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Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3288-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kenneth Michael Fortier, $147,000.

Beach Dr., 511-Tarsicio M. Hernandez Jr. and Sheila S. Keen to Sean Michael Corcoran and Kelly Ann Hofmeyer, $427,000.

Blackwalnut Dr., 3208-Gail L. Ponne to Daniel and Lisa Brodjieski, $412,000.

Boucher Pl., 35-Basheer Edgemoor Lonergan Corp. to Christopher A. Stephens and Kimberly Ann Walter Stephens, $405,000.

Chrisland Dr., 3225-Bill Hart and D. Jeanne Halperin to Robert E. Sammis Jr. and Barbara G. Sammis, $565,000.

Ervin Ct., 3105-HSBC Bank USA to David G. and Janet E. Ewing, $455,000.

Greystone Ct., 40C, No. C-Brendan S. McGrath to Marilyn Jan S. Johnson and Erik Bryan Johnson, $165,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1031-Orlando M. Phillips to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $255,000.

Landfall Lane, 3112-Susan Levering to Steven P. Weber, $605,000.

Madison St., 921-Barbara M. White and estate of Gertrude A. Miller to Kevin Byrnes, $270,000.

Newport Ave., 3420-Douglas K. Jordan and estate of Elizabeth Anne Jordan to Pinewood Properties Corp., $110,000.

Rundelac Rd., 3051-Edward J. Stana and Cynthia L. Fuller to Brenda H. Fisher and Lisa Ash, $508,000.

Silverwood Cir., 1, No. 11-Guiding Eyes for the Blind to Francis Kane, $126,250.

Thomas Point Ct., 1210-Scott K. Schrader and G. Michael Dufour to Adam Hibsham, $510,000.


Burtons Cove Way, 657, No. 5-Adrienne R. Smith to Caitlyn N. Nutt, $225,000.

Chinford Trail, 1677-Jonathan Charles Fox to George Michael and Allyson Bruce, $499,900.

Coxswain Way, 803, No. 109-Thomas Maslin and William R. Maslin to William A. and Jacqueline F. Brown, $215,000.

Cumberland Ct., 6-Amelia D. Crain to Geoffrey R. and Carol K. Garinther, $631,500.

Gingerview Lane, 2764, No. 8-Robert J. Avallone to Lawrence M. and Elizabeth A. Oakey, $470,000.

Green Top Ct., 1806-Alfred G. and Whitney E. Traylor to Peter and Janelle Burleigh, $350,000.

Howards Loop, 643-Kimberly A. Baird to Steven E. Mitchell, $325,000.

Lynnfield Dr., 1874-Jason K. and Rebecca A. Spitz to John James and Eva Lally, $600,000.

Parker Dr., 2044-Deutsche Bank Co. to James L. Young, $120,000.

Quiet Water Cove, 2644, No. 8-Michael W. and Susan G. Stevens to Keith W. and Laura A. Goolsby, $254,000.

Scott Dr., 106-Linda Nutt and Susan Sanchez to Patrick J. Traynor, $500,000.

Southgate Ct., 7-William R. and Beryl A. McAteer to Nathalie C. Beatty, $2 million.

Sydney Terr., 706-Barbara C. and Christopher T. Jedrey to Rebecca M. Wilson, $336,000.

Urciolo Ct., 926-Paul C. and Donna M. Haigley to Brian C. and Teri S. Vosburg, $650,000.

Yardarm Lane, 900-Ellen L. Krautler to John T. and Joyce K. Adams, $290,000.


Briarcliff Rd., 1538-Stephen B. Phillips and Alan H. Legum to Julie M. McCormick, $998,000.

Cascade Rd., 23-Douglas C. and Stephanie C. Rice to Federal National Mortgage Association, $433,685.

Deep Creek Ave., 1061-Joanie Diane Bradford and Bradford Discretionary Trust to Lauer Construction Co., $164,000.

Graymoss Ct., 1193-Kristina E. Queen to Frank M. Shannon III, $209,900.

Millchurch Rd., 238-Charles W. Banks Jr. and Judith M. Banks to Jeffrey L. and Emily K. Herzig, $430,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 778, No. 8F-Linda Richard and estate of Cynthia McDonald to Dawn A. Merino, $175,000.

Winterberry Dr., 1526-Strategic Equity Group Corp. to Jacqueline K. Guidry and Taylor Kerr, $210,000.


