Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Brampton Ct., 6366-Brenda L. Kinser Johnson to Bennie L. Evans Jr., $580,000.


Belle Haven Rd., 1739-Edwin D. Miller to Christine E. Best, $649,000.

Columbia Dr., 6923-Emilee P. Blount to Lindsey Davis, $460,000.

Glasgow Rd., 2309-Eason Cross Jr. to Tyler Tepfer, $585,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7311-Richard C. Rhame to John D. Stufflebeem, $987,500.

Quander Rd., 6814-Alan R. Frazier to Tedd C. Baker, $425,000.

Swarthmore Dr., 6728-Barbara T. Williams to John P. Gniadek, $413,200.

Warrington Pl., 1301-Richard M. Irby III to Robert D. Powell, $930,000.


Ambassador Way, 5904-Richard G. Lashford to Richard L. Owens, $428,000.

Ballycastle Cir., 5251-Henry W. Rosenbohm to Thomas C. Mayfield, $475,000.

Broadmoor St., 5443-Juan Carlos Briceno to Martin L. Crouse, $510,000.

Buckingham Palace Ct., 5610-Richard B. Hatheway Jr. to Eric J. Hawn, $525,000.

Castlefin Way, 6442-Peggy J. Wimbs to Nicholas Pasquariello, $422,000.

Clapham Rd., 5804-Reginald Mason to Derrick Henry, $495,000.

Creek Point Way, 6633-John Brewster to Samira Abbasi, $539,000.

Delia Dr., 6504-Robert G. Rorer to William E. Grimmer, $392,000.

Enfield Dr., 6515-Robert W. Richardson to Girish Ranganatha Rao, $535,000.

Fort Hill Dr., 3704-David T. Metcalf to Corey C. Hastings, $615,000.

Franconia Station Lane, 6148-Robert James Huber to Josel B. Fritz, $533,000.

Gentle Lane, 6208-Marjorie R. Johnson to James F. Bresnahan II, $605,000.

Gingham Ct., 4330-Mary L. Pike to James Wollmershauser, $395,000.

Grange Lane, 6587, No. 104-Krista Baird to John P. Gaitan, $329,950.

Hatherleigh Ct., 7455-Maurice P. Kent to Benjamin E. Elefante Jr., $375,000.

Helmsdale Lane, 5608-Gregory Morrow Henderson to Tatyana V. Bolton, $514,900.

Hillview Ave., 6408-Raj Lalvani to Johnson A. Edosomwan Corp., $390,000.

Joust Lane, 6031-Judith L. Murray to Sean A. Spence, $418,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6611-John S. Donoughe to Kitan Bae, $500,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5994, No. 101-Kevin L. Hochhalter to Ana Maria Alonso, $278,000.

Liverpool Lane, 6001-Maria Christina Davies to Kristine K. Covey, $350,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6941F, No. F-JLG Investments Corp. to Kimberly Thomas, $259,900.

Mulberry Ct., 6111-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Debra C. Chatman to Federal National Mortgage Association, $543,480.

Norham Dr., 5837-Beth Spearman to Ernesto Clark, $315,000.

Old Carriage Dr., 6554-Robert G. Moody to Wayne C. Thomas, $341,500.

Pratt St., 5825-Travis M. Fritz to Kyle V. Jimenez, $360,000.

Roxann Rd., 7021-Ruby Kendrick Dawson to Chris Dawson, $143,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6461-Tina M. Davis to Solomon G. Shimelis, $315,000.

Sunburst Way, 6513-Bruce G.C. Wilson to Benjamin D. Shealy, $380,000.

Trask Terr., 6515-Anthony W. Whitehouse to Elizabeth A. Sebero, $605,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5930-Jeffrey D. Martin to Adam W. Young, $495,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 6015-Thomas R. Boyer to Elizabeth Skorey, $530,000.


Airlie Way, 4458-Robert G. Lebak to Thanh Quang Do, $410,000.

Arlen St., 7704-U.S. Bank to Jose Carreno Malagon, $410,000.

Battailles Ct., 8602-Alan D. Dorow to Julie E. Manning, $630,000.

Bradley Cir., 7041-Edgar Miranda to Vivianne V. Couts, $450,000.

Briar Creek Dr., 8408-Lynne M. Blennerhassett to Denise E. Calvert, $610,000.

Calvert St., 7211-Po Wen Lu to Flavio Domeneck, $435,000.

Cascus Dr., 9106-Yougyuan Zhang to Brian L. Janes, $549,000.

Dale Ct., 7124-Erik A. Garcia to Alicia Cabrera, $610,000.

Downing Ct., 6429-William H. Sargent to Shannon Byrnes, $702,500.

Hepplewhite Ct., 8620-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to William J. Nix, $699,000.

Ivymount Ct., 4345, No. 3-Mong Thu Nguyen to Nhan Nguyen, $163,000.

Kingston Dr., 4913-Gary J. Peed to Jeffrey W. MacDonald, $500,000.

Lillie Mae Way, 6905-Temesgen M. Bitew to Tigabu Kassa, $504,900.

Meadow Rue Lane, 9101-Meredith Holman Lewis to Garrett R. Hoffman, $590,000.

Peyton Forest Trail, 7926-Gay Hee Lee to Edward A. Augustine, $430,000.

Queen Elizabeth Blvd., 8801-Neal A. Byrd to Christopher J. Sale, $560,000.

Sipes Lane, 7205-Jose Luis Pena to Seth A. Caplan, $725,000.

Sunset Lane, 4912-Scott D. Spagnoli to Bruce W. Holmes, $840,000.

Toll House Rd., 8232-Maria R. Defilippis to Thomas Ryder, $660,000.

Wakefield Chapel Rd., 4818-Mary Ann Anelli to Honggang Zhao, $585,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3366, No. 33-International Property Development Investments Corp. to Neda Sabzevari, $169,900.


