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Prince George’s County

Baileys Pond Rd., 2406-NVR Inc. to Ernest L. Stanley, $288,425.

Byron St., 1010-David E. and Julia E. Conde to Jose G. Urbina, $148,500.


Edwards Way, 9200, No. 1011-Glenn M. Moreton to Maria Adelia Varga, $55,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1800, No. A5-Cristhiann D. and Alba L. Berrios to Mireya Guerrero, $59,500.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 219-Federal National Mortgage Association to Abebayehu Messele and Gishu Gebremariam, $41,000.

Park Dr. W., 7906-Alfred B. Comings and estate of Steve Comings to Koki Adasi, Ayodeji Badejo and Quillan Byam, $126,000.

Riggs Rd., 7971, No. 7971-2-Blanca Shaw and Sandra Guisell Vitali to Epifania Camacho, $20,000.

Somerset Pl., 914-Jose F. Reyes Bonilla and Carlos Guevara Cruz to Jose F. Reyes Bonilla and Maria O. Moreno, $100,000.

24th Ave., 7113-Francisco Rodriguez to Cayetano V. and Edwin V. Ortega, $160,000.


Big Horn Ct., 11317-B/W Retained Realty Corp. to John A. Rodriguez, $172,000.

Lincoln Ave., 4708-Denice L. Weston and estate of Leo Laverne Weston to Tinh Tri Quach and Truyen T. Le, $220,000.

Odell Farms Ct., 11302-Justin X. and Lesley D. Frank to Zoilo Rodriguez, $358,000.

Stonehall Dr., 3405-Mafat R. Patel to Reth Ung, Holly Ung and Vuthy Chreng, $300,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 212-Edolphus and Gwendolyn Towns to Charles E. Lewis Jr., $50,000.

Tilden Rd., 5105-Matthew Travis Grieger and Gregory Ronald Burks Jr. to Michael H. and Jennifer A. Zwelling, $235,000.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4200-Jeanne A. Meade and Colleen Y. Calvin to Miles Verney Hill, $176,000.

Brunswick Lane, 12615-Jen J. Smith to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $357,150.

Dominics Bequest Ct., 12802-NVR Inc. to Rodney L. and Karen E. Davis, $708,485.

Kennet Lane, 2512-Catherine B. and Gary W. Steen to Federal National Mortgage Association, $321,260.

Kingsfield Lane, 12710-Scott A. Jahns and Catherine E. Holland to Scott W. and Helen Long, $246,000.

Loganville St., 13505-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Muhamed Dosunmu, $464,337.

Millstream Dr., 12603-Iris C. Allen to Small Ventures Corp., $189,000.

Overchase Lane, 15519-Steve W. and Kathryn L. Kirchoeffer to Gregory D. and Amy Beth Spraul, $390,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8286-Susan Angela Sacco to Flora Saleh Bartek, $285,000.

River Valley Way, 4811, No. 127-Department of Veterans Affairs to Javier Carbonell, $139,900.

Saber Lane, 12500-Medina Y. Ali to Irina Mironova and David Miles, $207,500.

Tolkin Ct., 7906-Augustine Joseph and Mary E. Catalano to Dora L. and Kevin B. Porter, $330,000.


Aspen Leaf Dr., 17002-Angela H. and Aaron J. Kuzmeskus to Casey S. Shibata, $453,000.

Ensleigh Lane, 15724-Darrin P. Dyson to Mihwa Kang, $245,000.

Nemeth Lane, 2905-Steven M. and Rebecca M. Imai to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $245,000.

Piller Lane, 15734-Carmel Pizzuti to Constance L. Troutman, $173,000.


Amber Queen Ct., 7207-Timberlake Rose Creek Corp. to Rickey T. Dash, $411,000.

Brinton Way, 15407-B. Willis Trust to Jennifer C. and Robert K. Pennese, $319,000.

Desert Peace Ct., 7101-Maryland Homes KC Corp. to Warren and Anne Sturdivant, $383,500.

Kennett Square Way, 15426-Alicia and Riondo Shepard to Denis Rene Lopez Saravia, $193,000.


Lawrence St., 3902-Milagro I. and Julio C. Robles to Antonio V. Garay, $145,150.

Webster St., 3402-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alexander Anteneh, $122,920.


Addison Rd. S., 705-NVR Inc. to Carmon K. and Tiffany N. Choice, $286,275.

Addison Rd. S., 717-NVR Inc. to Terence M. Strait Jr., $281,525.

Brooke Rd., 920-Federal National Mortgage Association to Isatu B. Mathis, $77,500.

Calder Dr., 7429-Millwood Properties Corp. to Ghislain Daniel, $181,950.