Elizabeth Ave., 315-Patron Investments Corp. to David A. Jones Jr., $199,900.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5106-Jamie C. Dembeck to Edward W. and Monique M. Dansberger, $119,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1846-Gary M. and Susan M. Carter to Leslie L. Spanheimer and Michelle Reid, $680,000.

Broadview Dr., 1066-James A. Lodico and Denise L. Worthington to James C. and Colleen M. Abell, $334,000.

Deep Creek View, 549-NVR Inc. to Linda Kirchner, $412,140.

Holly Beach Farm Rd., 1618-G. Bradley and Kathleen A. Mansolf to Michael E. Melich and Marianne Macy, $600,000.

Puritan Pl., 238-Sophie D. Morris to Scott and Alice Pond Drayton, $731,000.


Harford St., 5560-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to WFC Flagship Corp., $110,000.


Foxdale Ct., 1707, No. 174-Shaunte C. and Rahman W. Tabb to Department of Veterans Affairs, $180,666.

Jones Falls Ct., 1708-Brett G. and Meredith L. Bujac to Brent and Grace Bills, $256,000.

Log Mill Ct., 2508, No. 2-Wallace L. Bell and Lance Colin Bell to Kelly E. Trageser, $200,000.

Nantucket Dr., 2467-Markelle Handy to Karen Saba, $165,000.

Soho Ct., 1114, No. 98-Cynthia D. Morton to Raashida Ahmad and Salman Hafeez, $240,000.


Baltimore Hill Rd., 1034-J. and Anastasia Wing to THB 1034 Baltinore Hill Corp., $120,000.

Oser Dr., 726-Samuel Donalson and Lesley Cahill Carney to Zackary R. Hollenczer, $270,000.

Ripley Rd., 1206-Stiri T. and Marcia K. Johnson to Christopher E. Parenteau, $160,000.


Stoneleigh Ct., 1351-Dinae M. Campbell and Lisa C. Carey to William D. Davey Sr., $175,000.


Fox Creek Ct., 1806-Patrick C. and Phyllis J. Smith to Andrew J. Goions and Elizabeth E. Matthews, $965,000.

Spring Pond Ct., 2899-Ronald E. Prass Jr. to Michael W. Gaches and L.M.W. Gaches, $570,000.


Main St., 954-Joseph R. Seubott to Charles M. and Greta J. Petrilla, $351,000.


Cadle Ave., 316-Gerald A. and Joyce J. Lentini to Theresa M. and William M. Petrohoy, $355,000.

Central Ave. E., 1414-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Skipjack Homes Corp., $85,000.

Evelyn Gingell Ave., 3631-Christopher R. and Amy L. Carey to Michael Luther and Nicole L. Underwood, $410,000.

Mayfield Rd., 1541-Ryan T. Chamberlain to Aaron and Beth Paquette, $475,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1611-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony Bollo and Charles Bollo, $57,750.


April Dawn Way, 2631-Edward David and Dynita Louise Wilcher to Federal National Mortgage Association, $167,100.

Highland Farms Cir., 617-U.S. Home Corp. to Elizabeth S. Chreitzberg, $554,990.

Red Fall Ct., 2475-Kristin S. Smith and Timothy Faloon to Sara E. Blight, $295,000.

Wigeon Way, 1411, No. 102-Centex Homes to Linda R. Feldtmose, $219,000.


Braden Loop, 1466-NVR Inc. to Wilson Lei, $261,285.

Braden Loop, 1486-NVR Inc. to Digno R. and Valentina Yorro, $265,000.

Dinsmore Ave., 116-Hipolito Gonzalez Martinez and Gloria Hurtado Neri to Federal National Mortgage Association, $256,060.

Foxtree Dr., 202-David D. Kivi to Kerri Bachman, $220,000.

Gordon Dr., 1463-William H. Knapp to Ronald D. and Carolyn R. Wisniewski, $288,000.

Johnson Farm Lane, 300-Wendy K. Brower to John P. Noll, $232,000.

Manning Rd., 1706-Greenway Restorations Corp. to David John and Angela Faith Souva, $209,900.

Oakwood Rd., 7820-Garnett A. Sullivan to Carr Property Holdings Corp., $422,001.

Phirne Rd. W., 381-Margaret M. and Thomas L. Crabtree to Everett Rodenburg and Abigail Huffman Devries, $230,000.

Silver Fox Dr., 8009-Cynthia K. Reis to Robert A. Brisentine IV, $310,000.