Ardley Ct., 3384-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $463,632.

Diehl Ct., 3440-Bruce J. Eckhoff to Matthew Hubbard, $480,500.

Jay Miller Dr., 6505-Richard B. Pearlstein to Anthony J. Puzzo, $630,000.

Larchwood Rd., 3905-Robert J. Candia to Brian John Luhman and Carolyn Mary Sofman, $465,000.

Maplewood Dr., 6435-Faisury Rivera to Jason M. Routson, $410,000.

Spring Lane, 3234-Marie B. Barton to Martha Aberra, $455,000.

Whispering Lane, 3703-Suzy E. Van Messenhove to Atlantic Capital Services Corp., $501,000.


Birch Leaf Ct., 6369-Elizabeth Argueta to Helly Ahmadyar, $235,000.

Burke Pond Lane, 9808-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Broderick Dunn, $435,000.

Cherry Oak Ct., 9518-Eman S. Wassif to Fariha Williams, $353,000.

Draycott Ct., 9527-Justin T. Tsuchida to Jeremy J. Zukas, $425,000.

Falcon Landing Ct., 6204-Stephan Willett to Satheesha Hangarkatte, $590,000.

Fort Corloran Dr., 5617-Ahmad Yaacoobi to James D. Lampton, $585,000.

Harvester Ct., 6015-Dong Nguyen to Qianqian Li, $620,000.

High Water Ct., 9860-Kyle Anderson to Tong Wang, $359,888.

Legendgate Pl., 6502-Maria Del Carmen Francia Lifschitz to Jue Wang, $365,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10005-Michael W. Seidenstricker to Timothy James Parker, $491,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6163-Kelly Houff to Mark Bumiller, $356,000.

Natick Ct., 6001-Erick F. Christoph to Benjamin A. Simpson Jr., $535,000.

Oak Ladder Ct., 5801-Barrons Investment Group Corp. to Susan C. Lynch, $375,000.

Oakland Park Dr., 5811-Timothy J. Halligan Jr. to Brian D. Schneider, $640,000.

Poindexter Ct., 9691-Poindexter House Corp. to Anna Maria Quada De Ochoa, $370,000.

Raintree Rd., 9313-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Herman R. Pablo, $487,500.

Roberts Common Ct., 5918-Charles Michael Southward II to Nicole Lopez Pruitt, $375,000.

Scorpio Ct., 9610-James A. Munthali to Oscar A. Louie, $555,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9622-Craig Copeland to Allison E. Foster, $510,000.

Sprucewood Rd., 9207-Louis J. Small to Javier Dominquez, $275,000.

Tibbitt Lane, 5006-Cesar Emilio Sanchez to Hai Van Ho, $290,000.

Walnut Wood Ct., 10139-James B. Krajcovic to Christopher L. Sitter, $386,000.

Whippany Way, 6411-John F. Helvey to Aaron Wallace, $432,000.

Wooden Spoke Ct., 9502-Gregory Owen Tyree to Eric A. Beene, $665,000.


Awbrey Patent Dr., 14506-Dung Nguyen to Minh Nguyen, $409,900.

Battery Ridge Lane, 14514-Ricardo Guajardo to Avaas Corp., $330,000.

Bromfield Trce., 6411-Steven Zimmerman to James R. Moyar, $499,900.

Cedar Loch Ct., 6802-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Iyappan Kothandaraman, $385,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14313, No. 306-Richard Garrahan to Qingwen Qian, $215,000.

Compton Valley Ct., 6900-Stephen Nahid Sykes to Adam M. Bray, $346,024.

Eagle Button Ct., 14208-Deok Hee Kim to Rajan Thapa, $350,000.

Faircloth Ct., 5683-Scott E. Kneeshaw to Yeu Q. Liu, $435,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14463-Steven Thomas Smith to Louis W. Jennings, $282,000.

Giant Oak Ct., 6057-Christina J. Sylvester to Hong Liu, $284,900.

Golden Oak Rd., 14481-Irwin L. Smietan to Ahmed Robbie, $192,500.

Green Park Way, 14764-Charlene C. Sloan to Alexander E. West, $289,900.

Hancock Ct., 14827-Ann M. Charron to Faiad A. Shaban, $266,000.

Haversack Rd., 6520-Lewis E. Motter to Jay Shakoori, $339,900.

Highbourne Lane, 5081-John H. Thurtell to Prasad Raman, $775,000.

Jordans Journey Dr., 15304-Marvin G. Coleman to Mark J. Soltys II, $655,000.

Lee Forest Path, 6302-Deborah K. Eagle to Michael T. Pritchard, $670,000.

Little Rocky Mountain Ct., 14345-Alg Trustees Corp. and Kevin T. Wright to Anwar M. Khan, $231,139.

Meadow Crest Ct., 6065-Paul J. Stadig to Nazir Ahmad, $275,000.

Old Mill Rd., 14539-Equity Trustees Corp. and Carlos J. Gandolfo Jr. to Potomac Relocation Services Inc., $525,001.

Ordway Rd., 7100-Mario A. Mitchell to James Lindsey, $620,000.

Pickets Post Rd., 14700-Matt C. Harris to Eaton M. Criado, $538,000.

Ridge Water Ct., 6850-Thomas J. Minogue to Hany N. Saad, $400,000.

Rydell Rd., 14803, No. 102-John L. Hulme to Sandi Myers, $191,000.

Salisbury Plain Ct., 14445-George Deforest Haskins Jr. to Edwin Rojas, $275,000.

Skylemar Trail, 6602-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Maureen Mello, $278,000.

Snowhill Ct., 6189-W. Franklin Stickle III to Sang Eun Lee, $639,900.

