Prince George’s County

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Bonds Retreat Rd., 14800-Alan R. and Starr L. Schmidt to Devon Kuny, $232,000.

Vintage Lane, 14000-DR Horton Inc. to Tanisha Whitaker and Duane Allen Hill, $432,248.


Highland Dr., 9009-Jose and Berta Andrades to Emma Salmeron and Ana Julia Andrade Hernandez, $135,000.

Mistletoe Pl., 2414-Awilda and Felix Santiago to Francisco J. and Teresa Velasco, $210,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 2837-Mary A. Harding to Daniel T. Bekele, $318,000.

Sheridan St., 708-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Blanca L. Marcia, Maria E. Diaz and Juana I. Marquez, $200,000.

14th Ave., 8509-Thelma E. Oliver to Cipriano Rafael Trejo, $120,000.


Beltsville Dr., 12191-Glenn R. and Paulette P. Colburn to Peter Fleck and Robert Samit, $140,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11370, No. 1-P202-Dale R. Kunze and estate of Robert W. Kunze to Yan and Jianhua Hao, $50,000.

Naples Ave., 4721-John F. and Eppie S.C. Carroll to Bryan D. and Vanessa Wright, $265,000.

Roby Ave., 11717-Gabriela Guale to Khup Pi, Zam Cingh Huai and Cin Khai Pau, $172,000.

Weeping Willow Lane, 10814-Phuc T. Nguyen to Juan Carlos Ventura, $315,000.


Amelias Grove Ct., 13202-Stone Financing Corp. to William J. and Amy L. Moore, $765,000.

Clearfield Dr., 13000-Charles J. and Jennifer Tautikus to Kevin A. Kerr, $315,000.

Kensington Lane, 12422-Talmadge E. Seaman to Thomas and Vanessa J. Moore, $296,900.

London Lane, 14593-Gary M. Robinson to Carlos and Gladys L. Perez, $325,000.

Marleigh Dr., 12507-Gregory P. and Dolline L. Hatchett to Bilson N. Bortey, $430,000.

Moylan Dr., 3415-Frank A. Talbot to Jessica L. and Earle B. Amey, $207,700.

Quadrille Lane, 12111-Harold V. and Emma S. Jones to Valerie W. Thomas, $395,000.

Race Track Rd., 9005-Jeffrey Linwood Grigsby to American Investments Corp., $149,900.

Sadler Lane, 12412-Bruce M. and Cindy L. Canzanella to Kacey and Carl Baker, $305,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 3007-District Restorations Corp. to Lynn Smith, $317,500.

Traymore Lane, 3044-Charles T. and Linda M. Smith to Paul David and Nicole Williams, $310,900.

Fifth St., 13106-Federal National Mortgage Association to SD Homes Corp., $161,155.


Central Ave., 18104-Willian N. Purdy and Leah L. Townsend to Joseph M. Kontgias and Rachel Birckhead, $240,000.

Edenwood Dr., 16102-Deborah A. Johnson to Abisola O. Sholarin, $241,000.

Estonia Dr., 3406-Ruben Calizo to Akia D. Abernathy, $235,500.

Norwalk Ct., 15330-James J. and Maryann Loftus to Brian P. Kezer, $180,000.

Pittsfield Lane, 1511-Annie M. and Donald Johnson to Luann Abraham, $260,000.


Chatham Park Dr., 6702-Savannah Investors 2 Inc. and Mid Atlantic Builders of Project 40 Inc. to Kenneth L. Haywood, $517,177.

Yellow Poplar Lane, 13423-Mary R. Winters to Tommie and Tanya Hamlet, $415,000.


41st Ave., 3712-Nancy Young and Elizabeth J. Moskavich Trust to Karen A. and Wendell Young, $90,000.


Bugler St., 5732-Federal National Mortgage Association to Luvy Ibarra and Anibal Larios, $44,900.

Crown St., 5909-Jenni Brown to Courtney E. Brooks, $168,000.

Elmleaf Ave., 325-Claremont Properties 2 Corp. to Tijuana and Warren Wright, $200,000.