West Ct., 452, No. 15C-Lillemor Birgitta Zuberi to Rushi Real Estate Investments Corp., $55,000.

Fourth Ave. SE, 106-PCG Reo Holdings Corp. to M & M Development Group Corp., $125,000.


Biddle Rd., 711-C.L. Payne & Associates Inc. to Paul B. Rojas, $320,000.

Bonnie View Rd., 102-Zigmunt R. Slesinski to Christopher M. and Jennifer Marie Lewis, $145,000.

Edgerly Rd., 1017-Richard A. Rossi to Triple L Construction Corp., $125,100.

High Oak Rd., 8031-Jeffery M. and Hollee M. Huften to Robert L. and Natasha S. Stevenson, $371,500.

Home Water Ct., 6502, No. 202-Dorothy E. Sands to James Gould and Brenda Joyce Rollins, $179,000.

Judy Rd., 7207-Sheila Ray Koontz and Kimberly I. Levin to Jeremy and Jillian Curcio, $231,526.

Mockingbird Cir., 7360-Ronald N. Collins to Andrew P. Stein, $329,000.

Partridge Lane, 705-Kenneth L.W. Johnson Jr. and Jennifer A. Johnson to Anthony and Anell Lea Massey, $241,500.

Shoreland Dr., 1013-Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Herren Jr. and Regina Ann Dawson, $130,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7610-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Wai Ling Lo, $337,490.

Warfield St., 6823-Benjamin R. Ashley to Jennifer Kloth, $215,000.

White Water Way, 6803, No. 302-Corey and Jessica Shriner to Jay R. Stine IV, $165,000.


Amber Crest Rd., 2704-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Ankit M. Patel, $382,760.

Amber Crest Rd., 2713-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Padmaja and Suneil Vemuru, $382,100.

Callington Way, 7820-Kevin L. and Erica M. Chaffin to Peter G. Agustin and Linda R. Bartle, $469,900.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7258-NVR Inc. to Sumit N. Bhatia and Fnu Elys, $384,000.

Ironwood Lane, 1004-Richmond American Homes to James E. Fields Jr. and Aygul Nurtdinova, $356,209.

Martock Lane, 1520-Robin Dianne Cornish to Jun Kim and Young I. Choi, $315,000.


Old Coaling Rd., 7536-Joseph E. and Shirley Mayne to Quentin Glenn, $95,000.


Easton S., 226-William Weiss to Napoleon Cast Siarez, $249,999.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 212-Willard B. Vander Voort III to Lisa M. McAllister, $187,500.

Winding Trail, 8474-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Loften Damon and Deborah Pierce, $353,590.


Colonial Dr., 25-Michael Miller to Heather M. Melia, $234,400.


Ahearn Ct., 333-Steven W. Loring to National Transfer Services Corp., $275,000.

Bramblewood Ct., 511-Anthony J. and Martha S. Breighner to Joseph A. and Jennifer J. Mann, $495,000.

Chalet Dr., 499-Daniel A. Anthony to Leland P. and Deborah L. Stone, $274,000.

Solomons Crossing, 8154-Steve Wayne and Heather Lea Travers to Christopher and Stacey A. Bergstrom, $662,500.


Albany Ave., 7004-Jessie Fred and G. Ann Hardin to Brett Anthony Bobek, $289,000.


Burlington Dr., 1326-Linda L. Kemp to Ronald D. Eddings Jr., $227,500.

Falling Brook Ct., 1542-Brandon J. Trippett and Wells Fargo Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $294,333.

Hoods Mill Ct., 2608, No. 102-Thomas R. and Patricia L. Bogan to Vivian J. Barker, $209,000.

Kingdom Ct., 527-Michael W. Bright Sr. to Daniel Robertson, $200,000.

Orchard Overlook, 703, No. 104-Christine and Walter J. Talbott to Matthew D. Arney, $179,000.

Rita Dr., 594-Robert Allen to David C. Pillman Jr., $270,000.

Winding Ridge Rd., 2401-Michael O. and Kionna R. Oleru to Joseph B. and Amy E. Grigg, $317,250.


Apple Jack Ct., 4004-Andrew S. Farmers to Christopher A. Simms Jr., $278,500.

Beachwood Park Rd., 8356-Paul J. Snellinger Revocable Trust to Andrew F. Diblasio and Jennifer M. Reem, $450,000.

Booth Bay Harbour, 1163-Barbara Dempsey to Eric Michael and Patricia Alcazar Coles, $190,000.

