Pham, $440,000.

Warwick Ave., 10843-Sage McGirk to Timothy A. Grinnings Jr., $315,000.

Falls Church

Broad St. W., 513, No. 409-Ann M. Linehan to Richard J. and Sharyn W. Stahl, $720,000.

Gresham Pl., 106-Robert V. and Sonia M. Crisp to Dennis Mark Hall and Lara Jean Thornley Hall, $830,000.

Jackson St., 609-Matthew R. and Suzanne B. Smith to Donald L. and Amanda May, $675,000.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 200-Kevin J. McCourt to Katherine A. Murphy, $208,000.

Sycamore St. N., 999-Kathleen Poff to Charles C. and Erin C. Lum, $685,000.