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Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to


Cherish Ct., 42047-David R. Osborne to Mohit Agarwal, $529,500.

Elm Terr., 25404-Brett W. Rice to Justin T. Daniel, $403,500.

Little River Lane, 40655-Henry W. and Brenda S. Breeden to Brian D. Gustafson, $345,000.

Oak Medley Terr., 25552-Michael J. Hilton to Kimberly A. Miller, $409,000.

Prairie Grass Dr., 24778-Susan G. Sweatt to Sean T. Hoskins, $525,000.

Terrazzo Terr., 42278-Catherine W. Conrad to Chung K. Park and Su K. Kang, $267,500.


Alden Ct., 32-Sarah Sischo and Brian Pociask to Sherrill Daily Jr., $257,600.

Ferguson Ct., 3-Michael L. Kauffman to Dan Huynh, $430,000.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46366-Carl D. Dvorak to Kaushik K. Apte, $550,000.

McCarty Ct., 1-Albert L. Creech to Joaquim A. Oliveira, $434,000.

Riverbend Sq., 20415, No. 102-Pamela S. Stack to Patricia White, $229,900.

Sulgrave Ct., 173-Laura S. Dean and Sung H. Jin to Sean M. Jordan and Sabrina M. Berntsen, $320,000.

Willowmere Ct., 20438-Ronald J. Sitnick to David E. Arthur, $605,000.


Apache Cir., 44347-Alex Di Sante to Jaya P.R. Kotha, $645,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20271, No. 303-Bahareh Kianpourian to Katherine E. Fleger, $230,000.

Blue Water Ct., 20577-Deutsche Bank to Dumitru A. Nita and Mirela Rusu, $425,299.

Callaway Sq., 44482-William H. Atwill and John J. McCaskill to Camille Priola, $411,000.

Chatham Way, 44211-Dana Stanley to Carlos Bowen and Latesa Hughes, $450,000.

Churchill Downs Dr., 42870-Jayne M. Halvorsen to Christopher T. Riordan, $380,000.

Desert Forest Dr., 20094-U.S. Bank to Ramiro Rodriguez, $750,000.

Foothill Terr., 20182-Shane Gillman to Zachary Gargan and Haley M. Eveland, $307,500.

Hansberry Terr., 21374-Harris Teeter Inc. to Mohan K. Sundarasamy and Sumathi M. Kumar, $417,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21126-Rubina Sadiq to Khalid Mahmood, $240,000.

Ivymount Terr., 20911-Georgiana Apple to Larry J. Gilligan, $345,000.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21763-Harish K. Arry to Vinay Ramineni and Purushotham Komaravolu, $360,000.

Malin Ct., 43370-Stephen M. Price to Fitzgerald E. Mark, $549,900.

Naples Lakes Terr., 19884-Gustavo A.H. Rey Sanchez Solano to Thomas R. Miller and Miller Family Trust, $533,000.

Overland Park Dr., 21431-Ronald W. Swan to Nishan M. Patel, $428,500.

Potter Terr., 44494-Jonathan R. Laible to Leslie H. Ashman, $303,000.

Smith Cir., 19853-Douglas F. Gafner II and Gafner Family Trust to Ross Rockenbaugh, $625,000.

Timberbrooke Pl., 43760-Barry D. Laurent to Douglas B. Cohen, $745,700.

Woodworth Ct., 43769-Powell Benedict to Amol Shah, $645,000.


Blue Elder Terr., 22691, No. 203-Albert A. and June L. Anch to Thomas R. Eanes Jr., $224,900.

Cortez Terr., 42489-Fernando M. Ortiz to Robert L. Parrott, $444,900.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23100-Myrna L. Cadelina to Khong Q. Truong, $360,000.

Falling Rock Terr., 21434-Frank Watson to Collins P. Tynan, $357,500.

Hales Trace Dr., 23221-Scott A. Coughlin to Carsten O. Goebels, $662,500.

Lois Lane, 22974-Michael K. Chung to David P. Dunn Sr., $798,000.

Minerva Dr., 23238-Peter Han to Venukumar Jonnavithula, $690,000.

Parkland Farms Terr., 22676-Michael D. Brown to Srinivas Kandukoori and Deepika Pinnoju, $345,000.

Rockrose Sq., 42421, No. 201-Ryan Greene to Devin C. Yates, $188,000.

Tourmaline Lane, 42477-Allen T. Hancock to Bennett Sutliffe, $619,900.