Stream Pond Ct., 5829-James C. McDonough to Jack S. Barufka, $334,000.

Truitt Farm Dr., 14741-Kathleen G. Patrizi to Patricia McDermott, $399,900.

Westbourne Pl., 6038-Gloria Anez to Donald Nguyen, $235,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13945-Jennifer K. Kosiak to Ricardo P. Soto, $268,000.

Woodfield Dr., 5155-Matthew D. Boettcher to Wei Dong, $413,000.

Woven Willow Lane, 14269B, No. 82-Ross N. Schwalm to Jeen S. Choi, $400,900.


Brentwall Ct., 4703-Anthony E. Lawrence to Kitherian Santhacruz, $635,000.

Cub Run Rd., 4528-Neil T. Russell to Thomas Genda, $416,000.

Elk Run Rd., 15205-Michael Franco to Carlos J. Silva, $332,000.

Leighfield St., 13820-Timothy N. Johnson to Nicklas Davenport, $529,000.

Lightfoot St., 3840, No. 342-Diana H. Hong to Sreedhar Veeramachaneni, $238,000.

Newport Dr., 4147-An V. Nguyen to An Buu, $300,000.

Quartz Rock Ct., 4605-Ivan Halfond to David B. Falwell, $511,500.

Smallwood Ct., 13622-Richard S. Young to Bernard F. Collins II, $403,000.

Stepney Lane, 13645-Ags Investment Group Corp. to Edgar R. Bustamante, $320,000.

Warner Lane, 4303-Thomas J. Duffy to Geoffrey Greene, $583,500.


Clifton Rd., 6922-Ellery F. Calkin to Jayson Saliba, $660,000.

Gosling Dr., 5615-Phillip D. Mancini to Gautam Mehta, $425,000.

Marblestone Dr., 13919-Erik C. Levy to Steven J. Kimble, $599,900.

Orchard Hill Ct., 5817, No. 5817-Equity Trustees Corp. and Jeanette M. Jerdak to Bunthoeun Thou, $175,000.

Rock Brook Dr., 6739-Lee Hyun Nam to Brian J. Oh, $670,000.

Rockland Dr., 6553-Okley Dale Ammons to Mark E. Cipolla, $590,000.

Springhouse Cir., 6417-Rosario Chechile to Richard P. Formica, $612,500.

Warm Spring Ct., 13904-Stone Financing Corp. to Sandeep Saxena, $610,000.

Willow Edge Ct., 13118-Alan John Bannatyne to Yu Wei Lin, $635,000.


Cahoon Ct., 4922-Krishna V. Annambhotia to Nipul Zalavadia, $970,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4135, No. 1-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Tamila Mostamandy to Federal National Mortgage Association, $388,672.

Garland Tree Ct., 12580-Chris Raines to Walton E. Bell III, $420,000.

Kildare Lane, 2972-Seok Won Lee to John Galt Corp., $620,000.

Lower Park Dr., 4233-Diane R. Sheridan to Dorothy Wang, $570,000.

Popes Head Rd., 11611-Steven D. Meade to William J. Breedlove Jr., $725,000.

Prosperity Ave., 3744-Cheryl R. Berger to SE Homes VA Corp., $390,000.

Treasure Ct., 4810-Terence M. Cabell to April M. Kurzke, $400,000.

Woodberry Meadow Dr., 3942-Sreedhar Gopal Iyer to Bai Li, $990,000.


Crosspointe Dr., 8302-Maslahuddin Durrani to Darryl C. Jackson, $759,000.

Eagle Trce., 9406-Jeanne C. Haskins to Laura C. Sabo, $590,000.

Fournier Dr., 10726-Eddie L. Stallworth to Matthew John Nachman, $800,000.

Manor House Dr., 7820-Eric Schneider to Eugene J. Fraser, $1.25 million.

Oak Stream Ct., 9509-Christine J. Tschampel to Craig S. Copeland, $690,000.

Simpson Patent Ct., 6205-Michael Soroka to Donald Parente, $710,000.

Triple Ridge Rd., 9006-Frank A. Bucci to Richard L. Schroeder, $537,500.

Wilderness Way, 7519-David A. Castelveter to Maxwell D. Marker, $799,900.


Adams Pl., 2913-Cecil Bryan Wilson to John E. Bator, $575,000.

Beechview Dr., 6823-David B. Conway to Erik Warren Major, $607,000.

Cameron Rd., 2820-Shannon B. Seiberlich to Ann Dawson Flitcroft, $476,500.

Cofer Rd., 3116-Ali A. Atallah to Nabaraj Parajuli, $370,000.

Elm Terr., 3315-John B. Chesson III to Deborah D. Kassilke, $621,000.

Fairwood Lane, 7425-Valerie Lynn Long to Duane M. Thompson, $622,000.

Friar Tuck Ct., 7531-John W. Purvis Sr. to David J. Grimes, $618,000.

Holloman Rd., 3318-Hazel M. McCormick to NVC Holdings Corp., $480,000.

Jackson Ave., 6812-Kimberly A. Badenhop to Jeremy Lowry, $437,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7604, No. G-Vi Phan to Heidi Metz, $251,000.

Marc Dr., 7301-Terry J. Barker to Robert Warren, $433,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3003, No. 3208-Michael P. Lempert to Yuan Tian, $330,000.

Poplar Ct., 7329-Karin Sweigart to Steven J. Baehr, $455,000.

Spring Terr., 6500-Virginia Foley Morris to David Wilburn, $534,000.

Tulip Dr., 2215-Debra S. Neuahus Palmer to Christopher B. Tokarczyk, $621,500.

Wayne Rd., 3134-Janet R. Eisenhower to Lorenzo Ayala, $362,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7622, No. 7622-Brian L. Janes to Chou Min Lin, $290,250.