Joplin St., 6519-Rose Brown and Barbara J. Van Hagen to Gold Team Properties Corp., $49,072.

Maryland Park Dr., 16-Dorothy J. Parker and Mary Elizabeth Schramm to Infinity Investment Group Corp., $105,000.

Opus Ave., 707-Philip Powell and estate of Beatrice Powell to 707 Opus Corp., $60,000.

Shell St., 4203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lucas and Rebecca Johnson, $145,000.

Vine St., 4319-Mary Ann Geppert and estate of Timothy F. Geppert to Zeeland Corp., $57,500.

Zelma Ave., 400-Michelle Davis to Ocaso Holdings Corp., $70,000.


Sarah Landing Dr., 10516-Foster Communities of Maryland Inc. to Wayne and Yuneek Johnson, $474,900.


Dewey St., 5834-Paul S. and Barbara Macy Silberstein to Kris Gill, $280,000.

Jurgensen Pl., 513-Centex Homes to Deon A. Gomes, $326,135.

Lake Ave., 3027-Charles T. and William L. Barnes to Phillip G. and Doratha C. Yunger, $300,000.

Muncy Cir., 2409-Alicia Hernandez to Moises Arispe Cruz, $60,000.

Palmer Park Rd., 1907-GFTL Corp. and Ray Bolouri to Ada R. Joya, $113,000.

Ryderwood Ct., 1807-Alita Humphries to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $330,000.

57th Pl., 2310-Elizabeth C. Davenport to Bayard Galey, $55,000.


Alexa Rd., 8704-Richmond American Homes to Marvin F. and Camille D. Williams, $445,920.

Boniwood Turn W., 5245-Bernard Gray to John L. Russell, $244,900.

Cushman Dr., 8801-Orchard Properties Corp. to Franklin Gerald, $170,000.

Francesca Dr., 8704-HWR Corp. to Marvin C. Jones, $374,990.

Hillantrae Dr., 12506-Charles C. Baker to Eugenia Ann and Henry Young, $380,000.

Silver Fox Turn, 9500-Ckori B. and Chanell Jones to Christie Ingram, $270,000.


Edmonston Rd., 8608-Ronald F. and Virginia B. Wells to Russell A. and Elizabeth R. Wilson, $375,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 609-Florian Maurice and Jane Marie McCabe Zeender to K2 I Corp., $152,500.

Quebec St., 5010-Erve J. and Ratchadawan Chambers to Crystal A. Bergemann and Daniel Stafford, $327,000.

Wofford Lane, 9220-Mary Hartig and estate of Robert C. Smaldore to Bin Chen and Ping Song, $295,000.


Asheville Rd., 1317-Susie Brown to Ivon K. Trice, $139,900.

Foster St., 6206-A&D Financial Corp. to Lansana Kamara, $188,000.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 5749-Federal National Mortgage Association to Candis Chaney, $109,000.

Keystone Manor Ct., 6805-U.S. Bank to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $129,900.

Oakwood Lane, 2024-Wayne P. and Mary Y. Williams to 6709 Stanton Rd. Corp., $100,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8507-Charles A. Pierre Canel to Latanya N. Lewis, $190,000.

Scott Key Dr., 2351-Jeffrey M. Edwards and Denise T. Bell to Ani Real Estate Investments Corp., $109,000.


Arden Lane, 8307-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Israel Vasquez Orellana, $142,000.

Bentree Rd., 7418-Tammarra M. Mitchell to Federal National Mortgage Association, $261,119.

Carey Branch Dr., 7907-Igor Mosyak and Domina Development Corp. to Metasebia Hailemichael and Rahewa Arefayne, $254,999.

Dimrill Ct., 6205-Brian C. Nickelson to LPP Mortgage Inc., $120,760.

Henson Valley Way, 2608-Barbara C. and Michael Barnhart to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $377,664.

Madison Dr., 1400-Anne Kathryn Bridges and Colleen Cohegan Rosberry to Tura M. Gatling, $175,000.