Chapelwood Lane, 1117-Snow Goose Homes Corp. to Colomba Ortiz Ramos, $153,000.

Doewood Lane, 1211-Washington Savings Bank to Phillip J. Harris, $130,000.

Frimler Ct., 1012-Amt1 Corp. to Tiffany Nicole Senn, $141,500.

Heath St., 4815-Gary L. Swilling to Integrity Professional Contracting Corp., $41,000.

Jansen Ave., 1124-Nathaniel Carey to Dolphin Group Corp., $146,000.

Joplin St., 7305-Dap Homes Corp. and Nishta Gupta to Olawale O. Banjoko, $149,600.

Karen Blvd., 1301-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Yoon Sook Cho, $54,900.

Pacific Ave., 1521-Moseley Corp. to Lenore A. Williams, $109,900.

Possum Ct., 396-Rosetta L. Collins and Briana Green to Carrie F. Oliver, $130,000.

Rose Quartz Terr., 7010-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olukemi R. Fasehun, $120,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 368-Joseph Peter Sperty to Staar Properties Corp., $101,000.

Shell St., 4319-Federal National Mortgage Association to Freddy Escalante, $74,900.

Torque St., 4201-Grandie Cameron to Drucilla H. Simms, $95,000.

Walbridge St., 6122-Beazer Homes Corp. to Raitisha Spencer, $275,000.

62nd Ave., 701-Soibelt Enterprise Corp. to Mary Hawkins, $207,000.

70th Pl., 406-Jenni L. Brown to Michael Dwayne Littlejohn, $219,900.


Allendale Dr., 8013-Jenni Brown to Thomasina O. Moon, $109,000.

Country Club Ct., 6406-Linda M. Bryant and estate of Mary Sophia Shaffer to Ani Real Estate Investment Corp., $95,000.

Goodland Dr., 7410, No. 3-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hai Tuan Banh, $39,000.

Hawthorne St., 7102-Luis S. and Blanca Castillo De Callejas to Jose Ramirez, $70,000.

Kaplan Ct., 735-Amt Investments Corp. to Devin Burton, $173,400.

Michele Dr., 7812-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ehab Hijazi, $60,500.

Portia Ct., 923-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Re Properties Corp., $90,400.

Suiter Way, 7800-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Giba Kamara and Syama A. Lakule, $193,000.

61st Ave., 1711-Vertex Homes Inc. and Valdir Mendes Inc. to Cheryl D. Jones, $300,150.


Barnes Dr., 5827-Paula V. Whiting to Federal National Mortgage Association, $232,000.

Butterfield Dr., 5902-Gregory E. Jones to Deborah J. Brown, $184,000.

Cosca Park Dr., 11651-Sean and Darlene C. Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $220,000.

Eastern Red Cedar Ave., 11502-William F. and Carla A. Webb Huntley to Eugene P. and Mary W. Givens, $335,900.

Fox Run Dr., 9905-SD Homes Corp. to Eyota Williams, $265,000.

Hardesty Dr., 9056-HSBC Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Fuda Group Corp., $105,299.

Kirkpatrick Ct., 3210-Jilma E. and Juan R. Ramirez to Dena Marie Partain, $388,000.

Pella Pl., 9400-Deutsche Bank and Onewest Bank to Gregory L. and Karen Lee Curry, $165,050.

Quaking Aspen Way, 10707-Timberlake Clinton Corp. to Dean M. and Barbara J. Peebels, $424,375.

Royal Fern Ct., 7800-Enyinna and Elise Anthony to Zacheus and Cierra J. Maggette, $250,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8328-Marc C. and Arytha N. Dozier to Realington Nine Corp., $153,000.


Dartmouth Ave., 7000-William J. and Claudette Gasch Lanning to Andrea Worthington Garcia, $325,000.

Hartwick Rd., 4330, No. 611-Mark A. Epstein to Hongwei Zheng and Hui Zhuang, $175,000.

Lackawanna St., 4806-Sandra B. McKenzie to Nelson Dasilva, $269,900.

Sweetbriar Dr., 7603-Timothy Heidenberg to Quynh Loan Pham, $310,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1601-Laura G. Eisele to Thomas J. and Jeri N. Love, $109,000.

49th Ave., 9517-HSBC Bank to Leonid and Inna Polsky, $169,000.


Addison Rd. S., 1765, No. 1765-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Robinson, $49,000.

Crestwick Pl., 2822-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to April L. Washington, $100,000.

Eastwood Dr., 1300-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John Paul Joy, $95,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1504-True North Asset Management Corp. to Summit Holding Group Corp., $88,100.