Yarling Ct., 2842-James S. Dyson Jr. to Adrian C. Maholchic, $275,000.


Beacon Lane, 2230-Daniel G. Gould to Alison Jane Slavin, $685,000.

Center St., 2427-Lani U. Phillips to Edward T. Wills, $616,000.

Haycock Rd., 7029F, No. 406-Yvette Collazo to Richard J. Leonard, $625,000.

Hillsman St., 2546-Patty Perkins Kenney to Stone Financing Corp., $610,000.

Idylwood Station Lane, 2295-Bonnie Skovlin to Adam F. Schmidt, $500,000.

Lisle Ave., 7729-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Srinivas R. Jupally, $500,000.

Mclean Greens Ct., 6885-Timothy V. Jun to Zongfu Zeng, $530,000.

Montour Dr., 6727-Christopher W. Lewis to Michael Jester, $849,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1909-Majia Salem to Ziyang Qiu, $450,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 808-Dipta Shah to Kim Dung T. Nguyen, $228,000.

Roswell Dr., 7819-Jason D. Gebhart to Ryan C. Heineman, $674,070.

Snead Lane, 7805-Cindy Duong Chung to Maurice H. Curran, $407,000.


Anderson Lane, 9116-Raymond T. Hicks to Bainbridge CRP Belvoir Corp., $581,150.

Backlick Rd., 9120-Edward J. Wall Jr. to Bainbridge CRP Belvoir Corp., $671,150.


Bainbridge Rd., 7919-Michael J. Pessagno to David D. Vargas, $565,000.

Bradgate Rd., 8615-William M. Herwig to Robert L. Stickell, $520,000.

Cool Spring Dr., 1505-Salvation Army National Corp. to James P. Mackey, $570,000.

Croton Dr., 1101-Richard T. Linnemann to James D. Gandorf, $549,000.

Doyle Dr., 8504-Paul T. Zielinski to Raymundo Villarreal Jr., $579,000.

Jamestown Rd., 1905-Kathleen M. Curry to Gary Wagner, $440,000.

Old Stage Rd., 2008-Kenneth J. Lyons to Christopher J. Blaylock, $720,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 1508-Maia Dalton Theodore to Donald J. Martin, $560,000.

Stirrup Lane, 2625-George Wesley Wood to Derek H. Westfall, $700,000.

Wellington Rd., 7903-Richard J. Raftery to Ryan Paul Raftery, $415,000.


Arnon Chapel Rd., 9306-Martin L. Newton to William F. Gould, $1.2 million.

Challedon Rd., 1016-David K. Lemons to Edward John Hospodar Jr., $726,000.

Forest Park Rd., 719-John M. Russ to Walton N. Smith III, $1.12 million.

Hickory Creek Ct., 10314-B. Jenkins Middleton to Erik C. Bengaard, $805,000.

Interpromontory Rd., 105-Laszlo Horvathi to Antonio Hanein Chagoury, $1.55 million.

Lake Windermere Dr., 10903-Parker R. Teel to John K. Walker, $875,000.

Loran Ct., 1098-Ming Tak Lok to Leith Bouhaouala, $716,000.

Pamlico Lane, 9416-Wei Ming Shao to Omid Rokni, $1.07 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1003-Edmund J. Trepacz II to Kevin B. Lefton, $774,900.

Rolling Meadow Dr., 11605-Charles Boyle Jacobina to Wei Wang, $1.2 million.

Walker Rd., 706-Stephen K. Conver to John Watson, $1.28 million.


Alabama Dr., 1229-Yeni A. Licona to Ying Mu, $255,000.

Autumn Crest Dr., 12692-Charles A. Hurt to Jianping Tong, $905,000.

Berger Pl., 2262-William L. Walton to Jose R. Cabrera, $290,000.

Bond St., 1241-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ronald K. Hourihane, $320,000.

Builders Ct., 1702-Paul D. Triplett to James M. Justen, $460,000.

Cassia St., 1304-Eddy B. Rynex Jr. to Jennifer Towns, $645,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12949, No. 106-Kareem Jamal Leggett to Justin Lowry, $165,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12957, No. 412-Arima Valluri to Srinivasa Raju Kakarlapudi, $210,000.

Clover Field Cir., 2465-Susan Q. Mason to Sridharan Seshadri, $420,000.

Dogwood Ct., 851-Denise Maul to Hosain A. Mahan, $280,000.

Fairfax Lane, 509-Sandstorm Real Estate Herndon Corp. to Bryan J. Casto, $526,500.

Franklin Oaks Dr., 2996-Steven A. Butler to Stone Financing Corp., $730,000.

Grant St., 906-Michael P. Zinke to Alirio C. Arreaza Tamayo, $387,100.

Greg Roy Lane, 13030-Deborah A. Hoveland to Rahul Juneja, $633,000.

Hiddenbrook Dr., 1522-Jerry A. Lagarde to Raul Diaz Wahl and Nathan Rarick, $400,000.

Iron Forge Rd., 2471-Tim Hawes to Vijay Vootkur, $695,000.

Jubilation Ct., 1603-Chester Wilmot Harvety III to Renee Morales, $445,000.

Kinross Cir., 3198-Chandrasekaran Rajam to Ram Krishnan, $619,116.

Laneview Ct., 13108-Richard A. Maginnis to Jeffrey Johnston, $663,000.

Madison St., 471-John Y. Wehmueller to Prolandian Holding 1 Corp., $476,460.

Monroe St., 1200-Francis J. Bozek to Andrew P. Johnson, $467,500.

New Parkland Dr., 13004-Boyd M. Chamberlain to Paul R. Shlesinger, $540,000.

Oak Trail Ct., 1499-Maria Del Socoro Umana to Zafar Iqbal, $410,000.

Pellow Circle Trail, 1311-Cheryl S. Green to Stone Financing Corp., $735,000.