Creekview Ct., 95-Patrick Corrall to Keith A. Begis, $259,900.

Delma Ave., 313-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeremey and Heather Messick, $309,900.

Harlem Ave., 400-Royce Keennan Jr. and estate of Ethel Powell to Deborah Robin Lynn Rainville, $180,400.

Lake Dr., 2116-Gould Living Trust to Patricia A. and Bradley D. Gould, $340,000.

Mountain Rd., 5179-George M. and Patricia Shields Davis to Christine C. and Kenneth S. King, $1.09 million.

Riverside Dr., 609-Cynthia J. Carroll to Linda K. Syran, $520,000.

Sexton Rd., 8479-William S. and Mary K. Bivins to April Lee Twigg and Michael Manuel Mendiola, $220,000.

Waterford Mill Ct., 8288-Muziks Mooring Corp. to James Lawrence and Kathryn M. Kirby, $499,900.

Winged Foot Dr., 8903-Alan James Hoyas Jr. to Jason F. and Kelly M. Sealing, $645,000.

11th St., 185-George William and Linda Susan Geise to Gamal Avad Shehata and Sohar A. Amir, $225,000.

213th St., 662-Marian Livesay and Marsha L. McKinsey to Robert and Elissa Lahart, $240,000.


Arlington Ct., 305-William J. and Jill M. Strickland to James Randolph and Kacey Chilton Hoffman, $422,000.

Barnside Ct., 7709-Griffith Landing Corp. to John Scott St. Cyr and Bonnie Faye St. Cyr, $613,390.

Cedar Dr., 1798-Princess Builders Inc. and Utz Enterprises Inc. to A.L. and Heather L. Richardson, $419,900.

Coolidge Ave., 1646-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Michael E. Guadagnoli and Debra L. Syversrud, $424,900.

Golden Pine Cir., 7868-Miguel A. Rosario Felix and Akiko Rosario Felix to Michael and Alice Schott, $400,000.

Napa Ct., 1318-Oscar L. and Diane L. Olivares to Karl Matthew and Crystal A. Snyder, $412,000.

Sea Pine Cir., 1726-Harold A. Timity to Govind and Sangeeta Maheshwari, $180,000.

Winter Pine Trail, 1414-Mandrin Homes to Jason Scott Conley, $501,601.


Arundel Beach Rd., 51-Michael G. and Wanda J. Baker to RMG Investments Inc., $260,000.

Berrywood Dr., 225-Elizabeth Ann Warner and Margaret H. Jerman Trust to Beth A. and Ryan P. Nolan, $530,000.

Cheshire Rd., 221-Joyce A. Bernoski to Todd K. and Michelle G. Schwanke, $438,000.

Earleigh Heights Rd. W., 85-Annapolis Baltimore Renovations Corp. to John Albert and Heidi Randall, $285,000.

Helmsman Way, 406-Teresa Pelletier/Hatef to James D. and Nora J. Murphy, $559,900.

Magothy Rd., 323-David and Amy I. Pearson to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $532,500.

North Dr., 291-H. Lawrence and Howard L. Knight to Kathleen Maric Saffer, $356,000.

Pertch Rd., 261-MM Ventures Corp. to Travis Michael Snover, $312,000.

Tam Glade, 172-Michael J. and Mary Ann Petruska to Anthony O. and Jessica L. Zoccola, $529,000.


Bauman Lane, 5305-Lenny Weaver and Sandra K. Ireland to Dianne A. Deusco, $550,000.

Hawthorne St., 1235-Leo E. Grinder and Sandra Fay Harris to Jason R. Rehm, $228,500.

Lee Blvd., 4916-Michael F. and Bonnie C. Stanley to Henry S. and Patricia D. Sliwka, $407,062.

Spruce Ave., 1197-David Ciommo Jr. and Courtey Denning to Nicholas and Michelle Dimarco, $262,499.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brookmede Ct., 9426-Daniel Peter and Pauline D. Potocki to David C. and Alice Smith, $400,000.

Castlebridge Rd., 4877-Winchester Homes Inc. to Percy W. and Alice H. Thomas, $917,648.

Cromwell Ct., 10319-Mark E. and Kathleen D. Schmid to David Jeffery, $727,500.

Diversified Lane, 9853-Michael R. Snyder to Christopher J. and Yi D. Arnold, $594,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4900, No. 9-Seth and Amanda Williams to Jonathan Scheffenacker, $209,500.