Old Fort Hills Dr., 2409-Monacco Exclusive Renovations Corp. to Bryan Larman, $229,900.

Proxmire Dr., 12526-Citibank to Sharon Hall and Gerald Seeley, $214,000.

Reid Cir., 13416-Sandra K. and Joel E. Morris to Luxor Investments Corp., $199,900.


Glennberry Ct., 6005-K&P Glendale Corp. to Angela O. Awunor, $479,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8459, No. 8459-202-Kimmela S. Bibbs to Zubaer I. Ahmed, $68,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6702, No. 6702-2G-Winifred Colon to Kimberly M. Knox, $115,000.

Ora Glen Ct., 7120-Alva N. Davis and Avis D. Matthews Davis to Helen B. Tagalicud, $230,000.


Kennedy St., 4109-David G. and Kelly C. Jung to Kelly A. Hicks, $350,000.


Brae Brooke Dr., 8748-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Doris Y. Cheng, $110,000.

Halton Terr., 10314-William Austin Evans and Lucretia Marie Boyer to Mei Juan and Hong Zheng, $389,000.

Nashville Rd., 6844-Reginald and Terry Ellison to Kendi Joshua, $134,500.

Worrell Ave., 9353-Janice M. and Kevin M. Beasley to PSB Properties Maryland Corp., $85,000.


Argos Pl., 14609-Cicely Levingston to Lavaughn Kelley, $308,000.

Berwick Lane N., 15213-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar to Evan A. and De Lesa Celia Hanson, $334,990.

Cape Teal Ct., 1104-Dolores Dryden Parinas to Roberto Mil, $20,000.

Cousins Dr., 3627-Wells Fargo Bank to Abiodun Salisu, $155,000.

Dunloring Dr., 11582-William M. Savage to Daniel E. Wilson, $124,500.

Harry S Truman Dr., 338, No. 240-Michael E. Butler and estate of Perry E. Butler to Tharol Douglas, $100,000.

Honeysuckle Ct., 11402, No. 5-Sophronia M. Wright to Federal National Mortgage Association, $201,000.

Marchwood Pl., 3302-Mid Atlantic Builders of South Village to Terrence Pringle, $657,617.

Prince Pl., 10204, No. 3-T-6-Antoinette Sumpter to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $30,500.

Turleygreen Pl., 1903-Mid Atlantic Builders of Beechtree Inc. to Norkiki D. Rodriguez, $636,864.


Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 7907-John L. Vangchhia and Thangliana Sailo to Thomas H. Draer and Yeong H. Kim, $210,000.

Dorset Rd., 16039-Shirley J. Reff to Thomas E. and Lenora S. Dernoga, $145,000.

Greenhill Ave., 409-Richard P. Hallion Jr. to Michael R. Angeles, $204,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8124-Alpha Sesay to Hieu Le and Minh Hieu Thi Le, $152,000.

Montrose Ave., 909-LNV Corp. to Vinicio G. Sandoval and Nicolasa J. Davila, $115,000.

Prince George St., 324-GK2 Construction Corp. to Lew J. and Heather S. Olowski, $399,000.

Talbott Ave., 317-Dewitt Jay Donaldson to 317 Talbott Corp., $137,500.


Bristolwood Ct., 10301-GMAC Mortgage Corp. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $322,675.

Churchfield Lane, 8811-Martin J. and Virginia E. Novak to Cristina E. Amaya, $275,000.

Montpelier Dr., 8214-Najeem Adeyemo to Gwendoline N. Aiyuk, $210,000.


31st St., 4014-Dale W. Dayton and Pedro E. Briones to Kathryn A. Hilton Hayward, $456,001.


Barton Rd., 6902-JPMC Specialty Mortgage Corp. to 1842 Arwell C Corp., $95,000.

Harmon Ave., 3716-Duffie E. and John F. Dawson to Ercilia Sosa Benitez, $130,000.

68th Pl., 4702-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to P&Q Realty Corp., $125,000.

71st Ave., 4116-HSBC Bank to Neftali Granados and Fernando A. Delgado Marroquin, $125,500.