Pond Crest Lane, 12720-Terry W. Glasgow to Chandrasekaran Rajam, $947,500.

Reign St., 2821-Paul K. Klinker to Yanxin Duan, $505,000.

Royal Elm Ct., 902-Randy Collins to Iraj Ghorbani, $730,000.

Schwenger Pl., 13320-Naiqing Dong to Laxmi Regmi, $275,000.

Skyhaven Ct., 1409-Hilary R. Ray to Cynthia A. Kaplita, $425,000.

Stone Heather Dr., 13214-Jay N. White to Sivaramakrishna Sangameswaran, $550,000.

Thorngate Dr., 3306-David Ian Edgington to Christian Castanou, $560,000.

Trossack Rd., 12007-Stephen T. Welch to Curtis M. Gartenmann, $455,000.

Venturi Lane, 13660, No. 216-Kevin Michael Thomas to William Joseph Rudd, $402,000.

Willow Falls Dr., 12410-Gregory J. Pinto to Margaret T. Long, $560,000.


Edgehill Ct., 5942-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Alain Band and Keriann Marie Skawski, $416,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3806-Fredy Urbano Amaya to Federal National Mortgage Association, $379,908.

Farrington Ave., 2305, No. 1-202-Samamtha L. Bailey to Olufolajimi W. Ige, $115,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 212-Jennifer L. Ahner to Laura A. Ramirez, $305,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 1504-Walter F. McKee to Monica M. Sangbong, $465,000.

Redcoat Dr., 2621, No. 222-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Amy Smoke to Kim T. Ngo, $87,200.

Wyomissing Ct., 5826-Jeffrey H. Rubini to Sarah J. Herhold, $427,000.


Chimney Wood Ct., 6356-Kathryn M. Sodaro Jensen to Burak Kaan Pehlivan, $345,000.

Coxton Ct., 7530D, No. 112-Ricky Emerson to Muhammed Tanveer, $225,000.

Hampton Ct., 3719-Douglas Walker Owens to Jarod R. Jackson and Anna Clark, $285,000.

La Faye Ct., 8213-M. Karen Walker to Kevin Matthew Shaw, $399,950.

Ross St., 2402-Marie A. Mulumba to Michael Hawkins, $460,000.

Stoneybrooke Lane, 6902-Carol M. Jones to Yves N. Geoffrey, $492,500.

Windbreak Dr., 2545-My Yen Huynh to Zion A. Askias and Girmai Yohannes, $339,000.


Autumn Cove Ct., 4711-Marcelo Cavero to Maria V. Cuin, $590,000.

Brookside Dr., 4436-James E. Funkhouser to John P. Kennedy Jr., $475,000.

Fairfax Pkwy., 3900-Edgardo D. Dioquino to Nadira M. Chaudhry, $380,000.

Helen Winter Terr., 4690-Sang Chul Nam to Kenneth Masson, $552,500.

Levtov Lanedg., 6367-Christian A. Arllen to Cady M. Sinks, $495,000.

Medinah Lane, 6639-Abel Meri to Umidjon P. Ozokoc, $370,000.

Nightwind Ct., 6515-Habib Michel Chehade to Suresh Maddula, $510,000.

Patuxent Knoll Pl., 5451-Johnny Hill Jr. to Qasim Durrani, $457,000.

Sawgrass Ct., 4547-Matthew W. Delaney to Byung S. Cha, $434,500.

Woodway St., 4321-John C. Swanson to James Julius Foster, $799,900.


Arcade St., 8008-Commonwealth Assets Services Corp. and Larry W. Basham to Federal National Mortgage Association, $403,601.

Bitterroot Ct., 8721-Glenn E. Palmer to Jayant B. Shah, $801,000.

Bluebird Way, 8311K, No. K-Aja D. Woods to Cheryl Ann Forever, $220,000.

Cross Chase Cir., 8949-William S. Shepherd to Thomas George Winston, $740,000.

Fitt Ct., 8303-Jimmy L. Huff to Joshua M. Hodges, $615,000.

Galvin Lane, 9051-Equity Trustees Corp. and Un Y. Shin to Grei Corp., $539,000.

Gunston Road Way, 11343-Fred Lewis Inc. to Link the Mink Corp., $460,000.

Horseshoe Cottage Cir., 8073-Mieu Lien Phung to Aisha Buhari, $335,000.

Lambkin Ct., 7800-Bhimraj Koirala to Nilu Kharel, $315,000.

Milford Haven Ct., 8940, No. 40B-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mohammad N. Saheed, $288,000.

Peniwill Dr., 9529-Charles F. Sardo to David T. Bellaire, $955,000.

Ridgely Dr., 9014-Joseph L. Berry to Joshua Merck, $679,000.

Silverview Ct., 8496-J. John Charbonneau to Joseph Norman Orenstein, $759,900.

Stonegarden Dr., 9177-Mary T. Hayes to Thomas A. Summers, $535,000.

Virginia Terr., 9017-Alison Z. Colangelo to Michael A. Hickman, $755,000.

White Orchid Pl., 8899-Gail E. Ricketts to Janice L. Jackson, $455,000.


Bellview Rd., 1017-Elizabeth Steck Wouters to Chuanguo Zhang, $1.61 million.

Brook Rd., 8500-Josephine Englat to Amy Adams, $1.26 million.

Carlin Lane, 1618-Jeffrey M. Lepon to Edward Hsu, $1.17 million.

Colonial Rd., 1205-Catherine M. Hogan to Henrik B. Haeckel, $837,500.

Crossover Dr., 7715-John R. Dahlgren to Joseph K. Cunniffe, $1.48 million.

Danforth St., 6716-John K. Kiff to Christopher Bjornson, $753,000.