Welby Terr., 21567-Clarke E. Duvall to Alexis Buckles, $327,000.


Brondesbury Park Terr., 21783-Patricia A. Price to Liyan Gu and Huina Gao, $330,000.

Paddington Station Terr., 45661-Christian D. Clay and Lisa Horn to Victor J. Gallo, $341,100.


Yorktown Dr., 10149-Kenneth Murray to Dale A. Eng, $433,000.


Holmes Mill Rd., 38821-Elijah B. White to Sneaky Fox Farm Corp., $1.5 million.


Allenby Way, 43150-Mark S. Jacobs to Paul D. Agutter, $649,900.

Balls Bluff Rd., 42326-Jennifer D. Coombs to Civil War Preservation Trust, $500,000.

Big Springs Ct., 42264-Anand Ravulapalli to Bhavesh Bhagat, $546,000.

Canoe Landing Ct., 18923-Jonathan L. Hinkle to Joseph S. Lakis, $999,900.

Coppermine Sq., 19416-Victoria A. Ciupak to John E. Mauthe, $305,000.

Coton Reserve Dr., 19148-Carol M. Robinson to Tahir H. Awan, $641,500.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 822-Estate of Catherine Rollman to Margery Dunlap, $215,000.

Glynn Tarra Pl., 41975-Yaser A. Bishr and Omkalsum D. Hussein to Michael H. Ewing, $525,000.

Kingsport Dr., 43118-John C. Conway to Rapatrick B. Murrell, $685,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 186-Joan P. McCracken to Martin J. Mansir, $210,000.

Old Waterford Rd., 17315-Herbert Howard Jr. to Gene M. Wilhoite Jr., $799,000.

Perdido Bay Terr., 18492-Seth L. Toback to William E. Cormier, $506,500.

Promenade Dr., 19450-Scott M. Nelson to Mossrock Corp., $245,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43506-Jeffrey Kadans to Gideon K. Kwarteng, $640,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 1005-Federal National Mortgage Association to Martin J. Mansir, $255,000.

Valemount Terr. NE, 830-Room By Room Makeovers Inc. to Paul J. Obering and Joana B. Roe, $382,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 237-Douglas W. Hall to Jennifer M. Perkins, $539,900.

Belmont Dr. SW, 129-Franklin A. Thompson to Elijah B. White, $384,900.

Chesterfield Pl. SW, 129-Deborah L. Bauer to Patrick A. Cropper, $410,000.

Coltrane Sq., 41054-Aaron J. Superak to Kathleen R. McMeekin, $419,900.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 413-Rene Heibert to Jason R. Thompson, $347,750.

Emerald Park Dr., 19409-Arbor Fund II Corp. to Hasan M. Ibrahim, $670,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 660, No. 102-William F. Wright to Marshall L. McCarty, $173,000.

Gleedsville Rd., 20798-Michael A. Weakland to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $375,000.

Highland Creek Dr., 20962-Mark D. Allard to Brent R. Arnold, $585,000.

Lime Kiln Rd., 39782-Barbara L. Peck to Michael K. Lock, $805,000.

Nottoway St. SE, 224-Roberta L. Runion to Farshad Faghih and Yu Zeng, $175,000.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 102, No. B-Tracy B. Snead to Linda S. Pack, $130,000.

Selkirk Greene Ct., 18156-William J. Carden III to Michael Nuss, $855,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 502, No. 402-Kristen Carl to Beth Honcharski, $192,000.


Folly Lane, 11803-Hilda M. Tetter to Michael H. Brown, $390,000.

Mills Ct., 16-Jason M. Kenawell to Andrew J. Duffy, $250,000.

Park Pl., 33-Jennifer M. Carswell to Stephen McNamara, $187,287.

Tritapoe Pl., 20-Teresa M. Holland to Tyler A. Stiller and Samantha Snow, $325,000.


Light Horse Ct., 23533-William E. Schuling to William T. Beale and Lindsay B. Simmons, $1.37 million.

Snickersville Tnpk., 39777-William H. Casterline Jr. and Jeremy B. Root to Robert D. Varrin Jr., $1.4 million.


Country Club Dr. W., 740-Martin C. Murphy to Brian P. Damewood, $285,000.

Pickwick Dr., 17181-Arnold O. Tanner to Eileen M. Boeing, $405,000.

11th St. S., 511-Carol A. Jackson to Donald E. Walker Sr., $150,000.


