OPPOSES ABORTION IN ALMOST ALL CASES, including rape and incest, except to save the life of the mother.

SUPPORTS NEW HEALTH AND SAFETY RESTRICTIONS ON ABORTION CLINICS making them conform to the same building codes used in hospitals, regulations so costly that most clinics say they will be forced to close. When the state Board of Health grandfathered in existing clinics from the new rules, Cuccinelli told the board members that they exceeded their authority and that the attorney general’s office would not defend them if they were sued. The decision was reversed.

CO-SPONSORED A “PERSONHOOD BILL” in 2007 that declared “life begins at the moment of fertilization,” and unborn children would be entitled to legal rights “from the moment of conception until birth.” Although the failed bill made no mention of contraception, medical groups said it could have the effect of outlawing some of the most common forms of birth control. Cuccinelli said in August that if he becomes governor, “Contraception is not something we’re going to regulate, period.”

COMPARED THE ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT TO THE FIGHT AGAINST SLAVERY in a 2012 video made by a Democratic tracker during an appearance before the Family Foundation.

WOULD NOT MOVE TO TOUGHEN VIRGINIA’S LAWS ON ABORTION , he said in a debate. “I do not expect to use the political capital of the governor’s office to be moving those pieces of legislation. My focus is on job creation and job growth.”


SUPPORTS VIRGINIA LAWS banning third-trimester abortions except to protect the life or health of the mother “and trusts women to make their own health-care decisions.”


OPPOSES ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS that would limit a woman’s ability to access safe and legal abortions or restrictions designed to shame and judge women.

SUPPORTS REPEALING FORCED ULTRASOUNDS for women seeking abortion when the procedure is medically unnecessary.

OPPOSES STRICTER ABORTION CLINIC RULES that Cuccinelli supports. His campaign spokesman says he will appoint members of the Board of Health after consulting with the Secretary of Health and medical professionals and considers it “critical that members of the State Board of Health are focused on making decisions based on sound medical recommendations, not ideological agendas.”

OPPOSES “PERSONHOOD” LEGISLATION OR BILLS TO FURTHER LIMIT ABORTION beyond the 20th week. He has said he believes “women should be able to make their own health-care decisions without interference from Washington or Richmond.”

— Carol Morello