Dead Run Dr., 1020-Robert M. Licata to Iraj Ekbatani, $810,000.

Dominion Reserve Dr., 926-Equity Trustees,Corp. and Charles S. Triplett to Raj R. Sharma, $2.39 million.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 315-Emerson 315 Corp. to William A. Larson, $746,000.

Falstaff Ct., 7719-V. Roy Southworth to Jack C. Nightingale, $1.04 million.

Georgetown Ridge Ct., 901-Elsbeth M. Flippen to Prabu Natarajan, $2.4 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 612-Ji H. Jung to Linda S. Brothers, $590,000.

Huntmaster Lane, 7705-Helen D. Murdock to Congyan Tan, $1.02 million.

Kyleakin Ct., 6956-Thomas A. Devine to Richard C. Wall, $1.58 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 235-Thomas Pecora to Amir Akhavan Sarraf, $370,000.

Lumsden St., 6702-Jean Paul Deblois Jr. to Tara Janee H. Lawson, $575,000.

Mclean Commons Lane, 7261-Viktor Y. Kats to Steven Martin Cooley, $750,000.

Mori St., 6315-Khalida Bajwa to Rahul Kitchlu, $880,000.

Panarama Ct., 1827-Christina G. Conforti to Robert Adkins, $899,000.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 312-Allison L. Standish to Philip G. Glazier, $221,000.

Skipwith Rd., 1316-Peter D. Pritchard to Pooja Chandra Pama, $1.73 million.

Spring Vale Ave., 1426-Mhi Spring Vale Corp. to Kenneth E. Gazzola, $2.28 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7720, No. 213-Leoncio A. Gil to Stephanie Cho, $280,000.

Westmoreland St., 1557-David S. Chu to Saeed A. Khan, $657,500.

Woodmoor Lane, 1619-Jer Yu Shang to Potomac Reserve Investment Corp., $620,000.


Agnew Ave., 4305-Christopher M. Smith to Robert J. Weingart, $525,000.

Braddock Ave., 8635-Nina J. Damato to Wanda L. Kahl, $456,500.

Cooper Rd., 8825-Nancy S. Reynaud to Bryan E. Kiser, $295,000.

Dolphin Lane, 4605-Charles M. Smith to Jeremy Jon Leader, $673,000.

Fielding St., 4212-Eric J. Anderson to Iftikhar Raja, $338,550.

Gallahan Ct., 8530-Robert S. Bannon to Kimberly Tauch, $867,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8375-Craig Thompson to Brew J. Martin, $344,900.

Mariposa Pl., 3938, No. 53D-Farid A. Mohamed to Adam Levy, $150,000.

Oaklake Ct., 8118-Christy Higgins Darlington to Shaunta N. Hill, $310,000.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4354, No. 63-Alg Trustees Corp. and Tracy L. Wheeler to Pentagon Federal Credit Union, $131,576.

Ramsgate Terr., 3400-Virginia L. Woodfin to Joshua J. Fehd, $443,500.

Russell Rd., 8002-Flor M. Cortez to John Y.C. Wang, $270,000.

Village Square Dr., 8602D, No. 11-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jan S. Brzosko, $135,000.

Woodland Lane, 3155-David M. Seaman to KL Property Investments Corp., $585,000.


Chatham St., 7403-Veronica M. Thompson to Jorge Antonio Carrillo, $373,000.

Dunston St., 7309-Van Hoffman to Ngoc T. Nguyen, $440,000.

Hopewell Ave., 6724-Carrie L. Taylor to Max D. Ruth, $411,000.

Ives Pl., 5408-Brian E. Brooks and Ruth Kramer Trust to Chien Tang, $161,000.

Moultrie Rd., 5320-Hayley Russon Davis to Craig Edmund Field, $380,000.

Ravenel Lane, 5603-Johnny Cleveland to Matthew R. Barofsky, $479,900.

Southampton Dr., 5417-David R. Crane to Man Sau Chu, $475,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. 1-A3-Summit Condo Corp. to Truong Ngoc Nguyen, $264,900.

Appalachian Cir., 10302, No. 8-110-Trina M. Chisholm to Ledford H. Day Jr., $209,000.

Blue Roan Rd., 10920-Douglas G. Pinkham to Gregory Wilson, $850,000.

Brecknock St., 12164-Henry A. Hamler Jr. to Steven J. Weiskircher, $925,000.

Fox Den Lane, 3037-Robert S. Grace to John A. Dedona, $815,000.

History Dr., 3271-Mel S. Weinberger to John Daniel Hushon Jr., $1.24 million.

Marbury Rd., 10530-Judith Falletta Cramer to Steven Michaels, $750,000.

Oakton Meadows Ct., 3007-Gail M. Cousins to Heather M. Reis, $550,000.

Red Granite Terr., 10442-James D. Guynn to Zhe Liu, $475,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-A8-David A. Egbert to Krishna Polisetty, $233,000.

Tattersall Trail, 11169-Balazs Horvath to Margaret F. Schmitz, $765,000.

Vale Spring Dr., 11405-Bryan J. Vick to Eric David Drey, $805,000.

Valeview Dr., 3528-Lawrence D. Korchnak to Clark William Silva, $717,000.

Waples Crest Ct., 3705-Scott Y. Schofield to Jonathan P. Lindroos, $1.58 million.

Yonder Hills Way, 2562-John J. Vonesh to Troy D. Dow, $1.96 million.


Auburn Grove Ct., 11606-Harold W. Evans III to Kendra A. Mara, $825,000.

Boathouse Ct., 11106, No. 100-Lisa M. Glikbarg to Lee Daniel Spatz, $365,000.

Breton Ct., 11813, No. 1A-John C. Donohue to Vaughn W. Noga, $160,000.

Brown Fox Way, 12406-Yuan Ding to Rupa Shivanna, $621,001.