85th Pl., 6413-Franklin C. and Calvenia C. Smith to Jose Moya, $220,000.


Clearview Ave., 1703-Luxor Investments Corp. to Carolyn M. Askew, $214,900.

Elkins Ave., 6927-Compass Solutions Corp. to Janay Smith, $158,000.

Knoll Dr., 1821-Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union to Ali and Farahsahd Assayesh, $125,000.

Weaver Terr., 5302-Richard W. Meehan II to Michael Patrick, $115,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 565, No. B2-Daria D. Williams to Ali and Farahsahd Assayesh, $58,140.


Beacon Light Rd., 6916-Keisha Toussaint to Eric J. Griffin, $250,000.

Riverdale Rd., 4601-Aaron and Arianne Hunsaker to Jessica V. and Christopher Mendenhall, $366,100.

62nd Ave., 5601-Deutsche Bank to Jose Hector Rodriguez, $75,000.


Applegate Ct., 4135, No. 1-Delores Pettyjohn to Moshe Zemach, $93,000.

Lakewood St., 2102-101 Geneva Corp. to Joseph L. James Jr., $210,000.

Poplar Rd., 6606-Robert Maurice Benjamin and Irvena S. Brown to Lucila Del C. Ortez and Jose R. Ortez Romero, $159,700.

Wilkinson Dr., 3721, No. 502-Eric Ventura and Juanita De La Cruz to Shearita M. Rollins, $81,500.


Berkshire Dr., 7003-Federated Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Sonia Cyrus, $250,000.

Burton Ct., 3221-Terry Wiseman to Anthony E. Ulmer Sr., $135,000.

Colon Terr., 5706-Frances K. Gabel to James B. Dillard, $202,000.

Holton Lane, 5800-Cheyenne L. and Jenel Turner to Diversified Investments Group Corp., $304,000.

Rehling St., 5807-Ian B. Cohen and estate of Robert L. Edwards to Hubert F. Gonzales, $212,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 515-RCC Oip Corp. to Aydin, Beyhan and Aylin E. Kaya, $132,500.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 108-Gloria A. Lopez to Jose A. Leon, $65,000.

Commander Dr., 3916-Mary C. Rodgers to Matthew Dosberg and Callie Wolk, $465,000.

Oglethorpe St., 3825-Bank of America to Domus Capital Corp., $101,300.

Queens Chapel Rd., 6006-Lawrence Mbah and John Bah Forkwar to Dorothy A. Fongum, $174,407.

40th Ave., 6508-Alyson W. Reed and Edmund C. Burck to Clifford William Schell and Jennifer Julia Masoodi, $429,500.


Buggy Path, 11003-Toll MD V Partnership to Robyn T. Harris, $411,275.

Center Park Way, 12923-Triangle Homes Corp. to Esther F. Oduroe, $300,900.

Foyette Lane, 12317-Gail and William Bradshaw to Clifton and Deanna C. Sherrod, $306,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14278-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dawayne Pinkney and James Jones, $145,000.

Locris Dr., 7509-Robert F. McCarthy to Stephfone E. Goodman, $153,000.

Maryvale Rd., 11500-Odell Michael and Evelyn Harris to Mayzelta Corp., $200,000.

Perrywood Rd., 6805-Gary Hicks Sr. to Joel T. Gilbert, $300,000.

Stockport Way, 4335-Donna M. Utley to Marie E. Scott, $175,000.

Willoughby Rd., 14508-Nova Restorations Corp. to Nathaniel I. and Mary Ellen Olmstead, $365,000.


Crimson Pl., 1704-Arnett Thomas to Asha Ezkiya Jones, $222,000.

Hallandale Terr., 12028-Barbara Snead and Melvin Anthony Lamar to Melvin V. Smith, $201,000.

Mission Hills Dr., 11018-Davidson and Noreen St. Louis to Jacqueline Ramey, $315,000.

Woodwalk Terr., 12343-Linda Robertson to Anginetta Rodgers, $292,000.