Halleck St., 6403-Nicolette K. and Cepado S. Sims to Nancy Iglesias, $100,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 6310, No. 9-1-Cecelia Quander to Maryland Community Development Administration, $32,400.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 6018-Theresa Jones to Selivia Ann Diggs, $95,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2715-Pamela A. Osborne to Quinton D. Jolly, $155,000.

Maple Rock Way, 6213-Department of Veterans Affairs to Brenda Brannum, $158,000.

Quay Ave., 2802-Maryland Community Development Administration to Residential Village Corp., $78,225.

Wildrose Ct., 6709-Nicholas M. Bassey to Sharnale A. Goodman, $161,000.


Beech St., 501-Betty Jean and Arnold Lyle Aspelin to Thomas Edward Barth, $212,000.

Bonhill Dr., 604-D.R. Horton Inc. to Douglas and Dawn T. Thomas, $391,932.

Brigadier Ct., 11300-John and Jasmine St. Jean Hurey to Gregory T. Quinn, $275,000.

Devon Hills Dr., 8726-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ramani Reddy, $91,000.

Grasmere Ct., 8772, No. 8772-Federal National Mortgage Assocation and BWW Law Group Corp. to Alem Alfred, $100,000.

Hickory St., 4-HSBC Bank to Orod Ashegh, $85,000.

Kae Ct., 3903-Sara Williams to Renicka P. Anderson, $214,900.

Loughran Rd., 9313-Estates of Wedell P. and Vanessa G. Brown to Navy Federal Credit Union, $38,961.

Oakdale St., 8712-New Spring Corp. to Kendall J. Evans, $203,000.

Outlook Ct., 10412-U.S. Bank and Specialized Loan Servicing Corp. to Lawrence E. and Mary Anne Epley, $150,000.

Red Coat Pl., 527, No. 2-Sandra L. Gaines to Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,000.

Rhodesia Ave., 1731-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wavor Jewell, $155,000.

Saint Ignatius Dr., 6700, No. 8103-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Ramani Reddy, $70,100.

Tantallon Dr. W., 713-Robert Savickas and Christina Valentina Campbell to Wanxiang Cui, $650,000.

Van Buren Dr., 1219-Ali Hessari to Stephen E. Scott, $165,000.

Waterfront St., 501-Potomac Overlook III Corp. to Sherhonda Alexander, $584,844.


Dubarry St., 10301-Lynda J. Brantley to Mark D. and Carol Nielsen, $334,950.

Trillium Trail, 6402-Andrew D. Loundermon to Nicole and Joseph Paquet, $250,000.


Hanover Pkwy., 6978, No. 6978-302-Michael K. Songco to Shai Nahum Bar Nefy and Ayala Kotzer Bar Nefy, $52,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7802, No. 281-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yohne and Starla Shambourger, $70,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 8110, No. 8110-Kathleen T. Fern and Veronica Crowe to Yan Kang, $166,000.

Mandan Rd., 7923, No. 684-Reina Campos to Oscar A. Guerrero Molina and Daysi M. Andrade, $80,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 707-Heather M. and Andrew J. Adelsberger to Ponnupillai Satheesh, $40,000.

49th Ave., 4903-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hermes R. Ramirez Lopez, $125,000.


Axton Ct., 5512-Doris and Esendege G. Fonjungo to Owb Reo Corp., $273,750.

Cheshire Lane, 5103-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Nischal S. Rana and Bhagat Basnet, $237,500.

Ellard Dr., 10128-Robert and Donna Jones to Oluwabusayo and Aderonke Adeyemo, $354,900.

Franklin Ave., 9520-Carl A. Brozyna and Joan Montana to Clearview Homebuyers Corp., $70,000.

Greenwood Lane, 9214-Carolyn A. Flanders and estate of Duane R. Bowden to William Ramirez, $118,000.

Lanham Severn Rd., 9603-Marilyn G. Scannell to 9603 Lanham Severn Corp., $125,000.

Louise St., 6505-Stella C. Odum to Stephanie L. Bellevue, $207,000.

Seltzer St., 4911-Dorothy A. Lynn to Bobby James Gill, $85,000.

Trexler Rd., 6816-Thukhanh Nguyen to Hector Ramirez and Angie Barahona, $209,000.

Wellington Ct., 9202-Joseph and Susan D. Burge to Rene O. Ticas Lara and Ticas Herrera, $299,000.

Yancey Lane, 2705-101 Geneva Corp. to Gregory Daffin, $239,900.

91st Pl., 8902-Amjad Mahmood to Edora N. Mammah, $215,000.


Campus Way S., 9961, No. 143-Hughie Hunt and estate of Bernadette M. Short to Paulson Obiniyi, $70,000.