Castle Rock Sq., 2236, No. 11C-Jonathan Armstrong to Daniel Chambers, $150,000.

Chadds Ford Dr., 2035-Lyn B. Carroll to Richard A. Bloom, $500,000.

Chimney House Rd., 1606, No. 1606-Eric J. Miller to Renee L. Kirkpatrick, $166,000.

Cobblestone Lane, 2051-Sean Kenneth Brophy to Gideon Mahn, $590,000.

Crossbeam Ct., 11200-John D. Day to Jasper Simons, $782,000.

Fairway Dr., 11394-Robert Banach to John Paul Mirick, $475,000.

Freetown Dr., 2453-Axel W. Henri to D and L of Manassas Corp., $453,200.

Glade Dr., 11150-William W. Gregory to Concetta M. Persico, $636,000.

Granby Ct., 11040-Mark W. Mitchell to Steven N. Wright, $329,900.

Heritage Oak Way, 1384-Sherry L. Bowman to Justin J. Cipriano, $510,000.

Hunters Square Ct., 2356-Robert Paul Kozlusky to Albano Kasemi, $280,000.

Jonathan Way, 1780, No. 1780-B-Rene R. Bonetti to John Paul Ho, $233,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1700-Geoffrey C. Serrell to Anwar M. Khan, $288,300.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1724, No. 12-Daniel Solis to Daniel Hunt, $298,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 361-Alexandra Puhan to Valerie Kaltner, $300,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 344-Susan Kirschenbaum to Market Street 344 Corp., $449,900.

Moorings Dr., 1572, No. 5C-Jennie L. Kampf to David L. Stone, $205,000.

New Dominion Pkwy., 12025, No. 502-Warren G. Goda to BB Top Corp., $499,000.

November Lane, 2309-Craig B. Stair to Paritosh Kavathekar, $458,000.

Pond View Ct., 2147-Lonnie E. Campbell to John Rehberger, $377,500.

Red Hawk Cir., 1348-Suzanne Neurauter to Gareth P. Fox, $845,000.

Saffold Way, 11007-Alan Grant Lightner to Jason D. Guthrie, $429,900.

Sentinel Point Ct., 11992-Leonard E. Michaud to Matthew Oettinger, $430,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11254-Cara D. Bobbitt to Michele Dominiak, $305,000.

Solaridge Dr., 11016-Terry A. Schmidt to Wesley Gurney, $595,000.

Stones Throw Dr., 11270-Jonathan Speed to Gui Zhi Yuan, $1.28 million.

Summerchase Cir., 11711, No. E-Lauren R. Main to Sarah Richardson, $245,000.

Sundial Dr., 1344-Daniel V. Boughton to Janine Freeman, $539,900.

Tanbark Dr., 11409-Paul Van Der Wey to Matthew Young, $701,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1518-Duane Karlen to Colin R. Meade, $394,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1749-Richard C. Zolenski to Glenann M. Godden, $350,000.

Wedge Dr., 11104-Joshua McPhail to Brian Richard Steiner, $691,681.

Wethersfield Ct., 2025-Shannon L. Byrne to Ethan R. Zorick, $485,000.

Whitstone Pl., 11090-Anthony M. Bratkovich to Veronica Rovelli, $1.08 million.

York Mills Lane, 1650-Jennifer Towns to Reed Meyer, $605,000.


Grass Hill Terr., 3321-George R. Williams to Donald Jones, $825,000.

Valley Lane, 3133-J&T Home Design Corp. to Christopher T. Hayes IV, $798,000.


Amherst Ave., 6026-Allison R. Albert and Laurie A. Stone to Orlando S. Hinojosa Guarachi, $386,000.

Ben Franklin Rd., 6905-Louis Carl Floyd Jr. to Thomas Falzarano, $545,500.

Briarcliff Dr., 7223-Marlise A. Edwards to Laura K. Coffey, $440,000.

Calico Ct., 7406-Susan C. Ippolito to Peter John Talbot, $525,000.

Castine Lane, 6508-Heran Y. Eyob to Kimberly Dawn Albrecht Taylor, $434,900.

Chancellor Way, 7619-Howard A. Shartel to Matthew Sullivan, $541,000.

Cold Plain Ct., 8734-Nathan C. Phillips to Gary C. Jose, $436,000.

Cutting Horse Ct., 9209-James B. Bankston to Joseph B. Welsh, $555,000.

Erving St., 5901-Jacob B. Wall to Mathew R. Healy, $405,000.

Gambrill Ct., 7940-Amanda Robey to Christine M. Sarapu, $429,000.

Golden Sunset Lane, 9011-Kevin J. Sullivan to Polly Fassnacht, $459,900.

Havenbrook Way, 7718-Estrella F. Kho to Florianne Escalambre, $350,000.

Hornbuckle Dr., 8261-James M. King to Aja Woods, $465,000.

Loving Forest Ct., 8104-Andrew D. Peele to Celeste A. Defiore, $345,000.

Maritime Ct., 9000-Surety Trustees Corp. and Jorge Sanchez to Maria Mateus and Hashs Corp., $527,890.

Milva Lane, 6510-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and William T. Autry to Millenium Gateway Corp., $372,000.

Northedge Dr., 9206-Guadalupe Kleiner to Lynn W. Taylor, $449,900.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7902-Yemane Mesfin to Rafal H. Stachowski, $388,000.

Rising Creek Ct., 8665-Robert Muskett to Bereket T. Merzi, $325,000.

Shady Palm Dr., 7382-Paul T. Hauser to Jennifer Herzog, $660,000.

Spring Garden Dr., 7096, No. 202-Ugochikwu N. Obiakor to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $135,000.

Sweet Pine Ct., 8423-Teri Suzanne Gray to Scott Thompson, $680,000.