Fawnhaven Ct., 12212-Robert C. Segraves and Vida Segraves Collis to Jacqueline F. Clark, $515,000.

John Eager Ct., 10312-Michael A. Mobley to Khizar A. Khan, $535,000.

Kingscup Ct., 4528-David Anthony and Kimberly A. Tootle to Douglas J. and Adriene E. Rodgers, $355,000.

Little Brick House Ct., 10209-James H. and Alberta J. Shellem to Yuezhang Wand and Weibo Li, $586,000.

Melba Rd., 2659-Joseph F. Gray and Hyacinth A. Mahle to Satyanarayana and Kanakadurga Kolli, $399,900.

Purple Twilight Way, 4224-William J. and Rossana T. Marsh to Syed Abbas and Tanveer Fatima, $614,000.

Silverstone Pl., 10207-C. Curtis Croley and Rebecca A. Weaver to Guy T. Bernal and Yi Liu, $735,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12769-Margaret Ann and Thomas F. Rosewag to Stephen F. and Martha M. Sapio, $559,000.

Woodgate Ct., 3514-Ravinder Kumar and Chander Prabha Aggarwal to Robert Laboissonniere, $485,000.


Mystic Ocean Lane, 5914-Jin Michelle Kim to Hyung S. Choe, $470,000.


Afternoon Lane, 9323-Amy J. Williams/Henkel to Kathryn E. Laplaca, $385,000.

Bugledrum Way, 6935-Scott R. Walton to Benjamin and Amanda L. Johnson, $300,000.

Emersons Reach, 9156-Christine Marie Eck to Ali Reza J. Shishineh and Janet O. Shishineh, $294,000.

Hayledge Ct., 5237-Michael F. Berkey to Anthony M.D. Ottavio Jr. and Anne C.D. Ottavio, $346,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7126-Steve and Juli Anderson to Michael and Jamie Fessler, $270,000.

Majors Lane, 6087-Courtney Simmons to Hyejung Chung, $70,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5380-Claudine Kader and Ruddy M. Michaud to Nasir Sample and Tayseer Elbeshir, $355,000.

Rustling Leaf, 9379-Albert Brown and Patricia A. Roth to Cynthia D. and Mario A. Cisneros, $345,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7248-Aaron Hicks to Lawrence A. Pellerito, $345,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8858-Deutsche Bank Co. to June B. and Sung H. Lee, $122,500.

Torrent Row, 9383-Shawn P. Dowling to Timothy R. and Elena V. Hartranft, $240,000.


Autumn Sky Way, 6416-Raymond J. and Cheryl M. Zukowski to Scott Walton and Sezin Palmer, $970,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6067-Timothy Scott and Monica E. Neumark to Sudhanshu and Suruchi S. Mishra, $298,000.

Fair Oaks, 10414-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Kevin Dolan and Sarah Marie Parker, $355,000.

Hickory Point Lane, 10615-Strown and Nicole D. Martin to Billie Laverne and Quincey Napoleon Harrison, $584,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 12055-Susan E. Minkoff and John W. Zweck to Andre Antonio and Kena Wright, $417,001.

Ocean Shore Lane, 6521-Graham W. Smith to Michael B. and Karrie D. Goldstein, $675,000.

Topbranch Lane, 10827-Cliff Ratliff II to H.R. Goiten and Christopher J. Weiser, $355,000.

Windstream Dr., 10109, No. 2-Philip Taylor and Pamela Avery Foster to Nishita Jain, $190,000.


Dayton Meadows Ct., 13814-Brian S. Long to Seung Chan and Linda Okkyung Jun, $560,000.


Blue Stream Dr., 7832-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Sheree S. McFadden, $327,355.

Claremont Dr., 5855-NVR Inc. to Christopher M. and Mendy S. Brumfiel, $569,695.

Forest Kelly Ct., 5434-NVR Inc. to Anna N. Ilinskaya, $637,240.

Hearthside Way, 7503-NVR Inc. to Kelly and Jonathan Caplan, $318,995.

Hearthside Way, 7511-NVR Inc. to Mercy Wabara, $307,535.

Magnolia Ave., 6963-NVR Inc. to Miguel and Amber Quiles, $410,078.

Oak Grove Way, 7065-John J. Harvey to Panshi Wang, $266,000.

Spreading Oak Lane, 7705-Lesley D. Smalls to Monica Menicholas, $190,000.