Castleton Turn, 10713-David N. Prensky to 101 Geneva Corp., $125,000.

Denny Ct., 12707-Jose Granados to American Investments Corp., $140,000.

Dornoch Way, 2014-NVR Inc. to Johnson and Tiffany Presmy, $332,575.

Fernwood Dr., 1608-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Dewayne A. Smith, $329,785.

Fernwood Dr., 1749-Richmond American Homes to Carl and Doretta Morton, $286,356.

Foreman Pl., 13108-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Michele A. Balamani and Frank Silvera, $234,000.

Lincolnshire Pl., 15206-NVR Inc. to Rabindra and Ria Singh, $470,000.

New Acadia Lane, 13518-Dorothy L. and David L. Green to Federal National Mortgage Association, $340,000.

Peconic Pl., 900-Ekow A. Ocran to Advesa Care Corp., $128,000.

Prince Pl., 10127, No. 403-11A-Donald L. and Thomas L. Cooke to Judy Chiou Su, $27,500.

Red Jade Dr., 261, No. 12-3-Linda L. Peace to Ashley Y. Grier, $91,000.

Stanwich Terr., 505-NVR MS Cavalier Oak Creek Owner Corp. to NVR Inc., $120,000.


Archsine Lane, 7332-John David Emmert to Tonya Twyman, $329,000.

Belle Chasse Blvd., 13601, No. 111-Elizabeth L. Hileman and Nicole A. Williams to Victoria Falls Community Association Inc., $15,400.

Bowsprit Lane, 14112-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lionel Nkongho Tabifor, $80,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7121-Gerald Francis to Elizabeth T. James, $199,000.

Justin Way, 14021D-Robert Emmit Griffey to Federal National Mortgage Association, $150,000.

Main St., 610-Bradford L. and Natalie D. Lockett to Megan R. Woolley, $60,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15800-Deborah and Albert Ablorh to Gwendolyn Thomas and Peter Regis, $141,000.

Parkway Dr., 5904-Christopher A. Bare and Paul Buckmaster to Erin B. and James R. Brown, $264,990.

Vista Dr., 14054-Thomas G. Newman to Shamsh Alam and Sharfunnisa Quadri, $89,500.

Fifth St., 501-Paul G. and Dianne Hazel Egrie to Darwin J. Feuerstein, $261,500.


Cherry Lane, 9272, No. 9272-70-Linda L. Kline to Martha R. Ruff, $175,000.

Ispahan Loop, 9311-Robert E. Mirowicz to Russell K. and Erica St. Bernard, $275,000.

Snow Acres Dr., 8912-Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to Kham P. Tah, Cing T. Dim and Thang D. Pau, $185,000.


Otis St., 3309-LPP Mortgage Corp. to Staar Properties Corp., $159,555.

33rd St., 4109-Rba Enterprises Corp. to Daniel and Rajni Sood Laurent, $349,000.


Carrollton Pkwy., 8319-PSB Investments Corp. to Lourdes L. Tapia, $240,000.

Decatur Pl., 6900-Claudia Gonzalez and Maria Torres Hernandez to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $124,900.

Flintridge Dr., 5200-Valencia O. Nix to Miriam Castro Romero, $63,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5544, No. 1519-Adedayo K. Gbade to Roberta C. and Gerald W. Tolliver, $55,000.

Preston St., 8606-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Diversified Asset Management Corp., $168,000.

Sprague Pl., 8410-Phillip and Bernice Folta to Trevor Graf and Jennifer Letts, $249,000.

Tilden St., 7407-Revive Home Investments Corp. to Shannon M. Nuth, Joseph Nuth and Zachery Bruin, $194,900.

65th Ave., 3702-Augustina M. Wurapa to Jose D. Moreno, $137,760.


12th Ave., 8319-Aurora Loan Services Corp. to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $270,488.


Clearview Ave., 1617-Doris B. Batts to Carlos Castellanos, $185,000.

Huron Dr. N., 142-Laura E. Guthrie and estate of Kevin Jerome Easley to Mehrdad Edalati Aliabad, $98,500.

Mystic Ave., 1809-Wanda Exum and estate of Francis Earl Carter Jr. to Elias Guzman, $140,000.

Potomac Psge., 155-Phillip M. and Karen Errico to Melody Ann Garrett, $439,900.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 523, No. 6722-Tewodros M. Yimer and F.D. Debede to Ellsworth Weatherby IV and Elmer Chao, $37,000.

Winslow Rd., 318-Swan Properties Inc. to Elliott Geoffrey Page, $200,000.