Greenwood Dr., 17243-Alan Banks to James T. Nicols, $412,000.

Locust St. S., 4-Michael P. O’Bryan to Teressa A. Reed, $334,900.


Anthem Terr., 25603-South Riding Partners to Paul T. Moyik, $475,000.

Beachall St., 43026-Luberon Investment Inc. to Lori J. Greene, $290,000.

Eastgate View Dr., 44135-Richmond American Homes to Khaled Jarrar and Robin Abdallah, $299,900.

Flannigan Terr., 42811-Daniel J. Martynowicz to Brian Laskowski, $266,500.

Holly Tree Lane, 43071-Thong N. Che to Nitesh Patel, $589,000.

Laidlow St., 43511-Aaron M. Deyerle to Frederic M. Piry, $355,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43679-Jennifer A. Miklovic and Sara C. Brown Living Trust to Manuel A. Barreda, $690,000.

Nimbleton Sq., 26096-Brett L. Cole and Suzanne M. Paton to David Tang and Yu L. Chen, $340,000.

Riding Center Dr., 24999-Lanka Karunaratne to Youssef G. Soleman and Andrew Y. Zaki, $300,000.

Whippoorwill Terr., 25266-Sean E. Alexander Jr. to Alexandre R.J. Chaufour, $405,000.


Bayberry Ct., 11-Mary A. Schwartz to Claudia S. Barrett, $339,500.

Brunswick St. E., 100-Bryan W. McEachern to Gale E. Zirpolo, $375,000.

Concord Ct. S., 707-Victor M. Ramos to Adolfo A. Castillo Hernandez, $150,000.

Deerwood Ct., 104-Margaret R. Harris Estate to Gary Tansley, $384,500.

Greencastle Rd., 20-McMaster Family Trust to John M. Donohoe and Sara K. Runge, $345,000.

Pepperidge Pl., 129-Gary Robinson III and Manisha Shrestha to Eric A. Gray, $452,000.

Silo Mill Ct., 1-Kevin M. Corcoran to Adel R. Ghobrial and Eriny S. Rizk, $340,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 1803-Pedro Fuentes to Thai H. Nguyen, $275,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 829-Nestor Orellana and Andreina Cardenas to Santos F. Machado, $225,000.

Wideoak Ct., 21371-William D. Westover and John E. Ritzert Jr. to Innocent Eroraha, $575,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Boundary Lane, 31-Green Development Corp. to Daniel T. Jackson, $333,585.

Chestnut Oak Lane, 6743-William P. Jones to Robert D. Newman, $375,000.

Cray Dr., 4187-U.S. Bank to Michael A. Casey, $456,000.

Devon Dr., 430-Tony C. Graves and Debra E. McDaniel to J. Marshall Barber and Ashley R. Kemp, $335,000.

Estate Ave., 522-James M. Kiffney to John N. Tiernan II, $322,000.

Galina Way, 586-Marlon A. Alvarado to Nathan Suhr, $416,000.

Grays Mill Rd., 7181-Thomas J. Ross II and Equity Trust Co. to Karri A. Voskuhl, $375,000.

Grimbert Ct., 10816-Isidoro Lopez and Maridela Loveland to Peter A. Orantes and Janice L. Sullivan, $313,000.

High St., 91-Linda J. Klingensmith to Jennifer D. Coombs, $475,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 3911-NVR Inc. to James York, $466,452.

Marsh Rd., 13413-Glenn A. and Sherry W. McMillan to Jose O. Larios, $250,000.

Merrimac Lane, 9478-Jason M. Zimmermann to Carol E. Trageser, $369,900.

Old Meetze Rd., 551-Lily Fernandez Richardson to Unitech Residential, $316,000.

Pump House Ct., 2206-Fauquier Lakes to NVR Inc., $590,000.

Royal Ct., 180-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jonathan A. Glenn, $319,000.

Sillamon Rd., 13117-Robert M. Wargo to Prime Construction Co., $53,000.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10974-Peter M. Phelan to Steven K. Walker, $290,000.

Vale View Dr., 7394-Richard L. Brogan to J.B. Copeland, $560,000.

Waterdale Ct., 6422-Benjamin P. Kolodzie to Carlos L. Portillo, $200,000.

Westmoreland Dr., 7118-Harry R. Adams Jr. to Donald C. Saunders, $341,000.


Country Creek Lane, 5064-Everette S. Merriman to William R. Spearman, $465,000.

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