Brightridge Ct., 8113-Michael A. and Tamra D. Bell to Elizabeth Ann Whyms, $300,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8507, No. H-Brad Jordan Mandart to Katherine A. Frampton and Corey M. Cossentino, $187,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8589, No. J-Amy Miller Hamilton to Omar A. Gutierrez and Gislane V. Carvalho, $211,000.

Good Memory Lane, 5138-NVR Inc. to Daniel Proulx and Marsha Marcotte, $601,807.

Lee Farm Ct., 4911-Rebecca G. Burns to Marcelo Carvalho and Usha Shrestha, $335,000.

Logans Way, 5974-BA Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Thomas Yoon, $441,666.

Lois Lane, 5811-BA Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Cindy Danielewicz, $362,935.

Summer Solstice Pl., 5008-NVR Inc. to Roy A. and Chenda Harper, $526,531.

Westminster Rd., 2779-Moon Young and Byung Chan Hong to Sherryl Theaman, $318,700.


Carpenter St., 7507-MS Maple Lawn Corp. to Susan M. Damschroder, $633,350.

Chase St., 11244, No. 1-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Patricia Bennett Lynch, $379,154.

Chase St., 11252, No. 2-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to H. and Mi O. Kim, $470,321.

Iager Blvd., 11416-James H. and Celeste M. Lee to Jin Michelle Kim, $509,000.

Trappe St., 7315-NVR Inc. to Anthony J. and Allison E. Agliata, $534,977.


Meriwether Dr., 14865-Toll MD VIII Partnership to Allen S. Horodyski and Catherine J. Mitchell, $1.08 million.


Countryside Dr., 3540-Douglas and Nancy Hawkland to Jacob and Tanya Glaser, $628,000.


Mill River Ct., 6219-Richmond American Homes to Jesus A. and Lourdes F. Rodriguez, $562,487.


Lime Kiln Rd., 12902-Maple W. Corp. to Whitney and Sherri Reid, $904,654.


Dorsey Cove, 8611-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Duane R. and Audrey B. Owens, $464,742.


Allview Dr., 6814-Martin C. and Hollie A. Petrik to Gregory M. and Nicole E. Wright, $379,500.

Deep Smoke, 9722-Robert W. and Barbara A. Heisse to Rachael E. Hlavay, $530,000.

Old Columbia Rd., 7075-MSF Trust to Timothy N. Fairbanks and Abigail Jansen Fairbanks, $394,900.

Ridgeview Dr., 9542-Kirk E. and Leanne R. Olson to Ganzaya C. and Mario Camacho, $420,000.

Softwater Way, 9733-Yvonne Clarke to Ran Zhang, $220,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7577, No. B-Pegasus Home Corp. to Blene W. Bekure, Yayehrad H. Essayas and Mulumebet Mitiku, $159,900.


Adam David Way, 2332-NVR Inc. to Bonnie L. Harkins and William P. Knight, $359,555.

Barnsley Way, 11220-NVR Inc. to Rebecca and Robert Wilfinger, $494,800.


Woodward St., 8108-Donna C. Williams to Anne M. Marcotte, $225,000.


Baltimore Ave., 9801-Rodney and Myra White to Boy Family Corp., $525,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9456-Desiree Harris to Layla B. Aly, $92,000.

Far Fields Way, 8618-James Roy to Marlon and Brenda A. Taylor, $500,000.

Homestead Ct., 9640, No. UTJ-Rita A. Holliday/Richey to Kansangra Properties 2 Corp., $78,000.

Oxley Forest Ct., 8914-Alicia L. White to Nicole M. Antar, $245,000.

Pembrook Woods, 8921-Andrey G. and Melissa A. Vorobyev to Tamia L. Barnes, $272,000.

Shaded Day, 9826-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Srinivas K. Gumpena and Srilatha Kathika, $595,000.

Summer Waves Way, 8622-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Samina Moye, $440,000.


Sunset Valley Dr., 935-U.S. Bank National Association to Sirel and Jennifer Mouchantaf, $590,000.


Daisy Rd., 1430-Yusef and Christina Hemby to Hyeon Ho Park and Hee Young Chung, $403,000.

Union Chapel Rd., 14888-George J. and Patricia A. Hnat to William C. and Kimberly Meissner, $690,000.


Chambers Ct., 11120, No. L-Rose M. Miller to Cynthia J. and Stephen P. Carroll, $274,900.

Woodstock Rd., 1950-Arthur Merkle and Craig Merkle to Joshua D. Trout, $357,000.

The Freddie Gray case

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