Jefferson St., 5705-Jeanette Aracely and Julio C. Lara to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $210,000.

Somerset Rd., 4906-Robert Andrew Kraft Jr. to Michael Edelman and Margaret Kierman, $245,000.

59th Ave., 6410-Deutsche Bank to Xinhua and Donna Yuexia Deng, $126,000.


Auth Rd., 5704-Dale Chester and Robert Louis McCammon to Home Direct Corp., $50,000.

Brooks Dr., 2607-Gwendolyn R. Moye to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $279,428.

Fort Dr., 2613-William M. Savage to Residential Value Corp., $88,000.

Holly Spring St., 4908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sheila McDowell, $75,000.

Irma Ct., 3144, No. 3144-Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Louis Carroll and Gerwyn Baldwin, $86,000.

Lakewood St., 2301-Abreham Woldegebriel to Sadiqa Moore, $150,000.

Norfolk Ct., 4833-Bi Investment Group Corp. to Elisa Wago and Ferdinand Chapo, $209,900.

Silver Valley Way, 5012-John Ujhazy to Tambra D. Cook Huff, $230,000.

Wyngate Rd., 2219-Saxa Realty Investments Corp. to Paulette Williams Curtis, $118,500.


Anvil Lane, 2380-Darrell Pope to Lakesha Holliway, $170,000.

Brinkley Rd., 4106-Advance Bank to Willyne Ross, $130,000.

Broadwater St., 5411-Jocelyn Horns and Rochelle Kirby to Paradise Real Estate Inc., $109,650.

Colebrooke Dr., 2402-Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to Double Advantage Investments, $95,000.

Good Hope Ave., 3103, No. S-510-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Shelley R. Hardy, $9,900.

Joyce Dr., 6313-Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to Kce Inc., $124,900.

Ludlow Dr., 5409-Arel Properties Corp. to Sharaf Lateef, $249,900.

Robinia Rd., 6714-Yiu Yin Loh Trust and Timothy P. O’Brien to Kodjo Missoh, $215,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5127-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Joyce F. Brunson, $222,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 612-RCC Oip Corp. to Sunil K. Pandit, $197,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 301-Keyatta R. Orlena to Kentys A. Miller and Carmen Ventura, $63,000.

Higgins Way, 1043-Lisa Maria Myers to Meskerem Bekele, $250,000.

Oliver St., 2006-Marta Alicia and Alice Lugo to Luis A. Luyo, $75,000.

Somerset St., 2003-Heriberto Vivar Garcia and Nancy Leticia Zamora to Carlos M. Ortega Guerrero, $140,000.

Windsor Lane, 7244-Evg College Heights Corp. to David H. and Marilyn D. Hickam, $861,940.

31st Ave., 5812-Mirna D. Orellana to Irvin Gaitan Bonilla and Rene Bonilla Maraville, $240,000.


Barenton Dr., 14214-Deutsche Bank to Michelle Wilkins, $130,199.

Brookridge Dr., 8907-John M. and Frances S. Calhoon to Robert E. Craft Jr., $291,000.

Center Park Way, 12906-Triangle Homes Corp. to Joretha C. Barnes, $300,990.

Crain Hwy., 7220-Michelle Pannell to Luis Duarte, $265,000.

Crockett Pl., 9210-Express Home Buyers DC Corp. and Metro DC 1 Corp. to Donnell and Danielle Fisher, $224,900.

Doralshire Ct., 15305-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Reginald Lipscomb, $469,990.

Florin Way, 9048-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Diane Jennifer Thomas, $90,000.

Grey Fox Trail, 8704-Barbara E. Brandes and Sharon B. Myers to James and Kathryn Marsh, $440,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14713-U.S. Bank to Karl Holbert Jr., $84,900.

Locris Dr., 7601-JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. and Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to Willco Properties Corp., $146,300.

Meadow Lark Ave., 9808-Jeffrey D. and Anna L. Booker to Randolph Sylvester Chase Jr., $420,000.

Ripon Pl., 13126-Timothy W. Mull and Leslie M. Tapscott to Manan Patel, $130,000.

Twin Knoll Way, 10402-Kimberly C. and Kevin A. Carr to LNV Corp., $196,000.


Chessington Way, 9913-Navy Federal Credit Union to Christopher Smith, $432,000.

Driftwood Rd., 14300-Mid Atlantic Builders of Ashleigh Station to Kenneth R. and Lisa M. Henkel, $584,900.

Saint Josephs Dr., 2319-D.R. Horton Inc. to Lafayette H. Dublin and Vanessa E. Bonano, $330,665.

Traver St., 9819-D.R. Horton Inc. to D. Lawson and N. Obiako, $405,985.