Topsails Lane, 6484-Hung Van Nguyen to Patrick Ezzell, $416,000.

Western Oak Dr., 8619-Keith Sean Packard to Yared G. Tessema, $385,000.

Westmore Dr., 7344-Joselito Cajayon to Sheila H. Boozell, $470,000.


Arabian Ave., 9301-David B. Davis to Zachary M. Condry, $655,000.

Bent Creek Lane, 9522-Frank J. O’Hara to Changfu Xiao, $860,000.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 406-Young Koo Jun to Saleh Saad Almuhanna, $355,000.

Cedar Lane, 2412-Elena Frolia to Scott Risseeuw, $700,000.

Cottage St. SW, 1005-Gary P. George to Rupsha 2013 Corp., $535,000.

Electric Ave., 8164-Daniel A. McCormack to Richard C. Altmaier, $510,000.

Follin Lane SE, 119-Ernest Tressler to John Bradley, $723,000.

Frederick St. SW, 900-Steven Berkowitz to Michael J. Tessitore, $775,000.

George St. SW, 314-Rupsha 2012 Inc. to Gary L. Kedda, $1.1 million.

Hidden Hill Lane, 1405-Mark E. Salow to Cecil N. Huang, $1.33 million.

Janet Lane, 8630-Winfred M. Rodeffer Jr. to Joseph L. Nicoteri, $700,000.

Kingsley Rd. SW, 600-Christopher S. Perkins to Jose M. Hernandez, $1.31 million.

Laura Gae Cir., 2828-Jifeng Wu to Udit K. Jhalani, $650,000.

Madrillon Ct., 8167-Scott G. West to Laura E. Barnard, $740,000.

Merry Oaks Ct., 8038-Jing Zhou to Meredith S. Peterson, $610,000.

Moorefield Rd. SW, 506-John F. Wood to Jeffrey N. Lackey, $790,000.

Nevar Ct., 1752-Wesley A. Hildebrandt to Jesse W. Sumner, $900,000.

Reserve Way, 8016-Tiffany Ingham to Ramankutty Kannankutty, $720,000.

Ross Dr. SW, 1213-Matthew J. Bergstrom to Bryan Banks, $635,000.

Skyline Ct. NE, 703-Carla Della Maggiora to Michael A. Georgeadis, $795,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 612-Wendy Flores to Tapawingo Land Trust, $525,000.

Ware St. SW, 922-Santiago J. Milian to Leonardo Colmenares, $605,000.

Westwood Dr., 8700-Kevin Fay to Brian Joseph Creagh, $660,000.

Wolftrap Ct., 2177-Thomas C. Sommer to Joshua Y. Meek, $695,000.


Journet Dr., 2256-Michael P. Devlin to Brian L. Hosford, $699,900.

Tire Swing Rd., 7933-Yuan Xiao to Sumit Kayastha, $915,000.


Bardu Ct., 6402-Margaret Louise Long to Thomas Gallagher, $430,000.

Bellamy Ave., 6808-HSBC Bank to Tracey Saade, $395,000.

Cork County Ct., 8856-Bouthayna B. Numan to Ampoma A. Mensah, $355,000.

Edmonton Ct., 8127-John M. Strong to Rakesh Brennig, $420,000.

Forrest Hollow Lane, 6015-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Fauzia Shafik to Paramount Investments Corp., $291,000.

Harland Dr., 8304-David R. Bourne to Phuong Nguyen, $454,000.

Kerrydale Ct., 9001-Simin Soltani to Mona F. Nashid, $399,000.

Lexton Pl., 7700C, No. 62-Susan Elizabeth Deck to Maria L. Robbins, $224,000.

Minutemen Rd., 5927, No. 249-Kitty Karen Hoopingarner to Dalmiro Sejas and Dalssy S. Sejas Escobar, $249,000.

Olde Lantern Way, 7265-Crystal M. Safarian to Charumathi Rao, $399,819.

Rexford Dr., 5801L, No. 809-Martha S. Sluyter to Jennifer Piccariello, $195,000.

Shaundale Dr., 6362-Travis L. Adams to Yuan Gao, $352,000.

Surrey Hill Pl., 5902K, No. 708-Christopher Dav Guy to Libbie J. Roberts, $155,000.

Taunton Pl., 8240-John J. Isaacson to Steven Wasson, $459,900.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Adams Ct., 3219-Donna Weed to Kyle A. Augustine, $437,500.

Beech Tree Ct., 3204-Roy W. Fletcher to Brian Lawless, $603,500.

Breckinridge Lane, 10406-Noami V. Martin to Paul S. Bailey Jr., $630,000.

James Wren Way, 10509-Thomas H. Catalano to Robin Gaul, $610,000.

Maple St., 4015-Nicolas B. Fleming to Hugo Flint, $379,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10107-Nancy J. Burns to Surja B. Gurung, $195,000.

Scott Dr., 10816-Joshua Clark to Kathleen A. Nugent, $405,000.

Traveler St., 3205-Helmand Investments Corp. to Michael Cameron, $50,000.

Falls Church

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Garden Ct., 202-David Allan Hooper and Hooper Family Trust to Walter Armstrong, $640,000.

Gundry Dr., 282-Benjamin G. Morris to Sean B. Stein, $539,000.

James St., 307-Ralph R. Yatsko to Daniel Deprez, $550,000.

Noland St., 225-Sarah S. Bouscaren to Dennis D. Bond, $1.15 million.

Riley St., 301-Stanley J. Harsha to Thomas W. Sabo, $750,000.

Van Buren St. N., 406-Asr Designer Homes Corp. to Christopher Thompson, $1.31 million.


Haycock Rd., 7033, No. F-Henry M. Peskin and Mary Janice Peskin trusts to Scott D. Whitney, $590,000.